3 Ingenious Ideas on How to Secure Artificial Plants in Pots

Paintings and books remain to be some of the traditional ways of decorating homes but most people have started shifting towards artificial plants as a mechanism of home decorations in this century. That explains why most people are learning how to secure artificial plants in pots.

Artificial plants give ideal beautiful scenery with very minimal costs involved in terms of their maintenance. They do not need watering and they hardly wither out or rather die. Artificial plants are made up of different materials such as silk, plastic among others. They give a home a more natural look compared to other means of decorations.

How to Secure Artificial Plants in Pots

A lot of factors must be considered before making a decision to use potted artificial plants for home decoration, it goes just beyond choosing the type of plant to use, it goes just beyond the costs of the plants. It is about keeping the artificial plant alive and secure otherwise you may waste your energy, money and time choosing a gorgeous plant and it ends up dying without meeting your needs.

One of the major challenges that are involved in maintaining artificial plants is fading. When they are placed in the sun their color tends to fade similarly when placed indoors they also attract dust which also affects their colorful appearance.

It is very easy to pot an artificial plant, you just need to select an inexpensive pot large enough to hold the plant, cover any holes that the pot may be having. Fill the pot halfway with materials such as pebbles and stones then arrange your artificial plants in the pot in your own preferred way then place it at your desired area.

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From there now your work will be ensuring to maintain them and ensure they survive for as long as you need them to and this is where most people err and end up losing the plants because they do not have the technical know-how of taking care of this artificial plants beyond the planting stage.

The following are creative ways of ensuring that your gorgeous artificial plants remain secure and meet your desired needs.


When the artificial plant is placed either outside or inside the house, at some point, you will notice that it attracts some dust onto it. This dust if left without being cleaned, will interfere with the color of the plant. It will make the plant fade. Therefore it is a good habit to do regular dusting of the plant to prevent it from fading. 

When it comes to dusting it is advisable for you to use feather duster which will help you to do this task so easily but in some scenarios, there may be areas that this feather duster may not reach, in such circumstances you could go for a hairdryer. A hairdryer reaches those tiny regions of the plant where the feather may not reach due to its size.

When it comes to the stem, you can use a moistened rag rinsed with soap to gently clean off the dust. Once done, ensure no soap remains on the stems. Place it in the sunlight for about 10-20 minutes for it to dry before returning it to it’s station.

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UV Resistant Spray

Before using or applying any type of spray to your plant, first ensure that that spray is compatible with that plant. Some sprays may be Ultra violet resistant but detrimental to that particular plant, it is therefore prudent to always seek clarification from the experts concerning this before applying the spray or if it is more challenging and difficult to get such information, you could opt to first apply the spray at the most unnoticeable areas of the plant so as to gauge the reaction of the plant before applying the same spray to the rest of the plant.

The spraying should be done in an open area where there is enough ventilation and make sure to spray evenly. Ensure to spray on all parts of the plant. Simple dusting alone is not likely to be an efficient way of eliminating dirt that is on the flowers hence spraying could be a very useful idea or alternative of ensuring the cleanliness of that plant.

Once you are done with the spraying, leave the plants in the well-ventilated area for about 6-7 hours so that they can fully dry. From there you can now return them to your preferred location of placement.

Strategic Placement of the Plant

Before purchasing the plants, always have it in mind where you intend to place them. The rule of the thumb states that, if you have a spot for potting artificial plants the observe your area before purchasing the plants. The strategic location and the environment around your plants sometimes determines its longevity. Artificial plants meant for outdoor placement are believed to have a longer lifespan and the ability to withstand the harsh climate but this does not mean whatsoever that they are invincible. 

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If your plant is meant for outdoor place consider its security, consider the weather in your area, some plants may not do very well in a rainy climate and they may need some shelter while others may be performing very well during this period. Majority of them though may need to be shielded either from direct sunlight or from direct rain torrents. You could even opt to plant it together with a taller plant that is marching perfectly with it but just taller for purposes of providing some shade and wind protection to it.

Because of the vast and advanced technology, you could also consider going for some chemicals which are very useful in adding an extra layer onto your plants for purposes of developing resistance to the existing environmental climate or weather conditions. The plant will develop a resistance towards the harsh conditions and this will enable it to last longer. When doing this you must ensure that all the parts of the plant are coated by the spray.

Definitely there is no doubt that dusting, using UV sprays and making sure the plants is strategically placed are the very most important and critical ways of keeping your potted artificial plant secure and maintaining that natural outlook in decoration. That’s how to secure artificial plants in pots.

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