Window Treatments Ideas For Bedroom

Window treatments are essential in any bedroom as it adds privacy and makes it easy to adjust the lighting. It thus helps maintain a steady temperature.

Window treatments for bedrooms are an elegant combination of style and purpose.

If you are looking for window treatment ideas for a bedroom, you need first to consider the bedroom’s different requirements to get the maximum performance out of your window coverings.

Here are a few things to consider before looking for window treatment ideas for a bedroom.

Light control

One of the first things that you need to consider is the direction of your windows. North facing windows hardly receive sunlight, and windows facing any other directions receive direct sunlight at sometime during the day.

Window treatments in the bedroom control the amount of sunlight coming in. You need to consider how much sunlight you want to allow in and the need to block the sun’s harsh rays to determine what type of window treatment you should consider for each room.

Energy Efficiency

Windows are the primary source to allow the heat inside and out of the room. It is essential to keep a comfortable temperature at your home throughout the year.

Your direction of windows, location, and the number of windows you have in each room determines the amount of energy lost from your windows. So window treatments are one of the best ways to protect against any loss of energy.


It would help determine your need for privacy if you considered what is around your home’s exterior. Sometimes just having a large window at your home is enough for you to want a window treatment against any unwanted attention.

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Your window treatment reflects the style and mood of your room. Window treatments can even enhance and complement the décor through color, texture, and patterns.

You can consider if there are any architectural aspects of your room that you might want to highlight.


Everyone would like to have a beautiful view from their room. If you have a stunning landscape, you would like to have a window treatment that frames your view. If your windows look out over something that is not very appealing, you will want a window treatment to block the unsightly views.

Window Treatment Ideas For Bedroom

Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains is the most used window treatments in homes. You will find them in most bedrooms and living rooms. Curtains are available in many different designs, shades, and patterns. You can easily choose any specific design you want in any room and make it look elegant.

Curtains are mostly of lighter weight than drapes. You can customize the length of curtains to fit the essential window treatments.


Drapes are like curtains and sold in pairs. Drapes come in many different shades, textures, and lengths.

Drapes are made with a heavy material either lined, pleated, and hung on a rod. They can block direct sunlight coming from outside and are ideal for the bedroom. The rod pull makes it easy for you to open and close your drapes.


Sheers are lighter in weight and are thin curtains that cover your windows. They soften the light of your bedroom but don’t block the sunlight completely. Usually, people layer them over a shade or blind. They are ideal for small rooms as it gives the bedroom an airy and light feel.

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Shades are the most used window treatments throughout your home. They come in various designs, patterns, and shades. They look great with any room design.

A shade is a length of a material that is cut to your window’s width, and you need to attach it to the rod.


Blinds are classic window treatments that are great for the bedroom as it provides some privacy and even blocks out sunlight. Usually, hard materials like metal or wood are used to make blinds. They have shutters made from horizontal slats held together by a cord that runs through blind slats.

You can have a perfect fit for your windows with Lumino Blinds. These vinyl cordless blinds will fulfill the need for window privacy, room darkening, coordinating with existing décor, safety, and style.


Shutters are a traditional window treatment that is rarely used in any bedrooms. They look lovely in the countryside room. They are made of natural wood. You can fit shutters in a window frame. Shutters can protect you from uncertain weather, rain, and storms. Shutters come in various shades and patterns. The most commonly used shutters are of white or wooden shades.

Valance and Cascades

Valance and cascades are popular window treatments that give an elegant look to your room. You can drape a cascade over another window treatment for some privacy and to blocks direct sunlight.

You can use a valance with a curtain, shade, or drapes. You can contrast it with some good color shade. Valances are mostly draped around the window frame.

The cascades are a zig-zag-shaped fabric, and the length of fabric is draped down the window’s sides or puddle across the top window treatment.

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Bedroom Roller Shades And UV Protection

Roller shades provide energy efficiency and come in a variety of designs. Roller shades come in a range of patterns, textures, opacities, and colors. A blackout or room-darkening window shade blocks out most of the sunlight.

A cordless roller shade by Acholo provides UV protection. It maintains your view from your bedroom. You can set it at any desired position you like and has a steady, adjustable roll-up speed.

Elegance Of Bedroom Roman Shades

Roman shades give a luxurious and calming feel to your bedroom. Nowadays, there are as many styles of roman shades as there are materials used to make them.

The Chicology roman shade is the perfect window treatment for the dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. These roman shades have concealed magnets that connect at pre-fixed intervals. The polished white headrail and sturdy lift make this a versatile shade for your home.


When you search for window treatment ideas for a bedroom, light control should be the top of mind. Always look for shades that enable you to enjoy the light during the day and block light when you need some privacy.

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