How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside

How to Decorate a Brick Wall Outside

All of us get so engaged in decorating home interiors that we don’t even remember that we have an entirely different class in our left untouched. If we speak technically, it is outdoor, but it is one of the essential parts of your daily life. Often you forget to decorate your outer brick walls, which protect the entire home and safeguard it from intruders. It truly deserves your care, and the least you can do is decorate it with intricate designs.

If you are searching for how to decorate a brick wall outside cheaply, then we will be helping you in deciding the best ways to decorate one of the essential parts of your home. We will be featuring an entire list of some of the best ways to decorate a brick wall outside.

#1. Let Colors Define Your Message

If you want to bring in beautiful and attractive designs, you can choose to color the brick wall. You can select your favorite colors and start painting your outer brick wall with your favorite designs or draw simple graffiti. Imagine that your exterior brick walls are a plain canvas or paper and let your ideas and innovation flow on the blank paper.

#2. What About an Outdoor Wooden- Wall Art?

Designing your outer brick wall with lavish wood can make it look elegant and classy. You can find various wooden-wall art online forms to select one and print it on the wall. However, you will need a professional carpenter who will help you in execution. It is paramount to choose the one who is well-trained in executing artwork.

#3. Investing in Customized Sign-Boards

Suppose you feel conventional outdoor wooden-wall art and graffiti as an old-boring idea and want something that defines the way you live. In that case, you must be looking for custom-sign boards as they will make things creative and will seem attractive options for all the visitors while exploring your home. After all, it is your home, and you are the one who decides rules and names, so give the ones you feel appropriate because creativity is infinity.

#4. Spray-Paints Are Efficient

If your creativity is not limited to custom-sign boards, then you can use them with spray paints. If you have a beautiful garden and a tea table, you can push it towards the brick walls. We tell this because you can use spray paints to spend some quality time and brush up your artistic skills.

#5. Recycling Old Panels

Recycling is an essential skill that every individual has to develop on earth as you cannot take everything for granted. You can reuse old windows and doors this weekend to create your designs for exterior brick walls. It is also one of the best ways to teach your kids some essential concepts of life, and you can also create a budget-friendly and eco-friendly brick wall design.

It is also one of the cheapest ways to decorate your exterior brick walls, and you must select this option if you are searching for how to decorate brick walls cheap amazon. Moreover, using old walls and windows for decoration can also confuse the burglars as they will think that there is another way to sneak into your home and end up smashing the brick wall.

#6.  What About Taking Help From Mother Nature?

According to expert designers, one of the best options you can select while decorating your exterior walls is using natural and lush green plants. Green plants can also boost eco-friendly exterior brick wall decoration ideas.

Vertical green plants are also a perfect option for exterior brick walls as nothing can match the beautiful combination. If you love to go green and clean, then taking help from mother nature is one of the best ideas you should prefer. You also have to ensure that you select drought-resistant plants as you don’t want to pile up the stress of watering the plants daily.

#7. Create an Outdoor Living Area

You can visit various luxurious hotels and resorts, but you would never find something like this to chill with your family. Building an outdoor living area needs some initial investment, but we are sure that you will never regret your decision. If you love to spend some quality time with your dear ones, then an outdoor living room is something which you will always appreciate.

#8. Provide Rooms for the Right Lightings

The tips mentioned above are fantastic decoration ideas in the daylight, but you have to switch to beautiful LED lights when the night arrives. Lighting is also one of the essential factors which can ultimately decide your decoration.

By installing the right lights, you can complement exterior wall decoration. Select the best exterior brick wall lights which match your decoration. If you have mounted a vertical garden on the outer brick wall, then illuminate them with lights to create a positive vibe in and around the house.

#9. Select Objects That Are Water and Salt Resistant

You might think that you can pluck something from indoor walls and stick it on the exterior brick walls. Your idea has a 100% chance of failure. Interior decor works well in an indoor environment, but it’s not great for the outdoors. You should install objects on the exterior brick walls that are water and salt-resistant if you live near a sea. Not installing condition-specific designs can hit you hard as it will spoil the decor.

#10. Hanging Laser-Cut Panels on Exterior Walls

Suppose you don’t like simple, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly designs. If you love to go with the highest standards of quality and latest techniques, then laser-cut panels are among the best options available in the market. You can also get stainless-steel laser cut panels as they are one of the latest exterior brick wall decoration ideas. You can find them on the exterior brick walls of some of the luxurious homes around the city.

#11. Use a Mirror to Create Illusion

If you are not lucky enough to have a large backyard or garden, you can create the illusion to make your garden look big and beautiful. Mirror frame panels are all that you need to execute this brilliant idea in your garden. You will have two parks, but you can only visit one as the other one is resting in the mirror. Also, ensure to restrict the access of your pet and toddlers as it can drive in various troubles.

#12. Use Garden Hose to Create Designs

You can also make your exterior walls look beautiful by using your old garden hose pipes. You can draw flowers or any other gorgeous geometric shape, making your empty wall an inspiration to focus on. The idea is limited to the exterior brick walls, as you can also use it in garden walls or garage walls.


When the concern is about decorating your outdoor brick walls, you can select various options mentioned above. All you need is some time and love to nourish your creativity on the wall. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful ride to different exterior brick wall decoration ideas. You can also share these ideas with your friends who are planning to decorate their brick walls. Don’t forget to mention your favorite designs in the comments from the list.