State of the Bar: June 2014

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote one of these, far too long to include everything that has happened between now and then; but a lot of things have (or are) in the process of changing — so I thought I would take some time to tell you about some of the awesome things we have going on behind the scenes at 42 right now.

42 Presents

As you should know by now, we launched a new initiative called “42 Presents”. 42 Presents includes all of the content that we want to share with you — even if you can’t make it down to the bar. This includes things like off-site parties, Tony’s streaming events, webseries, reviews, and eventually podcasts and merchandise. One of the highlights of 42 Presents is “Ladies, Lairs, and Lager.” This every-other-week webseries features a bunch of familiar faces playing a ladies only (+Paul as DM) game of Pathfinder. The broadcast is every other Tuesday at 7:30pm CST over on our Twitch page, and we have a ton of fun with the livechat during the event (you better be doing shots on natural 20’s!)


Have you been reading the reviews on If you don’t make it over here to the site very often, take a peek over in the right column. Lynn and Tony have started reviewing various games, geeky movies, and even TV series (specifically Game of Thrones) — so that you can get our take on some popular culture. Check out the reviews, and come down to the bar to debate the articles. We are also in the process of overhauling the website not only to accommodate the reviews and other web content better, but also because…

ALL of the merch!

Another huge thing coming out of 42 Presents is merchandising. We have recently brought on an artist that is working on merch projects — glassware, shirts, hoodies, flasks, etc. This merch is not going to be 42 branded, but rather just geeky stuff in general that you can purchase either in the bar, or online. Think or — stuff like that. One of the first merch projects we are working on actually ties in to “Ladies, Lairs, and Lager.” We are working on a series of glassware that will feature the various character classes being played in the game. You can purchase a glass of the class YOU play in YOUR tabletop game, pick the one of your favorite lady from the series, or collect them all in discounted multi-packs. We are still a few weeks out on getting these products available, but I have seen the artwork. IT. IS. AMAZING.


Barchievements are still a thing — in fact, there is a new version on the way. The new version (which will be available soon) is going to feature leaderboards, and other requested features. You will soon be able to see the top point earners not only overall, but on a rolling weekly basis. Also, for those of you that have made it to level 2, you should right-this-very-moment be seeing exclusive L2 only rewards in the merchandise tab.

Touchy touchy

We also have a touch table in the works. We are building a custom table with 46” touch screen display, which will be replacing the existing VIP table in the bar. We still have a few weeks to go on this project, but the hardware has all been purchased, and our proof-of-concept is working. This will be the first piece of gaming hardware in the bar to have a fee associated with it (due to the immense cost of the table); but we assure you that pricing will be EXTREMELY reasonable — especially if you are sitting at the table with a group of friends (the fee will be per half hour of use — not per person). For those of you not interested in fancy electronics, don’t worry — we will have a cover for it to still function as a normal [free] table when not in use for touch screen gaming.

And the rest…

There are other things, too. We are finally introducing a Retro Night — with actual NES, SNES, and N64 consoles (not just “collections” discs). We are going to be setting up an Ingress event. There are more Hearthstone events coming (including Blizzard swag!) The stand-up comedy show, Cthulhu’s Comedy Collective, is making a return later this month. We have announced our SECOND RenFaire trip of the year (our July trip is sold out with over 80 people attending!), Cosplay Rave 2.0, and our summer menu just launched!

We want to sincerely thank everyone for continuing to support us over the last year. We try very hard to make 42 a fun, welcoming, place that people from all walks of life can come and enjoy. But YOU guys are what really make 42 such an awesome place — we tell everyone that our customers are the most amazing people we have ever met — and it is because of all of you that we can do all of the fun things I mentioned in this post. So again, thank you so much — and keep an eye on for all of the upcoming events — including ones I did not mention!

Mario Kart 8 Release Party

Mario Kart
Celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8!

First-come, first-serve for free play rounds
Sign up to be part of our “Don’t Drink and Drive” challenge!
Players will chose from 4 discounted beers and ciders, then start the game. The first player to finish both the race and their beverage wins!
Challenges will take place every half hour. Prizes available! Signups will take place beginning at 5pm, see a bartender to register.

