Toddler Girl Room Decor Ideas

Decorating our little one’s room is one of the most exciting yet perplexing tasks. Many new parents seek professional help to shock the confusion, but it is quite a costly affair.

If you don’t want to spend so much but don’t want to compromise on the room’s ambiance either, then this piece of writing can be of great help. Read on to learn some fabulous toddler girl room decor ideas.

Incorporate Princess Theme

Most little girls are fascinated by Disney princesses. If your little toddler girl loves them too, then incorporating this theme can be the best bet for her room. There is a lot of room decor stuff available under the princess theme category.

To start with, you can paste a large-sized Disney princess poster covering one of the walls. Ideally, it should be the wall beside the bed. You will also find ceiling fans imprinted with pictures of these beautiful princesses. You can opt for furniture pieces in colors matching the princess’s attire.

For instance, if you have chosen a Snow White wallpaper and ceiling fan, go for furniture in yellow and blue. Likewise, if you have chosen Tinker Bell, then choose furniture and decorative items in golden and green color, and so on.

Play With Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are a fantastic choice for your little princess’s room. You can choose a combination of pastel shades such as light green, sky blue, baby pink, and mauve and use them creatively to deck her room.

For instance, you can paint the walls pink, and you can paint the ceiling in mauve color. The furniture can be a mix of sky blue and pink color while the curtains can be in the mauve shade.

You can also create a collection of pastel shade bed sheets and cushion covers for her room. These shades are soft on the eyes and render a soothing effect.

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Get a Beautifully Designed Bed

You will find a wide variety of beautifully designed beds for girl’s rooms. One embedded with multiple drawers can be a good choice. It does look not only good but also offers adequate storage space.

You can also get one with a small slide attached to it. We are sure your toddler will love having a personal slide. However, you will have to keep a watchful eye on the little one if you place such a furniture piece in her room.

A low bed with a hut design can also be a good addition to her room. If you place this one fancy item in the room, you wouldn’t have to make much effort to deck the rest of the room. The room will look beautiful even if you keep the walls and doors simple.

Install a Hammock/Swing

So, you don’t want to get a fancy bed or stick an elaborate wallpaper? You are looking for simple toddler room decor ideas for girls yet don’t want the place to look dull and boring? Well, we have a perfect design idea for you.

Place a simple low-bed and a soft furry rug beside it. Hang bright colored curtains in nursery print. Choose a comfortable corner to hang a hammock or swing where your child can sit comfortably and even sleep peacefully.

This one addition to the room will augment the entire ambiance.

Go for Floral Theme

A floral theme can be an ideal choice for your little princess’s room, more so because you wouldn’t have to revamp the room for many years to come if you choose this option. Besides, there are thousands of options to choose from under this category, isn’t it?

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To start with, you can get one of the walls painted with a beautiful tulip, rose, or sunflower. Alternatively, you can stick a gorgeous wall decal of a beautiful tree, green grass, and colorful flowers. You may also hang some flower baskets. A grassy carpet can add to the appeal. However, you must get a soft one so that your little one can laze around on it without getting hurt.

Toddler Girl Room Decor Ideas Blue, White, and Purple

If you feel that your children are attracted to vibrant colors and feel happy and energetic around such shades, it is best to use them to revamp their room. A combination of blue and purple can be a good choice to create a bright ambiance.

However, it is suggested to use the white color at certain places in the room to create a balance. Need a few ideas? Well, you may hang bright purple colored curtains with small white stars on them.

Paint the roof blue but keep the walls white or light blue to strike a balance. Likewise, choose furniture pieces and artifacts in all three shades rather than only the brighter colors.

Indoor Camping Theme

If you are looking for decor ideas for toddler boys and girls sharing a room, then creating an indoor camping theme can be an excellent idea. It is simple to create this ambiance. Just install a medium-sized kids’ tent house in one corner of the room.

Don’t forget to spread a colorful rug below the setup. Add some color to the place by adding a big baby animal wall sticker. Painting a huge tree beside the tent house can also add to the appeal of the room.

Placing stuffed toys of your kids’ favorite animals such as pandas, dogs, cats, and elephants can be a great addition.

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Paint It Pink

This can be the safest bet if you are planning to decorate your toddler girl’s room. Shop for a low bed with a baby pink back. You may even choose a bright pink colored one if you so like. Place a wooden cupboard with a pink border in one corner.

Shop for bright pink colored curtains. If you want, you may even paint the walls pink. Alternatively, you may go for white-colored walls and paint beautiful pink flowers on them. Pink and white wallpaper is also a good choice.

Doll House

Little girls love playing with dollhouses. We are sure your little one enjoys it too. How about going a step further to recreate her room similarly? You can render this look by creating a hut-shaped almirah covering one of the walls in the room.

Don’t forget to add a window, a door, and a chimney to add to its appeal. If possible, construct a bay window ledge and deck the space with dolls and other toys. You can also place a small table and two chairs in one corner and arrange a toy tea party set there. Likewise, you can decorate the entire space with her favorite toys.

Wrap Up

So, how did you like the ideas shared above? We are sure you are already in love with most of them and think about which one to choose for your cute little toddler’s room. Well, why don’t you make her choose one for herself? Show her the pictures of the mentioned themes/ ideas and watch her reaction attentively to find out which one she is most excited to see. If you liked the article, then do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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