How to Decorate a Bed Without Headboard

How to Decorate a Bed Without Headboard

Having an upholstered bed in a room is a sign of a healthy financial condition. Not all people can afford this luxurious bed in their room. Most people love to be conventional, and they like a headboard that looks elegant and lavish. However, there is no compulsion that a headboard is necessary to make your room look rich. Yet, it is one of the trends; hence you cannot deny it with confidence.

Do you want to do something different with your upholstered bed? Then this article is made for you and your likes. If you are searching for how to decorate a bed without a headboard? Then here are some of the best headboard alternatives you can explore.

#1. How to Decorate Above a Bed Without Headboard?

Understanding the Size of the Room

The first and conventional way of designing or decorating your above bed is planning according to the available space. You may not be good at dimensions, but you can easily measure them using a simple wall measuring tape. Once you have the size in hand, planning becomes easy and sorted.

Type of Room and Lighting

The next thing which you must consider while decorating your above-bed empty wall is the type of room. Some rooms offer space for bright sunlight, while others stay in the dark. Your room decoration depends on the type of room you live in or prefer to live in. So, categorize your needs to make shopping simple and neat.

#2. Bringing in Beautiful Wallpapers

As mentioned above, you always don’t need a headboard to have a perfect alternative for the headboards. Without any interrogations, wallpaper or wall painting is the first option that must be striking your mind. Wall paintings can define your bedroom as we all know pictures speak louder than words.

You might tempt your heart to add a headboard in your room as you may work from home. Headboards can provide much-needed backrest, which can make it easy for people who love to sit. On the other hand, kids would rarely use the bed. Hence you can use a beautiful marvel wall painting in their room.

#3. Adding a Shelf Is Not a Bad Idea

Sometimes keeping simple is the best you can do to make your bedroom elegant. If you don’t like to spend money on wall paintings and hangings, then get some shelves in there.

You can keep your favorite family pictures or books you love to read while sleeping. You can do a lot if you have a shelf above your head. A-frame might look beautiful, and it can define your minimalistic and contemporary approach.

#4. Provide Room for Innovation

There is no compulsion or pressure on you to prioritize a particular decorating idea specifically. You can do anything on the empty wall if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on rich headboards.

If you need an example for innovation, then check out Gregory’s room, as they have covered the back of their bed with beautiful artificial plants. You can do the same by adding something from your lifestyle. For example, if you love cars, hang in some beautiful miniature models of speedsters you would love to see every morning.

#5. Nothing Can Match a Room With Window

If you are lucky enough to have a window behind your bed, then there is no way that you must hide this treasure by adding a headboard. Sunlight can quickly enter your room, kill all the germs, and give you a vitamin-D starter every morning.

There are people on earth who spend extra thousand dollars to get a window behind their bed. A window behind the bed is effective in the morning and great for evening tea. Nothing can match the pleasure of having a cup of tea by enjoying the mild and natural breeze at the back.

#6. Exposing Brick Wall Behind the Bed

If you don’t like sunlight to enter your room or you want something contemporary to substitute the need for a headboard. A brick wall is what you are looking for on the internet. Most of the people who love brick walls love to go with authentic black and white color combinations.

You can also switch to other colors depending on the type of your room and decoration. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large king or queen-sized bedroom or a small space. A brick wall can increase the beauty of any bedroom.

#7. Add Your Favorite Artwork

Most philosophical experts believe that the taste of the art of a human decides their potential and creativity. What about showing some of your art taste to the world by attaching them to your bed and head. If yes, then there are various artworks available on the internet. What matters here is you have to select the one which matches your room’s interior.

#8. Hanging a Piece of Cloth

If you love simple decoration to substitute the headboard, then hanging cloth or curtain is the best option in the affordable category. You can also use this idea when you are low on the budget until you can shop for a perfect-sized headboard. Most people love to go with Italian and Moroccan styles, but it all depends on your flavors once again.

#9. What About Adding a Plain Mirror

Sometimes a plain large mirror can be an appropriate option or alternative for an expensive headboard. Apart from a large mirror, you can also go with options like a large family photo. You can also decorate the wall with some of the best moments of your life.


Indeed, there are plenty of options available when the concern is about decorating a room. We have mentioned some of the best decoration ideas above, and it all depends on what style or design you prefer. Select the one that matches your needs and taste and not go with highly rated or expensive. We hope you enjoyed the decoration ideas. Also, mention your thoughts in the comments.