What Colour Paint Goes With Brown Carpet? Best Color Combos and How to Decorate Them

a white chair on a brown carpet/What Colour Paint Goes With Brown Carpet

Do you find yourself attracted to color brown, and maybe you have a brown couch, brown curtain, and now a brown carpet? Though it might be your favorite color, combining it with other colors brings out a lively feel and look to your house.

So, What Colour Paint Goes With Brown Carpet?

Unfortunately, not every color goes well with color brown, and combining two wrong colors might become a big disaster and give your house a distasteful look. To avoid this, it is essential to find out the best color combos and how to combine the different colors with brown to decorate your house.

What Colour Paint Goes with Brown Carpet?

Different Shades

There are several shades of brown available, to help you understand how best to combine the colors the first step is knowing the various shades available: red-brown, walnut brown, wood brown, taupe, rosy brown, khaki, chocolate brown, cocoa brown, beaver, raw umber and desert sand.

These color shades come in different variations of either light, dark or neutral. 

Color Psychology

Colors can influence how people feel, behave, and can also communicate a person’s character or mood. Brown is a solid and earthy color; people who love color brown can be described as humble, resilient and dependable. On the flip side, the same color can evoke feelings of sadness, loneliness, or emptiness, especially when used widely. 

When it comes to designing a house, brown brings a sense of openness, warmth, comfort, and safety in a hose. However, to avoid the feeling of loneliness in a room, it is essential to use different color combos. 

So Which Colours Go Best With Brown Carpet


White brings out a luxurious look in a house and, when combined with a dark brown, creates an exquisite feeling to your home. Combining these two colors also brings out a welcoming atmosphere. If you have a brown carpet, consider painting part of your walls white or using white curtains or drapes. 


Imagine this; you have been busy all week, running errands, studying for an exam, or even running your business. It’s finally that time of the week you have been waiting for, the weekend, you need to re-energize and you think of going for a short holiday to your favorite destination.

Why not save that money for the holidays by turning your house into the relaxing haven you have always wanted. Pairing brown and yellow gives your home a radiant yet relaxing mood, and when used correctly, brown and yellow will influence the energy you need to start that new week. 

You could paint yellow on some of the bookshelves, maybe even use yellow furniture. This combination brings out the best in you by ensuring you remain grounded but still evoke energy and action. 


Gold has a bold and luxurious feel to it, but combining this shiny color with the earthy brown brings out the best in all worlds. You not only get to achieve a luxurious feel, but you create a unique feel to your house. A combination of brown and gold brings out a lively, refine, and charming look.

If you have a brown carpet, then you could achieve this luxurious look by painting gold undertones on the furniture, gold, and brown combination are best when placed side to side. 


A brown carpet or furniture gives off a rustic feel to your house, but you do not have to give up your favorite color to achieve a modern look. With a brown color combining the carpet or house décor with blue elements brings the perfect balance between the rustic and contemporary features in a house. 

To achieve this unique modern look, you could paint your walls in shades of blue. The different shades, however, are dependent on the tone of the brown. For instance, for a dark brown carpet using sky blue paint on your wall, is perfect.

Additionally, dress up your house in these color combinations, for instance, you could have a blue ottoman, or have blue and white pillowcases around the house. 


Just like brown, orange is warm, unlike brown, which is sometimes associated with loneliness, orange is lively, energetic and draws attention to a room. The color orange is also associated with autumn making it a perfect way to style up your house in different seasons. 

A combination of orange and brown like yellow and brown helps you to keep grounded, by maintaining the solid earthy features, while orange brings out excitement and enthusiasm about life. To achieve the perfect balance, you could paint use orange on one wall in the house. Also use orange curtains, lampshades around the bedroom. 


This color brings out sophistication, energy, and personality in a room. This color combination is more feminine and brightens up a room. To achieve the sophisticated yet classy k in your house, add fuchsia decorative items in the house. 

Another color that goes well with fuchsia and dark brown is a lighter shade of brown, use a lighter shade of brown to accessorize and decorate your house. 


A light shade of rose marries well with a dark shade of brown, maintaining the warm and cozy feeling in a room. Suitable for both open areas such as the living room, as well as the more private spaces in the house, such as the bedroom. 

The blend, when set correctly in a living area, brings out energy a luxurious look. This combination is perfect if you are a laid back person but still want to enjoy an energetic house.

On the other hand, the color combination brings out the cozy warm feeling in the bedroom, and with proper lighting creates the best ambiance to lay yourself to rest. 

Rose can be used on the walls, and the outcome is a seamless harmony between the colors, you could also use rose drapes. 


A color combination of a navy blue, brown, and beige brings out a cozy feel to a room; this combination is particularly ideal for a smaller place, with limited natural light. Brown gives the room a grounded feel while the beige and blue complement the room by bringing life and character. 

You could paint the walls beige, and use navy blue on the throw pillows in the rooms, the secret to perfect color combination is understanding the role each color plays, and how they will blend to bring out a perfect outcome. Using small portions of some colors also changes the look. So remember, you do not have to use large amounts of certain colors. 

Other color combinations include brown and black.

  • Walnut brown and burgundy.
  • Mahogany and lacquered green.
  • Purple, gold, and dark or earthy brown.
  • Orange, chocolate brown and cream
  • White, brown, and navy blue.
  • Army green and brown

My Top Tips for Decorating with Brown Carpet

Take advantage of holidays and different seasons to style up your house in different colors, buying three or four different carpets may not be a wise financial plan, but why not use the little items such as the shelves, the throw pillows, the curtains to bring out the best in a room. 

Another way to combine brown is by understanding the different color shades, brown comes in light and dark tones, while darker shades are preferred for carpets, and lighter one for clothes. However, if you are using a lighter shade of brown such as beige, then using white paint on your walls or house accessories may not bring out the best instead use colors such as orange. 

Do not shy away for making use of three or even four colors, while your furniture could be yellow, and your carpet brown, why not use white or a lighter shade of blue on other parts of the house.

Things to Consider When Combining Colors

House designs, are you looking for a modern or rustic house design. Colors play a large part in influencing the mood in the house.

Though most people have favorite colors, sometimes we are attracted to colors that communicate our feeling at a certain time. 

Area of the house, for example, when decorating the bedroom, you need to use calm colors, using a color such as yellow or orange may not be ideal. Additionally, using a color combination such as brown and fuchsia in a playroom is perfect as it evokes playfulness. 

Season, if you are all about bringing out the different seasons in your home or using different themes around the year. Then consider combining colors, have one primary color if you love brown, then this is your main color, work around colors the blend well with the said color, ensuring you avoid unnecessary costs. 

Decoration accessories to use, besides painting the wall, or using drapes, throw pillows, or even lampshades, other accessories used include flowers and flower vases and furniture, to mention a few. Make use of items around the house to bring out your desired look. 

The list above shares some color combinations that blend well with brown, but this might not be your ideal combinations, do not shy always from trying out the different color combinations to find out what appeals best to you. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to what colour paint goes with brown carpet.