Announcing “42 Presents”!


We are VERY excited to announce “42 Presents”. 42 Presents is our series of off-premises content so that you can be a part of the 42 community even when away from the bar!

Recently, you may have noticed our Diablo review our on our website. We will be adding additional game and movie reviews as part of the 42 Presents initiative.

42 Presents will also include streaming content. You may have checked out our beta test for our ladies night Pathfinder session last night. The official campaign will launch next week with beefed up microphones and improved video. The “Ladies, Lairs, and Lager” Pathfinder session will be live-streamed every other week to Twitch, and one of the ladies will be live-chatting through our Twitch channel.

We kick things off with another live streaming event TONIGHT with Tony. For this event you will actually want to come in to the bar — as Tony plays Hearthstone various “Win Conditions” will be announced for each round. Place free bets for (or against) Tony to win free shots, bogo deals, or other discounts!

Finally, we are working on off-premises parties and events under the 42 Presents banner. These events are ones that are too big for us to handle on our own at the bar. We are partnering with other local companies and venues to make these events absolutely epic. Stay tuned for a Doctor Who themed announcement soon…

All of our 42 Presents events can be found on our calendar at and will list “42 Presents” ahead of the event.

League of Legends All-Star Weekend

lol all star

This weekend May 8 – 11 we will be streaming the LoL All-Star weekend from Paris!

Due to time zone differences, we will be watching some of the events time-shifted; hopefully things will run smoothly but we appreciate your patience! You might also want to steer clear of any spoilers due to the time-shift.

To make the event more interesting Riot sent over a *LIMITED* amount of swag. We will have FREE drawings and giveaways to distribute all of the loot.


(Darth Vader Not Included)

If you attend any of the 4 days, tweet (especially pictures) using the #LoLVP hashtag — Riot will be monitoring that tag and reposting to their official @lolesports Twitter account. Riot is also looking for feedback via the following (4 minute) survey: the survey links are venue specific, so let them know if you think we are doing a good job. Positive reviews [hopefully] means more Riot support for future events!

42 Fest: 3-Day Anniversary Celebration!

Join us for 3 solid days of celebration as we reach the 1 year mark. We’re bringing back the best events from the past year and packing them into a 3-day weekend.

Here’s our lineup for Friday:

All Day:
No Pants Day: Kilt, skirt, or dress (no shorts!) for drink specials all night long.

Cards Against Humanity Pictionary with local comic book artist James Lacroix live drawing winning submissions.
Sprecher and Great Lakes Distillery FREE product tastings

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Milwaukee’s Quick Draw competition.

Here’s our lineup for Saturday:

1pm: MKE RPG (Milwaukee RPG Group): Tabletop games and RPGs

5pm: Trivia sponsored by Sprecher Brewery Co..

Star Wars Party

42 Lounge: You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

8pm – Spin City DJ
10pm – DJStephenGallo
Lasers by Nightcloud

Drink Specials

1pm-8pm: ISIS $6
8pm- close: $3 Light Side and Dark Side Shots, Wookiee Wop and Darth Vaderaide $6
For more detailed information, check out each day’s detailed events on our calendar, and be sure to submit your Barchievement points each day!

Here’s our lineup for Sunday:

12pm: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

3pm: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

7pm: Super Smash(ed) Bros

8pm- Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

10pm: YouTube Roulette

Drink Specials:

12pm-7pm: Blood Marys $5 Smaug $6

7pm- close: Falcon Punch $6

8pm: Cosmos during Cosmos featuring Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka $7

WEAPONS POLICY: Our building has a strict “No Weapons” policy. It isn’t our decision, it is in our lease per the building owner. So, if your costume involves a weapon, it must be something that OBVIOUSLY cannot be used as a real weapon such as: foam, cardboard, or plastic. No wood or metal will be allowed. Security will be checking people out at the door to make sure the policy is enforced. AND if you get stopped by the police for walking down the street with something that looks real (even if foam or cardboard) it is not our fault. If in doubt, leave it at home. Thanks!

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