29 Dec 2021
twin boy room ideas

10 Twin Boy Room Ideas for Toddlers

Taking care of a toddler can at times be daunting. This is a stage where the child is developing from infancy. The child now wants to try out very many things that he or she sees people doing. This is the stage where the child would want to try and get up on his or her feet.

Of course, getting up on your feet for the first time is not an easy task, yet very thrilling. This is where twin boy room ideas for toddlers come in.

There are some ideas that can help you as a parent or guardian to arrange the room in a perfect manner. This is so especially if the toddlers are twins and at the same time, they are boys. As we all know boys can be very disturbing at times.

If you are a parent and you have twin boy toddlers, then this article is for you and it is a must-read article. After reading this article you will not have a problem with your twin boy toddlers. Enough with the stories let us find out more.

Toddler bed

It may not be safe for a toddler especially where they are twin boy toddlers to sleep on an ordinary bed. For this reason, you will be required to get a modern toddler bed. The beds are mostly enclosed hence the toddler cannot get out of it or fall down while asleep.

Also, for the twin boy toddlers, you may have to get a bed for each one of them. The reason being the two toddlers may end up hurting each other unknowingly since they are eager to learn new things.

However, when getting the two modern beds, you should make sure that they are of the same type and color. Everything on the bed should look exactly the same. This is because in case of any difference, one toddler may feel that the other has been given a very nice bed than him hence there will not be peace in that house.

Also, the bed should not be too high such that the two toddlers have difficulties getting in or out of bed as this may cause harm to them.


The twin toddlers are actually growing and developing. They want to experiment on anything and everything. For this reason, they will need a lot of space.

You should ensure that the space in the room is enough for the kids to play. In this case, the twin boy toddlers require much space.

Make their room be like a playground. This will make them have much fun together in the room without necessarily having to find a space or to go outside the house to play. In order to create more space, you may consider using only one bed for the two twin toddlers.

You may also choose to separate the bed with curtains.

Choosing a theme

It is very important to add some themed prints in your toddler’s room. There are various themes you can use to make the room look more colorful and fun. You can choose to add themes of animals, superheroes or many other themes that will make the room appear much colorful.

However, when using animal themes, do not use those scary themes that may scare your young toddlers. Also, your young toddlers may have a different taste and preference of the themes. For this reason, you should make sure that you meet the needs and desires of both toddlers.

The color of the room

It is not an exaggeration to say that young toddlers love and like bright colors. For this reason, you may need to light it up for them. This starts from the color of the wall paint all the way to the color of the beddings and the pillows in general.

You will have to add a funky lump so as to make the color of the room vivid. Also, adding small accents of white color will ensure that the room stays bright. Kids love bright colors and hence you should try as much as possible to make their room brighter than ever.


The young toddlers will, of course, have many toys. The toys may be of different sizes, some may be very delicate hence they require storage space. However, while coming up with storage space for the toddler’s toys, you should ensure that it is friendly to the kids.

For example, the storage should not be too high such that the young twin toddlers are not able to reach their toys when they need it.

Also, the storage should be very neat and tidy. Arranging the toys well will give the young toddlers an easy task of finding the toys they need to play with. For the twin toddlers, you may consider getting separate storage for each one of them.

However, this will depend on the number of toys that each one has. If the toys are too many, it is important to separate them such that each toddler has his own storage.

Create a cozy nursery 

The young toddlers are developing both physically and emotionally. As a result, special care is essential. There are some essential requirements needed in order to have or create a cozy nursery for your twin boy toddlers.

Some of them may include but not limited to cute pillows, a throw blanket a plush rug, crib sheet, drawers and dressers, diapers, wipes, and clothes among other things the list is endless. This will enable your twin toddlers to create memories, read and play.

Alphabet wall

Your young toddlers are nearing school and they must start familiarizing themselves with learning. The best way to do this is to put an alphabetic wall in their room. The letters should be decorated with different colors, styles, and shapes.

This will make it easier for your kids to learn the alphabetic letters hence they might become genius in the coming days when they attend school. Try as much as possible to make the twin toddlers get attracted to the alphabetic letters on the walls.


Your twin boy toddlers are very eager to learn new things. For this reason, you should try to personalize each item in their room with things like their names. For example, putting their names on their beds, walls, and pillows might help a lot. It will be easier for them to know and write their names when they finally get to go to school.

This is because they will be familiar with it and have seen it for a long time. However, for the twin boy toddlers, make sure that they do not get confused about their names. You may do this by separating each one’s items and thereafter personalizing it using their names. In this way, there won’t be any more confusion.

Space-saving things

Your toddlers are growing and in that case, they need so many toys to play with. However, you may end up filling all their rooms with toys hence there will be no space for them to play with the toys. For this reason, you should at least try and get toys that are small in size and that can easily be stored without taking too much space.

Also, get your toddlers the toys that are perfect for them according to their age and size. This is a good mechanism for saving space. As we all know not everyone has a very big mansion with enough space for everything.

Some of us have very little houses but they need to create space for their twin boy toddlers anyway. Buying or acquiring such elements will be of good help to them.

Multi-use furniture

When your room is too small and it cannot accommodate all those requirements, investing in multi-use furniture can be an option. For example, there are some chairs that can be seats during the day and beds during the night.

Also, you can opt for a half wardrobe and half drawer. This is because the clothes of these twin toddlers may not require much hanging space. This idea may help you a lot to create enough space for your kids as well as save some space.

Last Word on Twin Boy Room Ideas for Toddlers

In conclusion, the above ideas are essential when designing a room for your twin boy toddlers. With the above information, your young twin toddlers will be able to have more fun and enjoyable moments in their room. Also, you will have created a much safer environment for your children.

No parent would want her child to be in a bad environment. To avoid such issues, you should often get ideas from articles like this. There are very many twin boy room ideas for toddlers. The above are just but a few of them. After reading this article, you should also try to refer other parents with twin boy toddlers to reading such as articles to help them decorate their rooms.

09 Dec 2021
How to paint a metal kitchen

How to Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering how to restore metal kitchen cabinets for a fresh start? These types of accessories normally add aesthetic value to any kitchen. Apart from this, they have aspects of durability as well.

The best thing about such kinds of cabinets is that they can be dismantled with great ease and mounted at the same time. They also have a way for them to be restored without interfering with the designs.

Metal cabinets are a preference for those who love to change and update their cabinets regularly.

Therefore, restoring these cabinets will give them a new lease of life and a fresh new look to your kitchen. Moreover, it is a very simple process that can bring about the desired effects if handled in the right way.

The downside of these cabinets is that if left unattended to can be very prone to rust. Hence, they should be kept clean and tidy, devoid of any negligence at all costs.

Restoration of metal cabinets is the only way to make them last longer and durable. However, it can be a very tedious process, which requires meticulous planning and execution.

What Tools Will I Need to Strip Paint from Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

  • A paint stripping tool (or)
  • Some good quality brushes
  • Cleaning thinners
  • A good quality metal paint prime
  • A good quality finishing paint
  • Metal paint spay laquer

Other Useful Items you May Want to Purchase

  • A heat gun for removing exiting paint
  • A paint spray gun

In the long run, it will save you considerable amounts of money and time, which could have become unattainable if left unattended for longer periods.

Take your time and do a very good job. Do not rush the process so as not to end up with shoddy work, which might end up being expensive as you might be forced to redo the work once again.

How to Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

How to strip paint from metal kitchen cabinets

Step 1: How to Strip Paint Off Metal Kitchen Cabinets

The initial stage would be stripping off any paint from the metal cabinets. If you want to embark on this process, there are several ways to about this whole process. For you not to have a very hard time, then elements for stripping paint will work just fine for you.

However, it can sometimes go against what you want to achieve as you will not be able to amicably work out a method to remove the paint.

Paint removers have an annoying tendency of evaporating

The main reason for this is that these paint removers have an annoying tendency of evaporating just before the job is done.

One way of going about such problems is to put the cabinet inside a plastic bag immediately after you apply the stripper.

Afterward, when removing the said cabinet from the plastic paper, then it will be easy to remove the paint. You can use a wire brush to remove the paint.

However, if you want the best outcome, then a steel wire is most ideal for completely removing the layer of paint.

It is prudent for you to put everything to be used in this task on standby. This is to make sure that you do not miss a thing and start running up and down once the job commences.

Ensure that you have the following essentials in place. Sealant, both coarse and fine sandpaper, coating paint, one brush accompanied by a sizeable roller, masking tape, and last but not least, a TSP cleaner if any.

Stage 2: How to Prime your Metal Kitchen Cabinets

This stage involves coating your prepared cabinet in a good quality primer, which might work wonders when it comes to paint removal on metal kitchen cabinets.

Since metal is very vulnerable to rust and subsequent corrosion, and for you to prevent this from happening, then as a sealant, primer works by sealing all the loopholes on the metal cabinets, which might result in rusting.

It will hinder moisture from accumulating into deadly elements of destruction on the metal cabinets. Moreover, suppose you are looking to change the color of your cabinets, primer can work wonders by promoting the preservation of colors.

In case you are using primer on metal cabinets, one of the easiest ways to go about it is by using a primer in a sprayer.

Spray Tool Metal Cabinets

Furthermore, it is cheap, easy to apply, and ideal for those who do not want to go through the cumbersome processes of using brushes for paint removal.

Therefore, when applying primer, ensure that you begin with a thin layer several instead of applying a very thick layer just once. This ensures maximum optimization and outcome in preventing the paint from dripping into unwanted areas on the cabinet.

Use the sprayer on the cabinet by applying a thin layer before letting it settle down for a considerable amount of time before you do anything to your cabinet.

If you have extra time on your hands, then you could let it dry for one day. However, about an hour is just but enough for the sealant to dry well.

Now that the first coat has dried up well, it is now time to apply the second coat on the metal cabinet.

After you have ascertained that the second coat has also dried up, apply another coat. This can be done as many times as possible but just a few is enough for the job.

Immediately after you have applied the last coat, leave it to dry a while longer than before. Before proceeding to the next stage.

Step 3: How to Paint your Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Stage number three is the actual painting itself. And the best way to go about this crucial step is to use spray paint. Therefore, if you want to do a good job, then it is advisable to spray the paint at intervals of thin layers.

Care should be taken to ensure that it does not drip down. After that, leave it out to dry for about one hour or so, depending on how the job has been done.

Do this consecutively for the next coatings sessions as well.

Those paints, which do not have very deep colors will need more coating, whereas, those with very deep colors will only need fewer coating.

After you are done with the job, it is now time to leave your cabinets out to dry completely. It could be overnight or just a day.

After everything has dried out completely and you have ensured that the paint job has been remarkably done, you can take the cabinets back to their original positions.

If you are unsure of the type of paint to use on your cabinets, then it would very prudent that you ask the store attendants.

They will advise you accordingly on what to purchase. Remember that when painting your kitchen cabinets, instead of a painting brush, you can go ahead and use rollers.

Matt Finish Painted Metal Kitchen

They leave a very smooth and even finishing on the cabinets.

Before you even start painting, there are a few essential steps that you must not miss. The first one is cleaning the cabinets until they are sparkling clean.

This will remove any impurities that might hinder the paint to stick well on the surface of the cabinets.

Ensure that all the impurities and dirt have been removed. For the stubborn ones, use removers like (tsp) trisodium phosphate, it works wonders.

A clean surface will make your work very easy and will be devoid of any struggles and difficulties that might hinder you from working properly on your project.

After the cleaning, leave the cabinets to dry for some time before you again wipe off any of the paint that might have loosened out. You can either use a dry piece of cloth or a soft-bristled brush for this segment.

Do not attempt to sand the areas, which have loose paint, even if you suspect it to be having lead.

Gentle cleaning of paint that has loosened out will prevent lead dust from developing, which could be dangerous on your health.

However, before even cleaning and painting your metal cabinets, you should inspect them thoroughly to ascertain how the work will be done and the extent of damages like rust and corrosion if any.

Apart from knowing how the work is going to be undertaken, it will also give you a very clear picture of the types of accessories to have for the job at hand.

After the inspection has been done, and you have taken note of the things to have for the task ahead, you can then go ahead to remove the doors and all the accompanying hardware.

However, since many of the metal cabinets have different designs, some have permanent handles that cannot come out. For such kind of handles, the best thing to do is to paint them with the same paint color that was used on the cabinet doors.

When removing the doors and any removable hardware, ensure that you have protective clothing on you. It will save you from any hazardous materials that might fall off from the cabinets or any other place nearby.

The process of restoring your kitchen cabinets is a very delicate one that requires meticulous planning and must be done with utmost precision if you want a perfect job.


Preparation is the key here and as experts usually say.  Spent 80% of your time on preparation and 20% of your time on the task.

That way you will ensure that this is a job that will stand the test of time and have the appearance of a professional finish.  After all, this isn’t a task you want to be repeating any time soon.  So do it one and do it well.

Sources & Links: Matt Spray Gun Hire | How to Prepare Surfaces for Metal Paint | Best Paint Brushes for Metal Paint


19 Jul 2021
2 story foyer decorating ideas

15 Stunning 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

You need to decorate your house entrance so that it can give a welcoming, warm feeling to anyone who comes in.. Here are 15 Stunning 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas.

Staircase with Window-Seat

This refers to a stunning way of decorating your 2-story foyer. A widow by the stairs will bring in more light in your stairway. Additionally, the staircase window seat will create a space for you to view the outside, enjoy the morning sun and rest while you need it. The window seat makes your house look modern and unique since most homes have no staircase window seat.

 The window seat gives more ventilation to the entire house and helps you save power since you do not have to keep the lights on during the day. Have you ever noted that most staircase has no windows? And are you always dark if the lights are off? Consider decorating your o two-story staircase with a window seat.

Stairway Lights

It is so dull and scary, having a dark stairway. However, it is so stunning having a brightly lit stair-way for your two-story. Consider installing different bulb designs to lighten up and decorate your staircase. However, use bright paint on your walls. It will brighten the stairs during the day.

Oak is among the best wood to use on your stairs since it can be crafted in different designs and last long. Use the latest designed large chandelier that can spread light in the whole stairway. Make sure that the paint on the wall rhyme with the window curtains to maintain the theme color of the entire house. The stairway lights should remain on the whole night until there is enough light from outside to make sure it is safe.  A Large Chandelier will create a focal point in your room, especially in the most open space.

Wall Hangings

Make sure you buy wall hangings that have the theme color of your house. The color should match or be similar to most of the furniture, curtains, or the floor. Wallpapers replace wall hangings. The wallpapers come in different designs and colors, so; you have to choose what is in rhyme with your theme color. Wallpapers are cheap and easily installed. You can also replace the wallpaper when they are old, or you need a different color and design.

Plants and Flowers for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Plants and flowers create a cozy feeling making the room feel live. However, if the flowers are living, you need to replace them when necessary to avoid the ugly look of dried flowers. For the non-living flowers, you need to clean them from the dust to give them a fresh look. The flower needs to stay in a vase that has a bright color, which makes it attractive. The flower vase should be on the table placed in the middle of your foyer.

Additionally, place two lamps on the table and a unique conversation item to give a stunning look. Fresh flowers are recommended since they provide a more refreshing feeling. In case the foyer space is not great to use a small table at the entrance that can hold the vase and the lampstand. An empty foyer makes the house look more of a hall than what it is.

Mirror and a Rug

Use a tall mirror to decorate your two-story foyer to emphasize the height of the room. This mirror can be wall-mounted, propped on the floor, or located over the entry table to give a stunning look. Additionally, the mirror height should allow people to check their appearance before exiting the house. The mirror should be properly fixed on the wall to avoid accidents in case it falls. It should be easy and fast to notice the mirror, especially when you are going out to make sure you are neat and ready to face the world. 

Unless your floor is decorated, add a rug to your two-story foyer to increase warmth and softness. The rug will help to trap echo sound that creates a lot of unnecessary noise. Additionally, the mirror and the rug should not go away from the theme color of the house. The rug should be cleaned regularly to ensure that your foyer looks clean and stunning always.

Extra Molding for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

New architectural moldings help your foyer to look more beautiful than expected. However, you can add additional tall crown molding, wood paneling, wainscoting, or frame out some sections of your entryway wall with some decorative molding. The additional decorations make your large two-story walls to look occupied by the beautiful and unique molds. Additionally, do not forget to check the color of the molding, which should rhyme with the theme of the house.

 Consider adding two comfortable sits at the foyer for you to rest as you read a novel or newspaper. This is one of the most relaxing positions in a two-story that you never thought of, away from the screen and the entire living room. You can make a call without distraction and also take your coffee as you focus on how the day’s events have been.

Tall Entrance Door

It looks stunning when the 2-story foyer has a tall entrance door. The doorknobs with a unique design to create a sense of style. However, the door must have bright spaces at the top made of glass to bring in more light at the foyer.

Use Plants instead of Flowers

To have a unique foyer, you need to use plants instead of flowers since most people have flowers at the entrance. Use one of your best plants that do not grow wildly and tall to replace a bulb. This will give your entry a stunning look.

Use Animal Print

Do you love animal prints? Then this is the best for the stair runner. This is because they’re great at camouflaging muddy footprints, spills making your house look unique and stunning at the entrance. The prints should obey the theme color in the house.

Create a Gallery for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

 The gallery in the entryway can be of different types, such as the traditional attires, extinct animals, or your family. This will serve as a welcome to any visitor or family member who comes into the house.  However, it will help a great reminder of what happened in the past, creating a cool flashback while relaxing.

 High Drama

Never shy away from what you love. This is because the foyer can give you the best feeling as you enter the house, and the first thing you see is what you love most. If you love books, let your foyer have a library and make sure it is properly arranged with the books you love reading. You will find that a library can make the entrance look amazing.

 Show Off Your Art

Every entry should set the tone for a house. You must not know how to draw for you to love art. Therefore, you can buy already drawn pictures that you love and place them at your entrance. In other cases, if you can draw, it will be an opportunity for you to market your talent right at your foyer. They will serve as decorations as well as pictures for sale.

 Under-the-Stairs Storage for 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

Create a secret compartment under the stairs at the entrance. It will help store most of the items that are urgent during outdoor activities. It will save you the time to climb up and down the stairs. However, the store like foyer is stunning and unique in its own way.

Daring Color 

Consider your best color at the foyer. It can brighten your mood once you come home tired and moody. Make sure it is the original paint to avoid fading. The color should be bright since only bright colors can brighten your mood and the foyer. Additionally, the rug at the entrance can also be brightly colored due to the first impression created at the door.

