What to Do With Empty Space in Living Room

What to Do With Empty Space in Living Room

The living room is the largest and important room in every house as it is the first room we get to see when we enter the house. Usually, living rooms are guest areas, and more likely, around 91% of adults prefer to watch TV in their living area.

The living room is an area where families gather to relax or do some entertaining activities. Since it is the first place of the house, it has to be appealing and attractive. If you have any empty corner or area in your living room, it is okay to wonder, “What to do with empty space in the Living room?'”.

You don’t need to worry, and it is an easy task; just follow the below tricks on how you can please your empty area to make your house look more attractive and decent.

Tips And Tricks To Fill up Empty Living Room Space

The following tips will make your living room more visually appealing than before.

#1 Get Tall And Beautiful Indoor Plants

If your living room gets enough natural light from windows, it is never bad to get indoor plants to fill up the space area. The plants enhance the beauty of the room and give you a feeling of calmness and nature. While thinking about what to do, space next to the TV in the living room, a tall indoor plant will solve your problem.

Never forget to take care of plants regularly to keep them alive; if they are dull, they won’t enhance your room’s look, so it is essential to water them and give them enough sunlight as per need.

#2 Fix Bookshelves

What to do with empty corner wall space in the living room? Add bookshelves. Fixing Bookshelves is a perfect way to fill your empty area. Having bookshelves does not mean you are supposed to be a reader, and it is never a bad idea to use it as a display rack where you can show off your pictures or keep some magazines or trinkets. Also, remember full bookshelves will only solve your purpose, do not leave any shelf empty; otherwise, it will be the same empty area in your living room.

#3 Lighten Up Your Empty Area

Having proper light is a perfect way to illuminate your space. Getting tall floor lamps to accompany your lonely corner sofa and spotlighting the seating area is a great way to beautify your empty area. Apart from corner furniture, other items can also brighten up with tall floor lamps. Isn’t it a great way to brighten up your empty corner space of the living room? Now you don’t have to worry about what to do with empty corner wall space in the living room; fixing a pendant light to the wall is another way to illuminate your dark area.

#4 Place Unique Artworks On The Empty Area’s Wall

To do wonders to your sidewalls, hang unique paintings. Usually, we all tend to hang canvas wall art in the center of the living room, but considering hanging the artworks on the empty side walls will create interest. Get unique and significant artworks for every sidewall of your living room to beautify the area at best. Corner walls give you an excellent opportunity to showcase your artwork.

#5 Paint Your Living Room With Dark Color

It is a fact that light paint will give you a more comprehensive look at your room and the opposite is with dark colors. If you have a large living room, finding it difficult to fill up the space area, it is always preferable to paint your living room’s walls and ceilings with darker shades.
Colors like blue, brown, mauve, and more will make your room look more snuggish and low ceiling area.

#6 Frame Family Photos

Not getting ideas on what to do with empty wall space in the living room? Here is a perfect solution for you. Adding family photos to your empty walls will give you a warm and attached feeling. To have more personal touch, you can hang framed family photos on the top of windows also. Select a few best family pictures and go for different frame sizes to place the images differently and uniquely.

#7 A Room Divider Would Work In An Empty Area

If you are dealing with an open and large living room and want to know what to do with a space in the living room, get a perfect piece of decorative room divider. A room divider gives an impression of a smaller room. Also, you can partially divide the living and dining area. Many people prefer to place the partition behind the sofa, where they usually sit and watch TV.

#8 Make Your Work Station

Most of us have work-from-home jobs in today’s time, so if you have a space in your living area, it is a wise option to put your workstation in that corner. You only need an office chair, a table, and your laptop. And here we go, your home office desk is ready. Also, it will fill up your empty corner of the living room.

#9 Go For Mini-Bar

If you have your dining room separately, constructing a corner mini bar is a good option. Go for wall mounted floating table, the compact and attractive way out to fill the empty area. Besides having drinks, you can also sit and have a coffee in your mini-bar while sitting with your loved ones.

#10 Add Extra Sitting Options

What to do with a space in the living room? Add up extra tables and chairs, but this only works when you have a vast living room. If not, it is never a bad idea to add ottomans. Go for bright colored ottomans; it will give you an extra seating option along with filling the empty area of your living room.

#11 Buy Beautiful Rugs

The most affordable and easy way to enhance your space in the living room is by having a beautiful patterned and bright rug. A bright area rug will stand out without any extra efforts, and you don’t need any additional decorations in that particular area. A beautifully textured rug is the best option to fill up the empty corner of your living room.

#12 Display Your Collections

It is a wise decision to get some open shelves and place them in the empty opening area of your living room. Make sure you buy sleek frames that do not look over but also allow you to show off your collections. Collections could be anything, like what you love to collect. It can be your favorite small flower pots, candle stands, or anything else. Suddenly you will see your dull space will turn into a good area of your living room.

The Final Verdict

The above tips will give you insight and motivation to fill up your space area in the living room. Now there will be no wasted area in your house. You can easily combine the above tips or use any of them to make your living room more appealing. As per our