Travel Home Decor Ideas

Your home can feel like an exotic location, bringing to mind places you would love to visit or reminding you of far off places that you have visited before. A lot of us love to travel around the world or dream of one day doing so. Even if you can’t take a vacation right now, your home can be a reminder of other cities and towns or areas of natural beauty far from where you live.

Just by walking through your home, you can feel like you are taking a visit to a foreign land. All it takes is a mind to decorate for travel, and we have a few travel themed home décor ideas to share with you to get you inspired and get you started.

Wall of Foreign Cities

Let’s start off with a simple one that is so easy to put together and yet so effective at making part of your home look like a travelogue. If you have a hall or corridor in your home, you may walk through that space frequently throughout the day. You can make it feel like an escape with the right travel decor.

One suggestion is to make prints of different foreign cities- Paris, Mexico City, Tokyo, Athens, and more. Putting prints onto canvas or on a thick board helps them to stand out more. You also want to ensure that the corridor is lighted well. Bright lighting will make your pictures easy to see rather than ensure that they are lost in shadows.

Your wall doesn’t have to display cities of course. If you prefer natural locations, like state parks or a collection of the natural wonders of the world, you could go that way with it. The basic idea will work no matter what your travel interests are.

Beach Living Room

One travel theme for home decor that we are big fans of is the beach theme. Your living room will look fabulous decorated with shells, sea creature wallpaper and some beach chairs. Drape the chairs with beach towels and hang sandals on the wall for added effect. You could also decorate with a life preserver, a net, and some fish deco.

We think the living room is a great place to turn into a tropical beach room, but bedroom and a gaming room or rec room work just as well. You can make this as subtle or bold as you like, using a blue paint instead of a patterned wallpaper. You can also make a beach-inspired floor by putting down sand-coloured carpet or tiles. Even the ceiling can be part of the home décor travel theme, with a sky blue colour and some puffy clouds painted in to complete the effect.

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The Travel Shelf

The ideas we have given you so far are kind of bold and far-reaching ideas. They can take up an entire room or a whole wall, but not all travel inspired home décor has to be so big and extensive. You can do something small and quick, if you like.

One way to go with some travel decor is to add a shelf on a wall and make it travel inspired. One we really like is a shelf with a mountain shape to it, and then you add in small wooden or ceramic animals to it, creating a framed picture aesthetic.

You could also just make a normal shelf and add in some figurines of famous landmarks. The Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty, and other tourist destinations can adorn the shelf and make you think of travel every time you look at them.

Travel Throw Pillows

Another subtle idea we like that adds a touch of world travel home décor to your room is placing some travel themed pillows on your couch and other furniture. Throw pillows aren’t a big expense and can be modified to have a map or picture printed on them. Make up a set of these and place them strategically around your sitting room or living room.

You can find handcrafted pillows on Etsy or RedBubble that would look great in your living room. These can be designed the way you want or you can pick out a pre-made design to save costs. Handcrafted items like these support artists and give your home something unique and special for you to appreciate.

Travel Themed Kitchen magnets

This is an old standby that we don’t get tired of seeing. You use the fridge how many times a day? All those times can be opportunities to travel to other places in your mind. Just fill up the fridge with magnets that show far off places. Buy magnets for every place you visit, and you can have memories of all of those trips right there on your fridge.

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You can also order magnets from places you have yet to visit, planning your next trip with every trip to the refrigerator. Few travel home décor ideas are so simple and easy to pull off as this one, and you can add as many or as few items to the fridge as you like.

Travel Prints Bathroom Towels

Make the bathroom a little getaway and a little cosier by replacing boring colour coded towels with travel prints. You can have maps printed on the towels or a list of foreign cities all round the world. This is a great idea for home décor for the world travel lovers out there. You can choose from a lot of pre-made designs if you know where to look. There are tons of options already available, and those may suit you fine. You may want to consider getting personalised travel towels though.

You can opt for as many towels as your bathroom can accommodate, including hand towels and bath towels. You can even complete the set with a matching floor mat and vanity decor. This is a fun way to decorate your bathroom and give it a refreshing look without going for the expense of the major remodel. Refreshing any room with matching decor is an inexpensive way to give it a facelift, and for the travel lovers out there, this may be one of the most inspired choices yet.

Decorative Plates

Another nifty décor idea you can try is to use printed china plates. Lots of people use plates displayed on a shelf as a kind of status symbol home décor. Yours can be travel themed, with a printed photograph of places you have been or of exotic locations from around the world. How great would it look to have a shelf of plates with pictures of Fiji beaches, South American waterfalls and Appalachian trails printed on them? You’ll have a beautiful travelogue on a shelf there.

There are so many options for travel home décor plates, and you can just let your imagination go wild. Like a lot of the ideas we have presented here, you can either choose from merchandise that is already available in local shops or online through retailers, or you can have it handmade or hand printed. Personalised decor can mean so much more to you, but it will be more expensive. Still, it is pretty special to have your own favourite travel locales printed and lining a shelf on decorative plates.

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Map Room Theme

Another room theme we want to share with you as we offer up some travel home décor ideas is the map theme. You can spread this across an entire room, turning a bedroom into a map of the world or a map of a foreign country. You might have seen some Subway restaurants adorned with a map of the New York subway station line. You could go that route and have the street map of your favourite city printed on the walls or floor. We think a floor map is fun idea for a kids room, letting them travel across the streets as they walk their room. You’ll help their imagination to soar with ideas like that.

You can also decorate a room with maps, printing them on throw pillows, lamp shades, coasters and even sofas. The upholstery can all be map themed, and so can the walls. It is up to you how far you want to take this theme and how much you want to incorporate it into the design of the room.

City Skyline Wallpaper

A simpler and elegant travel décor theme you can try is the city skyline. This can be a silhouette or a photograph, displaying the skyline of a famous city like Sydney, Chicago, New York, or London. Use it on one wall to create a feature rigor spread it across all the walls to make a room theme. You can also try using a different skyline on each of the walls for a single room with a world travelling motif.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, and we hope they inspire you and help you to come up with a design that you love for your home.


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