30 Best Countertop Wine Racks for Style and Practicality

As they say, the wine matures with age. Therefore, it is in this line that they must be stored in the best environment possible. With the best countertop wine racks, you will ensure that it stays safer and longer, without getting spoilt faster. However, for you to maintain the original taste and quality, wine is best stored in a very cool place devoid of any disturbance. That is why it is advisable to have top of the range wine racks solely for this noble task.

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What, not very people are aware of is that the reason as to why the corks used to seal wine bottles are always airtight because of the moisture from the wine inside the bottle. This also keeps the wine from getting spoilt during storage, while giving it ample time for maturing. These racks must be horizontal by design, or slightly tilted, which makes the bottles of wine to point downwards from the neck. 

Therefore, when choosing a rack for your bottles of wine, always consider the kind of material used for it. Most experts recommend those made metal. They are best suited for this particular function because they have enough grip to hold even the slickest of wine bottles with great ease. However, for those who have a thing for wooden racks then there are very many varieties to choose from. They include varieties of racks made of hardwood, which can be able to offer very strong resistance against the weight of the wine bottles when in storage.  

Wine racks made from bamboo are normally light in weight, and a very stronger and affordable alternative. There are those wine racks, which are also made from plastic materials. These are often very sleek racks that are best suited for smaller spaces, like inside the refrigerator. That is if you want it in chilled form.  

One other aspect, which will determine the type and quality of a rack to have is its storage capacity and strength to hold the bottles firmly in place. Is it your first collection, or you just want a handful to display? Then go for one, which is little in size. It suits this kind of undertaking perfectly. However, when it comes to upscaling the collection, for days to come, then it is important to go for a rack larger than the one that you already have. That is capable of holding the utmost twelve at a go.

When you want wine racks, another crucial element to bear in mind is in case there are other drinks of different sizes that can be fitted in these racks. They may include bottles of brandy, an assortment of champagne bottles or cognac. Or any other type of drinks that you may want to be stored on the racks. This is because such bottles cannot fit in wine racks but will fit perfectly in those racks with a wider base. 

However, each individual has their taste and preferences, which will determine the type of rack to buy for storing their wine bottles.     

You can check below some very best countertop wine racks for holding your precious bottles.

Stylish Designed Buruis 

This Buruis wine rack is most ideal to be used by those people just starting on their wine collection. Or it could also be for displaying the different tastes and of wine. It is a beautiful sight to behold and strong at the same time and can hold up to about six or nine wine bottles in one go. These wine racks are best suited for holding only traditional wine bottles because their design cannot hold bottles whose diameters are way above 2.85 inches. However, it is a very strong option, with golden colors, which are very standard by design. Its attractiveness is also accentuated by its honeycomb look.  

Table Top PAG 

Table top is a very pocket-friendly rack and most ideal in case you are on a tight budget but want one for display purposes. Besides, it has been efficiently made from metal wire, which has been perfectly and hideously coated with metal powder to prevent it from rusting or corroding. It is very stylish and circular by design and with enough space to hold about seven wine bottles at a go, which have diameters of about 4.36 inches, nothing more. Additionally, it is its beautiful design that makes it attractive to most people. It can also be assembled with much ease.   

Sorbus Versatile Rack

In case you want a rack that has been customized, which is also versatile, then go for Sorbus Versatile Rack. Because of its versatile design, it can be used as one or two-pronged rack. It has a considerably larger storage capacity as well. It is capable of holding twelve maximum at a go. Like I said before, its versatility nature gives it an edge over other wine racks as it can also be used to hold bottles with wide bases like those of cognac. 

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It is also made from polished metals, which are of very high quality and the perfect gift for your wine storage duties. Furthermore, the ever-dependable detachable rows can hold a maximum of four bottles, which also interlock very easily, making the process of storing your wine bottles to be without any hardship at all. It also does not take much of your space as it only measures about 13 by 7.5 and 12 inches or 16 for that matter.

SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly

If you want the type of wine rack that will not occupy much of your space on the counter, then SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly is the most ideal rack to look for. It is the most preferred for those wine storage enthusiasts who lack enough space to do so. It has a capacity for holding a total number of six bottles in one storage. Its chrome finishing also makes it ideal for those looking for style and storage of their vintage wines. Furthermore, each of the storage spaces in between can also bottle of different sizes such as brandy and champagne. 

Bamboo Twelve Capacity Bottled Mosa   

This twelve capacity bottled Mosa has the most eye-catching finishes of all the wine racks. And a permanent feature on top of your table as well. Its modern features are complemented by its beauty. Therefore, your wine collection endeavors will not just be routine from now henceforth but itself an art of some sort. It also creates more room as a result of the vertical shape and since it measures between 12 to 15.1 and 5.4 inches. It can also hold bottles to a maximum of about twelve neatly stacked.    

