Upcycling Projects To Help Add Flair To Your Home

One of the biggest trends in interior design over the past few years has been a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, as the climate crisis becomes ever so prominent in our day to day discourse, the public have pushed hard to reduce their environmental impact and help protect the planet.

Because of all of this, one big trend has popped up in the DIY interior world: upcycling. If you’re not in the know, upcycling is the process of using items you already have to make new items, so a bit like DIY recycling. Now, to help you hop on the trend, we’ve found a few easy ways to upcycle your home’s décor and make some really interesting changes around your home.

Give Your Blinds A New Lease Of Life

Starting off, we have a project that is probably one of the more simple upcycling tasks, revamping your window blinds. This is actually really simple, as the fabric of most blinds can be changed without changing the head rail and as the headrails are labour intensive and heavy, not getting a new headrail will cut the carbon cost of new blinds.

By simply going online and looking for some replacement blinds slats, you can simply just get the fabric portion of some new blinds and attach them to your existing headrails. This will bring all the bonuses of new blinds without having the same carbon impact.

Resurrect Old Wooden Furniture

We all have some old wood furniture that has fallen into disrepair somewhere in our homes, whether it’s the old chairs in the attic, a beaten-up coffee table in your living room or those ugly draws in your spare bedroom. Rather than splashing out on a trip to IKEA to get some new furniture, why not improve what you have.

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For most wooden furniture and furnishings, a quick lick of wood varnish or a few coats of coloured paint is enough to improve the look of them and make them look as good as new. Again this is a simple task, but using this technique is a lot cheaper and less intensive on the climate than buying brand new furniture.

Make A Bathmat From Old Corks

This one is a project for the wine lovers reading this, if you get through bottles of wine, you likely have an abundance of old corks floating about the house somewhere. So rather than sending those corks off to landfill, you can make a high quality bathmat that’s absorbent and stylish.

All you need for this is a glue gun and a boatload of corks, so you can either make this as you go along or keep all your corks until you have enough for a small mat. But when you’re ready to make this, just glue the corks together so that they form a nice square or rectangle shape and then you have a brand new bath mat ready for use.

Turn A Cabinet Into A Home Bar

Now, if you have an old cabinet that you don’t want or need anymore, rather than throwing it out, why not transform it into something new? Whilst there are plenty of options for what to do, we’d say tuning it into a home bar is by far one of the coolest projects you can take on.

While this task requires a bit more DIY know how than the previous activities, we have found an excellent and simple guide for turning an old cabinet into a bar for your home. Just follow along the instructions and in no time you’ll have a new bar in your home, which will make for an excellent conversation piece and help make your home the go to for get togethers.

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Transform Old Cans Into Plant Pots

Finishing up, we have one of the easier tasks that is more in the artistic zone than the DIY realm, but using old cans from tinned food or paint cans you can make some delightful plant pots to keep around your home. Doing this you save on all the cans which would otherwise end up in the bin and create something really unique for yourself.

By just putting cans through the dishwasher or giving them a thorough hand cleaning will get your old cans in a position be good plant pots. From there all you need to do is make some holes in the bottom of the can for drainage and then just simply paint them however you see fit. Once that’s done, all you need to do is select some pretty plants to keep inside your new pots!

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