Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you also struggling with space shortage in your small bathroom? Does your space shortage in the bathroom lead to a cluttered look with no place to keep your essentials, especially towels?

It is a well-known fact that most designers don’t design bathrooms while keeping storage in mind, and this appears to be a major flaw in the present modern-day lives. And the most common victim of this shortage of space remains the towel.

Being a homeowner, I would be lying if I tell you that I do not get frustrated with no storage space for towels in my small bathroom. There are some fantastic towel storage ideas for small bathrooms that come in handy to homeowners like us.

These ideas make sure to offer your perfect solutions for small bathroom towel storage issues. So, let’s walk through these ideas and get the towel its due storage space in our bathrooms.

Towel Rack Chair: An Amazing Towel Storage Idea for Small Bathrooms

Ever wondered what wonders a versatile piece of furniture can do to your storage options in your small bathroom. One option can be a towel rack chair that provides you space for storing your towels and acts as a chair.

Thus, it is a two-in-one furniture option that is gaining popularity among the new generation who want to make the most available.

Over-The-Door Towel Racks

Another amazing idea for towel storage in small bathrooms can be over-the-door towel racks. These racks are suitable for bathrooms that lack space in real means, and there is practically no space to hang the towels.

These racks range from a single bar to multiple bars possessing hooks and shelves. The need remains to choose the over-the-door towel rack style as per your requisites and styling wants.

However, remember, these racks can also look cluttered within no minutes if you do not hang your towels properly. Also, it is not advisable to hang wet towels on these racks.

The reason being that if towels get stuck between the open door and wall, they may not dry easily, and this may lead to a foul smell in your bathroom.

One brand offering superb over-the-door towel racks is mDesign Towel Rack Holder.

Scandinavian Inspired Knobs

A common idea that comes to mind when thinking of storing our towels is using a classic towel bar. However, being more creative, you can easily install Scandinavian- inspired knob to hang your towel easily.

This knob occupies less space than a regular classic towel bar. These Scandinavian – inspired knobs are very easy to install. They can be installed at any wall while occupying the minimal space needed so that your time bathroom does not look congested.

Check out Artncraft 12 Knobs on Amazon for a great option.

Ladder Rack

Setting up a ladder rack is one of the most creative ideas you can apply to your small bathroom setting. It saves space and allows room for your towel to fit in your bathroom, and makes it look very aesthetic.

Using a narrow framed and short ladder makes it easy to set up at any corner or against a wall in your bathroom. Moreover, narrower frames also allow you to slide and hang the towels very easily.

Door Service Mounted Towel Bars

Picking up a classic towel bar is not a bad idea. If you decide to pick one, then make sure to mount it at the back of your bathroom door.

This is an easy and simple idea to save space and fit your towels easily in your bathroom, no matter how small your bathroom is. These classic bars also look very stylish when fixed at a perfect height at the back of your bathroom door.

Towel Baskets

Another innovative idea that you can apply to your small-sized bathroom for making a good space for your towels can be by using towel baskets.

You can use any basket, preferably a tightly knitted one like a jute basket, within which you can roll in and place your towel very conveniently.

If you are worried about placing your basket on the bathroom floor will not be a good idea and will take up space, you don’t have to worry about it.

You can simply install the stands baskets like shelving on the walls of your bathroom. This installation will not only lend you a helping hand in saving your space but make your bathroom look aesthetic.

Axis Metal Towel Holder

Finding difficulty in fitting your towel on a wall or shelf in your bathroom? Well making space for your towel will be made easier with this axis metal towel holder, which you can put anywhere.

You can place the smart-looking towel holder on the shelf of your bathroom sink or even right beside it. So compatible, it occupies very little space. In addition to this, this axis metal towel holder is very stylish and adds to your small bathroom look.

Check out iDesign Axis Metal Hand Towel Holder on Amazon for an excellent option.

A Countertop Towel Holder

A very convenient way of making space for your towel in your tiny bathroom can be using a countertop towel holder. Like the decorative metal towel holder stand, these countertop towel holders are very durable and well balanced, which stays fixedly at the countertop of your bathroom sink.

Moreover, these countertop towel holders can also hold more than one towel at a time. One good option can be mDesign Decorative Metal Fingertip Towel Holder.

Treehouse Ladder Hanging Towel

One of the innovative ideas related to a ladder-style towel holder is a treehouse ladder. Treehouse ladders are very smart and creatively designed towel holders which can accommodate many towels at a time.

This towel’s thin frame and its flexibility due to the rope style of holding the wooden bars let you install this innovative towel holder anywhere.

Moreover, these amazing treehouse ladder towel holders can be moved around anywhere according to your convenience.

Add an Extra Bar to Your Shower Curtain

You can use the space right in front of your shower by adding another tension rod. This is a great idea that allows you to make space for your towel and adds to the convenience of hanging it.

These towel bars are very easy to install and use, placing your towel right beside your shower or bathtub. Thus, it uses the spare space right in front of your shower curtain without making it appear odd.


Thus, if you are in a dilemma thinking of how you will make up some space for your towel in your bathroom while not making it appear congested, then these towels storage ideas for small bathrooms can be of great help.

You can apply these ideas to your bathroom very easily. Among these lovely ideas, you can choose anyone who appears the best to you and goes with the style and design of your tiny bathroom.