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About 42Lounge

As a young girl, I was always busy being creative – whether it was playing with a craft kit, making door hangers or putting together collages for my bedroom.

I studied interior design in college and went on to work as an intern at a local company. Over the years, I was lucky enough to learn from talented interior designers and forge my own career path.

I decided after years of working in interior design, it was time to showcase some of my ideas, offer inspiration and create an online community to connect with other people who love home and garden inspiration.


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About Me

That’s how 42 Lounge was born! And I’m hoping it will become a place for likeminded people like you to enjoy articles, contribute ideas by guest posting and find inspiration to enhance your home!

I gather inspiration, trends and tips from a wide range of sources. Sometimes I’m a little old-fashioned and browse books or home, garden and interior magazines, selecting my favourite pages and collating them together in a scrapbook.

I also love how much the digital world has expanded resources for interior design ideas. Instagram and Pinterest are my go-to platforms for following unique and creative home accounts and keeping track of my own plans and ideas for my home.


Started This Blog At College

After several years of planning my future career at college I finally took the leap and launched my web site so that I could follow in my parents footsteps and create dream homes for a living.

Reached 10k Monthly Visitors

It seems a little unreal that within 2 years I had hit almost 10k visitors per month and started to earn some income from my fledgling idea.  Heres to the next 100k.

Quit My Job To Blog Full-Time

After 5 years I decided that it was finally time to quit my job and focus full time on my blog.  Its been a tough decision but Im so glad I made the move. 

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Something for everyone

42 Lounge has something for everyone, whether you’re in your 20s and want to enhance your apartment, or you’re a parent dreaming of designing a family home.

My interior design styles have evolved over the years. I remember the excitement of choosing decor for my very first apartment, from the colour scheme to accessories.

As a mother, I now love enhancing my home with cosy pieces of furniture, vintage treasures to keep in the family and of course, deciding on interior for my kids’ bedrooms.

There’s nothing better than being ‘home sweet home’ when you love the place you’ve created!

Defining my style

I like to think I have a varied, ever-changing style when it comes to interior design. I love keeping up with trends and trying out new ideas.

My home has a classic theme with staple pieces throughout, with contemporary twists adding a touch of eccentricity, character and personality to my home.

The home is somewhere to bring people you love together, so I believe it’s essential to make it somewhere comfortable and cosy, so you’re always happy to come home!

I think de-cluttering your space can also help to clear your mind, so I try to keep on top of de-cluttering my home by following top tips.

My favourite spaces

I love taking inspiration from magazines and social media accounts that showcase beautiful, homely kitchen interior design.

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms. It’s where I can channel my love for cooking, make romantic meals and spend quality time baking with the kids.

Bedrooms are also one of my favourite spaces to decorate, especially my kids’ rooms. You can really ignite your imagination when it comes to kid’s rooms – it takes me right back to being one myself!

I’ll be covering a range of ideas here at 42 Lounge to help you create the perfect, personalised space for your children to play, learn and sleep.

I was lucky enough to have a magical childhood bedroom which makes me feel nostalgic just thinking about it! There’s no better place when you’re a kid than your own space designed just for you.

I hope you enjoy browsing 42 Lounge!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch here with any questions about the blog or opportunities for guest posting.

Victoria x