How to Decorate a Small Living Room With High Ceiling?

How to Decorate a Small Living Room With High Ceiling

Remember the days of yore, when we used to have high ceilings in apartments? Appreciation in real estate has compressed apartments both vertically and horizontally. You don’t find too many apartments with high ceilings these days.

But there are still a few places where people have high ceilings. Those who have high ceilings don’t often know what to make of them. Have you given a thought to how to decorate a small living room with a high ceiling?

Decorating a small living room with a high ceiling can be exciting as you can apply many new concepts.

If you are looking for some great tips and ideas on how to decorate a small living room with a high ceiling, you will find them here.

The Importance of Space in a Small Living Room With High Ceiling

You should optimize the space available in a living room with a high ceiling to find solutions that can lend luxury and exclusivity to the room.

Let’s see how to decorate a small living room with a high ceiling with some elegant ideas that can satisfy the criteria of practicality, please the eye, and even attract the gaze of those who live in it every day.

High Ceiling Room Decorating Ideas

Hang Artwork High

You can use space on high parts of the wall by hanging paintings and other artwork. You can hang something large high up the wall, or this can be a way of a gallery-style wall that runs the entire height.

Your small living room with a high ceiling will look beautiful, elegant, and lively with a lovely painting.

Use Architectural Details

Many homes with high ceilings have architectural details such as beadboard or exposed beams. Beams provide stability and authenticity. It is a favorite element of most designers who want a nature-oriented home. You can consider adding some to your living room.

Architectural designs add depth and character to the plain spaces. It might be a bit costly, but adding such details helps you feel connected to the rest of your room.

Hang A Statement Light Fixture

One suggestion for decorating a small living room with a high ceiling is using large lighting fixtures. Having high ceilings means having a proportion for all lighting fixtures. Hanging a prominent statement fixture is an ideal way to connect the upper and lower portions of a room. Lighting can make a bold statement. You should pay a lot of attention and time to this.

You can add lavish chandeliers that leave you overwhelmed and breathless. Chandeliers are costly but add a lot of lighting.

In case you are looking for a budget-friendly lighting fixture, you can opt for a tracking alternative and buy a moveable light that you can reposition.

Create A Feature Wall

You can create a feature wall from floor to ceiling. It will help unite the two parts of the room. If you have a fireplace in your living room, consider extending it upwards with more tiles or brick.

A wooden pallet wall is another option that will enhance the space. Wallpaper is also a good option for a feature wall.

Be sure to hire a professional to hang it. Doing any work with high ceiling heights is dangerous to do it yourself.

Use Shelving Creatively

Shelving is a great way to make use of high ceiling walls. There are a lot of options for a high ceiling wall. A tall bookcase can work great if the living room is tall.

Book lovers love an entire feature wall made with shelving. You can also consider hanging floating shelves in a different spot on the walls to look stylish. Styling them with a tall ladder will be worth it.

Accent Wall

Color is an excellent way to help bring drama to space. By painting one wall with bold color, the high wall ceiling and other unpainted walls get connected at a different level.

The space of your living room will get a new and unique personality.


Curtains add the homey feeling, tall ceiling need. You can try models that can cover the entire wall or half of it.

White curtains ensure a breezy feel, the red color brings some extra energy, and the darker tones add some intriguing sense of drama.

Black curtains contribute to the idea of shrinking the room and make it cozy. Make sure to use the same color of curtains somewhere else for cohesion. A patterned design ensures diversity and gives a visual appeal.

Big Windows

One way to undercover the height is to ensure you have equally high windows. Large windows turn the size into an advantage. It completely changes the high ceiling décor.

The viewers will feel positive, as there will be a lot of natural light.

Textured Ceiling

If you have a budget, you can carve a ceiling and add some unique textures to the wall. Textures even look good on fabrics and well-chosen wooden furniture.

Power Of Cushions

The most disturbing problem with a high ceiling is it can create an echo. But you can adjust the acoustics by adding some plush rugs or cushions that can absorb sound.

Rule of thirds

Like art and photography, visually splitting walls in three equal parts (both vertically and horizontally) when decorating gives a balance, and ultimately, success.

Imagine your living room having three different design levels. The bottom part can serve as a furniture basis. The large painting or artworks can fulfill the middle parts.

The painting acts as the balance between the floor and the ceiling. You can keep the upper part empty.

The main idea here is to create focal points and diminish the intimidating feel of high ceilings.

Textured And Patterned Panels

Panels are perfect sound dampeners with a proper texture or pattern. They are attractive decorations for high ceiling homes.

They even look best in dual-level apartments as they embellish lofty proportions and are affordable as well.

Things To Avoid

There are certain things that you should avoid to maintain balance in your high-ceiling interiors. Do not keep many small items like tiny furniture objects, various decorating pieces, or small artworks.

Try to use fewer large artifacts and paintings. Place the paintings at eye-level. If you would like to cover the space above eye-level, you can bring some abstract sculptures or a wall clock.

What Is The Best Furniture Layout For A Small Living Room?

Distribution of all the furniture in a small living room is essential.

The best way to arrange furniture is by placing small furniture against the wall. You can place a sofa in the center of the living room. This way, you can make the most of your small space.

How do you decorate a small living room to make it look bigger?

If you want your living room to look bigger, you can place some errors. Mirrors make any place look more prominent.

Light is also essential, especially natural lighting. Try to keep all the windows in your living room clean. Avoid dark curtains. Choose a light tone color for your living room wall.


There are many ways to decorate a small living room with high ceilings. Choosing the right idea for your living room can help make your living room warm, welcoming, and expose to grandness.

Always choose a fresh design without adding unnecessary things that contributed to creating cluttered rooms.