Spring Living Room Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Spring is right around the corner and it’s a time of renewal, singing birds and bright colours. Many people see springtime as a chance to get a fresh start and to enjoy some fresh air. After being cooped up in the house for months during the winter, springtime is the perfect opportunity to let in some sunlight and fresh air and reinvigorate your home.

When someone visits your home, usually the first place they stop is the living room, and that may also be where they spend all of their time as a guest. So, you want your living room to look its best, and you can reimagine your living room and spruce it up for springtime to give your home a fresh, new look for every person who comes into your home. Of course, you’ll love having a new look there as well.

Updating a single room can make the place feel like a new home almost. That’s especially true of a large room like the living room, where there is lots of space to work with. You also spend a lot of time in the living room, probably, watching television, entertaining guests, and just hanging out. Some new living room spring décor can make a profound impact on the way your living room looks and feels.

Pops of Colour

Springtime is definitely a time for colour, and we love the bright look that pastels and vibrant primary colours bring to a room. If your living room is looking just a little plain and drab, then adding a burst of colour here and there can really bring it to life.

A lot of living rooms are decorated in a mostly white or brown style these days, which can look overly monotone and not very lively. Inject some new life into the living room by adding some brightly coloured cushions to your couch, a statement chair that stands out with its bold color, or a pastel area rug that gives the entire room a colour lift. You’ll elevate a simple room into an extraordinary one.

Coastal Patterns

Springtime makes us think of our favourite places, because that’s when a lot of people are getting time outdoors often after staying inside for much of the winter. Spring break at the beach or a long breezy walk along the coastline are perfect spring activities. Why not bring some of that home by incorporating spring coastal decor on ottoman in living room? You can take the ordinary colours of your living room and give them some excitement by using coastal patterns that maybe include sandy beaches, fish, shells, and ocean waves.

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There are lots of different patterns you could use, but a nautical theme will be a lot of fun and help to bring some of the outdoors inside, giving your living room a sense of adventure. You can incorporate a seaside or coastal theme throughout the living room by adding in seashells as decoration and even using a coastal wallpaper to highlight a specific area.

Accent Rug

You can update your living room with the addition of a single item, if it’s the right item. One way to incorporate classy spring décor in grey living room settings or some other drab color is to use an accent rug. A colourful rug can be placed under a coffee table or in between seating furniture. This can create a focal point in the room that all eyes will be drawn to. This does a great job of adding colour and sprucing up an otherwise ordinary, boring room. Bright pinks, yellows, and greens make for a lovely spring accent rug to really bring the vibrancy of flowering plants into your home.

Lighten Up

We love the idea of adding some new lighting for living room décor for spring. A new light fixture can dramatically increase the brightness of the room, making it easier to see everything and giving the room a sunnier, happier feel. Getting rid of shadows in the room is key to make it more cheerful and spring-like.

You get bonus living room spring décor points if you use colourful light fixtures. These can add a pop of colour to your room and really make your living room more inviting and brighter. We love the way a light yellow lighting fixture looks in a white living room or how a pastel pink lighting fixture looks in a brown room.

Rainbow Glasses

One of the new décor trends we are excited about is coloured glasses. You see these in high end restaurants and in some of the most beautiful living rooms. Drinking glasses aren’t just for the kitchen, and we adore the way colourful glasses really light up a room. They work especially well if you set them up where light can filter through them, creating coloured beams of light throughout the room. This is a great DIY spring living room décor, as you can install a shelf and place coloured glasses on them or set up hanging glasses form the ceiling. You can even install colourful glasses in lattice to give a bland part of your room some extra oomph. A rainbow coloured selection of glasses adds in so much colour, and you can focus on your favourite colours while adding in just a few of the glasses in the colours that you don’t like as much.

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Spring Foliage Prints

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to redecorate a room. It can transform a single wall or all of your walls and is fairly quick and easy to apply. What spring décor living room wallpaper ideas do we suggest? Spring foliage decor in small living room settings are excellent at making the room feel cozy. This also gives it a natural look, with green and brown colours that bring the outside inside. For nature lovers, this is a great choice that shows their love of the outdoors. You don’t have to bring in plants to enjoy the same decorative benefits that plants offer. Just use a spring foliage wallpaper on one or all of your living room’s walls.

Two Tone Bookcase

A bookcase is a real statement piece for your living room when it is well painted and filled. You can really get to know people by what kind of books they have in their home, and placing a bookcase in the living room is a great way to invite people to learn more about your interests and to find some common ground. I want to suggest painting your bookcase in two different colours to make it really pop and to give your living room some added colour.

Spring colours are important if you are updating your living room for springtime. I like the way pastels look with a white colour scheme, creating a two tone colour that is bright and cheery and a perfect update for spring. There is no need to by a new bookcase. Just take a few days and repaint the one you have to give it a cheery appearance that brightens your living room immensely. If the bookcase is one of the central features of the room,  it may be enough to repaint it in order to give the entire room a refreshed look. Otherwise, consider carrying some of the same colours from the bookcase over to other parts of the room, like on shelves, on a  feature wall or an accent wall.

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Floral Drapes

We like simple ways to update rooms, and one of the spring décor living room ideas that anyone can pull off is to simply drape a couch cover or tablecloth in the appropriate place. Choose a brightly coloured floral design for maximum cheerfulness and springtime vibes. You are going to love how your table looks when you add a brightly coloured floral tablecloth to it. Or, try changing out the curtains with something floral and colourful. It will really highlight the new spring look if you can tie multiple parts of the room together. Look for the same pattern in your tablecloth, couch cover, and curtains and give your living room an incredible new look that requires no spring living room décor craftsman. You can do it yourself.

These are just a few of our favourite ideas for spring living room décor. If you are looking to lighten and brighten your home, then the best place to start is in the room most people see. It gives them a wonderful impression of your home and make the space feel more welcoming and cheerier.

If you were inspired by one of these spring living room décor ideas, please let us know the comment section below. We would love to hear how you are refreshing your home for the spring. Of course, feel free to add any new ideas you tried out as well so that we can all enjoy. Our community here would definitely benefit from hearing about some spring décor ideas that worked.

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