10 Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Garden in Less Than 30 Minutes

Discover how to de-clutter your garden, so it feels more peaceful and looks more beautiful than ever. 

With our handy tips, you’ll have a space that you can relax in and keep organised without too much maintenance. 

How to De-clutter Your Garden 

A cluttered garden also exposes you to the risk of tripping and getting hurt by sharp unnecessary objects. 

You shouldn’t expose yourself to such hazards, as there are many tips at your disposal, that you can utilize to de-clutter your garden in record time.

Come Up with a Good Strategy

This is the first step to achieving a cleaner garden within no time at all. It is one factor that determines the amount of time you’re going to take decluttering, so pay attention to it.de-clutter your garden

While it is somehow difficult to achieve a clean garden within 30 minutes, by setting aside a few minutes to focus on a specific task at a time, you’re sure to get organized a bit by bit. No matter the size of your garden, you will easily conquer the biggest clutter culprits a little by little.

Collect Broken Items

One common characteristic with almost all cluttered gardens is broken pieces. There are broken pots, and there are other ones with dead plants in them. Set apart salvageable plants from the dead ones and put them together in one place. You should first of all start with grouping plants, as that is the main function of the garden. Display them in groups and discard those that you don’t plan to use again.

This way, you’ll not only de-clutter your garden but also you’ll be fixing potential risks such as open cables and such, which can harm you should you step on them accidentally.

De-clutter Your Garden Not by Area, But Category

Chances are that items in one category are scattered across multiple areas, which may cause your garden to look messy and disorganized. This means that the time you set aside to re-organize your garden should focus on handling tasks by category and not area.

Arrange all your possessions by their respective categories- containers, tools, seasonal furniture, etc. For example, you can decide to gather all garden equipment and potting supplies, and deal with them while getting rid of items you no longer use and duplicates as well.

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Dress Your Garden 

Dressing the garden’s outdoor space is especially easier during summer months, but all in all, you should work to give it its best look no matter the season.

de-clutter your garden

One good thing with dressing your garden space is that it not only easier to do but also it introduces new colors and charm to your home. Additionally, dressing creates ample space for welcoming guests. Now, how do you go about dressing your garden space? Use hanging pots of plants, baskets, furniture, and equipment such as barbecues.

Tidy Your Garden 

We can’t leave out tidying when talking about decluttering your garden area. Now, it is at this point that may want to use tools, and the tools should be sharp- note that. You know, as they say, sharp tools clean the best. Take time to trim hedges, and by doing so, you’ll be creating order where it was a rumor. However, you should delay the trim a bit if you realize that weather forecasters are warning about a hot period ahead.

And also remember to make the yard really beautiful by trimming lawn edges along driveways, paths, and pavements.

Remove Weeds a Bit

If you’re looking to de-clutter your garden within a few minutes, you should be prepared to embrace the process of weed removal. You know, weeds (especially the invasive ones) can make for garden clutter if they crowd out your plantings. But you should also be aware that the weeding process is a continuous process, so you should embrace the whole process in a positive way. Casually remove weeds whenever you walk by your garden, and you’ll start noticing some difference henceforth.

Pluck weeds wisely

Even though removing stubborn weeds is beneficial towards achieving an attractive garden, it is also equally important to define weeds for yourself. You know, most people view every pant with thistles and thorns as weeds, but it is not necessarily true. For example, clover has a high potential to fix nutrients in the soil. Others are edible. Ideally, what you view as a weed could be another gardener’s meal! Decide what you value and pluck the rest without hesitation.

Recycle and Donate

One good way to de-clutter your garden is by giving away items that you don’t truly require. Whether it’s the pots or excess furniture you want to donate to friends and neighbors, you’ll have nothing to lose as you’ll remain with only useful garden items, ones that can give you joy. Place the remaining items in specific spots for ease of accessibility. It helps to store items that you use frequently in a place they can be easily spotted, rather than stashing them away in storage bins.

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Ideally, keeping the garden organized is a great way to avoid clutter. Donating is as simple as calling your next-door neighbor and ‘gifting’ them with that extra plant pot. Also, designating a spot for waste bins won’t take you more than 5 minutes. It all goes down to setting up effective systems to maintain your garden organized.

Store Away Furniture and Outdoor Toys 

de-clutter your garden

Many are the people who use their gardens as the dumping sites for old toys. These can be an eyesore so find an alternative place to store them if your children are no longer using them.

If you don’t want to store them away, you can decide to refurbish them a bit and then resell online, at least to make additional cash easily. 

When it comes to garden furniture, take a moment to figure out what to do before hauling them off to the dumpster. Ask yourself such questions like “is it repairable?”

Do I have the necessary skills to refurbish it? Is it desirable to a friend? Well, you can repair it, have it refurbished, or yet still, you can give away to someone else.


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Remove Wood from the Garden

There’s this pile of wood you’ve been keeping for a future bonfire, and other unknown projects, right? Now, they also clutter your garden space to a bigger extent, and it’s the highest time you found a way to remove them from your yard.

Put on gloves and place the pieces of wood in recyclable bins if you don’t want to take them to a recycling center. 

Seek Help of Your Friends

If you aren’t able to de-clutter your garden on your own, you can seek the help of friends to help you do it faster. You know, if you had planned to use 30 minutes in decluttering your yard, then it would obviously take way less than 30 minutes to do it if you’re two or more.

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The other alternative is calling junk removal service. The folks can help you (of course at a fee) to handle the hassle when your outdoor space has overwhelmed you. And they’re efficient and professional!

a pot garden/ de-clutter your garden

Tend to Your Flowers

Once you have a garden, it helps to tend to the flowers you plant. Yes, they can grow naturally without any cutting or pruning, but then they won’t spread as neatly as you’d want.

Eventually, they may also grow into a neighbor’s compound, or over one another, which can cause you to feel that your garden is cluttered.

Giving your flowers their best look won’t consume much of your precious time, because you only need to identify where branches are not even, and then work on them using sharper tools such as shears.

Spray Against Bugs

It’s pretty obvious that you won’t miss bugs and cockroaches in a cluttered garden. That is where they call home, and they’re the one thing that can drive you, your family and guests away from hanging out in the backyard. You should not leave anything to chance, so after re-organizing your garden, invest in insecticides to drive bugs out of the yard. 

Declutter Your Garden Now: It’s Easy

A clutter-free garden is a very good space for everyone who loves spending time inhaling fresh air or even entertainers. It adds aesthetic beauty to your home, which means that you should work to make it a comfortable and safe relaxation area for you, your family and guests.

To de-clutter your garden boils down to weeding, trimming, and pruning plants and lawn edges, storing away old items that are no longer in use, and maintaining it as a ‘no bugs zone’.

Do you get the idea? Well, as you may have realized, it’s even not a difficult task to keep a garden fashionable and tidy. It should not always be the case. You just need to strategize and plan well and follow the tips above to boost your garden’s appeal.

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