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Are you enthusiastic about interior design, home renovations or do you have tips on DIY or budgeting when redesigning? Why not share your knowledge with my readers?

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    You don’t have to be a professional writer to be able to contribute, just try to ensure your article follows these guidelines:

    • 1000 words
    • grammatically correct
    • factually correct
    • no plagiarised content – this will be checked.
    • No profanities

    If you need some assistance with writing the article or you need someone to look over it, don’t be afraid to ask – i’m more than happy to help! Here are some examples of topics you could write about:

    • Interior Design
    • Exterior Design
    • DIY
    • Decorating Tips
    • Product Reviews
    • Home Maintenance
    • Furniture

    Some examples of the types of articles i love to receive are:

    • New trend articles
    • List articles – ’10 best ____ for your home’
    • Opinion based articles
    • In depth factual articles

    However if you have an idea for an article that you think will suit my site, email me and share your idea! I’m sure i’ll love it!

    Ensuring my website shares top quality articles and information is very important to me so here is some advice on how to structure your article to ensure it meets the quality of articles already on my site:

    • Informative/eye catching title
    • Introduction
    • Opinion
    • Facts
    • Conclusion/Summary

    How do you make a good article better?

    There is already a huge variety of information, guides and facts surrounding home design so i want new trends, new facts, new guides – i want to keep my site fresh! Choose a topic you are passionate about and research it, share a multitude of opinions and include your own – make an article you’re proud of!