Travel Themed Decor for Bedrooms

How do you make your bedroom feel like the abode of a world traveler? A travel décor theme can drastically alter the way your bedroom looks, making it more comfortable and more personal to you.

If you love travelling, then why not incorporate that passion into your home décor? The bedroom is the best place to start when decorating with a mind to your interests. You can make a major change that is time-consuming and expensive, or you can make some small changes that subtly alter the look and feel of the room but integrate a theme of world travel into them.

The following are a few ideas from both ends o the spectrum as well as some right in between. Hopefully, you will find something in here that inspires you and help you make the home decor decision that you will absolutely love for your bedroom. Let’s get started with some fabulous travel décor for bedroom ideas.

The Mapped Ceiling

This one is a lot of work and probably won’t be cheap, but think about how great your ceiling would look with a huge map display. Imagine lying down in bed and looking up at the ceiling and seeing a map of the places you might like to travel. It could be world map or a major city’s map or even a map of hiking trails in a region. There are plenty of options, of course, but the real trick is trying to put the map in place.

You can have someone hand paint it for you, which is painstaking and incredibly expensive. I wouldn’t recommend that option. The other option is to buy a wallpaper print or have one made. Either way, you will be sticking wallpaper to your ceiling. That has its pros and cons, but it will look fabulous when it is done. You just have to make sure you get high quality wallpaper and ensure that your ceiling will be compatible with the wallpaper.

Globe Nightstand Lamp

The nightstand is the perfect place to set some decorations that tie into your room’s theme. What’s really great is if you can make the lampshade or light into part of your theme as well. There are some cute globe lamps that you might want to take a look at to scratch your wanderlust itch.

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These won’t necessarily give off a lot of light, but they look great, especially at night when the room is dark and the only light is coming from the globe. It makes for a picturesque setting for your room, giving it a true traveler’s theme in a simple and affordable way. You could of course tie that single decoration into a larger theme.

The Traveler’s Shadow Box

The great thing about shadow boxes is that they give you a way to add a lot of little knickknacks and souvenirs in one place without making the room look cluttered. This is one of the best travel bedroom décor ideas for people who have a lot of smaller items they want to display but aren’t sure what to do with them.

Placing everything in a shadow box in a strategic way really help to bring a sense of order to smaller objects and highlight and showcase them in an interesting way. Instead of them becoming lost amid the larger room, your travel bedroom wall decor can be a centerpiece for the things you have collected in your travels. This is a piece that is a focal point for the room and will definitely draw a person’s eye. You will notice it every time you enter the room, and it will definitely make you think of travelling when you see it. You will feel like you are taking a mini trip whenever your eye passes over the shadow box.

Map and Photo Feature Wall

The feature wall is a way to play with your them in some interesting ways. With this travel the world bedroom décor, you set up a map in the center of the wall or the center of the area of the wall that you want to use. Then, you spread out pictures from your travels around the outside of the map. You can connect the picture to the place it was taken with a string or a line.

This is a fun way to use travel décor bedroom ideas to spur your world travels. You will see the places around the world where there is no picture nearby and perhaps want to visit them, just to make a full circle of pictures around your map.

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It’s a great idea that can be done in a few different ways. The map can be a silhouette or a fully detailed map. You can use a world map or just a map of a single country or continent. It’s up to you how you want to decorate your room and where you want to go with this theme. Of course, with a travel home décor theme, you are always going somewhere in your mind.

World Map in Pieces

The map is one of the simplest travel décor for bedroom ideas you can come up with, but there are so many different ways to take this notion and just run with it. You can explore a lot of different methods for displaying a map on your wall. Once way that we think is really creative and artsy is to take a map of the world and split it into three or four photos. These can be framed side by side, with a little space in between each one. This help to draw your eyes to specific parts of the map instead of seeing it as one whole map.

It’s a neat way to highlight the different areas of the world,  and what you may want to do with this kind of map is to mark off the places that you have visited already. You can use pushpins or stickers or some other way to denote that you have visited a specific part of the world. Like the map idea earlier, this may inspire you to visit some of the places that you haven’t yet.

Travel Memories Corkboard

One of the more popular world travel master bedroom décor ideas we have seen is a corkboard pinned with pictures, maps, and other paraphernalia from world travels. We think that not enough people use corkboards anymore. You used to see them in kitchens classrooms and in studies, and now they are almost scarce.

These make for great collage opportunities, as you can stick just about anything on them. Plane tickets, movie stubs, parts of maps, photographs, and anything else you can think of that is thin and papery can go there. Just hang them up with push pins and they will stay in place forever. You can easily move things around without making the board look messy or damaged. Corkboard is supposed to have lots of holes in it, so rearranging the board whenever the whim hits you is so simple and still keeps the decor looking good.

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Suitcase Table

Where do you store your suitcases when you are not using them? Do you hide them away in the closet? If you have decent suitcases, especially hard wooden ones or anything vintage and stylish, you can stack them and create an end table or nightstand. A stack of suitcases can be set to just the height you need, only stacking as many as you require. They create a stylish flat surface for you to rest your lamp and other items on, and they bring a a travel décor for bedroom theme right next to the bed. We love this idea and how simple it is.

You can buy old vintage suitcase as well that you use just for this purpose. They don’t have to be suitcases you would use for actual travel. The older suitcases were often made of wood and were quite heavy, and they may not be practical for some older people or those who prefer light luggage. But they can look awesome as travle décor bedroom ideas, turning them into something useful once more as they become a nightstand for your room.

Foreign Currency Shadow Box

Here is one more shadow box idea we have for and it is perfect travel decor for bedroom walls. Just frame a photograph of a foreign city or some place you think of when you think of travel and leave a slot in the top, making sure there is plenty of space between the frame and the front of the glass. This is a shadow box with storage opportunity for the future, and the open slot allows you to add more things to it as you collect them.

This is a great place to store some foreign coins and even some paper money. Your pile will grow inside he bottom of the shadow box as you travel to more places. Just remember to save out a few coins for your shadow box every time you travel somewhere.

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