Hardwood walls and Flooring

Isn’t it beautiful and stunning to have wooden walls and floors? Such foyer is unique as it makes the entire house look bright and warm. It is the best, especially in cold areas. It needs regular cleaning to prevent dust and maintain a shiny look. Hardwood lasts longer and is warmer than the cement floor. It is also easy to fix wall hangings in comparison to the cement wall.

Conclusion on 2 Story Foyer Decorating Ideas

The above two-story foyer decorating ideas are the best to give a first positive impression at the entrance of your house. However, as you choose, consider what you love since it is your house that you want to look good and make you feel relaxed whenever you enter. Choose the best that will make your two stories the most stunning in your environment.

18 Jul 2021
an archway

10 Breezeway Decorating Ideas

A breezeway is a sheltered passageway that is outside your house. A well structured breezeway not only provides an outside walkway between the main house and the garage but also has the potential to expand your living space. Additionally, it gives an extravagant feel to your property and a cool place for relaxing and outdoor entertainment. 

Most breezeways feel room-like due to their adjoining structures. For that, it is possibly translated to both outside and inside. It provides a flexible space that accommodates a variety of activities such as outdoor dinning.

Despite the fact that the breezeway is used all the time- be it to go to the garage, to relax or to do laundry, it is sometimes a forgotten area when it comes to décor. Nevertheless, a well done breezeway gives a covetable architectural component to the exterior of your home and enhances traffic flow in your house. Before we embark on some of the very gorgeous Breezeway Decorating Ideas, let’s have a look at types of breezeways.

Types of Breezeways

  • Contained Breezeway. A contained breezeway has a composition that fits the geometry of both casual and contemporary homes. It has a gable roof, common to both the garage and the house. In cases where associated structures were living spaces, the breezeway can be referred as a dog trot.

For this structure, the end of the house that adjoins the breezeway can experience absence of sunlight because doors and windows are underneath. Opening the rafters is a good measure that enhances indirect access of light from the inside.

  • Funneled Breezeway. This kind of breezeway enhances the backyard privacy by portraying a tight view of passersby. It comes out better when your house and garage are angled towards each other. Funneled breezeway is smaller compared to contained breezeway; hence it does not experience absence of light.
  • Offset Breezeway. An offset breezeway comes up in cases where the garage is offset from the house. The breezeway overlaps each structure in that you can enter from either side. The offset breeze does not experience the absence of   light; it gets light from four sides

Having learned that decorating your breezeway is a good thing, you might be wondering, ‘How do I go about giving a new look to my breezeway.’ Well, on that there is both good and bad news. The good news is that there are plenty of choices when it comes to decorating your breezeway. The bad news is that all the ideas are so amazing that you may end up having difficulty while choosing which one to implement. You may end up choosing more that one idea, which is okay.

Here are 10 Gorgeous Breezeway Decorating Ideas that will help you spruce up the area and make it an attractive spot where you can stop and enjoy.

  • Flowering Sheers

To attain a lovely scene, place window sheers scattered across the breeze or at the corners. Use your creativity to the level best to come up with arrangement patterns that would wow each and every onlooker.

You can also hang the sheers along the sides by attaching hooks or running a thin wire across and then attaching them to the wire. This will give your breezeway a touch of an outdoor room. For sheers that will be safe outdoors, polyester is the best choice.

  • Café table set

If you’d love to have a cozy place where you can relax, read the newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee, consider placing a coffee table and several nice chairs at your breezeway. Place a few plastic flowers on the table to make it more outstanding.

 The idea works best if your breezeway is wide enough to accommodate the commodities. However, you can work with the available space by coming up with suitable furniture that will fit in the available space. For instance, a round table takes up more space that a rectangular one.

  • Flowers or vegetables

The open area at the breezeway would make an optimal place where you can plant some flowers and vegetables. Plants release oxygen which makes then helpful in maintaining a fresh air environment around your house.

It is advisable to plant both the flowers and vegetables along each side of the breezeway to make it easier while attending the garden.

  • Decorative pots

Placing some decorative pots along the sides of your breezeway gives the spot a beautiful view. As the name suggests, decorative pots are meant for decoration, and decoration they give. Having said that, the pots not only act as decoration features, but also as functional features. You can reserve your water horse and other gardening tools in them. 

To make an attractive display, paint your decorative pots preferable using colourful paints. Waterproof paint is the best in this case.

  • Water Feature

As far as having a water feature on your breezeway is concerned, there are many options. The first option is to add simple water fountain that is well designed to give a fantastic view of the breezeway. Another idea is placing a bird birth with a water feature attached to it. 

 The sound of flowing water comes with a calm, relaxed feeling. That is why you should consider installing your breezeway with a water feature.

  • Bird houses

If you have a passion for birds, making them a home just near your house could sound such an amazing idea. The awakening sound of early morning melodious songs from the birds could be good enough to make your day brighter. 

To get these lovely creatures at your breezeway, place a number of bird houses together with humming bird feeders. As mentioned earlier, you can have a water feature, precisely a bird bath where the birds can cool their bodies once in a while as they also quench their thirst. You can paint the house, make a decorative tool too and enjoy having a great bird watching spot.

  • Park Benches

Another way to decorate your breezeway is placing several benches. Each side of the bench will also enable you to add some beauty with flowers and plants. More to say, you can sit and relax on the benches as you take a cool breeze on a sunny day. 

The benches can be purchased together with the planters for people who want it that way. If no so, you can get the park benches first and later the planters.

  • The solar lights

With solar lights along the breeze, you are guaranteed to have adequate lighting especially at night. In addition you will enjoy the benefit of having a curb appeal. 

Different styles that are more decorative are available in shapes of flowers, animal characters among other styles, some of which are customized to inspire certain cultures. Get the solar lights along your breezeway and enhance whimsical style along your breezeway.

  • Party lights

A stream of party lights is meant to add light and whimsy to your breezeway. Apart from proving enough lighting to the breezeway, party lights add a fancy and amusing touch all around the area. With the being called party lights, their presence comes with that partying feeling. The alternating colours of lights bring an exciting, sensational and sometimes romantic mentality.

There are so many party lights that come in different colours and shapes. You can be sure of getting a design that suits your tastes and preferences. If you like, you can also get them customized or designed from scratch to meet your individual desires.

  • Decorative Trellis

In case you would want to have little privacy, adding a decorative trellis is the way to go. A good example of such is a pattern lattice trellis. Consider planting several climbing plants or flowers such as Ivy and Morning glory as an additional feature. 

You can buy various types of trellis at a home improvement center or garden. But if you trust your traits for arts and creativity, you can purchase pieces of trellis and make your own. Though, as it is the case with planting, climbing plants will have to take some time to mature and produce a decorative effect.

You don’t have to sacrifice the original function of your breezeway in order to give it a decoration make over. You simply have to remember the pedestrian pathway, outdoor flooring, lighting and furnishing to transform your breezeway into a serene retreat, a café place or any other idea that you may want to implement.

Just like the way it is with any other home expansion, there are some factors that are considered. One of the crucial factors is the stylish needs of the owner. Remember some people have a taste of style that they would want to maintain in all the sectors of their lives. In the case of structuring a breezeway, it is better if the preferred style goes hand in hand with the need to supplement the current appearance of house, garage and the surrounding environment. For the best outcome, incline towards the structure that is moderate or the one that matches the current theme of the home.

12 Jul 2021
entryway wall decor ideas

10 Entryway Wall Decor Ideas for Better First Impressions

Looking for Entryway Wall Decor Ideas? Many homeowners underestimate the importance of the entryway. They see it as a room separate from the rest of the house and might be adamant about making any physical changes to this space. However, the entryway is just as important as the other rooms in your house.

This part of the house deserves as much energy and attention as the other areas because the foyer is the first space you and your visitors encounter when you enter the home. The entryway is the first sign of welcome that your guests meet when they step into your space, so why not spruce it up with some décor and tender, loving care? Below, we share entryway wall decor ideas<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> to help you create a great first impression in your entryway.

Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

entryway wall decor ideas

Use Pictures and Wall Hangings to Create Warmth

This is a tip that will serve you as the homeowner first before it serves your visitors. When you use pictures and wall hangings that are personal, you will always get the impression of home when you are at the entryway. Use some of your favorite items, frame a family photo or make the wall a gallery wall and fill it with framed pictures and quotes that mean something to you. Your guests will enjoy the cozy, homey feeling and you will enjoy this space as well. To make it even better, you can incorporate a bench and throw in some cozy pillows to enhance the warmth of the room. 

Bold and Colorful Décor will do the Trick

Your wall décor does not have to be a series of boring photos that make the space dull. We are not discrediting the use of neutral colors, as this can be an amazing way to do your décor. However, the entry point of your house should be an experimental space where you can use colorful décor. Put up a colorful background and slap some vibrant frames and pictures on your walls as well. You realize that you do not spend a lot of time in the foyer, so chances of getting overwhelmed or bored with vibrant, bold décor are minimal. Play with colors and patterns. You can never overdo it!

Hooks and Racks

You might be going through this article, thinking of how you have limited entryway space for experimenting with these great tips – especially if you have many photos lying around or on the walls that you have been meaning to organize. Well, there is something that you can do if you feel that you have limited entryway space, especially when a door covers most of it. Hooks can do the trick for you because in an instance, they can change how the small doorway looks.

Make an effort to select a variety of hooks ranging from sculptural, to big, small, complex or simplistic. Play with your options and your guests will be delighted for sure. You could also play with different colors to see what effect they have on your entryway. You can also choose some simple designs because sometimes, less is more. 

entryway wall decor ideas

Use Statement Pieces for Entryway Wall Décor Ideas

Statement pieces, in this case, means that you can play with scale and proportion as you decorate. Remember, your home should say to the visitors exactly who you are. That is why we advise that you choose a piece that you like and that expresses your personality. These big pieces with an expression of who you are will work perfectly to create a dramatic effect, but the impression will last long.

Using a painting that depicts the setting sun on the horizon, for instance, could do more to add life to the entryway. Also, choose a piece that will blend well with the rest of your house. The entryway is not a standalone space; it accentuates the rest of the house if decorated well.

Built-in Pieces

Using built-ins in your foyer can never go wrong. This entryway wall décor idea will require you to do something functional yet elegant. The advantages of having built-in spaces in the entryway include the fact that it will help the space look tidy. Also, the built-ins can be either permanent or fake depending on your budget, needs and desires. Your visitors will also have a space to store their items as they come into your house, making the idea of built-ins worth trying. The built-in you use for this space should blend in with the rest of the items in the room for a greater effect. 

Cover your Walls

Some people are not into doing extraneous things or they do not like to clutter their spaces. If you are one of these people, then this tip may be of interest to you. Also, you can make use of this idea if your foyer space is small. You can cover your walls using bold colored wallpaper or paint it a bold color, especially when your budget is tight.

You can choose a bold color that blends in with the rest of your household or you can choose a different route. Find a color that you feel is stunning and use it to match your walls. If you are just dipping your feet into the world of warm colors, then you can choose removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is easy to manage and you can switch it up when you feel the need to try something different.

entryway wall decor ideas

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have been all the rage in the recent past, and it is because of how neat and classy they look without any visible finishes or support. These neat fittings on your wall will be welcoming to your visitors while fulfilling the aesthetic and functional needs of shelves. One thing that people forget with floating shelves is to use the underside as well. You can use the underside to hang the coats of your guests whenever they come visiting. 

Mirrors for Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

Mirrors are not just for looking at yourself when you leave for work in the morning. If used well, mirrors can be ornamental. In a space such as an entryway, a mirror could offer so much more. Rustic mirrors appeal to the aesthetics of the home while creating the illusion of space so that your guests can enjoy being in that space before they move further into the home. Try a centerpiece mirror for maximum effect and your guests will love you for this creative addition.

Open Spaces

Some people do not like the idea of putting items in their entryway. If you are this kind of person, then this tip is for you. You can make your foyer an open space and leave your walls empty as well. Having an open space is advantageous because you get to invite your guests in freely without having to worry about items blocking the way for them. Many modern homeowners prefer these open spaces. However, if you like the idea of open space, then you may have to consider another space to store shoes and coats. If you are opting for open spaces, remember to be organized.

Minimalistic Designing for Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

Sometimes, you do not have much space to play within your foyer. If you are one in this category, then the minimalistic approach might be what you need. To spruce up your entryway, you can put up some photos so that your visitors can feel welcome. The trick, however, is to leave the rest of the room clear so that your guests can have space as they walk into the house. This approach prevents them from tripping over things in the entryway and lets them enjoy the view as they proceed to other rooms in the house

Other Elements that make an Entryway Feel Welcoming

Apart from the walls, other parts of the entryway should be well decorated as well to improve the overall look of the area. For instance, you will need to have proper lighting in this area. Also, when putting up wall décor, you will have to consider the floors. The patterns and colors have to work harmoniously to produce a warm feeling instead of creating a disturbance.

Also, remember that you may not get it right on the first try. However, with a little more effort and a few adjustments, you could be on the way to getting the perfect foyer that will create a lasting impression. 

Considering your budget when you are decorating your foyer is critical. Some of the methods that we have discussed above are for people who are within a budget.

hangings on the wall/entryway wall decor ideas

Conclusion on Entryway Wall Decor Ideas

The entryway in your home gives the guests a sneak peek into the rest of your world/home.

This is why it is important to capture them from the start. There are several ways to decorate the walls of your home, including adding mirrors, using bold colors, approaching the walls from a minimalistic point of view, using artwork and pictures for decoration and using built-in and statement pieces to enchant your guests.

Depending on the size of your foyer and your style, you can customize your space in a way that wows your visitors and makes them wish to delve deeper into your home. If your wall is curved, use these tips.

We hope you’ve found our guide to entryway wall decor ideas helpful!

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11 Jul 2021
how to hang decorations from the ceiling

How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling: 4 Ingenious, Discreet Methods 

The decorations you decide to put in your room can change its look and feel, and the best place to hang them is ordinarily from the ceiling! It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to hang; there is a wide range of alternatives to handle the task. Thus, it doesn’t have to be daunting when it comes to planning how to hang decorations from the ceiling. Whether you want to hang permanent decor or party decorations, there’re a couple of plentiful alternatives from simple-to-use and basic supplies to those crafty DIYs.

How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

How to Hang Decorations from the Ceiling 

The following are the four ingenious and discreet methods that you should think about! 

Method 1: Using Adhesives 

You can utilize adhesives to stick your ceiling decorations easily. This method is ideal for lightweight items such as streamers. Applying tape or sticky tack is most likely the best option. It’s also something that you’ll regularly have lying around the house. 

  • Put mounting putty or tape on the ending of your decoration, and connect it to the ceiling. Cover it up and apply some pressure to make sure it doesn’t tumble off. 
  • The tape is particularly helpful on the off chance that you are utilizing one that won’t chip the paint off the ceiling when the decorations are pulled down. Gaffer’s Tape is an excellent alternative to guarantee this. 
  • Mounting putty, otherwise called sticky tack, is likewise incredible for lightweight substances, and you can reuse it. Like mounting putty and tape, you may also give adhesive hooks a try for lightweight items. 
  • You can likewise utilize self-adhesive Velcro within your decorations. Append one side to the ceiling while the next side should hold your ribbon. At that point, attach Velcro back together! 

Method 2: Adding Thumbtacks, Hooks or Nails 

If you’re hanging heavy objects, holding them using tape won’t merely do. Since you’re searching for a more permanent solution, you shouldn’t mind puncturing your ceiling. Attach nails, hooks, or thumbtacks to the ceiling to enable holding of the sturdier mount. This will likewise last longer during the time. 

  • Out of the tree, thumbtacks are the least complex. You can easily pop directly via your decorations and onto the ceiling. These are, however, ideal for lighter items. 
  • You may likewise utilize a hammer for hooks and nails or screw drill in your ceiling. These also enable you to hang or tie objects. The option is much ideal for heavy items since screws, nails, and hooks can support more weight. 

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

Hanging a Hook from a Ceiling 

Embedding a hook into your ceiling is fundamental for hanging plant crates, paper lights, module pendant lights, and other suspended decor. If you don’t hang the hook properly, you may end up damaging your ceiling or your suspended decor. As determined by the heaviness of the item, a toggle bolt may be used to hang decor from the drywall or hang the hook right from the ceiling joist. 

Stuck on Hooks 

While some adhesive-backed hooks can hold to approximately 15 pounds, they depend on the surface you cling them. Before you use such an attachment to hold substantial art or decorations, check the label well for the right preparation and mounting. The producer may guide you to clean your wall, and caution against hanging heirlooms or valuable items and utilizing the wallpaper hooks. 

Method 3: Attaching String, Twine or Fishing Wire 

This should be possible, for instance, by folding it over a hook on the ceiling. Once you have hung them, you may include your decorations from side to side of your hanging line. 

  • Yarn or string is vital since you can find different thicknesses and colors to put to your theme and decor. 
  • Twine is a decent alternative if you’re looking for an increasingly natural feel. 
  • Fishing wire exceptionally serves two helpful needs when hanging decor. It’s strong, and because it is clear and thin, you can easily hide from sight. 

Method 4: Using Clothespins along a Rope 

Maybe you want to hang items such as bulbs or photos from the ceiling. Attach the two ends of the rope from one side to another in your room. Allow the cord to drop in the middle slightly. Utilize clothespins and hang your decor along the rope. 

Getting Creative to Hang your Decorations 

  1. Attach your decorations to exposed beams or ceiling rafters. 

Secure your decorations to ceiling rafters or uncovered bars. Some rooms give you somewhat slacker than a typical flat ceiling. In this case, you can append your decorations to the exposed beams or ceiling rafters. These are more likely to access and are closer to the floor. 

  • Utilize zip ties to fold your decorations over the rafters or shafts safely, so you may easily cut them once you’re done. 
  • You should be capable of tying twine, fishing wire or string, or even the item directly on the rafters or beams in a tight knot. 
  1. Fold your decorations over a light apparatus rather than the ceiling. If you have got a hanging light fixture or chandelier on the roof, it’s easier to tie your decorations items such as streamers or balloons to the light apparatus itself. 

how to hang decorations from the ceiling

Ensure you get the decoration far from the light, or turn off the light to ensure the decoration doesn’t heat or catch fire. 

