Have you been thinking of changing the way your living space looks but are limited by your budget? Worry not! By making seemingly small changes, you can have a completely different look in no time. From changing your curtains to bringing in new light bulbs, your living space can look posh, trendy and unique.

Let’s take a look at a few simple tips on how to improve your living space on a limited budget…and by a few we mean 20 tips.

Tip 1: Create a Reading Spot

Interesting how a simple piece of furniture can transform the look of a room. If you don’t have a reading area, why not get a cozy and stylish couch and place it next to a large window. You can use this space to chill back, relax and read a book.

Tip 2: Forget Bright Colors, Use Black!

Soft bright colors may be a good idea for a bedroom wall, but a shade of black can also make it feel more intimate. It can feel like your own special cave where you retreat to recuperate in silence after a long and tiresome day. What’s more you may be surprised at how well the furniture blends in.

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Tip 3: The Windows

These can have a huge effect on the appearance of the room. For instance you can try adding light color curtains with design patterns. They will not only add a feel of brightness to a room but also improve aesthetic appeal to the entire room.

Tip 4: Restyle that Bookshelf

If your book shelf looks old and rugged, it’s time for a revamp. You can start by changing the wood and style of the bookshelf. You can also add a ladder. What’s more, the bookshelf need not only have books and you can spruce it up by placing décor accents.

Tip 5: Create a Breakfast Nook

Creating a breakfast nook next to a window through which sunlight shines in the morning is a great way to add an idea to an open space and create a vibe of relaxation for both you and your family members.

Tip 6: The Entryway

Needs to look not only inviting but also stylish. Adding a concept at the door makes someone want to explore the inside. A good way to do this is to put a table and then place art above it on the wall. On the table you can also add décor accents.

Tip 7: Add Sheepskin, Why Not?

If there are areas in your house that feel harsh and uninviting, adding in sheepskin is a great way to bring in a feel of warm coziness. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly want to spend more time in the area. And what’s more, it can accentuate the look of the room.

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Tip 8: Change the Throw Pillows

There is no denying the fact that throw pillows have a significant effect on the appearance of a room. So why not change the old ones for new ones wit fresh new designs?

Tip 9: add a stool to your bathroom

Adding furniture in some unlikely places is a great way to style up a room. and one of such places is the bathroom. By placing a stool next to a bathtub, you will not only have a place to put you r bathing soaps and shampoo for easy access, but it is also a good way to add luxe to the bathroom.

Tip 10: A canopy installation

A canopy is an excellent way to add a palace like them to the bedroom. By installing it over you r bed, you will feel like a queen everytime you go to be. Plus it keeps the bugs at bay.

Tip 11: Changing accents with the seasons

Changing the entire look of your house is permanent but changing accents with the seasons is another. It will transform the look of your living space each winter or spring and you will find that you just can’t wait for the coming season. This will help prevent the monotony and boredom.

Tip 12: add some house plants

This is a great way to not only change the monotony of the colur palette but it also brings nature inside your living room creating a feel of tranquil and bliss.

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Tip 13: reupholstering the furniture

You can immediately change the theme in your living space by reupholstering the furniture with new fabric. Instead of spending on a new L-seat why not make the most of the one you already have bu changing the color and fabric to a whole new design?

Tip 14: Tidy up the place

This is perhaps the easiest way to add decoration to your home. By bringing in stylish coat hangers and shoe racks, you can prevent the clutter and make the room more organized. Whats more is that you can addd a simple chair which you will sit on when taking off your shoes.

Tip 15: A touch up of paint

Over time the paint in your living space may have become dull. By simply repainting you can make the entire room look brand new. And the great thing is that paint will not eat too much into your budget.

Tip 16: Wall Paper

Another great way to spruce up your living space is to add wall paper. Note that you will not need to add wall paper to all the walls just choose one and accentuate it easily and effectively with the wall paper.

Tip 17: Bring in statement art

You can make a large exposed wall much more vibrant by placing statement art. Tic can be a large abstract image or a large photo

Tip 18: add new lighting

Lighting can immediately accentuate a rom. Choose something stylish and modern like a pendant light over a table lamp that contracts with the surrounding décor.

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Tip 19: floor paint

If your house has simple floor paint, you can add a different floor paint in different rooms. A light blue for example is a great replacement color for a white floor.

Tip 20: Bring in contrast

Bringing in an object that contrasts with the surrounding is an effective way to not just accentuate a room but also draw focus to a contrasting object. For instance think of a modern table in a tradition interior design style.

Conclusion on home decorating tips

Simple concepts and ideas are all you need to change the entire look of your living space. If budget is a constraint then our top 20 tips on home decoration will provide you with an entirely new look to the interior of your home thus helping to make it more comfy and inviting and less dull.