What Colour Bedding Goes With Grey Walls

The Bedroom decor is incomplete without beautiful bedding. Beautiful bedspreads add color and soul to your space. While choosing a bedsheet, it is desirable to consider your wall colors. A well-blended color scheme cheers up the whole room. Do not just go on picking anything.

Nowadays, we are using base colors on bedroom walls. Generally, it may be shades of grey or beige color. If you have painted your walls in shades of grey, we are here to share unique ideas as to what color bedding goes with grey walls.

There is a range of colors, patterns, and designs to be picked. So, read on to explore new and fresh ideas.

Pick Out Some Bright Shades

Beddings are an internal part of bedroom decor. The blunt and cool grey walls form a subtle background for vibrant and bright colors. To add freshness to the room, you can easily choose from the range of reds, yellows, orange, and purple. All these colors in plain bedsheets will look fabulous.

You don’t even have to give a second thought to what color bedding goes best with light grey walls. These vibrant colors will jazz up the decor of your bedroom. So, without any hitch, you can completely throw yourself into picking up bright colors.

Sober It up With Pastels

Generally, for the summer season, you may even opt for soft pastels. If you are thinking about what color bedding goes with dark grey walls, then here is your answer. The dark grey wall matches well with the light colors too.

You can look for soft pink, peaches, and shades in yellow. Such colors will also give little extra light to your room. This light and dark combination goes well. So, you can add a little cheer to your space with soft peppy colors and a smile.

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Florals Are Never Out of Fashion

Flowers always add freshness to the environment. Floral prints will brighten up your bedroom. You can opt for small floral patterns on a pastel color base. It will lend a cooling effect to the ambiance. Also, you can pick big floral prints in bright colors like yellow and purple. This combination is a clear answer to what color bedding goes with grey wall teenagers. So, fish out and add some flowers to the interiors of your room.

Include Designer Cushions to the Bedding

Beddings dazzle with cushions. To add the sparkle, you can opt for designer cushions. Choose a pastel shade, say pink, and with it, you can descend a tissue-designed cushion. It will lend a sophisticated look to your space.

If you are opting for a bright-colored bedspread, then you may also check out printed cushions. It blends very well. While wondering what color bedding goes best with light grey walls, the blend cushions will pacify your bedroom decor.

Geometric Prints

The geometric prints are in vogue. The geometric print bedsheets with plain colored duvets look classy. It will share different dimensions to your room. There are great geometric prints available in vibrant and sober colors.

The striped bed sheets are very much in trend these days. If you pick up a rich color, then opt for a light shade of oversheet vice versa. If you opt for a pastel color, you can opt for browns or blues to match it up.

Red Fantasy

Grey walls can be dull, and you can blend them with really bright colors to brighten up. Red is one of the utmost bright colors when it comes to interior design. Red linens require special mentions. Putting it with grey walls will lend an exclusive edge to the room. The remaining decor can be limited to greys or any other sober color. Only the bedsheet can even change the mood of the room. So, always keep red designer linen to your rescue. The moment you need to add color, just throw it straight on your bed.

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If you are wondering what color bedding goes with grey headboard and white walls, even then, a red bedsheet will turn out amazingly well for your room.

Soothe With White

Do you like a peaceful and calm bedroom? If yes, then nothing can beat the grey walls with white bedspreads. Grey walls lend a calm atmosphere to your room, and using a white bedsheet leaves a soothing effect. If you are confused about what color bedding goes with
dark grey walls, then going complete white is an elite option. You also add white flowers with an elegant flower pot at your side table. The whole set-up looks classy and lends a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Match It With Grey

If you used different tones of grey then you must opt for a similar color for bedding. An array of similar colors combined lends an exotic impression. Grey walls and grey-colored bedding turns out quite nicely than is expected.

Using a single shade makes the space more comforting. The room looks more spacious and harmonized. So, even a matching looks stunning. You can pick up plain sheets or add little florals. It will bring out the mood of the place.

Absolute Navy

Dark blue color or Navy color is usually not recommended when it comes to bedding. But, if you have painted your walls grey, then going absolutely navy is an amazing choice. Navy blends well with greys.

Being a darker tone, it comes out nicely on a clear palette. So, you can opt for plain navy-colored bedding. It is advisable to you add more accessories of a similar tone. Such as you can add a wall hanging or a frame in familiar color. Also, a bedside lampshade will turn out well. Throw a navy color rug near the bed to complete the look.

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Navy can be one of your favorite combinations while searching out what color goes with grey walls.

Animated Prints for Kids and Teenagers

Well, if you have painted all your bedrooms grey, including your kids, now you have to think out of the box to decorate well. For them, you cannot use plain linens or boring stripes; you can get more creative. We got you an answer to what color bedding goes with grey walls, teens.

You can easily pick up darker shades with animated printed patterns for youngsters. It will add color, character, and mood to their room. Surely, they will enjoy it more than sober colors. So, look out for their favorite character, and you can simply add it to their room decor and bring a smile to their face.

Wrap Up

Well! We understand that grey is not the ideal bedroom color, but we hope it is not boring with so many fashionable ideas. Now you are filled with loads of ideas and colorful bedding that gels with your shades of grey. Pick out the best one you like. You can even combine as many bedsheets as you want and change according to your mood. So, cheer up, and you are all set for bedding shopping. All the best!

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