Wall Decoration Ideas With Paper

You need not always spend a lot of money on decorating your house. You can use simple things to decorate your home, which will give it a wow factor.

A blank wall at your home looks boring and dull. It’s like a black canvas. There are plenty of options to make it enjoyable. One excellent idea is wall decoration ideas with paper. Paper is readily available in the market.

They are cheaper than photo frames, murals, wallpaper, or any décor on the wall. You can easily make various crafts at home using colorful papers and stick or hang on the wall. It will look excellent and beautiful. Even these papers will give meaning to your dull wall.

Paper Wall Décor Ideas

#1. Paper Triangles

People love to see geometric décor on the walls. You can make at-home paper triangles and stick them on the wall. But try to make triangles the same color as that of your wall. It will look nice.

#2. Paper Bats

You can make paper bats at home by using black paper and stick on the wall. It will seem as if bats are floating on the wall. The wall will look excellent and exciting.

#3. Geometric Figures

You can make various geometric figures like pentagon, octagon, rhombus, and numerous others using different color papers and hanging them on your wall.

#4. Christmas Decoration

You can make three-dimensional stars with blue, red, or gold paper and stick them on the walls. It will add a Christmas feeling to your home.

#5. Flower

You can make various flowers by using different colors and stick on the walls of your home. The big bloom flowers on the wall will look fabulous. It will add beauty to the wall.

#6. Confetti

Confetti brings a festive spirit to the wall. You can make giant colorful confetti and stick it on the walls of your house. It will look great.

#7. Valentines Day Celebration

Wall decoration ideas with paper are endless. One of the excellent ideas is to do paper hearts and stick them on your wall. You can choose red, pink or gold paper hearts. Red hearts on your wall will look excellent.

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#8. Ornaments

You can make various ornaments by using colorful paper and hang them on the walls. People will love to see multiple colorful decorations on your wall.

#9. Butterfly

You can create a butterfly feeling on your wall by using colorful papers. Your wall will look fabulous. The people who don’t know how to make butterflies on paper can even purchase from various markets. These butterfly decorations will glitter your wall. It will give an elegant look.

#10. Paper Ball Garland

You can make various colorful paper balls at home and connect them in the form of a garland and hang it on the wall.

#11. Layered Paper Letter Wall Art Project

Wall decoration ideas with paper are exciting. You can create a layered letter by using some colored paper and stick it on your wall. For example, you can create a letter O or X of different layers. All the layers will have different colors and stick on your wall, which will look fabulous.

#12. Paper Frame

One wall decoration with paper and photo ideas is fantastic. You can create a photo frame at home by using colored paper and hang on your wall. Place a photo on the photo frame. You will spend a small amount of money making the photo frame, but it will add a lot of value to the wall.

Even you can create an exciting gallery wall by keeping various photo frames on your boring, dull wall. You can place photos of your family members or near and dear ones in those photo frames, and they will love to watch those photo frames and photos on your wall.

#13. Paper Pendant Light

You can make various colorful pendant lights by using paper and hang them from your ceiling or on the wall. It will be eyecatching and add value to your wall. The paper pendant light is an excellent option for wall decoration ideas with paper, and this décor can steal anyone’s heart.

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#14. Paper and Chicken Wire Wall Art

You can create an exciting art and hang it on your wall using three things, i.e., colored paper, chicken wire, and a wooden frame. You need to staple the chicken wire at the back of the frame with the help of a staple gun. Suppose there is excess chicken wire cut then by wire cutter.

Now your wireframe is ready. Take a colored paper and insert it on the frame. Please fill up the frame with as many stripes of colored paper and hang it on the walls of your living room or bedroom. It will add value to your dwelling.

#15. Paper Pumpkin

You can create various shapes of pumpkin with the help of paper. Choose to make green, grey, or yellow color and stick to the walls of your house. It will give a pumpkin look to your wall, which is very interesting.

#16. Pretty Crepe Paper Backdrop

Wall decoration ideas with crepe paper are fantastic. You can use a pretty crepe paper backdrop in your son or daughter’s birthday celebration. It will look nice. Even the cost of crepe paper is just $10.So, if you are planning for an inexpensive birthday celebration, you can use crepe paper on the wall of your dwelling.

#10. Paper Chandelier

You can make a chandelier with the help of colored paper and hang it on your wall. Adding some jewels or stones will look more decorative. When you organize a party at home, you can make various chandeliers and hand them on the all. It will give a party look.

#11. Cute Paper Birds

If you have a blue all in your living room or bedroom, you can do birds and clouds with the help of paper and stick on your wall, which will look simple and beautiful.

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#12. Wallpaper

Wall decoration ideas with wallpaper are splendid ideas. It adds glamour to your home. Wallpaper in the bedroom or living room can give a modern look. Various wallpaper is available offline and online. You can choose according to your choice.

One can also use wallpaper in the bathroom. You can put it near the washbasin and hand it in a beautiful vintage mirror that will change the bathroom’s overall look. The wallpaper does not take any space, but it adds a personal touch to any room.

#13. Christmas Tree

One can easily do a Christmas tree with the help of paper and put it on the walls of his house. It will give a Christmas feeling.

#14. Paper Letters

You can make various letters with the help of paper and put them on your wall. Try to create a beautiful word on the paper that gives a message to anyone. It will turn your dull wall into an interesting one.

#15. Ombre Paper Mobile

Another excellent idea of wall decoration ideas with paper is ombre paper mobile. Your guests and family members will love the ombre mobile. It is very simple to make but can create significant value. Whenever you organize a party at home, you can use an ombre paper mobile.

Wrap Up

Wall decoration ideas with paper are limitless. You can choose any of the above ideas and can decorate your wall. It will turn your monotonous wall into an exciting wall. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorating your wall.

Do let us know your suggestions and comments on the ideas we have shared in this article. We would love to see how you have implemented these ideas on your wall. Please share your pictures in the comment section.

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