In case you want a vintage rack, then this bamboo design is your perfect choice. Its durability is also unmatched and can get the job done for longer periods.

J. Adams Twelve Bottled Rack

Unbelievably, J. Adams rack has been carefully crafted from ash derived from wood. That is where its name comes from. And ranks amongst the best in its market segment. Tracing its origin in the city of Vermont, its simple and beautiful design comes with an option for customization. You can even customize it to hold small-sized or standardized bottles of wine. Such is its flexible nature. 

Reworkable Bamboo 

Those enthusiasts of wine collection who cannot be content having only one single design for racks and are always looking for ways on how to improve on the ones that they already have, and not something permanent, which will deny them such an opportunity to test their creativity, then they should go for this collapsible wine rack. It will serve them just right. The best thing about such a wine rack is that you can tinker with it for the best design. It can hold about six wine bottles.

Apart from the bottles of wine, reworkable bamboo is also capable of holding wider bottles as well. Not only that, but it can also be used for storing other essentials like vinegar, or cider, or any other useful oil products around the house. Just in case it is opened wide, then it reaches about thirteen by seven inches to between twelve to fifteen and four inches.

Clever Chef Easy to Customize Plastic Wine Rack

Clever Chef Wine Rack can be fitted anywhere inside the home. What’s more, it has a design almost similar to both bamboo and other wooden designs, you cannot go wrong with it. Not only is it light in weight but durable as well. However, it all depends on how you take good care of it. Its series of very strong joints made of plastic when fused will securely hold your precious bottles of wine in their place without you ever worrying about their safety. 

The technique in which the joints have been made will also ensure that you have the opportunity to rework the rack in case you want to get the design of your choice. Therefore, each design comes with approximately ten pieces that can hold a total of ten bottles of wine in one sitting. These kinds of racks can also be used for holding those bottles, which have wider widths like cognac or brandy, including champagne bottles.

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Its size will also depend on the kind of space that you as a wine collector and enthusiast have inside your house. However, most have a standardized size of between four point five by five point six by four inches.

The mDesigned and Stackable Plastic Modern

mDesigned comes already pre-installed with two racks, which are stackable in most cases, the two racks will carry three minimum and six maximum of your favorite wine. It is most suitable for display over the counter, and at the same time will hold the wine bottles tightly in that there wouldn’t any space left for them to roll about when being chilled inside the refrigerator. 

Apart from holding the wine, it also provides aesthetic value to a room in which they have been put on display. It has also been made from a mixture of chlorine and plastic materials free from BPA. These materials are very strong and cannot also break or shatter that easily. Even though these racks cannot be washed in the normal ways we do to our dishes, however, they can be washed with ease using our hands, just in case you notice some dirt gathering around it.  

Elmhurst Nine Capacity Rack

Going by how things look, and from those who have seen and used Elmhurst Nine rack, it is one of the best models for storing your different brands of favorite wine. Moreover, it has the capacity to store nine of these bottles, then what more could you want for your favorite brands? Its specially designed features make it ideal for either the floor or any other place of your choice inside the house like a counter.

Gongshi Stackable Metal Rack

Contrary to what the name suggests, this ever-versatile, diagonally shaped spaces for slotting in your bottles of wine with much ease, and complemented with a light brown demeanor can carry a maximum of 12 bottles if assembled properly. Check Gonshi Stackable metal rack.

LED Light Rack

There are those people who usually want glamor, then you will have it right with this kind of rack. The LED display on the wine bottles is like a magnet to the eyes. It can hold a minimum of seven and a maximum of eight bottles of wine.

Sixteen Capacity Wooden Slim Posner Rustic Design

Beautifully crafted from the best wood, Posner Rustic wine rack comes with a slim design so that it can be squeezed inside the tightest of corners. However, do not be fooled by its slim demeanor as it can comfortably hold 16 wine bottles once. It also comes with a drawer for putting all the wine accompaniments. 

Wine Barreled Rack

Wine Barreled rack has been creatively crafted from a wine barrel, you will fell in love with it at first sight. It can hold seven wine bottles. It has a very simple and unmatched look, which gives out an aura of great confidence to the owner.

Del Hutson Designs Rustic Luxe Tiered Glass Racks

The Del Hutson design is normally is as a result of a series of barrel rings and colored wine planks, which were used to add more flavor to the wine. Each of these Tapachi wine racks can hold about five wine bottles. Besides, you can choose to have for yourself between three or five racks to mount on your wall. If need be, you can place your order in time as they are normally in high demand. 

