10 Amazing Burlap Table Decorating Ideas for a Chic Dining Table

Burlap is a type of fabric made from a jute plant or sisal plan. This type of fabric is used to make items like ropes, nets, and sacks. Recently people have fallen in love with burlap as a material used for decorations widely across the globe. Burlap has found its way into people’s farmhouses, living rooms, bedrooms and also in the kitchen areas. Here are 10 burlap table decorating ideas for a chic dining table.

An Elegant Table Runner Made of Burlap

A dining table is a type of table on which meals are served, mostly a dining table is found in the dining room. This makes the table special. To decorate it one can use a table runner made of burlap to make it stylish and classy. Place the table runner lengthwise at the center of the table and let a portion of it hang widthwise over the table’s edges. This will work better if you have a rectangular dining table and the results will be amazing.

burlap table decorating ideas

Make Flowers Using Burlap and Place Them on the Dining Table

Use burlap to make beautiful flower bouquet and place them on top of the dining table with a table runner made of burlap spread on it. You will need burlap, wooden buttons, a glue stick, and a hot glue gun to make a burlap flower. Burlap is a fabric that comes in different colors so you can mix the colors and come up with a beautiful and colorful burlap flower bouquet to compliment your dining table.

Add a Stylish Burlap Bow on the Table Runner on the Dining Table

Use burlap to make stylish bows that you can attach on hanging portions of your burlap table runner. All you need is burlap, a pair of scissors, floral wire, a craft paintbrush, and jute twine. This burlap bows will make the table runner more elegant on your dining table.

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Include Unique Burlap Table Mats on Your Dining Table

Make unique table mats using burlap and place them on the sides of your dining table. You can go ahead and customize them by writing amazing messages on the burlap table mats like bright, joy, peace, and love among others. You can also weave burlap stripes to come up with cute and adorable table mats.

Make an Elegant Cutlery Holder Using Burlap

You can make a cutlery holder using some hard cardboard and burlap. Wrap the burlap around the cardboard neatly then arrange your knives, spoons, and folks in the burlap cutlery holder and place them on your stylish dining table. You can also tie small burlap bows around the burlap cutlery holders to add more elegance to it.

a burlap bag with beans

Add stylish Burlap Napkin Rings on the Dining table

A dining table without napkins on it is an incomplete dining table set up. Add elegance on your dining table by improvising napkin rings made of burlap. You can use toilet paper rolls, fix burlap on them firmly and create unique napkin rings for your dining table. This will help you present a beautifully arranged napkins on the dining table.

Be creative by Wrapping Dinner Candles Using Burlap Ribbons

Candles on a dining table lighten then mood around it. You can and style on your dining table by making beautiful ribbons using burlap stripes and then wrap them delicately on the dining table candles. Doing this will also brighten then dining table with style and class. You can also use the burlap ribbons to decorate the candle holders too and mount the candles wrapped with burlap ribbons and place it on your dining table as a part of the decoration. 

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Remember to keep it simple. Do not overwrap the candles and the candle holders because doing this will make the dining table appear overwhelming.


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Place a Stylish Burlap Vases on Your Dining Table

Beautiful vases displayed on a dining table works wonders in terms of decoration. Add one or two stylish burlap vases on your dining table. Make your vases even more adorable by wrapping burlap around them this will make the vases appear unique and simple at the same time. You can put some fresh or dried flowers in them to add a natural feeling and beauty to your dining table.

Make an Elegant Burlap Topiary for Your Dining Table

If you are not a flower vase person you can make beautiful burlap topiary and place it at the center of your dining table. All you need is a ball, some toothpicks, a small-sized clay pot, a burlap, and a strong straight stick. You can use these items to come up with the beautiful burlap topiary to take the center place on your dining table this is a unique yet elegant way to decorate your dining table.

Turn a Plain Dining Table Cloth into an Elegant Fabric Using Burlap

You might have that one plain simple table cloth that you like so much that you prefer a table runner. Well, you can add a bit of class and elegance to it by adding a burlap finishing around it. Spread it on your dining table and add some decorations like burlap vases on top to make it even more beautiful than it is. This will work perfectly if the fabric is plain white and also if your dining table is circular.

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a toy in a burlap covered tray/Burlap Table Decorating Ideas


There are so many decorating ideas when it comes to decorating the dining table. Using burlap to decorate your dining table will turn your dining table from that ordinary dining table it was to a new elegant and classy dining table. You can also decorate the dining area by arranging a customized burlap dining chair. You can make some elegant chair skirts using burlap and knit them carefully in a decorative pattern around the dining chairs. This will add some style on the chair and they will fit right in with the burlap decorated dining table. Let your dining table be elegant and unique by decorating it using burlap.


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