Update Your Bathroom with These Spring Decor Ideas

Spring Decor for Bathroom

A dash of new color or some new prints make an old room into something exciting. Your bathroom may be in need of a refreshing, and as springtime is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to be thinking about what you can do to reenergize the bathroom.

You might be tired of staring at the same walls and the same floor mats. Why not breathe a little life into the room and make it stand out this spring? We have a few fine ways to do that with spring bathroom décor ideas that will make an impact on your bathroom no matter what size it is.

Add Mirrors for a Greater Sense of Space

Did you realize that you can add things to your bathroom to make it seem more spacious? If you have a bathroom that is cramped or that feels small, then installing a few mirrors in there can give it a sense of greater space. The mirrors create an illusion of depth to your mind. Now, you logically know that there isn’t any additional room just because there is a mirror or two on the wall, but subconsciously, your mind is reacting as though the bathroom has more space.

Your mind will be more relaxed and the room will feel less cramped. You might be amazed at the kind of impact this change can make, even though it doesn’t seem logical.

You can place a full-body mirror on the back of the door, replace the mirror at the sink with a larger one and add mirrors at a few key places to give a greater sense of roominess. You can take what is typically one of the smallest and most confined rooms in the house and make it feel roomier. Why do this for springtime?

Well, spring is the time we get lots of fresh air and open up the house to let some sunlight and air in, so spaciousness is definitely a spring theme. Aim those mirrors just right and sunlight will hit them in such a way that the bathroom is illuminated brilliantly.

Change Out the Shower Curtain

One of our simplest yet most effective ideas for spring bathroom décor is to put in a new shower curtain. That’s not to say that you should toss out the old one. Just put it into storage and change it out for something that is floral or otherwise spring-related. We think you will love the way it reinvigorates your bathroom, giving it a whole new style.

The shower curtain is often the central feature of a bathroom, taking up a lot of space and drawing the eyes. If you change that up for something that is fresh and flowery, you’ll be bringing spring right into the bathroom and refreshing the aesthetic of the room.

Extra Storage

Why not make your spring décor bathroom update functional as well as beautiful? Adding some extra storage to the bathroom can help clear up clutter, making the room seem more inviting and less cramped. You might think that adding a new cabinet or fixture to the room would take up additional space and add to the cramped feeling that too many bathrooms suffer from, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have your cabinet installed up on the wall, you keep the same floor space. You can install a shelf or cabinet above the bathroom sink or on a wall that isn’t being used. Sometimes, there is extra room around the vanity, and you may not use that space or it might be full of clutter. Either way, adding a cupboard in there can free up some space and make good use of the room that’s available.

To keep the storage addition spring-themed, why not paint your shelf or cupboard in a pastel colour? Or you can cover it with spring-themed contact paper or wallpaper. You’ll brighten the room and make it feel like spring in the bathroom.

Brighten and Lighten

One way to bring new life to a room, especially a small one, is to add in a lighting fixture or two. The addition of new lighting clears up some of the shadows and makes the room feel more alive and inviting. A dark bathroom can be cozy, but it also feels very small. Lighting up the bathroom creates a sense of spaciousness and openness, perfect for springtime.

If you are picking out a new lighting fixture, one way to spruce it up as part of bathroom décor for spring is to paint it with a light pastel color or a bright, bold color. If you have an artistic side, you may even want ro paint flowers or leaves on it for a more springtime look that is sure to beautify your bathroom while making it much brighter and pleasanter.

Where to place a new lighting fixture in the bathroom? We suggest adding light directly over the vanity, perhaps attached to the vanity mirror. You could also add in light on a wall or into the ceiling. Consider the placement of the light and try to find a location that won’t blind you when the light shines. Be careful about placing the light fixture where it shines into a mirror.

A Touch of Nature

We are big fans of bringing nature inside when it fits the theme or adds a nice aesthetic to a room. For springtime, nature is one of the big themes. The hiking, the beach trips, the picnics, and all of that is what makes springtime so great. If you can bring some of the outdoors into your home and make your home more beautiful in the process, then why not?

You have to be careful not to overdo it in the bathroom, though, especially if your bathroom is tiny. A small plant, like a fern or a cactus can add some greenery to the bathroom without it being a high maintenance addition. If you are looking for zero maintenance spring décor for bathroom areas, then a fake plant works fine. Just keep it small so that your bathroom feels spacious.

You can rest a plant on the vanity, if there is space,  or on a shelf or even the windowsill. It all depends on where you have room and where the plant would look best.

It doesn’t have to be a plant that you bring in to add a natural touch, though. You can decorate with wallpaper that has a nature, floral or springtime theme. Be careful about using wallpaper in areas that may get wet, though. You can also add some decorative spring-themed tiles here and there. A few tiles placed strategically around the bathroom can give the room a definite springtime feel without becoming a major remodelling job or a large expense.

Change the Colour

A lot of bathrooms are white and frankly a little bland. If you are wanting to inject some spring in your bathroom, then try injecting some colour in there. Painting some or even all of your bathroom is probably one of the most widely used spring décor bathroom ideas. You can repaint just the cabinets or some of the walls. You could paint a single wall and make it an accent wall. We would usually recommend the wall behind the vanity for that.

The painting can be as in-depth or as quick and simple as you like. If you have a white bathroom, painting a few key areas will work well. If your bathroom has another colour throughout, you may want to paint over that or find a complementary colour to help create a spring theme.

Pulling offspring bathroom décor ideas like this can be a bit tough on your own, so it’s wise to consider consulting a home decoration expert to get some ideas for a colour scheme. Once you have a few options for the colours you can use, you’ll be able to make a decision more easily. Since the bathroom is small, it can be repainted and refreshed in a day or so on your own. You shouldn’t have to hire a professional painter for a small job like this, and you’ll have your bathroom back and usable quickly.

So, now you have a few bathroom spring ideas to get you started. We know you’ll come up with something great for your bathroom. Keep in mind that your bathroom may be different from the next person’s, so you have to do what works for your room. Consider how much space you have, what kind of lighting you are working with and if you are going to create extra clutter by adding decorations or plants to the room.

A bathroom refresh is a great way to get spring started, and you will have a bathroom with a new energy and a sense of lightness and cheeriness. We’re so excited to hear what you decide to do with your bathroom as you give it a spring update, so please share in the comments below.