20 Gorgeous Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas

Everyone loves plants and letting them be in the house brings the fun closer. There are lots of Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas on the internet you probably have tried.

You may have just bought your first house plant and you are wondering where to position it. Well, here are some ideas to spice up your thoughts on house plants and how to ensure you get the best out of them.

plant shelves

Team Large Plants With Bright Colours

Your house plants should create a tropical feel in your house. For this reason, team up large, leafy species with furniture that poses brighter looks. We both love the idea of bright color and having your favorite plants near the colors spices up a new refreshing look. 

Choose An Attractive Plant Pot

Other than the standard plant pots, a real color inspired pots are a preferred opinion for many when it comes to selecting plant pots. Pots with outstanding designs spice up the looks of your living room leaving you a whole new experience. 

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Enhance Natural Feel With Plant Life

Want a natural feel at your home? Create an indoor jungle you can control with well-chosen live plants. a humungous Swiss cheese plant is a starting point for this. With an earth-toned furniture design, live plants bring a lively breath of fresh air to your living room.

Match High Ceilings With Tall House Plant Species

If you have high ceilings, take it as an advantage and chose plants that make the most out of it. Taller house plant species give high ceilings a live look without necessarily swamping up your space. 

Chose A Variety That Minds Space

Space is a scarce resource everywhere if not anywhere. Regardless of the plant species or furniture design, you need some extra space for your living room. Go for easy to control species to set up a lively jungle at your living room.

A Wire Rack Enhances A Millennial Feel

Styled up with a wire rack to display, a varied assortment of plant life gives up a millennial feel. The wire rack offers a great solution to display your house plants at an eye-catching focal position from any point within the room. 

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Choose Delicate House Plants For a Sophisticated Feel

Delicate plants make an undisputable sophisticated feel to your dining space. A clever and use of mirrors to reflect the delicate plants gives a stunning and captivating look altogether. Other than making the room seem extra-large, the design is captivating and worth giving a shot. 

Display Plants On  A Ladder Shelf To Create An Industrial Vibe

House plants are an effective way to inject a popping color design to an otherwise monochrome scheme. Each plant adds a lively touch creating a more homely feel displaying your house plants on a ladder creates an industrial style decorating scheme your room will adapt easily.

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Display Your Plants In An Indoor Greenhouse

Plants increase happiness and productivity in your home. Miniature greenhouses with simple structures can bring your house plant experience to a whole new level. The different designs are a perfect idea for showcasing your greenery and bringing a controllable jungle to your living room.

Pick A Stylish Plant Stand

Choosing a stylish stand is the easiest option to make more of your greenery. A stylish stand does not only make it easy to experiment with the positioning of plants but also prevents cluttering up of space. If you have decide to introduce a variety of plants to your living room a stylish stand is the way to go. 

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Fill Kitchen Worktops With House Plants

You definitely want to give your kitchen plenty of green appeal with house plants. Then pack out the corners with pots of easy-care plants. painting the walls green gives a deep sense of liveliness and color appreciation in your kitchen.

Create Colourful Accents With Plant Pots

House plant ideas do not only involve the plants but the pots as well. Colorful pots and well-selected plants can go a way up in cheering up your room. Teaming colorful pots together on a shelve somewhere brings out a more sense of color appreciation.

Group Pot Plants To Maximize Space Usage

If you are short of space to set up your plant shelves or are just looking for a way to make more of your house plants, grouping species together is a great way to go. Grouping pot plants together maximizes on space usage as well as boosts the looks of your indoor jungle. You can also hang your house plants on a stoneware tray to achieve the same function.

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Get An Alternative Use For Wicker Baskets

Other than making your room simple yet stylish, wicker baskets offer a great solution for the storage of house plants. Other than hiding the baskets away, make them part of your greenery by using them for house plants. No matter the use of wicker baskets at your home, spare some to be part of your greenery. 

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Choose A Variety Of Plants To Enhance The Look and Feel

Capturing the eyes of visitors and staying in your house plants budget as well is a skill that everyone admires. Choosing a variety of species can help a great deal in enhancing the feel of your living room. A varied species of house plants grouped together bring an eye-catching experience whereas minimizes clashing color patterns. 

Try With The Height and Positioning Of House Plants

Smaller plants look good when clustered together. However, creating space by distributing plants at different heights is a great way of distributing greenery all over the place. 


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Check Out For Matching Vases

Arrange the vases in different shapes and positions to add clarity and interest to your house plants. Vases are a versatile component and can be easily manipulated to match your theme, vintage or color scheme. In the event of an earthquake, use museum patty to hold the fragile pieces in place.

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Woven Baskets Give a Natural Feel

Woven baskets can be used to give your house plants a natural feel. With the variety of shapes and sizes, they come in, the baskets can spice up the shelf decoration as well as provide alternate storage for small items in the house.

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Opaque baskets are ideal to keep the items on storage out of view. If the baskets are in higher height places, use them to store items that you less needed because you will need a chair or ladder to get them out. 

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Paint Enhances Looks

Use a matching paint color to enhance looks before placing your decorative house plants. Paint on the shelves complements the color and attracts attention as well. If your shelf is a built-in type, paint the inner surfaces with a neutral color like white or light grey. 

Arts and Pictures

Foyer shelves with house plants can be used to display pictures and pieces of art. Make use of the corners of the shelving by placing larger objects at the edges.

plant shelf decorating ideas

Arrange smaller pictures and art pieces on the front to capture the attention of your visitors. Remember to select larger photos that can give definite looks from a distance. 

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A Book Shelf Officiates The Look

With a shelf of your favorite books near your house plants shelf, your room looks more official and under your control. Books can have up to six months to reach a sizable collection but once it is reached, incorporating them in your decorative tools is something worth trying.

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a flower pot next to a book shelf

Final Word on Gorgeous Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas

A lot other people still get stuck with questions on whether what to put on the plant shelf will be feminine or masculine. This is an ideal question that needs maximum address. The dilemma should lead to both participants to express their views on the Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Also, decorate your entertainment center with these ideas.

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