  1. Slip the endings of your stylistic layout between the ceiling tiles. In case you’re hanging substances from a ceiling with ceiling tiles, for instance, in a classroom, you’ll have the option to slip one ending of your decoration beneath the lifted ceiling tile. Once you put back the ceiling tile to its resting place, it will firmly secure your decor item. 
  • When using clothespins, use lightweight décor items such as streamers or ribbons. It ensures your decor doesn’t slip past the ceiling tiles.  

You have now learned how to hang decorations from the ceiling of your room. Use the above four ingenious and discreet methods to change the appearance and feel of your room! 

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09 Jul 2021
how to hang canvas art

How to Hang Canvas Art: Step by Step Guide and Top Tips

Do you have a wall that is blank in your house and you would like to give it a facelift? Probably yes. This guide will answer your most disturbing question of How To Hang Canvas Art in all the ways possible. By the end of this guide, you will be able to give a new booming look to that ‘boring’ wall.

Do you have beautiful canvas art that you would like to stick on your wall? Or do you plan to visit that antique shop and find some cool collection for your blank walls? Once you have made your mind on the placement, the next step is to find a way to hang your art and give your wall a stunning look. The best thing about canvas art is their weight; canvas art tends to be light despite their size. The ability to hang with one nail also gives you an easy time when you want to adjust or transfer to another wall.

How To Hang Canvas Art on a wall

How To Hang Canvas Art

The most important consideration when hanging canvas art is the type of wall you have. Different walls have different methods of hanging canvas art. If you have concrete or brick walls, you may need to follow the alternative ways of hanging wall art. But if you have drywall, you will have to follow the most popular way to easily hang your canvas art. 

What You Will Need

For all the methods to hang wall art, you will need basic tools. You may have some of the tools at home or at your workshop but otherwise, you can visit your local store and purchase the ones you lack.

Here is what you will need:-

  • 1 Pencil or a piece of chalk
  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 Spirit level
  • 2 Wall protector pads

Basic Tips To Hang Your Canvas Art

Before diving into the process of having your wall art, it’s wise to give you some tips to make the process easier and effective. Here are top tips to consider in all the methods that will be discussed.

  • Clean the wall with a damp piece of cloth before hanging your wall art.
  • From the beginning, know the measurements of your wall canvas and keep in mind the center points.
  • Have the wall measurements of where you would like to hang your canvas art.
  • Measure the distance from the ceiling, to the floors and sides where you would like to place your wall art. We recommend having the midpoints at around 50 inches from the floor and 10 inches above furniture levels.
  • Using a pencil or piece of chalk, mark an ‘x’ or a ‘+’ on the center to help guide you.
  • Ensure you place the wall pads at the back of your canvas art to protect your wall from scratches.
  • Where necessary, move furniture and other pieces of accessories to facilitate easy moving when hanging your wall art.
  • Hang the canvas and level it until it is perfectly straight.

Ways To Hang Your Canvas Art

All done. Now that we have all the basics and what we will need for the process, let’s check out the different ways you can use to hang your wall art. It is essential to have all the above mentioned tools at hand before embarking on the process. 


Small pieces of wall art will work better with nails. Always consider the size of your canvas before choosing the nails. Depending on the size of your canvas, you may need one or two nails to make the whole process easy and effective. 

  1. Clean the wall surface using a piece of cloth and mark with a pencil or a piece of chalk
  2. Hammer the nail into the mark leaving at least half an inch out
  3. Hang the wall canvas on the nail

Avoid hammering the nail so hard to minimize wall damages.

a man working on a canvas art

Eye Hooks and J-Hooks

If you have wider or bigger canvases, eye hooks and j-hooks are the way to go. Although they are most popular at professional offices and halls, you will be surprised at how easy it is to hang your wall art at home using them. Small hooks are usually preferred since they do not take much space between the wall and the frame. 

For eye hooks:-

You will need two hooks, a nail, and wire.

  1. Screw the hooks at the top side of the wood frame
  2. Tie the wire between the hooks leaving room for hanging
  3. Hang the canvas on the nail and shape it how you want it displayed

For J-hooks:-

You will need one or more hooks (depending on the size of your wall art).

  1. Place markings on the wall. The number of markings will depend on how many hooks you are using. 
  2. Position your hook(s) on the wall, gently hammering the nail that comes with the hook into the wall
  3. Check to ensure the hooks hang perfectly to have a great display
  4. Hang the canvas on the hooks.

Use the measuring tape to judge the number of hooks you will use to have the canvas hanging sturdily. 

Adhesive Strips

This may be the easiest of all the ways to hang canvas art. Strips are mostly used to avoid causing damage to the walls. Before purchasing the strips ensure you check the maximum weight it can support. The weight of your canvas should guide you on the types of strips to purchase. Strips are easy to use and usually have the manufacturer’s instructions on the pack.

You will need four strips, or more depending on the size of your canvas. 

  1. Mark on the wall strategic positions to hang your canvas – you may draw a straight line for more accuracy
  2. Place the adhesive strips on each of the four corners of your canvas frame. You may add more stripes if need be
  3. Place the canvas on the wall, pressing the stripes to align with the markings on the wall

Sawtooth Brackets

The brackets come in different sizes and shapes. Ensure you pick the correct sizes for the size of your canvas. The brackets should always be placed in the middle of the frame. Use a tape measure to get the measurements of the frame and determine the center.

You will need a sawtooth bracket, screws and a nail.

  1. Hammer the nail into the hook. Hanging the nail at an angle will ensure it takes the whole weight of the canvass.
  2. Mesure the canvas and mark the center point
  3. Place the bracket at the marked point on the back frame
  4. Screw both sides of the bracket firmly

Sawtooth brackets are the most preferred since they offer great stability and firmness of the wall art. They are ideal for both small and medium-sized canvases. They are the simplest and most popular way to hang canvas art

Unframed Wall Art

One or two times maybe, you may come across a piece of art in the stores and the looks capture your eyes. Whether framed or not, that should not bar you from purchasing the piece. For the unframed canvas (often lightweight) use adhesive strips to hang. Follow the procedure given above to ensure the canvas suits your wall and the work is made easier. 

Metal Canvas

Metal art is better known to showcase a personal style and bring extra memories in the event of facelifting your room. Hanging metal art is not as hard as you may think. 

You will need:-

  1. The metal wall art
  2. A hanger
  3. Spirit level
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Nails
  6. Stud finder

How To Hang

  1. Using a stud finder, find a stud in your wall and mark it clearly with a pencil or a piece of chalk
  2. Secure the hanger on the stud by fastening a screw on the marked point(s)
  3. Hang your artwork on the hanger
  4. Use a spirit level to ensure the canvas is straightly placed

canvas art

Give Your Wall a New Look

When selecting or designing wall art, consider the room in which you are going to hang the art. If it is a bright room, consider photos with vivid colors and images. For kids’ rooms, chose pieces of art they will love. This may range from cartoon characters to their favorite pictures just to mention. Getting their views is just another great way to ensure the art you put in place is exactly what they will fall for. 

Moreso, the heights of your walls will dictate how you hang your wall art. Designers and experts advise that wall art should be hung at eye level for easy viewing. This ensures your art is not too high or too low but rather just in place.

You now know How to Hang Canvas Art. Go ahead and give your walls a new look. You can choose to create a wall gallery. a wall gallery incorporates several types of photos and other wall art which are mixed to give an outstanding color theme.

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05 Jul 2021
how to paint over lacquer

How to Paint over Lacquer: Guide and Tips to get it Right the First Time

Lacquered finishing’s are long-lasting and provide a fine finish, however, painting over lacquer can be a big challenge if you are not aware of the right steps and material needed to complete the job. Unfortunately, lacquer finishing chip easily, making it necessary to repaint constantly. So, you need to learn how to paint over lacquer if you don’t want to spend unnecessarily.

To get you started lets us take a deeper look at lacquer, 

Lacquer paint, unlike ordinary oil-based and water-based paint, contains resin and is designed to create the perfect finish on wooden furniture. Lacquered surfaces, on the other hand, do not use the same procedure as plain wood during painting, making it a little harder than an ordinary painting project. 

How to Paint Over Lacquer

Join in as we go through a step to step guide on how to paint over lacquer and get it right the first time, as well as essential tips, safety concerns, and some of the benefits of using lacquer paint.

multiple colored paint

Items Needed

Sanding paper, preferred sanding paper for a lacquered finish, is 150 and 300 grit.  



Sponge or rag

Safety gear

Paintbrush or spray gun

Before painting on lacquer the first and most crucial step is understanding lacquer paint, the different kind of lacquer paints include:

Water-based Lacquer

To curb environmental risks caused by solvent-based lacquers, manufacturers have come up with a safer and better option the water-based varnish. This lacquer is mostly used on bare wood and automobile interiors. 

Water-based lacquer has a high presence of solids. Owing to this, a fine finish requires three-coat and should be done after every 24 hours, additionally when using the water-based lacquer, use water as a lubricant when sanding, water helps produce a smoother finish.

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

This lacquer is mostly used on musical instruments and wooden products. Nitrocellulose lacquer dries fast and also ideal if you are looking for a brightly colored look. Due to the fast drying feature, this lacquer is not suitable for beginners. 

Acrylic Lacquers

The acrylic lacquer is a super dry lacquer paint but is extensively used on automobile, but is now used on wood. 

Urushiol-based Lacquer

The urushiol-based lacquer is resistant to water, acid, and alkaline; this lacquer has a durable finish. Unlike other lacquers, urushiol is slow drying and set best in warm and humid areas. 

Step One

Now that you have identified the different kinds of lacquer paints, find out the best varnish for your project. Some lacquer paints are ideal for metals, bare wood, while others give an excellent finishing on lacquer surfaces. 

Step Two

Assemble, clean, and prepare your work area. 

Remove dust and dirt from the area you are painting. Then you need to sand the surface, this is especially necessary if you are working on a lacquered wood surface. Sanding helps in priming by ensuring your surfaces retain the desired texture. 

 To find out the best sanding paper, on a semi-gloss lacquered project, ask for a 150 grit sanding paper. If the surface has a flat sheen, then use a 300 grit sanding paper as it retains the texture of the surface without causing damage.

Step Three

Wipe the dust with a wet cloth, but do not use excess water. 

Step Four

Apply an even layer of primer.

This step determines your final look, the first important thing to consider when applying premier is using the same primer as the lacquer paint, using a different primer from your paint also affects the color. 

The second vital procedure to pay attention to when applying the primer is ensuring the primer is applied in the same direction, whether you are using a spray gun or a brush.

After applying your primer, you may need to wait from 1 to 24 hours before the primer is fully dry, ensure you ask your paint salesperson on the waiting time during the purchase. 

If you notice spots on the primed surface, gently apply a second coat, but remember to apply the layer in the same direction always.

Tip: when priming the lacquered surface, use an oil-based or latex premier.

Step Five

After properly sanding and allowing the primer to dry, the lacquered surface is now ready to be painted. Remember to maintain consistency by applying the same direction as the primer after applying the first layer, allow the surface to dry. Although these weather conditions may affect the time needed for the paint to dry, the water-based lacquer dry out fast through evaporation while the urushiol-based lacquer dry up better under humid or warm weather. 

Step Six

Sanding the surface, for a smoother look, one is recommended to sand after every layer. For instance, if you want to paint two layers. Wait for your first layer to dry, then sand the surface before applying the second coat. Sanding between layers has been seen to be effective on garden furniture and motorcycle metal. 

Step Seven

Applying the clear coat, after applying your two coats, and allowing the paint to dry completely. The next and final step is applying a clear coat. The clear coat gives the surfaces a shiner and finer look, allow the clear coat to dry before wiping the surface with a cloth.

paint in containers/How to Paint Over Lacquer

Applying paint over lacquer no longer needs to be fail the first time. With the above seven steps, you are guaranteed a smooth final look. 

Lacquer paint cannot be used on all household items; however, to help you decide your next DIY home decoration, here is a list of household items that do well with lacquer paint or finishing. 

Kitchen cabinets

Revamp your trunk with paint over the lacquer project.


House art, to mention a few.

Tips to get it Right the First Time

Allow the paint to dry up completely, unlike ordinary paint, lacquer is different and behaves differently under different weather conditions, to ensure your final look is not distorted allow your layers to dry. 

Use a synthetic brush with fine bristles, this brush paints a thin, evenly distributed layer preventing bubbling. 

Safety Concerns and Measures

Lacquer paints are highly toxin, and although manufacturers have tried to produce environment-friendly lacquer, most of the paints are still lethal, thus a need to maintain high safety procedures. 

Use a respirator, due to their toxic nature, painting without a respirator might cause severe health damage to your lungs. Always use a respirator when using lacquer paint

Secondly, paint in an open area, unlike ordinary paints that can be used for household purposes and in interior spaces. Lacquer paints require you to be in an open area. 

The third safety procedure is wearing safety clothes and gloves when in contact with your skin one is advised to wash thoroughly under running water as contact with your skin may lead to irritation or other skin conditions. Also, when using lacquer paint, do not leave your hair uncovered. 

Lacquer paints are highly flammable, avoid working near heat sources. 

Personal Care

Avoid eating or drinking in the work area

Avoid storing your food or drink near the working area

If possible, always take a shower before changing into your day clothes. 

In case of contact, here are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Skin irritation


Running nose


Fever and sore throat 

In case of any of these symptoms, give first aid treatment before seeking further medical attention. 

The health and safety concern may scare you away from using lacquer but, with proper safety procedures and personal care, the project is not only cost-effective but is also fast. More advantages of using lacquer paint include

Lacquer finishing is finer and beautiful compared to traditional paints. Giving your home a modern and serene ambiance.

Lacquer paints are cheaper compared to ordinary paints. Additionally, these paints are available in spray guns and aerosol sprays, making them ideal for DIY projects. 

Lacquer paints are not affected by the weather. Most lacquer paints dry fast even in warmer places compared to other paints. Lacquer is also not affected by dust, meaning one can apply varnish in any space without worrying about the final look.

Lacquer finishing’s are easier and faster to clean, owing to the smooth finish, having lacquer finished wood, meaning less time cleaning the kitchen cabinet.

hands in hand paint

Bottom Line on How to Paint Over Lacquer

Despite the procedures and time consumed in painting, lacquer paints provide much more value, with the above information you are not only equipped on how to get it right the first time but also understand health concerns to ensure you are not endangered. 

Painting is a fun experience, and with the right color paints, you can easily transform your home. Find out what paint does well with what part of the house, and for decorative items or furniture in the house, why not try out a new DIY experience by trying out painting over the already existing lacquer.

 But remember lacquer paint does not work on all surfaces but is ideal if you are looking for sheen and love noticing details on the items as the paints bring out the very best in the household materials. Also, paint behind the toilet with these tips.

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05 Jul 2021
how to paint behind a toilet

5 Tips on How to Paint Behind a Toilet Neatly

Painting your toilet does not have to cause you a headache or cost a huge amount of money from hiring a professional painter. You can easily and effectively do it yourself and achieve a professional and neat look. Here is how to paint behind a toilet neatly.

There are two main methods used to paint the back of the toilet, the traditional and modern approach. The concept in both these methods lies in the tools used and the final look. The modern approach may use a lot of time, and more resources, but provide a finer and smoother look. 

How to Paint Behind a Toilet

For others, the back of the toilet is rarely seen, and the need to have a smooth and perfect look may not be in their plan or budget. Both these methods, however, ensure you achieve and effectively paint the back of the toilet.

using a paint roller

For the modern method, you will need to use a roller and detailed brushes while in the traditional method, you could use a stick and rag or the Jimmy sponge stick. Besides being an ideal option for homeowners looking to reducing their spending, the traditional method is also suitable for smaller spaces as the tools used can fit in better, ensuring every part of the toilet gets painted. 

To learn more about how to paint behind the toilet neatly read on as we go through 5 must-have tips for a perfect DIY toilet painting project, as well as tools to ensure your work is easier. 

But first,

You need to clean your toilet, though an integral part of the house, the bathroom can sometimes be smelly, to ensure you do not rush through the painting due to the smell, thoroughly clean the bathroom. It will not only help to clean the toilet bowl but the floor and the tank as well. After cleaning the toilet, ensure the toilet is dry, remember you will be on your knees and hands a lot, you do not want to get all messy. 

Second, assemble your painting tools, to achieve a professional look; you will also need to use professional tools. The secret in achieving a great final look is in the tools, invest in high-quality painting tools and paint. Assembling your devices also reduces movement, preventing accidents or spillages. 

After preparing for the painting process, the five tips on how to paint behind the toilet include: 

Quality Mini Roller

Invest in a quality roller, this DIY project may be the beginning of more painting projects, why not use a quality roller that will not only avoid spillage, but also lays the paint better, prevents length on when painting and also lasts longer. 

Painting behind your toilet may turn out unattractive when you use the wrong roller. Although it is the back of the toilet, you need to ensure the paint lays on perfectly, saving on time and additional future cost. 

One such mini roller is the premier white woven roller. This roller has minimal splatter meaning less cleaning after the project, and also has a 6-inch frame; the woven roller is also great in providing an excellent finish on smooth surfaces. 

Additionally, when buying a roller, ask the salesperson for a sturdy handle.

But you may be wondering why not use a painting brush for this project. Painting brushes though effective do not provide different finishing. Rollers are designed to provide either a textured or smooth finishing and lay on paint much faster. This, however, does not mean that brushes are out of the question. 

An alternative to the mini roller.

Use a stick and rag, if the space between the tank and the wall is smaller, then consider using a stick and rag. Dip a rag in the paint but avoid excess paint on the cloth as it may spill, then with the help of the stick, roll the rag up and down. This method is slow and may not provide perfect lines, but will avoid detaching the water tank from the wall. 

Get the roller we recommend here on Amazon for an affordable price. 

Extension Pole

Now that you have your quality mini roller in place, what happens when you need to reach hidden spots on the back of the toilet or even paint the wall behind the toilet? You will need an adjustable pole, an adjustable pole will help you reach high areas without using a ladder, remember the bathroom is a small room and it may be unsafe to use a ladder. 

One effective extension pole in the market is the Mr. Long Pro Pole Extension, though light this extension pole is durable, strong and has a glass fiber handle making it comfortable and easy to use. When buying an extension pole, it is also essential to find out how secure the pole is after extending the length, the point in using an extension pole is avoiding accidents in small areas such as the toilet. 

