Best Console Table for Living Rooms

These kinds of tables are an integral part of any household. One notable attribute about them is that they can be positioned against walls or furniture and come in two types, and can either be moveable or permanent, depending on the individual design. In the past, they were only used for decorating the empty spaces within some of the confines of most homes.

However, since most livelihoods are very diverse in this day and age, these very dependable furniture accessories are perfectly modified. They are also to be found in virtually every manner of shapes, color, including sizes and can be used for different purposes other than which they have been made. Nonetheless, the two main reasons as to why these tables are found in virtually every home are due to their versatility in terms of functionality and aesthetic value.


It is a very crucial element when looking around for the design of your choice?  Why is it that important? It gives a precise dimension of an ideal size that will fit perfectly in any space inside your home. How the table will be positioned in the house also depends very much on the size and design.


Mostly depends on one’s motive and purpose for the table. Most people nowadays go for a table that can blend perfectly with another interior décor in the house. On the contrary, some people opt to go the extra mile with their creativity by going for the one with a different blend of color from the interior décor. All in all such actions will still bring the desired effects into the fore. That’s not all when it comes to the interior décor, attributes such as how traditional, modern, transitional, contemporary the decoration has been done, may go a long way in influencing your choice for a table.

Type of Material

This is also another very important element when choosing these designs. However, it all depends on the purpose for, which the table is used, especially when it comes to the tabletop. Is the material used durable and can it be able to serve its purpose well? If the answer is yes, then that particular model of the console table is the right one to purchase. It won’t even matter whether that particular table has been made from wood or metal. The bottom-line is its durability and work.

Various Types of Console Table

In most cases the aspect of creativity including diversification has today led to very many designs for these types of furniture, which can adequately be used for different functions. Some designs may have a similar outlook but made from different materials, thus different functions altogether. Today, we have many varieties with diverse functions such as:

Storage Purposes

These kinds of tables are the most common and widely used in many homes today. Since most always want ones for additional spaces for storing items, they can conveniently use them to store small and lightweight items such as letters, envelopes, and other stationery, which would otherwise have cluttered the whole room making it look untidy. Moreover, such designs can be used for additional aesthetic value to any space in the home, by placing flower vases or any other item such as framed photos, mirrors, or table mats, which may bring extra life to that particular space.

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Consoles Tables for Wine Storage

For wine enthusiasts who would be looking for a very nice and cool place to put their carefully selected vintage wine bottles should look no further than these very versatile wine console tables. Such creativity brings about a great aura of sophistication while at the same instance, breathing a new lease of life to that space, whether it is in the lobby, the dining or living room, or any other extra space in the house.

Such tables vary greatly in capacity due to sizes and designs depending on individual manufacturers and customer taste, where they can be adequately customized to their wishes.

Collapsible Console Tables

Such kinds of models are normally very easy to assemble and can also be maneuvered without any problem at the same time. Mainly because of their flexibility and easy modification and above all else, can fit with great ease into even the smallest of spaces around our houses and vice versa. The best thing about these designs is that they can be flipped over, raising them higher, or dismantling certain parts. Since they are very versatile, they also come in handy and very dependable in most informal settings including extra tables for dining.

The best thing about these types of furniture accessories is that they can be used to perform multiple functions and still not lose their beauty elements and the main purpose, unlike other tables, have typically been designed to fit into any space in the home.  Therefore, next time you are out shopping for one, to get precisely what you are looking for, the above attributes can go a long way in helping you as a shopper make an informed decision on choice. Now, let us look at quite a number of the most popular, highly ranked, and well known multi-purpose console table ever designed around our globe, in many furniture markets in recent times.

VASAGLE Console Table

This type of console table is very modern, and also has a very attractive design and industrially made as well, which is also ideal to be squeezed in that extra space around most houses. Mostly it comes two shades of mid-to dark brown and black. It is also very dynamic in terms of aesthetic value and storage when placing on top of items such as mirrors and other accessories.  Apart from all these attributes, this table can spruce up that space.

