How to Circulate Air in a Room with no Windows (Cheaply & Effectively)

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Air is one of the most important components of this life. However, not all rooms have enough ventilation spaces for the circulation of air.

More so for rooms, which are small in size. A room with enough ventilation spaces will keep the growth of deadly bacteria and fungi at bay. Leaving your home looking healthy and fresh. 

Nonetheless, if your home does not have enough windows or ventilation spaces, do not despair as there are many options available today for air circulation.

How to Circulate Air in a Room with No Windows

Ventilation is a very serious issue in any home and must be accorded topmost priority.  Thus, to avoid your home from becoming uninhabitable due to excessive dampness, here are several viable options that might work for you.

Non-Ventilated Window Space

In many homes, more so the multi-storied ones, those who are tasked with building and maintaining them have come up with a way of putting in place, a ventilation system, which is natural.

In such systems, the exchange of air normally occurs through laid down channels, which extend vertically from the roofing of these houses, all the way down to the basement. 

Therefore, if you reside in such residential buildings or homes, and would want to check if the ventilation system is functioning, then roll a sheet of paper into a tube and burn it then push it until it reaches the grid.

Maintain it at about a 3cm distance and if the paper presses itself firmly on the grate, then the ventilation system for your house is in order. 

However, if you notice that it does not press firmly on the grid or the smoke is passing through into the room, then the ventilation system is not working properly as it should, and will need some readjustments for it to function well.

How About an Extractor Fan?

This kind of equipment is best suited for those small kitchens, which normally do not have adequate windows. The main purpose of an extractor fan is to get hold of any moisture or steam, redistributing them inside the room, instead of letting them build up while cooking. Excessive moisture can end up damaging your walls by peeling off the paint or plaster with time. 

Non-Mechanical Strategies for Ventilation   

You can leave the door for a windowless room open for the better part of the day just to get air circulation going. However, it might not be sustainable as you run the risk of more dust accumulating into the room or children and pets straying into the room, who might damage some valuables inside the room if any.

Passive vents are the most ideal for this kind of scenario. This is because they can allow air to easily circulate from one room to the next.

That is not all, you can also install grilles or registers, which are normally used for air conditioning and heating in your walls, or on the floors, inclusive of ceilings. This will ensure the proper circulation of air inside the room. 

Air Conditioning System

Apart from keeping the room cool when the room is hot, it can also act as another form of ventilation by circulating air in the room. An air conditioning system works on the principle that all the hot air collected is processed and released into the cold air in the same space.

Hence, preventing it from becoming damp and humid. Louvered doors will also increase air circulation and at the same time, offering you some privacy.

According to Tom Hanson, here is a buying guide to assist in choosing the best air conditioning system.

What of Portable and Ceiling Fans?

They are also very efficient in circulating air inside a room. Nonetheless, they can produce unnecessary disturbance for occupants. To ensure that it does not come to this, ensure that you place it near the door and away from the occupants in the room.

Even though it might take some considerable amounts of time to cool the room, nevertheless, the hot air would have been removed in the process. 

In today’s modern world, you will find ceiling fans, which can be operated by use of a reverse gear, by sucking in hot air away from the room, and in the cold season, it can trap the hot air and bring it down to warm a particular room during the cold season. 

Do It Yourself Mechanical Ventilation

You can improvise your mechanical ventilation, only if you know how to go about it. You can have two fans with the same firepower, a heater or filter.

Mechanical Ventilation on the Outside

To rid yourself or significantly reduce the effects of molds, fungi, and damage, then this is the best type of equipment for you. You can install a vent fan via the outside wall of a windowless room. You can also do the same for your kitchen by installing wall fans. Alternatively, you can install vent fans, which are hooded directly above the cooking stove.

Plants which Purify the Air

Other than just provide aesthetic value to a room, plants can also help purify the air in that particular room. However, you should choose the best variety for this task. 

Passive Ventilation on the Outside

The code of conduct for many buildings stipulates that any cloth dryer be situated on the outside. Instead of being fitted inside a small space on the wall. For those machines, which are inside, one can use flexible tubing for ventilation to reach the outside wall.

To counter some of the heat being produced b electronic devices in the room, there are very many air condition machines specifically made for windowless rooms. They have also been fitted with very flexible vents that can also go without much fuss through any wall or window in the adjacent room. 

Code of Conduct for Windowless rooms 

There exist a set of international standards, rules, and regulations that must be adhered to when it comes to ventilation for occupied rooms such as bedrooms, or living rooms, or bedrooms. Some of the local rules and regulations for buildings concerning ventilation spaces are very precise.  

Less Furniture in the Windowless Room 

For fresh air to circulate inside the room, then you might need to reduce the amount of furniture. This is because when furniture is crammed inside a room without proper ventilation, then there is no adequate circulation of air, which might lead to stuffiness, which might make it inhabitable.  You do not want such a situation in your windowless room.

Try Out Scented Candles

If you haven’t yet figured out how to get the maximum circulation of air inside your windowless room, and are still grappling with dampness and see no end in sight, then the time for putting some aroma inside that particular room is nigh.

These candles can be found in a wide range of scents, will go a long way in increasing the amount of air circulating in the room, leaving it smelling fresh and looking new.

Using Porous Building Materials

Many people are not aware of this but another way to maintain a sufficient flow of being in a room or house is by use of building materials, which are porous by design. They include normal or special air bricks, which can come in handy when looking for ways to increase air circulation.

Special Air Bricks

Come to think of it, these types of bricks strategically placed high up above inside the walls can help solve your ventilation issues.

Try Out the Portable Evaporative Cooler

This is another viable option for windowless rooms, which do not have sufficient air circulation. This equipment works in the same manner as a stand-alone fan. However, the main difference between the two is that an evaporative cooler provides much colder results through the application of evaporation laws.

You can pour water or ice into a tank, which the machine, in turn, converts it into a blast of very cold air for circulation.   

Iced Floor fan

If you have ample time, you can make your model of this by using a floor fan with some ice. It will then work by pushing the cold air from the compressed ice and circulate it in the entire room, absorbing all the hot and humid air, thereby enabling it to cool down. Even though this technique is so old fashioned, it works nonetheless.

Walled Air Conditioner  

This type of air conditioning system can be installed through the wall. To make it work well for you since you will be installing the air conditioner through the wall, it ought to face outside the wall for the ventilation to work.  

Suppose your windowless room has a wall that is near the external areas, then it is prudent for you to install an air conditioner for making the place cool when the need arises.

Ductless Air Conditioning System

This kind of system is made up of an internal unit, which is usually mounted either on a ceiling or wall platform. It also consists of an external component in the name of a condenser for powering the entire units.

A ductless air conditioning system is very easy to put in place. All you have to do is dig a sizeable hole on the wall for connecting the pipes incorporating both the internal and external units of the air condition system. This is your best bet for air conditioning your windowless room.

How to Circulate Air in a Room With No Windows?

As you can see, it’s possible to run or circulate air in your home without paying an arm and a leg for it. The tips above will come in handy to make this possible. Here is something else you can do with your windows.