Have a Variety of Brushes

When painting the back of the toilet, you will experience edges, angled surfaces, and other hidden areas, the water inlet pipe, on even the back of the water tank. Invest in a variety of brushes, use both angled and detailed brush. 

These brushes ensure you get a crisp, fine and cut-clean final look, the detail brush can be used to paint the water inlet pipe, while the angle pipe will be used to paint behind the water tank. 

Remember, the quality of the brush also determines the amount of paint absorbed in the paint, one feature to look out for is firm bristles on the brush, this not only ensures you get that clean-cut look but also allows you to use the brushes on more projects. 

Additionally when using water based paints, use polyester or nylon brushes, when using oil-based paint son the other hand, use a natural brush. 

Another tip when buying the brushes is using different size inches angled brushes, the best-angled brushes for a toilet project are 2 and 3 inches brushes. 

Turn on the Fan

You read that right, and wait, hear me out. The toilet is one of the most important parts of the house, to ensure your paint dries out fast, you will need to have fan, excess moisture in a room prevents your paint from drying quickly, and fan will help in solving the issue. 

On average, painting the back of your toilet should take a maximum of 3 hours. This, however, depends on the size of the bathroom and details and space on the back of the toilet. Another vital tip to help you finish the project faster is painting a thin skim coat. This coat should take approximately 30 minutes to dry. To smoothen the look, you could add one or two more layers, though three layers will need more time to dry, the fine look is long-lasting. 

Last Resort, Removing the Water Tank

As earlier on mentioned, if the roller does not fit, one could use a stick and rag to paint behind the water tank. However, if you are looking for a professional look and do not mind the detaching and attaching process of the water tank, then your last resort might be removing your tank. Caution, removing your water tank should never be an option if you have not tried other options. 

Also, removing a water tank may require more time; however, to ensure the painting process is a success, here is a guide on how to go about the entire process. 

Flush out the water in the water tank; secondly, turn off the water entering the tank through a valve attached to the wall. Now that your water tank is empty, unscrew the tank by removing the hose on the back of the tank and then removing the plastic nuts securing the tank to the wall. 

The tank should lift easily, after painting the back of the toilet and allowing it to dry, carefully screw back the tank by placing the nuts and bolts in the right positions, then turn on the water and flush the water to inspect any leakages or any malfunctions. 

using a paint brush

Bonus Tip

Use a Drop Cloth or Tarp

Have a drop cloth or tarp to help cover your floor from paint spillage, no matter how carefully you are when painting. A little spillage is unavoidable, but one could use old absorbent cloth around the house or buy a tarp. 

The aftercare for your equipment is another essential factor to consider. As earlier on mentioned, the mini-roller and brushes will not only serve in this project but will also be used in the future. 

To avoid mixing paints, wash your roller and brushes in running water and let dry.

Take Away on How to Paint Behind a Toilet Neatly

Painting behind the toilet is a fairly easy project, saving yourself money by hiring a professional painter, by merely investing in quality tools. With the above tips, you are sure to have a perfectly painted toilet. 

But remember, before embarking on this project, clean your toilet, if you suspect spillage make use of tarp and absorbent drop cloth. To ensure the fabric does not move around, you could use a painters tape. Finally, do not be in a hurry to paint the second or third coat as it may affect the final outcome, take time and allow the paint to dry. 

Get more tips here with our guide to renovating a bathroom. Read more here.

05 Jul 2021
mickey mouse room decorating ideas

15 Cute Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

You probably are a Mickey Mouse lover or your kid is. Then Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas are for you. The character has been a kid since 1928 making it a pretty sure deal to find relevant room decor products from your favorite store.

However, the internet is saturated with products, DIY ideas, recipes and decor simulated options to spruce up your room looks. The many products can leave you wondering where to start and what you need to have a stunning room decoration for you and your loved ones.

Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

Whether it is a birthday party you are planning or you are just finding the best design for your junior’s room, choosing the color palette to use for your decor will make the whole task easy. It is easier when you focus on individual parts of the room when doing purchases to get an easier task when decorating your room.

Choose one distinct area to be the focal point for your decorating efforts. Trying to decorate every corner of your room is the worst mistake you can make. Balloons, banners and paper pompoms just to mention are some of the decors that can spruce up the looks of your room to a whole new experience.

Wall Banners

Banners add a pop of color and texture to your room with ease. Hanging a banner in one of your favorite chairs or at the corner livens your room with a piece of art you would however not find anywhere else. The banners, hanged on walls can positively contribute to wall decor without any negative impression on your room.

Get your very own Mickey Mouse banner here! Perfect for bringing the theme to life. 

Mickey Mouse Twodle Balloons

As mentioned earlier, choosing a focal point to set up your room decor is always a nice idea. Getting a set of mickey mouse twodle balloons to hang under your ceiling is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Balloons are relatively cheaper and will serve a great purpose in spicing up the looks of your room while maintaining your low budget as well. 

Mickey Mouse Hanging Honeycombs

With the different colors and sizes, they come in, the honeycombs are perfect decorations for your room. The honeycombs have already assembled ears so your work is only hanging them by the rope and you are good to go.

Get yours here on Amazon for an affordable price today.

Mickey Mouse Wall Clock

Everyone loves keeping time whether they are a mickey mouse fan or not. The mickey mouse wall clock will boost your experience while in your room and enable you to arrive on time for all your meetings. The cute design will remind you of the classic cartoon character. The clock has super big digits which will have you know the time without necessarily moving closer. 

Mickey Mouse Jersey Curtains

Curtains, other than regulating light in your room, can be a decor tool too. Moreso, curtains are a double edges tool since they can be viewed from both in and out of your room (if they are installed in the windows). The mickey mouse jersey curtains are perfect for your kids’ bedroom or playroom. Matched with a coordinating bedding and some other accessories, curtains can make your room stunning and attractive. 

Purchase adorable Mickey curtains on Amazon today here! 

Mickey Mouse Wooden Shelf

If you are after spicing up your room’s looks as well as find some storage for your assets, the mickey mouse wooden shelf is for you.with the different storage capacities and sizes, you have a variety to choose from. The shelves should be chosen according to your color preference and the size of your room. 

Mickey Mouse Woven Blankets

To keep you warm and impress your eyes in a single move, have the mickey mouse woven blanket in mind when purchasing mickey mouse decor for your room. With the multi-color designs available on the market, you are sure to get what your eyes will like. Most of the blankets are 100% polyester ensuring you stay with the product for a long time without fear of wear and tear.

Welcome Visitors With The Mickey Mouse Door Rug

Mats are a natural way of welcoming visitors to your home. With the character’s vinyl on the mat, the mickey mouse door rag will give your visitors a heartstopping visit even before you open your door. Friends to your kids will definitely love to come back again and again courtesy of the mickey mouse doormats. 

See our recommended Mickey door rug here.

Mickey Mouse Ceramics

From cups, spoons, plates, mention it all. Mickey mouse ceramics are a great pointy of investment if you are a true fan of the amazing Disney character. The ceramics come in a multicolor set giving you ultimate control of what you want. Moreso, if you are not into purchasing another set of ceramics, you can take your existing ones to a paler and get them printed the mickey mouse vinyl. Your kids will enjoy carrying the mickey mouse cookie jar to school rest assured of their snack’s safety. 


While you’re here, don’t miss our guide to unique Batman room decor ideas!


Mickey Mouse Decorative Lights

The Disney decorative lights are hand crafted to give excellent quality and impressive design. With the high light intensity quality, the lights are ideal for any activities in the room. From studying to entertainment, light is an important aspect of a room. Moreso, the lights come in a set making all your rooms covered at the same price at once. 

Mickey Mouse Picture Frames

Just above the bookshelf, pictures of you and those you love will give soothing memories whenever you are relaxing or studying. The mickey mouse picture frames are ideal for keeping your photos. The frames come in different sizes hence can accomodate pictures of any size without compromise. 

Mickey Mouse Wall Print

Prints on your wall make a great impression of yourself to any visitor in your room. For your love for mickey mouse, get your favorite artist to have your walls painted with the mickey mouse wall print. Wall decor depends absolutely on the paint you chose for quality and perfect results.

Mickey Mouse Bedding Set

For your family’s love for mickey mouse, the Mickey bedding set available here is all you need. Bring the excitement to your kid’s rooms with 100% polyester bedding. These beddings themed with mickey mouse’s prints are ideal for any kid who is a fan of the great Disney character.

From the pillows with mickey’s prints, the beds will have a stunning look and this spruces up the looks of the whole room altogether. The pillows, just to mention will give an attractive look and sooth down your kids every evening they turn to their beds for rest. Mickey mouse prints on your pillows will elevate your relaxation and impression whenever you are in your room.

Mickey Mouse Mirror Frames

Mirrors are a center point for any room’s decor. With the impressive ability to double up the looks of your room through reflection, getting a mirror with a feature you like is an icing on the cake. The mickey mouse mirror frames and holders will hold your mirrors in position for an impressive look and reflection of your room’s decor.

Mickey Mouse Cutout Wallhogs

Wallhogs are undisputably a great way to fill your walls with impressive decor. Having cutouts of your favourite character (mickey) is more sugar on the plate. From the different scenes, you can get your favourite shape of mickey mouse cut out and stuck on your wall. This will boost your fanship for the character as well as spice up the looks of your room. 

Get your perfect Mickey Mouse cutout here on Amazon.

a person holding mickey mouse baloons

Explore New Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

Your love for mickey mouse should not end on the screens. This, just to mention  are the best Mickey Mouse Room Decorating Ideas style=”font-weight: 400;”> to have your room meet your imaginations. Before purchasomg the decor and installing it in your favourite room, several factors should be considered. The size of your room will directly determine the patterns of the wall art you employ. With a small wall, you are advised to pick a smaller art and do it repetitively all over the wall to create an exciting pattern.

Check out our guide to 20 themes for kid’s bedrooms here!

05 Jul 2021
teenage bathroom decorating ideas

15 Clever Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Most teenagers spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially girls. Having Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas will help you get the most out of your bathroom for teenagers in the house.

The bathroom is usually less considered during home decor. But then again it is a part of the house that is always used and therefore deserves some decoration to make it resemble or blend in with the rest of the house.

Decorating or upgrading a bathroom is an easy decor fix. Some of the easy decors that can be input in a bathroom include the following are ideas that make the bathroom look amazing.

a teenager making her hair

Touch of Greene

This is where a lush plant, a colorful rug, and unexpected window treatments are all inputs, making the bathroom feel as decorative as the rest of the house.

You can also try inputting a small potted orchid or asparagus fern in a corner either of this will thrive in humidity in the bathroom. You can also use a fiddle leaf instead.

Her you can also install mini succulent plants to grow trailing veins  such as fresh relaxing eucalyptus branches for a mini aroma therapy treatment each morning. The scented stem let off a relaxing fragrance in the bathroom.

Modern Farm Teen Bathroom

The modern farmhouse teen bathroom by a New York City-based Chan go Company was created mostly for girls.

The pink farmhouse pendant light over the vanity is a sweet touch with a nice style. The blue and white tile floor is a modern update with real staying power. It has a shiplap wall that will not feel dated no matter how long it will stay.

Black and White Bathroom for Three Teenage Boys

The design is by Cortney Bishop out of Charleston, South Carolina is created out of the trough sink which accommodates three teenagers at the same time. It has a large mirror above it and three industrial light fixtures.


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A post shared by Cortney Bishop Design (@cortneybishopdesign) on

It also consists of black and white floor tiles which add a pop of timeless pattern. It is also installed with built-in cabinets on the wall that provide plenty of bathroom storage.

Graffiti Bathroom

For teenagers who are lovers of art, this can be a very eye-popping feature on the walls. Here the bathroom is designed such that on the walls are black square ceramic tiles.

On the walls in the bathroom some nice graffiti art this personalizes a space like feature wall. There is also a porthole inspired mirror that is placed on the wall adding a nautical touch to the graffiti art on the walls.

Teen Bathroom Brimming With Grown Up Appeal

This is a design built by Terra Cotta Design-Build based in Decatur, Georgia. This idea makes a teen feel grown up with a transitional bathroom that feels very adult-like. Covering the floor are penny round tiles made of durable porcelain.

It is also decorated with quartz which is both moisture and heat resistant. It is also made up of blue shaker style cabinets that provide plenty of space for storage.

Modern Rustic Bathroom for a Teenage Boy

This was originally a design by a New York-based by a home design and Remodeling Company which created this modern rustic bathroom for a teenage boy. It is made up of black and white tiles on the floor which adds a show-stealing pattern.

Blending into the color is a rough-hewed cabinet and matching shelf for storage.

There is also a black shower and tub fixture which blend in perfectly with the white subway tile. It is also made of a compact mirror on the wall above the cabinet and above it is a brass light.


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A post shared by Carrie Holland Design (@carriehollanddesign) on

Retro Inspired Teen Bathroom with Art Deco accents

In this type of bathroom, the walls are painted a shade called spirit. On the floor are black and white tiles in classic art deco patterns.

It contains a large cabinet of any design but the knobs resemble sea glass. This bathroom space is suitable mostly for girls.

Neutral Teen Bathroom for Boys

Here is a normal and neutral teen bathroom with plenty of boyish appeal. On the ceiling and above the vanity mirror hangs nautical light fixture.

The sink is a normal retro-inspired cast iron. On the walls on the right conceal a whimsical faucet print which is the bathroom storage.

Contemporary Pink Glitter Bathroom

Here there are sparkly mosaic tiles placed both on the outside of the tub and on the floor and on the walls.

This reflects light beautifully and adds a girly touch to his modern bathroom. The tiles also glitter in shades of pink and white giving the room a unique and fun look. This is a unique room, especially for girls.


Read our 10 bathroom ideas here for a neater space in your home. 

Floral Wallpaper

This is an easy decor to the bathroom, here is a low commitment makeover where you get a chance to fix an easy decor like by adding bold blooms to your bathroom.

Floral wallpaper is a suitable bathroom for mostly boys but can be used by both genders since it is just an easy decor to make the bathroom looks amazing. It is basically changing the old stuff with new good looking stuff

Fresh Paint

A simple coat in a fresh shade can make the bathroom feel new. Here the décor is done by changing the existing decor with mostly a white crispy-like Benjamin Moore color.

Here the decor color of paint should be changed to a resistant formula that stands up to humid conditions. Making it remain clean and neat all the time. Paint can make a Bathroom more inviting to Teenagers.

water from a shower

Polished Fixtures

In this, the decor is based mostly on the sink and shelves giving the bathroom a vanity personality.

The sink is dressed up with a new faucet. The uniqueness includes the polished chrome or copper brushed, nickel or bronze and even brass or matte black on the shelves and knobs.

This gives the room a fantastic look. This bathroom is effective for all teem due to its amazing look. Here a chair can also be added to give the room a fantastic look. The chair is put near shelves that are close to the mirror to one in getting ready in style. 

Doubled Up Curtains

Here the decor is easy in that you frame a basic shower stall with a set of matching curtains to turn into an artful focal point. The curtains should match the tiles or the floor color.

The curtains not only provide a nice setup to the bathroom but also keep water off the floor setup is suitable for home bathroom and therefore perfect for both boys and girls. The curtains also provide privacy and space in the room especially if it is a home bathroom.

Dramatic Lighting

In this type of decor, a chandelier is input above the bathtub mostly hanging below the ceiling. This provides a glam overhead lighting in the room and also sets the mood in the bathroom too.

The chandelier blends perfectly with the designs in the bathroom. The decor with chandelier makes the room look extravagant and expensive making it perfect for teenagers especially girls.

Soothing Lavender

Purple conjures up associations with luxury and royalty. The purple color is a best used especially in a spacious room.

It is a very attractive color and looks especially to girls since it brings up that girlish and neat look.

This is also an easy upgrade and looks to put in place in a bathroom since the color is the one that is repainted. Then items like the bathtub and shelves that blend with the color are placed. This is a very good upgrade to your bathroom space.

Updated Hardware

This is a renovation idea to your bathroom and its interiors. It is done by simply swapping out drawer pulls giving your bathroom a brand new look. This is also done at a cheap cost since you don’t purchase new vanity.

Here you install modern sleek feel with a bar pull and add some personality with colorful ceramic knobs. This provides a simple and amazing look to the bathroom. The bathroom new look is both for adults and teens of all gender.

teenage bathroom decorating ideas

Experiment the Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Those are some enticing ideas that can be used to decorate a teen bathroom. Generally decorating teenage bathrooms is easy depending on the ideas, what you want the gender of the teen and the size of the room.

Bathroom decors are the same as room decors and mostly depend on the person’s ideas and the interest he or she has.

Furthermore, it also depends on the amount of money one is willing to invest in decoration and renovating the bathroom.

One may also choose to seek expert help in the decorations from interior design companies which will help you renovate and decorate your teenage bathrooms with Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas.

One can also always create a do-over with the older bathroom by changing the paint or vanity in there.

How long does it take to renovate a bathroom? Read our guide here to find out.




05 Jul 2021
bathroom/laundry room ideas

10 Bathroom /Laundry Room Ideas for a Neater Space

Do you walk into your bathroom/laundry room and keep pushing your feet through the clutter on the floor? Knocking your knees on wrongly placed baskets or unable to find one side of your socks? Create a relaxing, neat and clutter-free space by implementing these 10 bathroom/laundry room ideas for a neater space.  

Bathroom/Laundry Room Ideas

a clutter free bathroom

1. Labeling Laundry Containers

It’s crucial to label bathroom/laundry containers containing clutter. Even if your clutters are orderly, labeling them makes it easier to know which items are in which bin.

So why bother labeling containers?

  • Labeling gives clear guidance to other members of the household on where to put items and where to find them. This avoids the mess up of not knowing where to put items or where to find them. Putting clutter into their designated containers leaves you with a well tidy and organized bathroom/laundry room.
  • Labeling gives you an easier time as you know where to find or put clutters. This is helpful especially when you have opaque containers as you don’t have to wade through them looking for certain items. For example, labeling a container containing cotton swabs as ‘cotton swabs’. 

Here are labels you can use.

[lasso amazon_url=”https://www.amazon.com/Bathroom-Preprinted-Organization-Talented-Resistant/dp/B07MQ3HGVX” link_id=”1603″]

2. Acquiring Stackable Laundry Baskets

Baskets are a must-have in the bathroom/laundry room. They come handy in organizing your laundry. You can assort different items in different baskets. For instance, you can have a basket for dry clean towels, a basket for damp towels and many more. Let these baskets be stackable.

