How to Decorate a Large Bedroom

If you look around, you will see many options to decorate a bedroom. It isup to you to choose which one suits you best. You can decide on your bedroom decor based on your personality, budget, taste, the space available, or any other factor.

Buy the right-sized furniture to fit in your bedroom. There should be enough space to walk around the room, and it should not look congested.

Placing the furniture might not be a good idea to decorate it. Read on to know more about how to decorate the different aspects of a large bedroom.

How to Decorate a Large Bedroom

Consider Using Big Furniture

If you are thinking of how to decorate a large bedroom consider using large furniture. You can make use of a king-sized bed, a hairdresser, a wooden headboard, a study table to go with it, and a couple of paintings to fill the wall.

Lights and Grays

Paint the bedroom in light hues or shades of gray to bring out the sophistication in the furniture and its spacing. The light shades make the room look cozy and have a calming effect.

Set the Space

The room should have only the furniture needed. Arrange the pieces of furniture in such a way that it does not look clustered. Each one of this furniture must serve the purpose but not hinder the walking space.

Darker Shade

If you wish, you can have darker shades to give a warmer feeling to your room. If you use a combination of dark and light patterns, it can work wonders with your bedroom decor. You can have lighter spots and enough space for the natural light to enter.

Wood Flooring With Lighter Hues

With wood flooring, make use of lighter hues to balance to color out. Dark wood flooring with whites and creams can be a great combination.

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How to Decorate a Large Bedroom Wall

Now that you have completed the basic furniture setting, it is time to think, ‘how to decorate a large bedroom wall?’ Our advice is that you keep it simple. Some tips are as below:

  • You can hand artistic paintings around the room on each wall. Make sure it is not too close, and do not hang too many of it. It might spoil the aesthetics of the room.
  • Hanging a patterned rug over the headboard is a good use of space.
  • You can add shelves on the walls to display your favorite books.
  • There are different designs of wallpapers available. You can make use of them to give a different and gorgeous look to your room.
  • You can have dueling paints of warm and cool hues to complement the furniture in your room.

How to Decorate a Large Master Bedroom

The decor of the master bedroom needs not be complementary to the rest of the rooms. Some out of the box ideas to decorate a large master bedroom are listed below:

  • Wallpaper on Ceilings: You can complement the walls by using the wallpaper on the ceiling as well. You can play with some floral motifs to enhance the beauty of the room.
  • Seating Area inside the room: If your master bedroom has enough space, use this space to create a small seating area with sofas. An armchair can also create a cozy spot inside the large master bedroom for relaxing.
  • Paints from floor to ceiling: Use a bright tinge of colors to paint the master bedroom, including the floor and the ceiling. It is sure to infuse a vibrant atmosphere into the room.
  • Wall Murals: Murals add a touch to the decor of the bedroom. You can have a mural above your bed, making the room look complete. There are removable murals available with varied designs that you can remove at any time.
  • The bed should be the centerpiece: In large master bedrooms, we suggest that you use the bed as the centerpiece and plan your decor accordingly. As it is an essential element of the bedroom, paying attention to it is necessary.
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How to Decorate a Large Two Bedroom

If you had a lot of expense in purchasing the house and do not wish to spend much on the bedroom decor, let us discuss how to decorate a large bedroom on a budget.

  1. Change the lighting: The lighting of a room is an essential element. You can make a room look large, cozy and comfortable, by making the correct use of light. To begin with, you can use a simple bedside lampshade to enhance the look. A combination of light and shade and allowing natural light to enter the room can be a good decor idea.
  2. Play with colors: Playing with different shades and hues is a good way of redecorating your large, double bedroom. You can use light shades or contrast of dark and light shade. If you plan to have a vibrant feel inside the room, use bright colors that complement the light in the room. Make sure your furniture in the bedroom complements the wall paints too.
  3. Flooring: House owners often overlook the flooring when it comes to room decor. But, it plays a crucial role in making the room look cozy and comfortable. You can create patterns or consider floor-to-wall paints for adding that special touch to the double bedroom. Rugs beside the bed are also a great way of creating a comforting ambiance in the room.
  4. Enough Storage: Ensure that your double bedroom has enough storage space. Use closets and storage bins in a way that provides enough space to move around. Furthermore, the room should not look too clumsy with all the extra storage.
  5. Rearrange: The simplest of all decorating ideas is to rearrange the furniture in the room. Change the look of the room by switching around the pieces of furniture of your bedroom. If you can do away with some items in the room, do so.
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How to Decorate a Large Master Bedroom Beach

Themed bedrooms are a popular thing among house owners at present. Some of the common themes in use are contemporary, cottage, island, forest, beach, and more. Out of these, the beach theme or coastal theme is the most popular. Some common tips on how to decorate a large, master bedroom beach theme are:

  • Use blues: Use the different shades of blue on the walls, floor, ceiling, and various items in the room. Blue is the most relevant coastal color.
  • Natural textures: Rustic wood tones, bamboo shades, and sisal rugs can get the natural beachy texture to the room.
  • Beachy decor: To add the beachy ambiance, you can use some beachy decor such as paddles, oars, ropes, waterskis, and more as decorative items.


We have brought you some simple decor ideas and guides on how to decorate your large master bedroom. You can use the different elements and decor ideas mentioned here to mix and match and create your decor. Let us know about your ideas to decorate a large master bedroom within a budget and help others get a piece of your brilliant home decor ideas.

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