How To Decorate A Coffee Table

Decorating a coffee table is one of the favorite things for people. A coffee table that is well decorated makes your living area very welcoming and inviting. Just a bit of effort can give your living space a cohesive look.

Are you thinking about how to decorate a coffee table?

There are several ways to style a coffee table in a living room. You can either decorate a glass table of any shape, like any circular piece, or just a plain square-shaped glass table.

So how to decorate a coffee table and create an amicable and cohesive look?

Let’s have a look at some coffee table décor ideas and styles in the article.

Arrange Items With Different Heights

It’s a great idea to arrange decorative things or items that are of different heights. It adds some visual interest and makes the table look elegant.

One of the best ways to decorate a coffee table is to arrange it with its size and height. For this, you can arrange some different length candles or keep a small plant cloche. You can display items behind one another to add some depth and make it visually appealing.

We recommend you use a polymer glass cloche. They are an excellent way to show, feature, and protect your things

Place Items At Different Levels

You won’t be able to see anything if you place things at the same eye-level. So to make a more attractive vignette, fluctuate the tallness and scale to decorate a coffee table.

Structure A Grid

Shaping a design for a coffee table style helps in keeping the table visually appealing and adjusted. When you have a huge coffee table, realizing where to start and how to decorate can reduce half of your problem.

You can tape off areas to shape a matrix and keep things inside the square boxes. This way, you can arrange your styling and make your work easy.

Occasional Decor

A coffee table is a great place to arrange and style your table according to different occasions. Your living room coffee table becomes the focal point.

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Like you can add different flowers like tulips according to their season. You can place seashells on the coffee table with some books piled up to give some beach vibes in the summer season.

Arrange Your Table With Some Decorative Items

You can arrange decorative items that are of the right size for your table to fill in the gaps. Once the table is decorated, it will look aesthetically amazing. You can decorate the items by selecting a particular theme for your table overall.

You should decorate things that you like and feel good to you. You can layer a few items like napkins, small crockery, tea coasters, and certain unique items like colorful boxes, cloche, or anything different and unique.

We recommend Aku Tonpa flameless candles to decorate a coffee table. It comes with a remote controller. You can control all your candles with this remote. They are perfect for places like bookshelves, coffee tables, and bedrooms.

Add a Base, If needed.

Many coffee tables have two shelves, one at the bottom and one at the top. You can style the bottom of the table as well. Avoid placing things that you don’t need at the bottom of the table. You can keep the base of the table as simple as you can.

You can choose items that can work well on their own. You can place large storage baskets, wooden or glass bowls, tissue paper holders, or colorful storage boxes.

Play With Different Colors

You can pick a style that plays with the shade of a coffee table. If your table has a neutral shade, you can place some bold color items on the top.

For the dark tabletop, you can exhibit metallic or fresh white tabletop items. With a clear glass coffee table, you can go with any shade of your choice that looks appealing to you.

Combine different Shapes and Patterns

You can showcase and combine items of different shapes and patterns to make a visually appealing coffee table. You can combine round and bent items with a straight one, patterned things with smooth and likewise.

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Decorate A Single Side

If you have a huge coffee table, you can display things on just a single side of the table. This way, it won’t look cluttered and look neat. When you have friends coming up to chill, you can set the table to some good cups, plates, and other items.

Place A Plant

You can always add some small plants to a coffee table. Placing a small plant is always a great idea for a coffee table. You can place the plant at the center of the table to make it look good and bring life to your living room.

Arrange Things In Stylish Trays

You can arrange your things in stylish trays and place them neatly. This way, it will be easy for you to move things all at once around a coffee table. It is one of the nice ways to showcase your favorite items.

When you need some extra space on your table to place cups and plates or for some other purpose, you can easily slide it down on the bottom of the table. It will also help you to clean the table with ease.

We recommend Esther decorative coffee table trays. It is a modern tray having two handles. It is a multi-purpose tray and can be cleaned easily.

Place One Unique Piece

You can place just one unique piece that looks very attractive and appealing. Like you can display a large unique terrarium or place a small beautiful plant. Make sure it looks good around a coffee table.

If you are looking for an elegant terrarium, we recommend you NYCP geometric terrarium. It is the perfect way to hold plants and other items. It showcases as a stylish and modern style centerpiece by itself.

Add Board Games

When you have guests or colleagues at your place, having a board game to play is a good way to start your session. You can consider having board games or a deck of cards to enjoy.

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The Rule Of Thirds

You don’t have to place too many items on a coffee table. You can apply the rule of three and place just three things to create a cohesive look.

You can have three sections and place three things that look best on a coffee table. This way, the table looks good in a long shaped table and looks very attractive to the eyes.

Walk Around And Have A Look

You can have a walk around your living room and see how the table looks from different angles. You can see how a photo frame looks good from one angle and looks perfect if placed around a bookshelf or mantel.

If you have an open area around your living room, kitchen, or elsewhere, you need to make sure a coffee table looks perfect from all angles. You can place and shift your things until it looks good from all sides.


Most of us do a lot of social activities in the living room. You should focus on your living area’s functionality and place a storage basket to place your TV or AC remote, tea coasters, reading glasses, or other essentials.

Place Your Memorable Things

You can decorate and place your favorite things around a coffee table. A coffee table can tell a story about your passion and memories. You can place different seashells that you might have collected from places you might have visited. You can place fresh flowers from your garden.

These are some of the great ways to give a coffee table a personal feel.


A coffee table is the most loved place in the living room of anyplace—a coffee table can totally transform your living area ambiance when well-decorated.

So, if “how to decorate a coffee table” is on your mind, we have gathered a few of our best coffee table decor ideas to help you get started.


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