So why have stackable baskets?

  • Having baskets that can stack up makes your bathroom/laundry room to be spacious compared to having stand-alone baskets.
  • Besides, a basket that stacks up makes your bathroom/laundry room look tidy and well-organized.

3. Installing Slimline Shelves on the Laundry Walls

Above the normal horizontal shelves, you can install a slimline shelf. These are shelves that are tall and narrowly structured. So what value does installing a slimline shelf add to your bathroom/laundry room?

  • A slimline shelf is a must-have solution to enhance a well tidy, organized bathroom/laundry room. In them, you can store so many items. They are very essential especially when you have a smaller bathroom. Having in place slimline shelves leaves you with a spacious, brighter and clutter-free bathroom/laundry room. So why not have one or two in place.

4. Fixing Shelves Behind the Laundry Door

Behind the bathroom/laundry door is an often-overlooked space on which shelves can be installed in. Having a relaxing, spacious and neat bathroom/laundry room comes with utilizing to the maximum every available space thus behind the door is no exception.

So why utilize the space behind the bathroom/laundry door?

  • Installing shelves behind the bathroom/laundry door accommodates more items.
  • It saves you space
  • It makes everything appear orderly and well organized.


5. Installing a Shelf Under the Sink

I guess it’s so irritating when every time you mob, you find cluttered items under the sink. Whichever items they are, have in place an under sink shelf to arrange them neatly. This space can be ideal for items like paints, painting brushes, and some old paintings.

Having an under sink self is inexpensive and saves you a whole lot of space. And this enhances your bathroom/laundry room organization skills. 

6. Installing Shelves on the Wall Above the Washer and Dryer

That space above the washer and dryer shouldn’t be left unexploited. Install a shelf there to carry more items. Having in place shelves will leave you with a neat and well-organized laundry room. Some of the items you can store on these shelves are; toiletries, detergents, disinfectants, make-up among other items.

7. Painting Laundry Wall With White Colour Paint

Often people don’t have a keen interest in the paint colors for their bathroom/laundry room. A choice of color could brighten your laundry room or makes it appear dull but who wants to be in a dull room? I guess none. A good choice is white paint. You can also apply the white paint on your laundry cabinets’ and baskets.

You will never go wrong with a white paint color. Reasons?

  • A white paint color reflects light, making your bathroom/laundry room appear larger. 
  • When you neatly organize your bathroom/laundry room, the color white paint brightens it, enhancing its neatness.
  • The white color spreads light around the house, making it easy to spot stains.
  • Besides, it creates a bright ambiance within the room which in turn, uplifts your mood when carrying out laundry chores.

a white theme bathroom/ bathroom/laundry room ideas

8.Fixing Cloth Rods on the Walls

Inadequate storage items is likely to make your laundry room a breeding ground for clutter. This makes the room with a heap of mixed up clutter. In addition to having baskets, shelves and containers, having cloth rods are crucial. Why?

  • Because it serves as a space for hanging up damp clothes from the dryer to dry further.
  • It serves as a space to hang delicate items that you would wish to air-dry.
  • A cloth rod enabled you to have wrinkle-free clothes.

9. Installing Wall Hooks on the Wall

If you don’t have wall hooks, then let it be the first on your to-do list. Wall hooks act as additional storage space in the laundry room. Below are some of the items which you can hang on wall hooks.

  • Keys
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Aprons
  • Shower towels
  • Headphones
  • Pictures

10.Putting Sorting Baskets in the Laundry

Having a functional laundry basket requires adequate baskets for sorting out your laundry. Sorting baskets will free you from the overwhelming dirty laundry, scattered everywhere in the bathroom/laundry room. So having sorting baskets is an important aspect of achieving a well organized tidy laundry room.

Different sorting baskets serve different purposes. For instance, you can have in place an assorting basket meant for dirty laundry. You can also have an assorting basket specifically for clean but unfolded clothes. To add to, you can also have a basket for keeping lightly worn clothes.

Sorting baskets are not only tied to the bathroom/laundry room but should also be put in the bedrooms. Why have sorting baskets in the bedroom? To store dirty clothes waiting to be taken to the laundry, failure to which, you will end up with a messy bedroom. Besides, you can have baskets to temporarily hold clean clothes from the laundry before being put into their rightful places.

It’s important to also have to sort baskets for sorting out colored clothes. This saves you the hustle and time of sorting out colored clothes into their specific baskets on the D-day of washing clothes. Besides, it is important to teach other household members to make this a part of their daily routine

Besides, you can have in place carrying baskets meant for carrying dirty laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room as well as basket for carrying clean clothes from the laundry room to the bedroom.

So Why is it Important to Implement These 10 Bathroom/Laundry Room Ideas?

These ideas are important because first and foremost you will be having a well organized neat laundry room.

Second, you will have an easy time handling your laundry. For example, having different sorting baskets enables you to easily identify where dirty clothes are as well as clean ones. Labeling also makes your work simple as you can identify different items and different containers without having to turn things upside down.

Following these ideas will free you from having lost items. For instance, it’s usually tasking searching for a lost key, that’s why having wall hooks for hanging such kind of items is important.

Implementing these 10 ideas enables you to have a comfortable working environment for carrying out your laundry because it is quite irritating to be working in the laundry with clutter all around.

A well-organized laundry room is easy to clean hence not having some damp socks somewhere between the washer and dryer. This can collect some bacteria which are health hazardous. Besides, you will be free from dirt and dust which can easily irritate your sinuses.

These ideas enable you to have a spacious bathroom/laundry room. You will have an easy time walking in and out without struggling on your way through. This is why having stackable baskets comes in handy in saving space.

bathroom/laundry room ideas

Final Thought

I guess it’s everyone’s desire to have a neat and well-organized bathroom/laundry room. This makes your laundry room serene, admirable and you’re able to carry out tasks effortlessly and efficiently. Implementing the above 10 bathroom/laundry ideas will be the ideal thing to do to your bathroom/laundry room.

These ideas are inexpensive and easy to implement. They will save you time, energy and minimize trips in collecting and sorting out laundry.


Check out our 5 tips for painting behind a toilet neatly! 


We hope you’ve found our guide to bathroom/laundry room ideas useful!

05 Jul 2021
how to make longer curtains

How To Make Curtains Longer: 3 Ways To Extend Curtain Length Beautifully

The demand for long curtains is on the rise. Sometimes, a 90-inch drop isn’t just enough, and wanting a bit more length is always desired. Curtains that are too short can make your room look smaller. This is the reason why most people opt to look for curtains with a 108-inch drop. The problem though is knowing How To Make Curtains Longer and maintain its beauty. 

How to Make Curtains Longer

You need to have a longer curtain if your building has a tall ceiling and a 90-inch curtain cannot fit in. These longer curtains are also seen to be very stylish as the ‘ceiling to floor’ look is becoming increasingly popular when people are choosing curtains for their homes. Longer curtains can make your smaller room feel spacious. However, did you know that you can make your curtains longer on your own? The following are three ways How To Make Curtains Longer.

long curtains

How to Make Curtains Longer

1. Purchase Curtain Rings

Curtain rings can help to add several inches to your curtains. This gives you the length that you need to have your curtains reach the floor or just above it. You, therefore, need to set a budget for these rings. Sometimes, you might have to dig deeper into your pocket if you buy them from certain stores. 

The good news is that you can buy them from Amazon and still get a discount. In most cases, these rings usually come in different sizes. They can come in either 1.5 inches or 2 inches. When buying these rings, you should check the width of your curtain rods. This is because these rings need to fit on the rod easily.

Each panel can have at least seven rings or even more if the panel is wide. However, the most important thing is to space the rings out. The clips on the rings will help you to hang your curtain well. These rings can help you make your curtains long enough. Your curtain might just hang above the floor or just graze it.


Check out our guide to how to get layered curtains using one rod. Read more here! 

2. Redo the Bottom Seam

The bottom seam of any curtain is usually a large edge of fabric that is folded over and then a smaller amount of material folded and sewn. If your curtains are short in length, you can undo the seam and create a new seam where you can fold a small amount of fabric cover. A seam ripper can help you to undo your seam. Once you open the first fold, only one fold will be left on the fabric. This fold will be left with no stitches. Two ways can help you redo the bottom seam where the fold is at.

One of these ways is to sew it. Using a sewing machine, you can run a straight line of stitches along the fabric, and you will have lengthened your curtains by a few inches. If you do not have a sewing machine at home, you can try to increase the bottom edge of your curtain. 

Here you can get a ribbon-like roll type of a fabric tape known as stitch witchery and then roll it out in two pieces of fabric. Once this is done, you can heat the iron and then press the areas that you have placed the stitch witchery. This can help to fuse the two pieces. One advantage of using stitch witchery is that it can make your curtain last for many years despite being handled carelessly.

how to make curtains longer

3. Sew On Some Additional Fabric

This is an easy way of adding more inches to your curtains. All you have to do is to sew the fabric that you have onto the bottom of the curtain. As you do this, you need to choose a color that goes well with the current fabric of the curtain. However, as you plan to add some fabric onto your curtain, you should follow certain steps. 

First and foremost, you should hang the curtain and get an accurate measure of how much material you want to add. Here you should measure the distance between the end of the curtain to the floor. You should then double up this distance as you will have to fold the material you want to sew to the bottom of the curtain panel. For the seam allowance, you can add one more inch.

Having determined these dimensions, you can then cut your material and then use a hot iron to fold the material into two. This can help you make a neat edge and hide the frayed edge. You can then add this material to your curtain and then sew it. Once this is done, you can then use a hot iron to press the seams and curtain for a beautiful finished look.

As you add some fabric on your curtain, you can consider creating a contrasting or a monochromatic effect. All these depend on your preferences and your overall decorative style.

long curtains in the living room/how to make curtains longer

There are instances when you’ll prefer to sew on some lace on your curtain. However, you must ensure that your curtain goes well with the lace. You can then add a piece of lace at the bottom of your curtain. Remember that the lace requires more refined sewing. It will help if you are careful so that it can retain a beautiful outlook once you have added it separately. A sewing machine with a fine needle can help you achieve this objective. Once you have sewed it, you can then iron the curtain and then hang it on the rod to look more appealing.

If you choose to add a ribbon to your curtain, you should ensure that it complements the color of your curtain and the theme of the room. When you use it with lace ruffles, your curtain n will look longer than before. A longer curtain can help to prevent light from getting into your bedroom at night. Besides, it can also help to optimize your privacy. 

No one will be able to peep from outside. Long curtains can make your room look bigger than it is. These ideas can help increase the length of your curtain beautifully. Try them today, and you will not be frustrated. Then hang two curtains on one rod with these tips.

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how to tile a ceiling properly

How To Tile a Ceiling Properly By Yourself: Step by Step Guide and Top Tips

If you are wondering how to Tile a Ceiling by yourself, then read this. If you have chosen to remodel or build a new home, there are many options that you can consider. Tiling, aside from painting, is a good option if you want to improve the aesthetic value of your home. You can install them either in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even in the outdoor section of your house.

How to Tile a Ceiling

They are fantastic and most preferred for creating the desired atmosphere. Their timeless appeal and durable nature make them more popular in many homes. The good news is that they come in a wide range of textures, colors, and even patterns. Besides, they are easy to clean and maintain. Since they provide a long-life flooring solution, they are therefore ideal for many homes.

Your celling is an essential part of your home. You need to make it look more attractive. Tiling it can help you achieve this goal. You can either hire an expert to do this for you or just choose to do this on your own. Here, we shall look at the essential steps that you should follow when tiling your ceiling:

tile patterns

How to Tile a Ceiling

1. Clean the Ceiling

Your ceiling might be dirty due to dust and other debris. You should clean it first using broom covered with a tee-shirt to get rid of the excess dirt. If the ceiling is greasy, you can use a wet sponge to get rid of the grease. An all-purpose cleaner can help you get rid of this dirt more effectively. The good news is that a clean surface will enable your tiles to stick well. Once you have cleaned the ceiling, you should let it dry thoroughly before applying your tiles.

2. Measure the Square Footage of Your Room

A measuring tape can help you know the dimensions of your ceiling. You will be able to know how wide and long your ceiling is. Get the product of these dimensions to get the actual square footage. For instance, if your ceiling is 15’ long and 18’ wide, the square footage of the ceiling is 270’.

3. Determine the Number of Tiles that You Need

You still need to get the square footage of each tile again. Here, you can measure the length and the width of the tiles and get the product of these dimensions. Once you have the square footage of each tile, you can then divide the square footage of the ceiling by the square footage of one tile. This will help you know the number of tiles that you need to install on your ceiling. It is always advisable that you avoid buying the exact number of tiles that your ceiling needs. You should instead buy at least 15% more tiles than you need. As such, you will be able to replace the damaged tiles whenever you cut any one of them by mistake.

4. Remove Any Fixtures or Vents on the Ceiling

You likely have some light fixtures or fans on your ceiling, like this one available on Amazon. You should remove them first so that you can have an easy time installing the tiles on your ceiling. If you try to install the tiles when these fixtures are still there, you might end up damaging the fixtures. You should take your time when removing these fixtures and probably clean them so that they can look more appealing.

5. Find the Center of the Room

You can use chalk lines to find the center of the room. In this case, you need to measure halfway across each wall in opposite directions. Someone can hold the chalk line or reel for you as you walk to the opposite end of the room. Snap the chalk line and repeat it in the other direction. The center is where the lines cross. A carpenter’s square can help ensure that the lines form 90-degree angles.

6. Apply Cement or Adhesive To Your Tiles

A form brush or a putty knife can help you apply cement at the back of your tiles. You should spread the adhesive to the four corners of the ceiling tile. Remember that each tile usually has a particular adhesive suitable for it. In this case, you need to check tile package instructions to determine the right adhesive for your tiles.

7. Apply the Whole Tile to the Ceiling

First and foremost, you should place the tile n the center of the room. This is where the two chalk lines intersect. You should then press firmly against the ceiling and ensure that it is leveled well. If it is not aligned properly, you can align it well. Once this tile is fixed, you can then place the other tiles from the center of your ceiling until you reach the end of your room. The chalk line will guide you in this undertaking.

8. Cut the Tiles for Fixtures

Once you reach the fixture hole, you should measure the size and shape of the hole and then locate where it will be on the tile you intend to place. These measurements can help you draw and cut the hole more accurately without damaging the tile. Once this is done, you can then apply some glue and then place the tile on the ceiling where the fixture will be. You should always ensure that the hole is completely visible. Doing some tests can help prevent making some mistakes when installing the tile on the ceiling. Besides, this helps you to install the fixture easily.

9. Measure and Cut the Edge Tiles

As you finish tiling your ceiling, you will notice that some sections will not be entirely tiled. In this case, you’ll need to measure the exact sizes of the tile for the edges. Once this is done, you can then cut the tiles and then apply some glue on the backside and finally press the tile against the ceiling. You should do this for all the edges. You must ensure that the tiles fit well. The tile should not be too tight or too difficult to install.

10. Attach the Molding to the Borders

You can choose to attach molds to the borders, but this is optional. If you choose to do this, you should use a staple or a nail gun to secure the molding to the wall. You can then fill the holes with wood filler and then paint the molding. The good news is that molding can help make your room look more polished.

The following are some essential tips that you should consider when installing tiles on your ceiling:

1. Use Grout to Your Creative Advantage

You might think that tile grout is merely a filler for tile seams. However, this is not always the case. The grout can be used to enhance the outlook of your ceiling tiles. You should ensure that the color of the grout is slightly different from that of the tiles. It can either be darker or slightly lighter.

2. Always Order for More Tiles

Once you have known the exact number of tiles that you need to install on your ceiling, you should consider getting more than the exact number. Ideally, you should purpose to order between 10-15% tiles than what you need for your ceiling. This helps to take into account any cuts that need to be made and for any damaged tiles. If you fail to order more tiles, your work might remain unfinished and even end up taking longer than usual to complete it.

3. Use the Right Adhesive

You need to choose the right adhesive for your tiles. Each tile usually has its adhesive that you should use when installing the tiles on your ceiling. If you fail to use the right adhesive, your tiles might not stick well. You might not even end up with a good finish. The package of the tiles usually contains more information regarding the adhesive that you should use for those tiles.

4. Remember to Clean the Ceiling

You should always get rid of excess dirt on your ceiling before finally installing the tiles. You should get rid of grease, cutting compounds, and other forms of contamination that might make your tiles not to stick well. This exercise might take time, but it is worth it. Besides, the tiles should be clean and dry. If the back of the tiles is dirty, you should clean it first before applying the adhesive.

5. Ensure that the Tiles in Good Contact with the Adhesive

The whole back of each tile should be in good contact with the adhesive. In this case, you should press the tiles firmly into the adhesive to minimize the chances of voids occurring beneath the tiles.

6. Let the Tiles Have a Symmetrical Tile Layout

Did you know that symmetry pleases the eye and the brain? This is the reason why you should ensure that your tiles’ layout is symmetrical. If it happens to be asymmetrical, one will be able to know that something is not right. In this case, you should ensure that the tiles are of the same size. You should avoid having full-size tiles on one side and half-size tiles on the other side.

7. Reduce Tile-cutting

You are bound to cut a few tiles if the full ones are not enough. However, did you know that cutting the tiles can make them look jumbled and visually chaotic? Ideally, you should try as much as you can to use full tiles. The more full tiles that you use, the better. This not only improved the outlook of your ceiling tiles but also minimized your work. If you have to cut the tiles, you should consider using a wet tile saw. It is considered better than a rail tile-cutter.

8. Try to Avoid Tiles that are Less than Half-size

Since you want to have an attractive ceiling, you should try to avoid having skinny tiles. Such tiles usually draw a lot of attention from onlookers as they are different from others. In this case, you should try using cut tiles that are between half and full-size. Anything less than half-size will look awkward.

9. Get a Helper

You cannot manage to cut the tiles and still fix it on your own. You might get too tired and even fail to complete the project in good time. Getting a helper can enable you to finish your work on time. He or she can be cutting the tile as you install them. You can also choose to apply the adhesive as he installs the tiles. This makes the work easier.