  • Can be assembled without any problem
  • Utilizes spaces in most rooms
  • For storing lightweight accessories
  • Can complement the interior decor with precision
  • Might make the room more formal
  • It might look untidy or crumble if overloaded unnecessarily
  • The glass top is also very delicate and might break if overloaded
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VASAGLE Industrial Console Table

This model is carefully derived from one of the smoothest engineered pieces of very smooth wood, particleboard, including a metal frame, and is most suitable for those empty spaces, including those narrow or wide corridors. It is a very stylish piece combining a gleaming black metal frame and hardwood more ruggedly. It also provides the perfect platform for displaying and other interior décor items such as framed photographs, flower bouquets, among others without much effort. One notable attribute about this brand is its sturdiness since the shelves can support a weight of up to 20 kgs.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for one’s time and money
  • A very versatile and sturdy model with extra storage space
  • Has the ability to fill up the empty spaces nicely
  • Complements the interior decor nicely
  • Does not at times complement the interior decor
  • Its wooden top might be cumbersome to clean
  • The engineered wooden top can be prone to dirt

BTM Console Table with 2 Drawers

This type of console table is regarded in the ranks of one of the most prolific and dynamic of any furniture under this category. Probably due to its ability to perfectly accentuate any interior décor or fitting in any space in the house, anywhere and any time. This model is also used for different functions around the house, and in many forms, which includes a dressing table strategically placed in the bedroom, desktop, studies, or for serving tea either at the living or dining room depending on the job at hand or individual.

Made from painted MDF type of wood, its strong legs and structural design make it a perfect candidate for any of the above duties. It also comes fully loaded with a single undershelf, and twin drawers for storage functions, since it is wide enough. It also has a smoothed surface, which is also waterproof, capable of withstanding high amounts of moisture.

  • Has very strong and stable wooden legs
  • Its strength can sustain larger load
  • Extra storage spaces
  • Very attractive, smooth, and waterproof surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Prone to dirt
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Hartley’s Grey & Bamboo Console Table

Just like most console tables, it has a dual purpose nature and due to its very stylish and laid back nature, it can both be used for storage and decoration. The main difference from other designs is that it has one large drawer, which has been divided into compartments for storage. Its height of about 77cm and 84cm width makes it so ideal to be used in any setting whatsoever.

  • Suitable for storing lightweight accessories
  • Can serve perfectly both in terms of aesthetic value and storage
  • Can serve perfectly both in terms of aesthetic value and storage
  • Extra space for storage conspicuously missing
  • Its bamboo frame might require constant polishing
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Yaheetech 2 Tier X-Design Console

It comes with a rectangular shape and is also very versatile, smooth surface, which does not get dirty easily, however, it is very easy to clean just in case it becomes dirty, and has many faces since it can perform several functions in the home like dinner or snack table, as a bookshelf, or simply for storing your most cherished bottles of wine.

  • Very attractive, simple, and stylish
  • Blends well with other accessories in the home
  • Suitably used for decorative purposes
  • It is also very strong and durable as well
  • can be assembled without any fuss
  • Utilizes the space in the room effectively
  • Its narrow shape restricts extra storage
  • The dark color can end up turning off those looking for elegance

Mercers Furniture Corona 2-Drawer Console Table – Pine

Carefully crafted using pine wood, this rectangular and most dependable type of modern console table furniture in most cases, this piece of furniture has the capability of lifting anyone’s spirits in any setting, and in so doing, gifts them a fresh breath of air.

  • Very strong, stable, and durable
  • Blends well with other accessories in the home
  • This type of console table is easy to assemble and clean
  • The drawers provide extra space for storage
  • Does not look portable
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Its smooth surface is prone to dirt

URBNLIVING Wooden Console Table

It has a wooden top crafted from MDF wood in line with the European safety standards. It has a very steady metallic frame with an industrial-like appearance.

  • This piece of furniture is not difficult when it comes to assembling
  • Not difficult to clean
  • Suitable for those narrow spaces and hallways
  • Not suitable for storing heavy items
  • Only suitable for decorative purposes
  • Does not look stable enough

Vida Designs Windsor 3 Drawer Console Table

This model is very dynamic and the main reason as to why is that anyone can use it without any trouble anywhere provided there is ample space, in most houses. This table can also be used for several reasons. However, key among them includes meals or bedroom as a dressing or study table. Made of wood, this model comes with 3 ample spaced drawers to boot and is very easy to clean.

  • This console table has ample spaces for storage
  • Can be cleaned with great ease
  • Very portable
  • Strong and stable
  • Blends easy with other accessories in the room
  • Does not occupy much space
  • Prone to getting dirty
  • Needs to be cleaned more often strictly using a dry piece of cloth

Therefore, in conclusion, these pieces of furniture are a true beauty and must-have for any home setting. They have been popularly recognized to add value to any space in the room, apart from complementing the interior decor, giving it an aura of elegance and storage. Since most of them are portable and sizeable, they can be carried around easily and fit into any space in the home. It is high time you got yourself one!

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