What Is The Least Expensive Way To Build A Patio

Every home should consider a patio. It is a place to relax and unwind with family and friends. A patio can also increase the value or worth of your house. But the question is what are the least expensive ways of building a beautiful patio.

We understand that you are currently on a tight budget. It is what deter homeowners from building a patio because they erroneously believe that patios are very expensive to design and maintain. This is wrong.

This article will explore some cheap patio options that will still give off comfort and convenience as the luxurious ones.

Here are some least expensive patio types:

Gravel Patio

Gravel is a very beautiful, durable and inexpensive material for your patio or backyard. It is very important that you carefully prepare the base before you pick gravel materials. Gravel patios are usually made with cement or brick. Some homeowners use stone or marble to decorate their gravel patio.

Gravel estimated cost is between £5 to £10 per square foot. The installation process is so simple that you wouldn’t need to pay a professional. This will exceedingly save you labour expenses. What is required of you is to spread the gravel around with a wheelbarrow. However, extra work is needed when you are creating a border.

We advise you to put landscaping fabric before using the gravel as your base material because of the influx of weeds and grass that might spring up. This is because gravel is a loose material.

There are varieties of gravel materials. There is the pea gravel, which is smaller, pebble-like and rounder. Another type is Jersey shore gravel and the crushed stone gravel.

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Composite Decking

There seems to be a misconception that composite decks are super-expensive. This is wrong, while it is true that composite decking is higher priced than wooden material, which is due to its production process, the fact remains that composite deckings are cheaper to maintain, non-slip decking and last longer. This ease of maintenance is enough compensation for the initial cost.

Across homes in America and Europe, millions of homes are starting to acknowledge the exceeding advantages of composite decking over other exterior flooring materials. Some homeowners are attracted to composite decking’s cheap maintenance and superior quality, while others are wooed by its aesthetics, design and rich embellishment. Composite decking is a very inexpensive way of beautifying your backyard.

Composite decking is becoming more popular and a suitable option to timbre/wood. Composite materials are impervious to harsh weather elements, fading and moisture/rot. In direct contrast to wood, composite decking materials are environmental-friendly because they are made with quality recycled materials. This innovation adds to its durability and quality.

Wood/ timbre decks are very high maintenance. Most need replacement after ten years and treatment after three years. These processes can be very expensive and time consuming. A lot of times, wood decks have to be repainted, which costs money as well. Composite decking is different, it is highly durable. You wouldn’t even need to stain or use sealant to retain its beautiful appearance. Light washing is all that is needed to maintain composite material, which makes it cheaper to maintain.


Concrete is a common, easily affordable patio material for homes. Concrete can cost as low as £5 to £12 per square foot. One highly beneficial benefit of concrete is that it is simple to shape.. This means it is flexible enough to be made into a lot of distinct designs and shapes.

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Concrete material is characterised by strength and long lastingness. If properly installed, it can last for decades. Concrete is very porouse, hence can be affected by water penetration. Water can also crack the concrete when it freezes.

One way to prevent water damage is by using sealant on the concrete to prevent water penetration. A sealant should be used periodically.

A lot of people believe concrete is boring and bland but this is wrong. There is the stamped concrete which is far more stylish than the conventional plain concrete.

Stamped concrete is sold in many varieties and textures. It can be designed to mimic the appearance of other flooring materials. It has a lot of distinctive designs that will make your patio appealing and lovely.

Concretes can be difficult to install, for this reason, we advise you to get a professional. Even with the labour expenses, it doesn’t take away the affordability of concrete.

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