10. Clean out the Squeeze-out

Your tiles are likely to have some excess squeeze-out after installing them on your ceiling. You should not leave the tile this way for long. A utility knife can help you to plow excess thin-set out of the joints more effectively. This can make your tiles to look more attractive.

tiles in patterns/How to Tile a Ceiling

11. Get Tiles from a Reputable Manufacturer

Many people claim to sell high-quality tiles, but this is not always the case. Remember that tiling your ceiling is a good investment for your home. You should, therefore, look for a reliable supplier and buy quality tiles from them. You can even ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. This can help you save the problem of having to replace tiles now and then. If you choose to buy these tiles online, you should check the reviews of the seller. Ideally, he should have good reviews from different customers out there. This is an indication that you will get value for your money.

Good preparation is essential when one is installing ceiling tiles. You should set a budget for these tiles and then but tiles that match the theme of your house. They should complement the overall outlook of your house. You should have all the necessary tools that can enable you to install these tiles on your ceiling. You do not have to rely on an expert to install these tiles for you. Doing it on your own can help you save more money. Follow the above-mentioned guide and tips, and you will have a beautiful tiled ceiling.

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plant shelf decorating ideas

20 Gorgeous Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas

Everyone loves plants and letting them be in the house brings the fun closer. There are lots of Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas on the internet you probably have tried.

You may have just bought your first house plant and you are wondering where to position it. Well, here are some ideas to spice up your thoughts on house plants and how to ensure you get the best out of them.

plant shelves

Team Large Plants With Bright Colours

Your house plants should create a tropical feel in your house. For this reason, team up large, leafy species with furniture that poses brighter looks. We both love the idea of bright color and having your favorite plants near the colors spices up a new refreshing look. 

Choose An Attractive Plant Pot

Other than the standard plant pots, a real color inspired pots are a preferred opinion for many when it comes to selecting plant pots. Pots with outstanding designs spice up the looks of your living room leaving you a whole new experience. 

Check out our recommendation here on Amazon!

Enhance Natural Feel With Plant Life

Want a natural feel at your home? Create an indoor jungle you can control with well-chosen live plants. a humungous Swiss cheese plant is a starting point for this. With an earth-toned furniture design, live plants bring a lively breath of fresh air to your living room.

Match High Ceilings With Tall House Plant Species

If you have high ceilings, take it as an advantage and chose plants that make the most out of it. Taller house plant species give high ceilings a live look without necessarily swamping up your space. 

Chose A Variety That Minds Space

Space is a scarce resource everywhere if not anywhere. Regardless of the plant species or furniture design, you need some extra space for your living room. Go for easy to control species to set up a lively jungle at your living room.

A Wire Rack Enhances A Millennial Feel

Styled up with a wire rack to display, a varied assortment of plant life gives up a millennial feel. The wire rack offers a great solution to display your house plants at an eye-catching focal position from any point within the room. 

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Choose Delicate House Plants For a Sophisticated Feel

Delicate plants make an undisputable sophisticated feel to your dining space. A clever and use of mirrors to reflect the delicate plants gives a stunning and captivating look altogether. Other than making the room seem extra-large, the design is captivating and worth giving a shot. 

Display Plants On  A Ladder Shelf To Create An Industrial Vibe

House plants are an effective way to inject a popping color design to an otherwise monochrome scheme. Each plant adds a lively touch creating a more homely feel displaying your house plants on a ladder creates an industrial style decorating scheme your room will adapt easily.

Get one of the best affordable foldable ladder shelves here!

Display Your Plants In An Indoor Greenhouse

Plants increase happiness and productivity in your home. Miniature greenhouses with simple structures can bring your house plant experience to a whole new level. The different designs are a perfect idea for showcasing your greenery and bringing a controllable jungle to your living room.

Pick A Stylish Plant Stand

Choosing a stylish stand is the easiest option to make more of your greenery. A stylish stand does not only make it easy to experiment with the positioning of plants but also prevents cluttering up of space. If you have decide to introduce a variety of plants to your living room a stylish stand is the way to go. 

Check out this stylish flower rack plant stand here!

Fill Kitchen Worktops With House Plants

You definitely want to give your kitchen plenty of green appeal with house plants. Then pack out the corners with pots of easy-care plants. painting the walls green gives a deep sense of liveliness and color appreciation in your kitchen.

Create Colourful Accents With Plant Pots

House plant ideas do not only involve the plants but the pots as well. Colorful pots and well-selected plants can go a way up in cheering up your room. Teaming colorful pots together on a shelve somewhere brings out a more sense of color appreciation.

Group Pot Plants To Maximize Space Usage

If you are short of space to set up your plant shelves or are just looking for a way to make more of your house plants, grouping species together is a great way to go. Grouping pot plants together maximizes on space usage as well as boosts the looks of your indoor jungle. You can also hang your house plants on a stoneware tray to achieve the same function.

We recommend this indoor plant set, available here.

Get An Alternative Use For Wicker Baskets

Other than making your room simple yet stylish, wicker baskets offer a great solution for the storage of house plants. Other than hiding the baskets away, make them part of your greenery by using them for house plants. No matter the use of wicker baskets at your home, spare some to be part of your greenery. 

See this stylish and affordable basket available here.

Choose A Variety Of Plants To Enhance The Look and Feel

Capturing the eyes of visitors and staying in your house plants budget as well is a skill that everyone admires. Choosing a variety of species can help a great deal in enhancing the feel of your living room. A varied species of house plants grouped together bring an eye-catching experience whereas minimizes clashing color patterns. 

Try With The Height and Positioning Of House Plants

Smaller plants look good when clustered together. However, creating space by distributing plants at different heights is a great way of distributing greenery all over the place. 


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Check Out For Matching Vases

Arrange the vases in different shapes and positions to add clarity and interest to your house plants. Vases are a versatile component and can be easily manipulated to match your theme, vintage or color scheme. In the event of an earthquake, use museum patty to hold the fragile pieces in place.

Get your own classic planter vase here on Amazon.

Woven Baskets Give a Natural Feel

Woven baskets can be used to give your house plants a natural feel. With the variety of shapes and sizes, they come in, the baskets can spice up the shelf decoration as well as provide alternate storage for small items in the house.

Opaque baskets are ideal to keep the items on storage out of view. If the baskets are in higher height places, use them to store items that you less needed because you will need a chair or ladder to get them out. 

Choose from a range of colours with these storage baskets on Amazon.

Paint Enhances Looks

Use a matching paint color to enhance looks before placing your decorative house plants. Paint on the shelves complements the color and attracts attention as well. If your shelf is a built-in type, paint the inner surfaces with a neutral color like white or light grey. 

Arts and Pictures

Foyer shelves with house plants can be used to display pictures and pieces of art. Make use of the corners of the shelving by placing larger objects at the edges.

plant shelf decorating ideas

Arrange smaller pictures and art pieces on the front to capture the attention of your visitors. Remember to select larger photos that can give definite looks from a distance. 

Why not purchase a photo frame like this one available on Amazon for a piece of art work or a photograph.

A Book Shelf Officiates The Look

With a shelf of your favorite books near your house plants shelf, your room looks more official and under your control. Books can have up to six months to reach a sizable collection but once it is reached, incorporating them in your decorative tools is something worth trying.

We recommend this beautiful yet affordable book shelf here on Amazon. 

a flower pot next to a book shelf

Final Word on Gorgeous Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas

A lot other people still get stuck with questions on whether what to put on the plant shelf will be feminine or masculine. This is an ideal question that needs maximum address. The dilemma should lead to both participants to express their views on the Plant Shelf Decorating Ideas style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Also, decorate your entertainment center with these ideas.

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top entertainment centre decorating ideas

10 Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas

Your entertainment center is one of the most critical areas in your home. Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas includes having the devices arranged in a distinct order to bring a compelling effect. There are several aspects that most people consider. This includes a television set and some speakers.

A DVD player is also commonly used in an entertainment center. Games console is at the same time used in an entertainment center. But the most critical thing is that your entertainment center should be decorated. We are going to discuss the best ideas to use to decorate an entertainment center.

Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas

Using Books Arranged Near the Entertainment Centre.

One of the most creative ways of decorating your entertainment center is by arranging some books on shelves in the area. You can decide to move part of your library to the entertainment center. Arrange books near your entertainment devices like a television set. This can, however, range from your best pieces. Books with the most interesting cover pages can also be put into consideration. The main point is to make a good image out of the books for your entertainment center. 

Books have been used for the longest time possible since time immemorial. After writing was invented, books have been used in the decoration of even offices. It is the most popular method since books are more readily available. Majority of people have used books at one point in life.

Using Bookends as Decoration

Bookends are also an innovative way of decorating the entertainment center. The bookends also help solve a problem where the books would fall anyhow. Bookends are used in the top shelf so as to avoid falling of books Bookends can also be customized in order to bring out even a better image to the eye. You can visit creative merchants to have reliable bookends for your center.

Recycled products can also be put into use to have the bookends sustainable enough. In order to help the planet, we need to reduce the amount of things we buy, and recycle as much as we can instead.  It will also bring some solution to the current challenge of pollution. This method is also worth considering.

Arrange DVDs and Game Consoles on a Shelf

top of entertainment centre decorating ideas

Electrical devices and game consoles can be arranged on a shelf or entertainment centre tv stand with shelves. This style is even more similar to the use of books. Games are also an obsession for several people. Place your best games on the shelves. Go ahead and also place the games that have the best covers on the shelves. Do not forget to also store anything that is also used together with your console. Movies and series can also be arranged on the shelf. Remember to consider those with the best artistic covers or legendary covers first to make the impression better.

Arrange Photos With Frames on a Shelf

Come up with a collection of your family members’ framed photos. Get a space on the shelf and place them on a shelf. Framed photos will serve several purposes apart from beautifying your entertainment center. Photos will even act as a source of family unity for your family. Get the best moments for family members like weddings, graduations, and even photos will some legends. 

Use frames that are versatile and that will be usable on a frame. Do not get a frame that does not have a fold-out section. The stand should be available. Framed photos are very efficient in interior décor and even more so in the entertainment center. Your friends and pets can also be considered. Get the best shots with your friends framed and placed on a shelf.

Arrange Potted Plants on a Shelf

Potted plants can be traced back in history since they have been commonly used inside the house for decoration. They can also be installed in the entertainment center. Potted plants come in with nature into the house. They will bring in that aspect everyone honestly depends on. Nature is, therefore, a viable option to use for interior décor. 

Potted plants can, however, come up to be a disadvantage since their wet nature would affect your electronic devices. Artificial plants can be used since they will not be wet. Water may destroy your home electronics. Get potted plants that will not consume water.    

Place a Vase

A vase is also one of the most popular methods used in interior décor. A flower vase has also been put into use since time immemorial. Flower vases have almost the same impact as potted plants. The fact that they bring in nature into the homesteads is the reason for them being used by the majority of people. A vase or an urn is also sustainable in terms of price since the price is after all fair as compared to potted plants. You will, however, have to be consistent in the exchange of the plants. 

Get to choose the most beautiful flowers that are there in the market. We are looking at the best image for your entertainment center.

top of entertainment centre decorating ideas

Add Some Mirrors

Mirrors and lighting are best placed on the uppermost shelf. Mirrors will usually help to bring out the visual impression to your entertainment center. It is, therefore, best to place mirrors on the top shelf. Mirrors are a creative method for interior décor. Mirrors are readily and do not cost that much. Mirrors can also be customized into different shapes and different styles to suit you and your entertainment area. 

Mirroring has to be carried out bearing in mind various factors like optical health since some individuals are photosensitive. This is an idea that can be really key to many to make the best out of your entertainment area. Mirrors should be handled with care to avoid some injuries.

Apply Lighting

Lighting has traditionally been used in entertainment joints. They include hotels and discos. Lighting is achieved mainly through types of light colors to different patterns in light bulbs. In the case of a lighting area, you can consider lighting using different bulbs patterns. This will be dependent on the creativity of your bulbs expert. Consider choosing from the best individuals that are successful players in the field. 

The lighting will come in with an advantage of an immediate visual impact. Choose the best color theme to use in lighting. Get the best bulb patterns to get the best impact. Lighting should be limited to avoid affecting people negatively.

Make a Collection of Souvenirs

Get your collection of the best souvenirs from personal creative collections to those simple objects that you really value. This section can be very wide since there are many best things that you can consider for the section. A normal collectible would include game tickets autographed by your idols. Books that have been signed by the author also deserves to be in the category. Gifts can also be placed in the section since they are also collectibles.

Souvenirs mark a particular point in your history. Get them a shelf or two in the entertainment center. Apart from the memories, their beauty is also going to complement the decoration of your space. Souvenirs can be very expensive at times. 

Apply Foliage

The green aspect of foliage is also important for the entertainment center. Foliage will range but the most common includes hangings from shelves that are green. The green overhanging plants should not be wet. Wet plants might result in the damage of home electronics. This area can also be included with rope lights. Twinkle lights can be a key aspect here. Lights will help bring out the plants very reliably. 

Rope lights can be arranged differently and manipulated differently. This area ranges with the level of your creativity. Remember, they are the same that are used in Christmas trees. Light has after all been the most used style being used currently. Maybe the best example of this is in disco lights. It is worth trying out the area.


Conclusion on Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas

drawings - one of the top of entertainment centre decorating ideas

Ideas to decorate the entertainment center are many since they only require majority of creativity. Creativity is the most important aspect in the entirety of home décor. We have discussed the Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The main objective of the ideas is that the center of entertainment can be entertaining. Lighting has turned out the most used way of decorating an entertainment center. Shelves have also been majorly used. At the same time with foliage.

If need be, you can always choose to get expert advice and consultation from experts. They will transform the ideas into reality within no time. Decorate your kid’s room with batman themes as well.

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04 Jul 2021
wine store

30 Best Countertop Wine Racks for Style and Practicality

As they say, the wine matures with age. Therefore, it is in this line that they must be stored in the best environment possible. With the best countertop wine racks, you will ensure that it stays safer and longer, without getting spoilt faster. However, for you to maintain the original taste and quality, wine is best stored in a very cool place devoid of any disturbance. That is why it is advisable to have top of the range wine racks solely for this noble task.

What, not very people are aware of is that the reason as to why the corks used to seal wine bottles are always airtight because of the moisture from the wine inside the bottle. This also keeps the wine from getting spoilt during storage, while giving it ample time for maturing. These racks must be horizontal by design, or slightly tilted, which makes the bottles of wine to point downwards from the neck. 

Therefore, when choosing a rack for your bottles of wine, always consider the kind of material used for it. Most experts recommend those made metal. They are best suited for this particular function because they have enough grip to hold even the slickest of wine bottles with great ease. However, for those who have a thing for wooden racks then there are very many varieties to choose from. They include varieties of racks made of hardwood, which can be able to offer very strong resistance against the weight of the wine bottles when in storage.  

Wine racks made from bamboo are normally light in weight, and a very stronger and affordable alternative. There are those wine racks, which are also made from plastic materials. These are often very sleek racks that are best suited for smaller spaces, like inside the refrigerator. That is if you want it in chilled form.  

One other aspect, which will determine the type and quality of a rack to have is its storage capacity and strength to hold the bottles firmly in place. Is it your first collection, or you just want a handful to display? Then go for one, which is little in size. It suits this kind of undertaking perfectly. However, when it comes to upscaling the collection, for days to come, then it is important to go for a rack larger than the one that you already have. That is capable of holding the utmost twelve at a go.

When you want wine racks, another crucial element to bear in mind is in case there are other drinks of different sizes that can be fitted in these racks. They may include bottles of brandy, an assortment of champagne bottles or cognac. Or any other type of drinks that you may want to be stored on the racks. This is because such bottles cannot fit in wine racks but will fit perfectly in those racks with a wider base. 

However, each individual has their taste and preferences, which will determine the type of rack to buy for storing their wine bottles.     

You can check below some very best countertop wine racks for holding your precious bottles.

Stylish Designed Buruis 

This Buruis wine rack is most ideal to be used by those people just starting on their wine collection. Or it could also be for displaying the different tastes and of wine. It is a beautiful sight to behold and strong at the same time and can hold up to about six or nine wine bottles in one go. These wine racks are best suited for holding only traditional wine bottles because their design cannot hold bottles whose diameters are way above 2.85 inches. However, it is a very strong option, with golden colors, which are very standard by design. Its attractiveness is also accentuated by its honeycomb look.  

Table Top PAG 

Table top is a very pocket-friendly rack and most ideal in case you are on a tight budget but want one for display purposes. Besides, it has been efficiently made from metal wire, which has been perfectly and hideously coated with metal powder to prevent it from rusting or corroding. It is very stylish and circular by design and with enough space to hold about seven wine bottles at a go, which have diameters of about 4.36 inches, nothing more. Additionally, it is its beautiful design that makes it attractive to most people. It can also be assembled with much ease.   

Sorbus Versatile Rack

In case you want a rack that has been customized, which is also versatile, then go for Sorbus Versatile Rack. Because of its versatile design, it can be used as one or two-pronged rack. It has a considerably larger storage capacity as well. It is capable of holding twelve maximum at a go. Like I said before, its versatility nature gives it an edge over other wine racks as it can also be used to hold bottles with wide bases like those of cognac. 

It is also made from polished metals, which are of very high quality and the perfect gift for your wine storage duties. Furthermore, the ever-dependable detachable rows can hold a maximum of four bottles, which also interlock very easily, making the process of storing your wine bottles to be without any hardship at all. It also does not take much of your space as it only measures about 13 by 7.5 and 12 inches or 16 for that matter.

SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly

If you want the type of wine rack that will not occupy much of your space on the counter, then SODUKU Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack 6 Bottles No Need Assembly is the most ideal rack to look for. It is the most preferred for those wine storage enthusiasts who lack enough space to do so. It has a capacity for holding a total number of six bottles in one storage. Its chrome finishing also makes it ideal for those looking for style and storage of their vintage wines. Furthermore, each of the storage spaces in between can also bottle of different sizes such as brandy and champagne. 

Bamboo Twelve Capacity Bottled Mosa   

This twelve capacity bottled Mosa has the most eye-catching finishes of all the wine racks. And a permanent feature on top of your table as well. Its modern features are complemented by its beauty. Therefore, your wine collection endeavors will not just be routine from now henceforth but itself an art of some sort. It also creates more room as a result of the vertical shape and since it measures between 12 to 15.1 and 5.4 inches. It can also hold bottles to a maximum of about twelve neatly stacked.    

In case you want a vintage rack, then this bamboo design is your perfect choice. Its durability is also unmatched and can get the job done for longer periods.

