What to Do With Space Above Kitchen Cabinets?

What to Do With Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Space management in the kitchen is a necessary measure when you move into your new home. A kitchen is a place where you make use of various utensils, cutlery, and ingredients. Making specific space for them requires cabinets with doors that lock air and pests outside.

The area above your kitchen cabinets is a handy place that you can customize or decorate according to your preferences. Below, we will discuss what to do with the space above kitchen cabinets and hopefully help you find your room’s fair use.

What to Do With the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Here is an organized collection of decorating ideas for what to do with the space above the kitchen cabinets. You can take inspiration from any of the designs that fit your taste and even experiment by combining different walls’ ideas.

Layer the Vases and Jars

Vases and jars can function as more than just a decorative item on your coffee table. Pots come in many different sizes and shapes, giving you options for what to do with wasted space above kitchen cabinets. You can arrange the vases above your kitchen cabinet in groups of variable heights.

A pattern of jars and vases will look amazing while giving you sufficient storage space as well. Little earthen pots with plants give your kitchen a more organic feel and function as great decorative items. If you stack vases and jars of different shades, a part of your kitchen will be full of further color reflections.

Storage Space for Utility Baskets

Utility baskets are lightweight and functional accessories for increasing your storage while traveling. You will never get enough utility bags as they can be found everywhere without you having to look too hard.

Utility baskets function as exceptional decorative items as they can blend into any environment without failure. If you are wondering, “what to do with wasted space above kitchen cabinets?” which is usually quite dark, you can see them blend in without fail.

This strategy keeps the kitchen space clean and fills the emptiness above your cabinets as well. Wicker baskets also work great as decorations over your kitchen cabinets.

Using Wallpaper

Wallpapers never go out of style because of the fantastic customization option they offer us. You can get any pattern and design of your preference to cover your kitchen cabinets’ area and the walls.

You can layer the style with ceramic as well to give your kitchen the spice of your choice. The wallpapers will add visual interest space to keep the guests engaged while having a hearty meal at your house.

Using curtains on your windows that match your wallpaper also gives your kitchen a very distinct feel and options regarding space above kitchen cabinets.

Green Plants

Greenery is always a palpable aspect in every home as they give liveliness to every environment. Making your kitchen feel more organic is simple with plants as they come in great variety for every spot you want them.

Putting them above your cabinets is a great idea, as it is rare for them to fall and break from a height where hands can reach. You do have to be careful when managing them and use ladders to get them safely. If you are a strict vegetarian, this decoration will do your lifestyle great justice by making your kitchen more organic.

You can create your small habitat of rare plants to take care of every time you get yourself a meal, and so it’s a great solution to what to do with the space above kitchen cabinets.

Show off Your Art

If you are an artist or a fan of an artist, you can show off above your kitchen cabinets. The showcase will surely open up a few conversation lines for your artistic friends, and you can advise them on what to do with the space above my kitchen cabinets. Keeping paintings and antique vases above the kitchen counter is a very classy way of showcasing your art. Kitchen tables can be a location for hearty conversations about life and art, and you can sufficiently make your kitchen one of such spots.

Showcase Your Cookbooks

A person who loves cooking sure does love cookbooks. And if you love cookbooks, you can show them off by placing them on top of your cabinets. You can arrange them in a variety of sizes and categories to keep the symmetry running seamlessly. You can also set your favorite work for fiction on top of kitchen cabinets and create conversation topics on the dining table. If you plan what to do with the space above your kitchen cabinets, this can be an excellent option for cookery fans.

Above Cabinet Lights

Above the cabinet, lights are a mainstay in many separate kitchens all around the world. You can make the dark spaces above your cabinets light up with lights that lie under the walls.

They are simple to install as professional electricians have sufficient experience with their installation processes. If you wonder what to do with wasted space above kitchen cabinets, using cabinet lights can be a great way of spicing the decors up.

You do not have to keep the lights on all the time, but only when there are guests around.

Wine Racks Above Kitchen Cabinets

If you like alcoholic drinks and wonder what to do with wasted space above kitchen cabinets, you can showcase your precious collection of fancy wine bottles. Wine racks are very space-efficient, and the company logos are generally on top of the caps.

Some wine racks come with bottle and glass storage on both sides of the frame. You can hang your collection of bottle openers as well on wine racks. Using custom design pieces can spice up your wine rack placement, giving it a premium feel.

You will surely get efficient party storage with wine rack installation, and they are cheap in your pocket as well.


Space above kitchen cabinets can be efficient storage solutions for modern kitchens. You can show off your interest and lifestyle in these empty spaces, giving your room an exciting feel.

Modular kitchens are a norm in the current era, but people often forget these open spaces that take the attention off exciting spots in the kitchen. You can get immensely creative with these spaces as the home design market offers enormous solutions for every taste.

Hopefully, we have answered your question of what to do with your space above the kitchen cabinet, and we hope you have a great day.