How to Decorate a Piano Top: 10 Beautiful Decor Ideas

how to decorate a piano top

The love for music is often apparent in the way you store your instruments. It is for this reason music lovers do not shy away from keeping theirs in the house with them.

Most people prefer keeping their pianos in a place where it is visible to others; this is because it can also be a decorative idea in itself. While some people have unique piano rooms where they keep their instruments.

Therefore, keeping it plain makes your space appear dull.  Your keyboard should stand out. You can decide to keep it simple or put a little more effort into making it beautiful. There are various ways how to decorate a Piano Top.

How to Decorate a Piano Top

Decorating your instrument does not have to be very demanding financially; you can use readily available items to make your piano attractive. ‘Do it yourself,’ a method of modifying things without expert aid, can come in handy when looking for amazing crafts to help decorate your piano.

The good thing about decorative ideas is that you can always adjust them to fit your preference and mood occasionally.

How to Decorate a Piano Top

Custom Wood Designs

Your preference matters when it comes to decorative ideas; it is for this reason that custom made wood designs could come in handy.  These designs could entail beautifully written words, set according to your mood.

You can choose wooden designs that have words engraved in them or beautiful patterns, or you can go for paintings on the piece of wood.

The beauty of these designs is that the words or the art engraved in the wood speak volumes. You can also go for woodblocks that have letters that may sum up to make symbolic expressions. 

You can also make a small set of piano keys using wood. You can make this into a small size, the size of a photo frame. It can have a base to stand on, or you can place it in a way that it leans against a wall.

Light it Up

Lights attract the eyes and can make an otherwise dull space so pleasant. Led lights have, with time, gained popularity as a decorative measure.  Tiny lights in the form of string lights are a perfect idea if you are looking to make your piano glow up.

The light can be battery operated, so they save up on energy because you do not have to link them to your home’s electricity.

You can place the lights on top of the piano near the edge. Some of these led lights in string form can also be coiled into a ball and put on a tray. You can play around with the led lights, don’t make it too ordinary.

Led lights also come in different colors, so if you are comfortable with such, you can also use them.

Candle Lights

Candles are a simple and almost effortless way in which you can decorate your piano. Pillar candles and tea light candles are among the ones you can use to decorate your piano.

Your candles do not have to ignite always your candles, you can do so if need be on certain occasions, maybe the presence of guests.  Simply placing candles on top of your instrument makes it beautiful.

One can also express their creative side by making sheet music candles, in which you wrap sheets of musical notes around the candles. The wraps make the décor relevant to the art of music that the piano represents. You can use candle stands of different sizes to put your candles in and, at the same time, decorate your piano.

Booklover’s Shelf

A piano top is a perfect place for a bookworm to express themselves. You can put a stack of books on top of your piano, or you can also put them as though they are on a shelf, that is, place one after the other in a ‘standing’ position.

These books can also be musical books that can you can use to make music using the piano; this way, one does not have to go looking for them as they are a hand stretch away. Therefore, it is a decorative measure as much as it works to your advantage whenever you need to play the piano. 

 You can incorporate the use of book racks to this idea. You can add a small wooden rack at the top of your instrument with books placed inside of it. This will make your creative décor look orderly and attractive. 

Clothe it

The easiest way to decorate your piano is to throw a cloth on it. Lace, satin, burlap, or cotton, a piece of fabric always makes surfaces look neat.

You can decide to keep it colorful or make it monochromatic. The cloth can be held in place using the candles or books that count as decorative items as well. The piece of fabric will also help to keep the piano clean as it prevents dust from getting into contact with your instrument.

You can go for a cloth that completely covers the top of your instrument or a piece of fabric that acts like a runner for the piano top.  

Picture Perfect

 Your beautiful photo frames can find a perfect surface on top of your musical instruments. The pictures can be photo portraits, or you can decide to be creative and frame beautiful images, maybe music related, and use them as decor for the piano.

The photos compliment your piano, making it pleasant. You do not have to fill the whole surface with many pictures, as this only makes it immoderate. You can use a few photo frames as the photos may not be the only décor you may want on your piano.  You can even use one slightly large photo frame together with other decors.

Trust Mother Nature 

The gift that the earth gives us, plants, flowers, aside from the other benefits, health and all, they can be used well to embellish your piano. For this purpose, go for plants that are not cumbersome. Use the ones that can fit a vase or small tin. They should not be the kind that spread out so much when they grow.

The goal is to make it appealing to the eye, not excessively ornate. An example of a perfect house plant that you can use to decorate your instrument is the cast-iron plant; it is a hardy plant variety; therefore little effort is needed to keep it fresh, and it saves on space too. Use colorful flowers to break the monotony.

Always ensure your plants and flowers do not wilt as this can ruin the general ambiance of your space. 

Paint the Piano

This décor idea can help transform an old piano to make it look brand new. Give your piano pop of color using paint, and you can also be creative and let art give in. You can paint images of musical notes on your piano top or splash it with a monochromatic color of your choice

. A touch of paint and drawings is not only artistic and creative but also makes your piano very attractive. Your choice of color should go well with your house’s theme color and the general mood of your home. Painting your piano will also make the instrument to look tidy.

Lamp Shades

lamp shades go perfectly on your piano top. You choose from a variety of shapes and sizes as long as they are not too big. Have a lamp on each side of your piano, or simply have one either at the center or at one end of your piano. Lampshades give a warm embrace to your piano and to your space in general.

You can also use lights of different colors into your lampshades according to your preference. You may consider different shapes of your lampshade base; there are a variety of designs to choose from; conical, square, drum, and many others.

The good thing about this is that you can be creative and transform your regular lamps into ones that compliment your style. In being creative, you can decide to design your lamp shade base by painting piano keys on it.


Antique items always give a command to the aesthetic nature of any space. Clocks, vases, mirrors are some of the things one can use to decorate the top of a piano. You can place clocks that have bases at the top of your piano; put it at the center position.

If your piano is against a wall, you can place a vintage mirror and lean it on the wall.  Phonograph records are also some antique equipment that you can use to decorate your piano, this way, you stay musically relevant too. You can also decorate your piano top using golden or silver antique items like vases.

One may also find small antique piano models in stores and use them as décor for your piano. You can also use vintage musical notebooks and racks for your decoration.