J. Adams Twelve Bottled Rack

Unbelievably, J. Adams rack has been carefully crafted from ash derived from wood. That is where its name comes from. And ranks amongst the best in its market segment. Tracing its origin in the city of Vermont, its simple and beautiful design comes with an option for customization. You can even customize it to hold small-sized or standardized bottles of wine. Such is its flexible nature. 

Reworkable Bamboo 

Those enthusiasts of wine collection who cannot be content having only one single design for racks and are always looking for ways on how to improve on the ones that they already have, and not something permanent, which will deny them such an opportunity to test their creativity, then they should go for this collapsible wine rack. It will serve them just right. The best thing about such a wine rack is that you can tinker with it for the best design. It can hold about six wine bottles.

Apart from the bottles of wine, reworkable bamboo is also capable of holding wider bottles as well. Not only that, but it can also be used for storing other essentials like vinegar, or cider, or any other useful oil products around the house. Just in case it is opened wide, then it reaches about thirteen by seven inches to between twelve to fifteen and four inches.

Clever Chef Easy to Customize Plastic Wine Rack

Clever Chef Wine Rack can be fitted anywhere inside the home. What’s more, it has a design almost similar to both bamboo and other wooden designs, you cannot go wrong with it. Not only is it light in weight but durable as well. However, it all depends on how you take good care of it. Its series of very strong joints made of plastic when fused will securely hold your precious bottles of wine in their place without you ever worrying about their safety. 

The technique in which the joints have been made will also ensure that you have the opportunity to rework the rack in case you want to get the design of your choice. Therefore, each design comes with approximately ten pieces that can hold a total of ten bottles of wine in one sitting. These kinds of racks can also be used for holding those bottles, which have wider widths like cognac or brandy, including champagne bottles.

Its size will also depend on the kind of space that you as a wine collector and enthusiast have inside your house. However, most have a standardized size of between four point five by five point six by four inches.

The mDesigned and Stackable Plastic Modern

mDesigned comes already pre-installed with two racks, which are stackable in most cases, the two racks will carry three minimum and six maximum of your favorite wine. It is most suitable for display over the counter, and at the same time will hold the wine bottles tightly in that there wouldn’t any space left for them to roll about when being chilled inside the refrigerator. 

Apart from holding the wine, it also provides aesthetic value to a room in which they have been put on display. It has also been made from a mixture of chlorine and plastic materials free from BPA. These materials are very strong and cannot also break or shatter that easily. Even though these racks cannot be washed in the normal ways we do to our dishes, however, they can be washed with ease using our hands, just in case you notice some dirt gathering around it.  

Elmhurst Nine Capacity Rack

Going by how things look, and from those who have seen and used Elmhurst Nine rack, it is one of the best models for storing your different brands of favorite wine. Moreover, it has the capacity to store nine of these bottles, then what more could you want for your favorite brands? Its specially designed features make it ideal for either the floor or any other place of your choice inside the house like a counter.

Gongshi Stackable Metal Rack

Contrary to what the name suggests, this ever-versatile, diagonally shaped spaces for slotting in your bottles of wine with much ease, and complemented with a light brown demeanor can carry a maximum of 12 bottles if assembled properly. Check Gonshi Stackable metal rack.

LED Light Rack

There are those people who usually want glamor, then you will have it right with this kind of rack. The LED display on the wine bottles is like a magnet to the eyes. It can hold a minimum of seven and a maximum of eight bottles of wine.

Sixteen Capacity Wooden Slim Posner Rustic Design

Beautifully crafted from the best wood, Posner Rustic wine rack comes with a slim design so that it can be squeezed inside the tightest of corners. However, do not be fooled by its slim demeanor as it can comfortably hold 16 wine bottles once. It also comes with a drawer for putting all the wine accompaniments. 

Wine Barreled Rack

Wine Barreled rack has been creatively crafted from a wine barrel, you will fell in love with it at first sight. It can hold seven wine bottles. It has a very simple and unmatched look, which gives out an aura of great confidence to the owner.

Del Hutson Designs Rustic Luxe Tiered Glass Racks

The Del Hutson design is normally is as a result of a series of barrel rings and colored wine planks, which were used to add more flavor to the wine. Each of these Tapachi wine racks can hold about five wine bottles. Besides, you can choose to have for yourself between three or five racks to mount on your wall. If need be, you can place your order in time as they are normally in high demand. 

The Ever-Smiling Fisherman Three Barreled Wine rack

Made from metal, has been creatively pieced together to give a very soft touch and display to your special bottles of wine. Whether it is on display over the counter, table, or any other surface for that matter, rest assured that it will bring great decorative value. Buy Ever-Smiling Fisherman Three Barreled Wine rack.

Four Bottle Capacity and Floating Wine Rack, Danya

Your wine bottles may seem to be floating freely in the air with this Danya wine rack. One very interesting feature about this model is that apart from holding the wine bottles firmly in place, it ensures that the corks do not dry up, which might end up ruining the taste of the wine. This masterpiece has been crafted from Acacia, utilizing some of the features with its bark as well.

Piped Iron Wine Rack

This rack has been vibrantly designed, coated, painted, and coated with enamel to prevent it from rusting or corroding so that it lasts for longer periods. Get the piped iron wine rack on Amazon.

Pioneer Cart Reclaimed From Wood Wine Rack Cecilton

Pioneer cart wood wine rack has a very rusty appearance and a rugged design gives it a long-lasting and easy to handle outlook, which makes it ideal for pushing around during those high temp parties as you move about the bottles of chilled wine to be served to the guests. Made of two racks, and each can hold about four bottles of wine at a go. What’s more, it comes with pre-installed holders meant for your delicate pieces of wine glasses, including a shelf at the bottom for your wine accessories. Therefore, having all these in one place is an added advantage when moving it about on its four wheels, while serving guests at a party.

Reworked Wine rack

This reworked wine rack can firmly and securely hold a minimum of twelve and a maximum of fourteen bottles of wine. This is brought about by the sameness in length and width, which gives it stability. Additionally, it has screws and hooks for holding the racks strongly in place.

Nine Bottled Capacity Wine Barrel and Glass Rack

This nine bottled type of rack can comfortably hold nine wine bottles. Although it has been crafted purely from wood, it has been accentuated with a bit of glass and metal for the racks and other crucial areas for aesthetic value.

Stand Alone Twelve Bottle Wine Rack Barrel

This wine rack can be used to hold twelve standard sized wine bottles, within the confines of its four shelves. Although it has a small size, its storage capacity is big and is very attractive at the same time. 

Sixteen Capacity Storage Bottle Merry Wine Rack 

This rack has been designed to save up as much space as possible, even though it can hold up to a maximum of 16 wine bottles neatly stacked on the racks. Made from durable and polished wood, it can withstand the test of time if well taken care of.

Bamboo Black Expresso Rack

Bamboo black wine rack has been made with the right mentality of environmental conservation. Therefore, the makers of this model of the rack have achieved this mandate by using environmentally friendly bamboo. Its capacity and model makes the most preferred by wine lovers and those who are just starting on their journey of collecting wine. This is the perfect design for any home as it will also add the element of beauty in its décor apart from storing wine. This rack can also hold a maximum of twelve wine bottles in one sitting.

Wood Wine Solid Royale

This handcrafted, charming, and solid rack can hold about twelve bottles of different sizes of wine bottles. However, do not be fooled by its simple look and square design, it can hold perfectly with ease this amount of bottles. Besides, its square design and size will most likely not take up a huge space hence, will you as much space as possible to be used for other functions.

Square White Wooden Crate Rack

This modern-day rack is one of the best things that have happened to today’s wine enthusiasts in a very long time. The designers and manufacturers of this rack had them in mind when they were coming up with this design. This freestanding rack reverberates both an aura of sophistication and old school at the same time. This perfect mix is best suited for veteran wine enthusiasts who know how to ply their trade and not just any other ordinary wine collector.

The way it has been designed gives it the perfect condition to accommodate twelve old school bottles of wine, which cannot be found anywhere in the market. It has also been designed to imitate crates, which can only be found in antique market places or shops. It can also add some warmth to your home décor as well. 

Magnum Ten Frame World Series

It is an off-the-wall design that is perfect for areas in the room, which are not often suitable for such activities as very expensive tiles normally found in posh areas. Its frame will always give room for storage of high-end bottles of wine up to about 1.5 liter capacity with ease. So this is not just your ordinary wine rack. It is meant for people who have a touch of class in them.

Styx and Single Wine Bottle Rack

Its agility and sturdiness give it an edge over the rest. With the ability to hold firmly in place each wine bottle on its own. Furthermore, it has been designed to look exactly like the most famous wall series of wine racks. To get the best racks, you can visit Amazon.

04 Jul 2021
burlap table decorating ideas

10 Amazing Burlap Table Decorating Ideas for a Chic Dining Table

Burlap is a type of fabric made from a jute plant or sisal plan. This type of fabric is used to make items like ropes, nets, and sacks. Recently people have fallen in love with burlap as a material used for decorations widely across the globe. Burlap has found its way into people’s farmhouses, living rooms, bedrooms and also in the kitchen areas. Here are 10 burlap table decorating ideas for a chic dining table.

An Elegant Table Runner Made of Burlap

A dining table is a type of table on which meals are served, mostly a dining table is found in the dining room. This makes the table special. To decorate it one can use a table runner made of burlap to make it stylish and classy. Place the table runner lengthwise at the center of the table and let a portion of it hang widthwise over the table’s edges. This will work better if you have a rectangular dining table and the results will be amazing.

burlap table decorating ideas

Make Flowers Using Burlap and Place Them on the Dining Table

Use burlap to make beautiful flower bouquet and place them on top of the dining table with a table runner made of burlap spread on it. You will need burlap, wooden buttons, a glue stick, and a hot glue gun to make a burlap flower. Burlap is a fabric that comes in different colors so you can mix the colors and come up with a beautiful and colorful burlap flower bouquet to compliment your dining table.

Add a Stylish Burlap Bow on the Table Runner on the Dining Table

Use burlap to make stylish bows that you can attach on hanging portions of your burlap table runner. All you need is burlap, a pair of scissors, floral wire, a craft paintbrush, and jute twine. This burlap bows will make the table runner more elegant on your dining table.

Include Unique Burlap Table Mats on Your Dining Table

Make unique table mats using burlap and place them on the sides of your dining table. You can go ahead and customize them by writing amazing messages on the burlap table mats like bright, joy, peace, and love among others. You can also weave burlap stripes to come up with cute and adorable table mats.

Make an Elegant Cutlery Holder Using Burlap

You can make a cutlery holder using some hard cardboard and burlap. Wrap the burlap around the cardboard neatly then arrange your knives, spoons, and folks in the burlap cutlery holder and place them on your stylish dining table. You can also tie small burlap bows around the burlap cutlery holders to add more elegance to it.

a burlap bag with beans

Add stylish Burlap Napkin Rings on the Dining table

A dining table without napkins on it is an incomplete dining table set up. Add elegance on your dining table by improvising napkin rings made of burlap. You can use toilet paper rolls, fix burlap on them firmly and create unique napkin rings for your dining table. This will help you present a beautifully arranged napkins on the dining table.

Be creative by Wrapping Dinner Candles Using Burlap Ribbons

Candles on a dining table lighten then mood around it. You can and style on your dining table by making beautiful ribbons using burlap stripes and then wrap them delicately on the dining table candles. Doing this will also brighten then dining table with style and class. You can also use the burlap ribbons to decorate the candle holders too and mount the candles wrapped with burlap ribbons and place it on your dining table as a part of the decoration. 

Remember to keep it simple. Do not overwrap the candles and the candle holders because doing this will make the dining table appear overwhelming.


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Place a Stylish Burlap Vases on Your Dining Table

Beautiful vases displayed on a dining table works wonders in terms of decoration. Add one or two stylish burlap vases on your dining table. Make your vases even more adorable by wrapping burlap around them this will make the vases appear unique and simple at the same time. You can put some fresh or dried flowers in them to add a natural feeling and beauty to your dining table.

Make an Elegant Burlap Topiary for Your Dining Table

If you are not a flower vase person you can make beautiful burlap topiary and place it at the center of your dining table. All you need is a ball, some toothpicks, a small-sized clay pot, a burlap, and a strong straight stick. You can use these items to come up with the beautiful burlap topiary to take the center place on your dining table this is a unique yet elegant way to decorate your dining table.

Turn a Plain Dining Table Cloth into an Elegant Fabric Using Burlap

You might have that one plain simple table cloth that you like so much that you prefer a table runner. Well, you can add a bit of class and elegance to it by adding a burlap finishing around it. Spread it on your dining table and add some decorations like burlap vases on top to make it even more beautiful than it is. This will work perfectly if the fabric is plain white and also if your dining table is circular.

a toy in a burlap covered tray/Burlap Table Decorating Ideas


There are so many decorating ideas when it comes to decorating the dining table. Using burlap to decorate your dining table will turn your dining table from that ordinary dining table it was to a new elegant and classy dining table. You can also decorate the dining area by arranging a customized burlap dining chair. You can make some elegant chair skirts using burlap and knit them carefully in a decorative pattern around the dining chairs. This will add some style on the chair and they will fit right in with the burlap decorated dining table. Let your dining table be elegant and unique by decorating it using burlap.


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kitchen window sill decorating ideas

15 Most Amazing Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

A kitchen is that special room in a house where one prepares and cooks food. A kitchen is made up of many equipment examples including a sink, cabinets, a refrigerator among other things. Coming up with a well-decorated kitchen can be tedious and expensive too.

You might require an interior designer to do some designs for you but on the other hand, you can come up with some beautiful ways to add a bit of life, color, and light in your kitchen. Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas will come in handy.

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

Most of the time is spent on the kitchen countertops, the sink area, the kitchen cupboard and we end up forgetting the kitchen window sill. A kitchen window sill s a space within a window the is often forgotten and left messy and at times dirty. Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your kitchen window sill and make it beautiful and attractive.

Pot Gardening

Pot gardening also is known as container gardening is the process of growing plants specifically in a container or a pot instead of growing them in the ground in your garden. These plants can be flowers or edible plants. In this case, pot gardening is an amazing idea to give your kitchen life and color. Examples of edible plants that can be grown in a pot are mint, basil, green onions, pepper, strawberries among others. The flowers include the French marigold begonia, angelonia, petunia among others.

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

This is what you have to do to set-up a pot garden on your kitchen window. First choose the plant you want to grow in your pot, choose the type of container or pot that you want to be on your kitchen sill, you can go for different sizes of the pots for appearance. After this, put the plant you like in the container mix with the perfect type of soil remember to mulch your plant and water for it to grow healthy, then place the containers or the pot on your kitchen window sill. Remember for this to work, your window should be facing the sunlight.

Create a Storage Space

You can come up with storage space from your kitchen window sill, by adding shelves at the sides of the sill or under it. You can create some extra drawers to put in some recipe books and what-to-do lists. On top of the drawer, you can place a flower vase to add some taste to it.

Add Curtains

The idea of adding curtains and binding on your window will not only add up to our private life but it will also make your window sill appear beautifully decorated. The curtain will allow just enough light into your kitchen. While going for the curtain fabric, go for the one that will complement the design of the kitchen. Pick a fabric that does not hold smell, and that one that withstands the sunshine. You do not want to deal with a curtain that was bought deep orange and after a while, it fades to brownish just because of the sun.

A light sheered curtain can bring in enough sunshine and at the same time color the kitchen. With the curtains, you can place that beautiful, colorless holder with some colored marbles or gems inside at the center of the kitchen sill.

Add the Artistic Taste

If you are not that person who is mesmerized with flowers and herbs, you can also come up with an artistic idea to decorate the kitchen window sill. Think of a word art decor that you love and place it on your kitchen window sill. This word art will bring all the attention to the window sill in a very amazing way.


Painting the sill and the inside part of your kitchen window might come out as one of the best ideas to decorate your kitchen window sill. For example, if the interior of your kitchen is painted all white, paint your window sill a bright yellow color. This color will not only make the sill standout but also the sill will come out attractive and beautiful.

Make Your Kitchen Window Sill Practical

While decorating the kitchen, most of those old, unused items or gifts like a colored bottle and empty vases end up on the window sill. This makes the window sill less attractive and boring. To make your kitchen window sill beautiful and at the same time practical, place items like cleaning products, books on recipe and hand soaps on the kitchen window sill. This will make the place active because these are items that you will find yourself using day in day out. 

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Do Not Over DO the Kitchen Window Sill

Remember as much as you want to make your kitchen window sill as attractive as possible, overdoing it will throw the idea over the bar. Do not put a lot of items on the window sill for this will only make it appear untidy and messy. Leave just enough space for you to easily clean the place. If you find yourself having a lot of items to display you can occasion the rest to display them later.

Turn It into a Breakfast Bar

A kitchen might turn out to be a small room and finding enough space for everything you need in there can be stressful. You can use some wooden frames to come up with a breakfast bar from that kitchen window sill. This idea will turn out to be an attractive simple place to take your breakfast from. To complement the site you can include funky stools.

Hang  Flowers  on the Kitchen Window Sill

You might find the idea of pot gardening very fascinating and great, but when you turn your eye to the kitchen window sill you just cannot see the space to place the pots you need. Well, you can as well bring the idea of hanging jars decorate your kitchen window sill with the flowers of your choice. If the hanging jars do not work for you, you can settle with the hanging shelves where you will be able to plant your herbs and place them on the shelves across the window sill.

Create a Relaxing Corner

To find a relaxing area in your kitchen to sit comfortably going through your recipe book while waiting for that cake to bake is nearly impossible, you might decide to go and wait from the sitting-room and by the time you get back, your cake might have already burnt. But you can get a comfortable relaxing corner made from your window sill. On it, you can add some colorful pillows to match. As a result, you will watch over your food cooking while you relax over the corner.

a kichen/Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

Style Your Kitchen Window Sill Well

 Styling up your kitchen window sill should not be a difficult task to carry out.you can style up the window sill by adding color, you can achieve this by using colorful containers to plant your herbs and plant your flowers. You can create some extra shelves next to the window sill, and you can also plant flowers mixing them with other different flowers with different colors, in other words, plant different flowers in one pot, so that when they flower, their flowers will be of different colors. Doing this will style up your kitchen sill.

Use It to Display Your Home

On the kitchen window sill is a great place to put some of your favorite family photos. This will make the person you have let in into your kitchen feel welcomed.