The Ever-Smiling Fisherman Three Barreled Wine rack

Made from metal, has been creatively pieced together to give a very soft touch and display to your special bottles of wine. Whether it is on display over the counter, table, or any other surface for that matter, rest assured that it will bring great decorative value. Buy Ever-Smiling Fisherman Three Barreled Wine rack.

Four Bottle Capacity and Floating Wine Rack, Danya

Your wine bottles may seem to be floating freely in the air with this Danya wine rack. One very interesting feature about this model is that apart from holding the wine bottles firmly in place, it ensures that the corks do not dry up, which might end up ruining the taste of the wine. This masterpiece has been crafted from Acacia, utilizing some of the features with its bark as well.

Piped Iron Wine Rack

This rack has been vibrantly designed, coated, painted, and coated with enamel to prevent it from rusting or corroding so that it lasts for longer periods. Get the piped iron wine rack on Amazon.

Pioneer Cart Reclaimed From Wood Wine Rack Cecilton

Pioneer cart wood wine rack has a very rusty appearance and a rugged design gives it a long-lasting and easy to handle outlook, which makes it ideal for pushing around during those high temp parties as you move about the bottles of chilled wine to be served to the guests. Made of two racks, and each can hold about four bottles of wine at a go. What’s more, it comes with pre-installed holders meant for your delicate pieces of wine glasses, including a shelf at the bottom for your wine accessories. Therefore, having all these in one place is an added advantage when moving it about on its four wheels, while serving guests at a party.

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Reworked Wine rack

This reworked wine rack can firmly and securely hold a minimum of twelve and a maximum of fourteen bottles of wine. This is brought about by the sameness in length and width, which gives it stability. Additionally, it has screws and hooks for holding the racks strongly in place.

Nine Bottled Capacity Wine Barrel and Glass Rack

This nine bottled type of rack can comfortably hold nine wine bottles. Although it has been crafted purely from wood, it has been accentuated with a bit of glass and metal for the racks and other crucial areas for aesthetic value.

Stand Alone Twelve Bottle Wine Rack Barrel

This wine rack can be used to hold twelve standard sized wine bottles, within the confines of its four shelves. Although it has a small size, its storage capacity is big and is very attractive at the same time. 

Sixteen Capacity Storage Bottle Merry Wine Rack 

This rack has been designed to save up as much space as possible, even though it can hold up to a maximum of 16 wine bottles neatly stacked on the racks. Made from durable and polished wood, it can withstand the test of time if well taken care of.

Bamboo Black Expresso Rack

Bamboo black wine rack has been made with the right mentality of environmental conservation. Therefore, the makers of this model of the rack have achieved this mandate by using environmentally friendly bamboo. Its capacity and model makes the most preferred by wine lovers and those who are just starting on their journey of collecting wine. This is the perfect design for any home as it will also add the element of beauty in its décor apart from storing wine. This rack can also hold a maximum of twelve wine bottles in one sitting.

Wood Wine Solid Royale

This handcrafted, charming, and solid rack can hold about twelve bottles of different sizes of wine bottles. However, do not be fooled by its simple look and square design, it can hold perfectly with ease this amount of bottles. Besides, its square design and size will most likely not take up a huge space hence, will you as much space as possible to be used for other functions.

Square White Wooden Crate Rack

This modern-day rack is one of the best things that have happened to today’s wine enthusiasts in a very long time. The designers and manufacturers of this rack had them in mind when they were coming up with this design. This freestanding rack reverberates both an aura of sophistication and old school at the same time. This perfect mix is best suited for veteran wine enthusiasts who know how to ply their trade and not just any other ordinary wine collector.

The way it has been designed gives it the perfect condition to accommodate twelve old school bottles of wine, which cannot be found anywhere in the market. It has also been designed to imitate crates, which can only be found in antique market places or shops. It can also add some warmth to your home décor as well. 

Magnum Ten Frame World Series

It is an off-the-wall design that is perfect for areas in the room, which are not often suitable for such activities as very expensive tiles normally found in posh areas. Its frame will always give room for storage of high-end bottles of wine up to about 1.5 liter capacity with ease. So this is not just your ordinary wine rack. It is meant for people who have a touch of class in them.

Styx and Single Wine Bottle Rack

Its agility and sturdiness give it an edge over the rest. With the ability to hold firmly in place each wine bottle on its own. Furthermore, it has been designed to look exactly like the most famous wall series of wine racks. To get the best racks, you can visit Amazon.

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