10 Attic Lighting Ideas for a Stunning and Creative Space

An attic is one of the most forgotten rooms found in a house. But in some cases where the room is functional, some use it as a storage room while others use it as a bedroom. Whatever the idea you have for transforming your attic room into depends on your needs. But lighting the attic is a totally different but very important step in making the room functional. In this article, you are going to discover 10 attic lighting ideas to suit your needs. It does not matter whether you use space like your bedroom or a music studio. This article has you covered with the best lighting ideas.

A Master Bedroom on the Attic Lighting Idea

The size of the attic room will always differ from one house to the other. If you decide to change your attic room into your master bedroom lighting the room must be your priority. While choosing the beddings and furniture lighting is often forgotten in the process. Lighting a master bedroom in the attic should always be boring and ordinary. For example, do not randomly set a lamp beside your bed and call it a wrap. Use the following ideas to create a beautiful and functional lighting plan for the master bedroom in the attic. You can always use the combination of gorgeous lamps and ceiling features for this type of bedroom in the attic.

Unless your attic room is extremely small you will need more than one source of light. For example, you can combine floor lamps and mood lighting to make it easier for you to read in the bed. If your master bedroom is in the attic and the space is limited you can always save more space by using pendant lights instead of bedside lamps.

Home Theater Room in the Attic Lighting Idea

Imagine a home theater idea in your attic. You will not have the need to go out into the public cinemas where you will mostly find amateur and experience annoying behavior like noisy chewing, cell phones buzzing that might interrupt your peace there. So having a home theater in your attic is a good idea and you should get creative when it comes to lighting the place. The following are examples of the preferred lighting options that you can use for a home theater in your attic.

  • You can place task lamps next to the sittings
  • Ambiance lighting will be a great idea
  • Wall sconces
  • Recessed lighting will stand out in your home theater room
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Fiber optic or LED lighting stripes in the basement or on the floor will make the place elegant.

With all these lighting ideas in your attic home theater room, you should be aware that most of the mounted fixtures can be dimmed and controlled using a remote. The table lamps can have opaque shades that have easy-to-find switches or pool chains. You can always find a professional electrician to do the work for you. Lastly, the in-floor lightings should not be the kind that generates heat instead you should always use the LED lights.

An Attic Reading Room Lighting Idea

If you decide to change your attic into a reading room you can use the following ideas to light up the room.

Use natural light – natural lighting is the best type of lighting for any reading room. Something good with this type of lighting is that it is free and it has a positive impact on your moods and your eyes too. You can try to position your reading desk near to a window in the attic.

Pendant lighting – this type of lighting is good because of its flexibility it also gives you direct light since it is installed from the ceiling. This type of lighting will also be elegant in your study room because of its design.

Table lamps and desk lamps – these types of lamps are both functional and fashionable. They have plenty of uses other than looking elegant and reading is one of them. But if you find yourself falling asleep while using this type of lighting you can consider adding an LED lamp on your desk just to increase some brightness.

Wall-mounted lamps – these will be an excellent idea if your attic room is small that it does not leave enough space for a desk or a reading table. So having a wall-mounted lamp will enable you to read your books in your bed. You can have it installed on the headboard or wall depending on your reading needs. Something good about this fixture is that it is adjustable and you can easily get the light from all directions.

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You can also use recessed lighting.

A Library in an Attic Lighting Idea

Just like for the lighting idea for the reading room in the attic, the library in the attic should also have similar lighting ideas for example;

  1. Pendant lighting
  2. LED lighting
  3. Fiber optic lighting
  4. Wall-mounted lamps
  5. Natural lighting
  6. Recessed lighting

Lighting the library room in your attic will also depend on the space available and your needs.

Attic Room with a Fireplace Lighting Idea

No matter what the size, the type or the style of your fireplace is, the best way to show it off is making it functional with proper lighting. The following are some of the examples you can use to light up the fireplace in your attic.

  • Tape lighting
  • Hockey puck
  • Carriage lights
  • Backlighting
  • Sconces
  • Pendants
  • Eyeball lights
  • Can lights

The idea here is to go for what suits your attic size and chose what makes you happy

A Music Studio in the Attic Lighting Idea

The best lighting idea for a music studio in the attic will be the use of LEDs. This is because LED does not produce heat, so you will have a cool atmosphere during your operation. It has varieties of color temperature scales that make it effective.

An Attic Bathroom Lighting Idea

A bathroom in the attic is one unique way to make it functional. The following are examples of lighting ideas that you can use for your attic bathroom.

  • Farmhouse bathroom lights
  • Traditional sconce
  • Three-prong chandelier
  • Fabric sconces
  • The 19th-century lantern

Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house makes it a priority to choose the correct lightings for this type of room. Remember lighting a bathroom might be dangerous. So to be on the safer side you can contact a professional to do the work for you.

Guest Room in the Attic Lighting Idea

Proper lighting is very important in creating a welcoming and comfortable space for your guest especially when the guest room is in the attic. You should make sure that the room s properly lit to ensure that your guest doesn’t end up with stubbed toes just because they are trying to find their way through the dark. The following are some examples of lighting ideas that you can use for your guest room in the attic.

  • Bedside lighting – examples include table lamps, wall lamps, sconces, and pendants.
  • Ceiling lighting – examples include ceiling fans, chandeliers, and semi-flash lights.
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In this case, since the bedroom is in the attic and generally, the attic is always warm a ceiling fan as a lighting idea will be very advantageous since it will be like killing two birds with one stone. Your guest will have a comfortable temperature and at the same time have an easy time accessing the room because of the proper lighting.

An Attic Room for Rent Lighting Idea

Just like lighting a guest house room in the attic, the idea is the same when it comes to finding the lighting ideas for an attic room to rent. The following are just examples that you can use to light up this type of room.

  • Consider sconces
  • Choose your lampshades wisely
  • Include task lighting
  • Make the floor lamps in a vertical manner

Remember the idea is to rent the attic room. So the lighting should be simple. They should not be too bright neither should they be too dim.

Children Bedroom on the Attic Lighting Idea

If you decide to use your attic as your children’s bedroom you should get inspiring lights to illuminate the room. The following are examples of lighting ideas that you can use.

  • Playful paper lanterns
  • Nightlights
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Desk lamps
  • Drum pendants
  • Task lightings
  • Reading lights
  • LED lightings

A lot of activities take place in the children’s bedroom especially if the bedroom is in the attic. One of the activities is reading. So make sure the type of lighting you settle on should be too bright and neither should it be too dim.

Conclusion attic lighting ideas

You should not make your attic room disfunctional. Make it busy by transforming it into a place where you can at least spend some time daily. You should always remember that lighting n the attic is always important. The attic lighting ideas you settle on should not make the room too hot because generally, almost all attic rooms have high temperatures.

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