Why You Need to Deep Clean Your Carpet

Carpets are great for any home. Carpets add comfort and warmth. They look beautiful especially when they are properly cared for.

We recommend both regular and deep cleaning for your carpets. These can make your carpets look new for a longer period. What’s more, there are so many other advantages and benefits.

But before we go into the many benefits of deep cleaning, we need to know a few facts. Let’s begin by understanding the difference between regular and deep cleaning.

What is a Regular Carpet Cleaning?

Regular carpet cleaning involves dusting off using brush or broom. It also uses a vacuum cleaner. Daily cleaning helps keep your carpet looking good. Regular cleaning also ensures dirt does not accumulate.

What is Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Deep carpet cleaning is a step further from the regular way of cleaning. Deep carpet cleaning is a process of going below the exterior or surface of the carpet. It uses more specialized machine and cleaning solutions. It goes beyond vacuuming of surface-level debris. It is more than using ordinary bottle spray cleaning solutions. It is not spot cleaning that focuses on one area. Deep cleaning gives more benefits and uses to the carpet owners.

What are the Benefits of Deep Cleaning?

Here are the reasons why you need to deep clean your carpet.

1. Keep your carpets looking new.

You’ve invested on your carpet. Many types of carpets are expensive. Deep cleaning can help protect your carpet better. It can make your carpet last longer.

2. Remove dirt.

Dirt is everywhere. It can even be more if the house is always open. Deep cleaning your carpet removes those unwanted dirt from your carpets.

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3. Eliminate allergens.

Are you or any of your family members allergic? If so, try to reduce sources of allergens within your home.

Allergens can cause asthma and hay fever. Depends on the severity of allergy, it can even be life-threatening.

Hence, deep cleaning your carpet is a good way to cut these hazardous allergens.

4. Keep bacteria away.

Do you know that many studies show that carpets can harbour more bacteria than toilet seats? Bacteria is not visible to the naked eye.

Your solution for this is deep cleaning which helps remove bacteria. This can happen especially if you bring in shoes from outside. Bacteria can also linger if you have pets who like to hang around your carpets.

If you like to lie on your carpet, make sure your carpet is clean. Deep cleaning is a must especially if you have smaller kids who love to play on the carpet.

5. Sanitize and disinfect better.

Viruses and other harmful contaminants may be present in your carpet. Deep cleaning gives better sanitation and disinfection. It can help remove viruses that can be potentially dangerous to you and your family.

6. Remove Stains.

Spilled coffee over your carpet? What about make-up stains from a bag that fell? Or your kid painted on your carpet? How about if your pet also brought in some stains?

These types of stains are more difficult to be removed with regular cleaning. Deep cleaning helps remove these stains.

7. Remove pet hair or fur.

You may have those furry pets. Loving, huggable, they always like to sleep on your carpets. As such, pet hair is impossible to keep away. The fur gets entangled in the carpet’s fibre. Deep cleaning removes those pet hair or fur.

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8. Eliminate odor.

Carpets endure constant foot traffic. Outside contaminants can come in. With this, carpets may have a foul odour. These may come from outside particles, debris, and pet waste. Deep cleaning cleanses and deodorises your carpet.

9. Remove soil particles.

Soil particles are not always visible to our naked eyes. These soil particles are abrasive to carpet fibers. These can cause carpets to prematurely wear out. A deep clean on your carpet can address this to remove soil particles. Maintenance is key to your carpets.

How to Deep Clean your Carpet at Home?

Option 1: Do-it-Yourself

If you want to try deep cleaning your carpet on your own, you would the following:

  1. Deep carpet cleaning machine with carpet wand
  2. Carpet Cleaning Solutions
  3. Defoamer

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Use your machine with the floor wand face down on the carpet.
  2. Hold in the trigger of the wand to apply water. Then apply a solution to the carpet. Do this as you move the head forward over the carpet.
  3. Release the trigger. Draw the floor wand back to vacuum. Do this over the dampened area. This should extract the water and other grimes.
  4. Apply a light spray.
  5. Do not saturate the carpet.
  6. Do this repeatedly for some stubborn stains.

Option 2: Hire a professional carpet cleaning company

Don’t have the time and patience to do the dirty work? Or you don’t have the right equipment and materials to do deep cleaning?

Entrust the work to a professional carpet cleaning company. This is safer and guaranteed to help address your carpet problems.

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Professionals are trained to deal with carpet stains, removing dirt, allergens, and bacteria. They can deal with any type of carpet.

The good news with hiring professionals is that you cut the risk of doing costly errors. If you do the deep cleaning yourself, you might not be able to do this right. You might be using the wrong equipment and materials on your type of carpet. Note that maintenance may be different for each type of carpet.

If you need help advice on carpet cleaning, call us at Total Carpet Care.

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