Change It into Storage For Books

A kitchen window sill can also be used as storage of books especially the recipe books. You can achieve this by getting yourself a kitchen book holder and place it on the window sill this will give it a better view compared to when it is not there.

Add a Lamp Shade

Putting those old but classy lampshades on the sides of your kitchen window sill might just be a great idea to decorate your window sill, it might bring the vintage touch in your kitchen.

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

Add a Flower Vase with Dried Flowers in It

A fresh flower is beautiful and smells so sweet, but after a day or two they start curling and fall off from their branches. You find that using the fresh flowers to decorate your kitchen window will be more expensive, instead of giving up, go for the dried flowers, decorate your window sill with these flowers by putting them into a beautifully decorated flower vase, you can place two or three of these vases on your kitchen window sill to make them more attractive.  

Kitchen window sills might end up being neglected may be because of its assumed importance. This should not be so, a beautiful kitchen window sill will make your kitchen appear more attractive and interesting. While thinking of decorating your kitchen window sill, go for what makes you happy and settle on what compliments your kitchen well.

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various wall decor

10 Practical but Beautiful Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

Whether you consider it a decor challenge or custom addition to your home, Curved Wall Decorating Ideas are all you need. Just like with foyer decor, a curved wall needs special consideration in terms of decorating. Decorating a curved wall needs working with the limitation of the curved wall to bring an outstanding look. There are a number of design options that will turn a curved wall into an attractive feature in your home, making it a decor asset.

Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

a written wall decor

Prepare Adequately

Taking time to explore options for the wall helps with designing the desired outcome. Vertical decoration such as a vertical row of unframed posters or a long wall hanging will fill in the blank wall In a space with a high ceiling. Horizontal wall treatment like a row of small pictures encourages the gaze to travel along the curved wall.

Despite large picture frames not hanging correctly on a convex wall, narrow or small or frames will. The color style and scheme of decor near the curved wall can help guide your options. when you desire to pick paint colors or hang wall art to go with existing decor, select samples of nearby colors like upholstery, carpet, wood finish, cushions, and paint chips during your shopping.

Paint Treatment

To decorate a curved wall, a paint treatment might be all that’s needed. Having a saturated color that matches your décor gives the convex area more depth to enhance its architectural interest. A good decorative paint treatment, such as using a paint meant to mimic granite or concrete, could make the bare wall a focal point.

The best method for this involves using textured spray paint. If you want to downplay the curve, then choose to keep it the same color as adjacent walls. Other options also exist including painting it in broad vertical or horizontal stripes or just using it for a mural. It allows you to know in advance how the wall treatment will look.

Photos or Art

Using photos and art in matching mats or unframed photos offer many design possibilities for a curved wall. A large group of images can be tie together using the matching mats, even if they don’t have a common theme. Usually, photos and posters weigh less without glass and frames, hence making it possible to affix them to the curved wall either with double-stick tape or adhesive strips designed for mounting posters. 

Images on a wall in matching mats convert the curved wall into a gallery. It’s also possible to find wall art in curved frames. Putting one large picture centered on the wall and flanked by sconces could give the area a traditional or even more formal effect. An informal wall treatment for a curved wall is created by a casual collage of snapshots. 

Hanging Lights 

You can also choose to hang a large pendant lamp at the center of the wall. Take around one so its light will play off the wall in interesting ways. This is a good idea especially if you have low, modern shapes near the wall, such as a sofa, chairs or table that have a mid-century retro look.

Repurposing Curved Spaces

Although turret rooms may be spectacular, they’re often small by modern standards; therefore its well within reason to change what was originally a tiny room to a great bathroom or even a very useful office. But before you convert a round room, consider what’s there and what you will potentially need.

Apart from floor space, essential criteria include the number and placement of doors, closets, and windows; accessibility to plumbing lines; and the availability of open wall space.

With regards to doors, you must remember that an extra doorway might be converted into additional wall space because one exit is usually sufficient. Wall space can be necessary for bathrooms because bathtubs are traditionally mounted against walls. Many curved rooms lack continuous wall space.

However, there is a very appropriate solution: a claw-foot tub that stands alone in the middle of the room, using a shower curtain ring to keep things dry. Whatever approaches you take on your restoration, your round room will always be.

Curtain Calls

One of the most important aspects of a curved room is the drama of its surprising, focusing shape, hence it’s crucial for draperies to emphasize window curvature. While placing separate curtains on each window can work well, a single window treatment that sweeps over everything could be outstanding. Now that curtain rods usually tend to be straight, this may seem like a tall order. Continental Window Fashions can custom-make curved curtain rods.

various wall decor

Making Tiles Turn

Normally on Turret walls curve; tile doesn’t. Understanding this can avoid many problems. For the starters, the smaller the tiles used the better. 6″ is about the maximum tile width that can work successfully on a curved room.

The walls of a turret with a typical 9′ radius will always leave about a 1/4″ space behind the tile where it doesn’t sit flat on the surface, hence you’ll need more than the normal quantity of mastic to fill the gap. That’s true especially for decorative and accent pieces that require an abundance of sticky stuff in order to stay put.

The major mistake with turret rooms is to try and offset tile or begin each new row half a width over from the one below it. While this approach may be visually attractive in conventional rooms, on a curved wall tile need to march above each other in lockstep, or else parts will protrude and look horribly uneven.


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Malleable Moldings

To install wood moldings in circular spaces is tricky since you either have to make the molding in the round with a router and bandsaw or coax a length of straight molding stock into a curve. Coaxing a length of straight molding stock into a curve is the most common option for short runs in restoration projects, and there are three basic approaches.

Kerfing – With this technique, the back of the molding is crosscut at calculated intervals, so that the saw slots or kerfs allow the wood to bend. Despite kerfing working for making both inside and outside curves, the molding has to be thick enough to carry kerfs, and the kerfs have to be shallow enough not to weaken the molding or show on the finished side.

Segmenting – This method involves dividing the molding into relatively short pieces, or segments of the curve, using angled cuts. After then building the segments up into the curve one by one, lapping the ends to make a smooth transition.

Steaming – With small, thin moldings it’s practical to soften the wood fiber with moisture and heat until it becomes pliable. Sometimes, extended soaking in hot water will fit the bill, but otherwise, the job requires steaming the process boat-builders use to form ribs and other curved components.

Built-In Seats or Storage

You can also choose to make the space welcoming with a built-in bench.  You can add a soft cushion and nice brightly colored pillows and you have additional seating for guests. Create small hidden storage under the bench seat for extra storage; this can be achieved either by making drawers or installing hinges on the seat so it can easily be lifted to reveal a trunk space.

You can paint the wall above the bench with chalkboard paint if this space is in an entry. This can serve as a message center for your family as they remove on or put on their shoes. Or even a corkboard with a funky frame better suits your decor.

You can place a quote above the bench to send everyone out the door inspired. Vinyl decals are simple and easy to apply and remove and would conform easily to a curved wall.

Paint the wall using highlighting and attractive color to show off this interesting architectural detail. Select a color that is the same hue but two or three shades darker or lighter than the other walls. This makes the curved wall and benches the focal point of the room without adding any contrast.

Built-in shelves always make a stylish display of your treasures, books, and collectibles. If the curved wall is in an appropriate section of your house, its unusual shape will also make for decorative built-in storage for wine.

a carved animal, Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

Curved Wall Decorating Ideas; Millwork

Adding millwork to your stairway increases more interest and dimension to the curved walls with the architectural details that cover up the walls without forming. In fact, this is one of the best Curved Wall Decorating Ideas.

These are the best solution for a curved stairway, since they are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They usually add light and character.


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foyer ledge decorating ideas

15 Quirky Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas for Any Space

A foyer ledge is a narrow surface protruding from a wall of an entrance of any room. It could be the entrance of a home, or in a living room, a kitchen, or a bedroom.  Just like in decorating the archway this is one of those areas that people forget or rather neglect to decorate while they decorate other parts in the room.

This could be because its either they do not know how to decorate it or what items to use to decorate the foyer ledge area or they just do not see the need to. Here you will find some unique foyer ledge decorating ideas that will help you turn that neglected area into an area seen with a lot of admiration.

Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas

foyer ledge decorating ideas

Brighten the Foyer Ledge with Ceramic Vases

Ceramic vases will be perfect for decorating foyer ledge in any room. Get two sets of three colorful ceramic vases of different heights and place them in the corners of the foyer ledge. If you do not have the ceramic vases you can go for those unused ugly old glass vases and paint them using bright colors to give them new life then use them instead. You can put some flowers in them then place them on the foyer ledge, doing this will brighten the area remember that old is gold.

Use Fake Plant to Decorate the Foyer ledge

The majority of foyer ledges are always high and a ladder is mostly used to access these places. Decorating using fresh plants might turn out to be tedious work because you will have to climb that ladder now and then to water the plants. If not the fresh plants will wither and fall off leaving the foyer ledge unattractive.

But fake plants will last longer and you will not go through the trouble of climbing the ladder to water them. The beauty is that from a distance these fake plants also appear real and this will come out nice on the foyer ledge in living rooms and also the ones found in the bedrooms

foyer ledge decorating ideas

Pottery Decorations

While decorating the foyer ledge use decorating items that you will not have to move them now and then. In this case, the idea of displaying some pots, dishes and other articles made from fired clay will turn out to be simple and very unique. This will add a traditional touch on the foyer ledge you are decorating and the results will be amazing. This idea will be great for decorating a foyer ledge found in the kitchen

Mount a Family Sign on the Foyer Ledge

Mounting a family sign or a family name on the foyer ledge is a great idea to bring a sense of belonging to the family members that occupy the place. This idea will work perfectly on the foyer ledge in the entrance of a living room.

For example, you can place a family sign on the foyer ledge with your family’s last name on it on the other hand; you can also bring up a welcoming feeling to your visitors by placing a welcoming sign on the foyer ledge of your living room entrance. This idea will brighten your home and also it will bring in a lot of joy and unity.

Hang Portraits against the Foyer Ledge Wall

Display portraits of our family members or that of legends you admire so much against the wall of the foyer ledge wall. This will make the place stand out. You can decorate using two or three large portraits depending on the space. You do not want to go for small portraits because they will not be visible enough for people to see.

Use the Beautiful Lamp Shades on the Foyer Ledge

Place three beautiful lampshades on the foyer ledge, put one on the right-hand side, one in the middle and the other one on the left-hand side. Spacing them in this manner will make the place look great. You can also go for two lampshades as well, one on each side of the foyer ledge this will turn out to be a simple but well-decorated area. 

Turn it into an Antique Area

Do you have those pieces of furniture or artistic work that you have collected and they are of high value due to their age and quality? Well, the foyer ledge will be a perfect place to display them, this will make the area will be timeless and classy too. For example, you can go for a mechanic antique clock and decorate the foyer ledge using it this clock will give the room the amazing vintage touch. 

Display a Sculpture on the Foyer Ledge you are a person who

Displaying a sculpture on the foyer ledge will turn the place into a fantastic view; choose a sculpture to display according to your taste. For example, you can go for a sculpture of a man playing a certain musical instrument if you are a person who is in love with music. You can also go for a statue of our favorite animal and put it on the foyer ledge.


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Keep the Foyer Ledge Large and Simple

While decorating the foyer ledge remember to keep the area large, in the sense that you should not overload the place with a lot of items on it because doing this will make the place look messy and overwhelming instead place a few items to make it appear spacious. Make it simple too; this will enable you to have an easy time dusting off and cleaning the surface.  

Paint the Foyer Ledge Using a Bright Color

The idea of painting the foyer ledge along its inner surface will make it appear simple and unique, for example, if the rest of the wall is white find another bright color that can be painted along the foyer ledge’s inner surfaces to compliment the rest of the room. This might even work for that person who does not have items to place on the foyer ledge; because the bright color will draw the attention to the foyer ledge and it also makes it beautiful too. To accessorize you can add some pots or vases too. 

Arrange Baskets on the Foyer Ledge

Baskets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that make them so beautiful to carry around and to use for decoration. Arranging the baskets on the foyer ledge in a kitchen will traditionally beautify the place. Choose baskets of different sizes and colors to make the foyer look unique and stand out too.

You can also put some items inside; these items should be the kind that you do not use regularly because if you put the items you use now and then it might force you to climb the ladder each time you want to use them. Go for the baskets with lids on them because you might want to cover the items in the baskets to prevent dust from settling on them.

Brighten the Foyer Ledge with China Plates

Decorate the foyer ledge in your kitchen with china plates arranged on it. You can display them by mixing the china plates made in different colors. For example, mix the plain white plates with the blue-flowered china plates. Arrange them in a vertical order this will not only make the foyer ledge unique but also beautiful.

Change When the Season Changes

Since the ideas when it comes to decorating the foyer ledge are limited, you can decorate the ledge according to the season you are in. for example, when it is during the festive season, you can decorate the foyer ledge using a Christmas tree with beautiful lights on it and gifts wrapped nicely. When the festive season is done, you can go back to decorating the foyer ledge using the vases and other items. Doing this will make the place have different views and hence it will not appear boring.

Final Word on Foyer Ledge Decorating Ideas

A lot of people find it hard to decorate the foyer ledge found in their buildings because of many reasons. The reason could be most of the foyer ledge areas are too high and some find it difficult to access the place, but on the other hand, there are a lot of ideas one can use to decorate these areas and make them stand out and be a sight to behold. Think and come up with some creative and simple ways to decorate your foyer ledge.

You do not need to spend a lot to decorate the foyer ledge, you can improvise the items that you no longer use and turn them into beautiful items to use as decorations. For example, you have those big old mugs and pots that are no longer n use, you can write words like love, joy, peace, kindness, laugh, believe among others on them and display them on the foyer ledge to bring up the sense of good virtues in your home. You no longer have a good reason as to why your foyer ledge is undecorated.


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03 Jul 2021
batman badge

10 Unique Batman Room Decorating Ideas for Kids

Every kid has a superhero character that she or he admires very much. Including their superhero character in designing their rooms might just be the best idea to make them feel safe and happy while in their room.

The first thing to do before you decorate your kid’s room with their favorite superhero touch, you must first identify your child’s favorite superhero character. If your child’s superhero character is Batman, then you are in luck.

Batman Room Decorating Ideas

Here are 10 amazing Batman room decoration ideas for your kid’s room.

Batman Room Painting Ideas

The first thing that might come into your mind while you think of decorating your kid’s room will be painting in terms of colors. While painting the room with the Batman touch in mind you might want to go for the colors associated with Batman as a character, these colors include black, yellow, blue and some orange. 

batman room decorating ideas

Batman Wall Décor

After painting the room, the next thing might be the decorations on the wall. There are a lot of things that can be used to decorate your kid’s room. For the walls go for the batman wallpaper and fix it on the walls of your kid’s room. You could also have bats decorations hanging from the wall or stickers stuck to the walls

Include Batman Furniture

Decorate the room with furniture that has Batman’s taste on them the furniture includes a bed, one or two chairs and maybe a chest of drawers for your kid’s clothes. You can have your kid’s bed custom made with drawings of Batman around it or you can buy a bed that has Batman signs and drawings on it. Find the amazing Batman bed we recommend here on Amazon.

 For the chest of drawers get Batman’s stickers glued on it. You can have a Batman custom made chair in the room or order one on here on Amazon. This will for sure bring out a perfectly decorated room with the Batman’s touch included.

batman badge/Batman Room Decorating Ideas

Add Batman Beddings to Match

Once you have the furniture with the Batman’s touch on them settled in the room, you can now go for the beddings. Beddings are also known as bed linens and others call them bedclothes. The beddings you choose for your kid’s room play a big role when it comes to the room décor and your kid’s health too. Go for beautiful warm beddings and in this case, Batman beddings available here .Go for throw pillows with Batman’s logo on them. The throw pillows can be placed on the chairs in the room to add color to it.

Accessorize the room with Batman Emblem Curtains.

Decorating your kid’s room is not that easy, remember it is your kid’s room and not your room. So 100% of the decoration will rely on your kid’s taste and wants. In this case, putting a flowered curtain on your kid’s Batman-themed room window will not work out. Instead, go for the Batman emblem curtains for the windows see our recommended Batman curtains here on Amazon. This will ensure that the room gets enough fresh air and sunlight too.

Add Some Rugs and Carpets on the Floor

The room’s décor will not be complete without the rugs and carpets on the floor. You can achieve this by putting a door rug on the doorstep of the room and by covering the floor with a carpet that has a Batman’s logo on it. Check out this awesome Batman room rug here. 

Make Shelves on the Sides of the Room

You can go ahead and make some shelves yourself in different designs to suit the character Batman as a superhero, or even order one here on Amazon. This shelf can act as a bookcase for your kid, as a result, the room will remain clean and tidy. You could also add quirky Batman figurines to the shelves once they’re up! 

batman room decorating ideas

Have a Batman Sign on the Door

A Batman sign on your kid’s door might turn out to be a great idea, get a Batman’s sign that speaks for your kid and hang it on your kid’s door. See here on Amazon. this idea will not only be stylish but it will also bring up a sense of belonging.

Add a Taste of Art in the Room

There are so many ways to include art in a room while decorating it. In this case, it is a kid’s room being decorated. Finding art that can be used to decorate this kind of a room can be a hard nut to crack but not impossible, you can find pictures of Batman as a superhero character, frame it and place it somewhere in the room, you can place the pictured frame on top of the shelves you made. Apart from the picture, you can hang a Batman wall clock on the room’s wall. Check out this item here on Amazon. This will not only decorate the room but will also help your kid to manage time well.

Accessorize the Bathroom too

Your kid’s room will not be completely decorated if in the bathroom, if any, was left out undecorated. You can decorate the bathroom using bathroom shower curtains, bath rugs, hooks, bathtub mat, and bath towels. Because your kid’s room should be Batman themed, so should the bathroom too. You should make sure most of the items found in the bathroom should have a touch of Batman superhero character or have a Batman logo on it.

Check out this Batman shower curtain available here. This will make the bathroom appear unique and special too. This will lift your child’s spirit and character too. This will make your child enjoy taking a bath because taking a bath will be like a whole new adventure.

Decorating your kid’s room should not be that hard. Find out how your kid would like his or her room decorated, ask them questions just to be sure. Involve them by letting them accompany you to shop for the items needed to decorate their rooms. Let them participate in the arrangement of the furniture around the room. Doing this will help them find their way around the room easily as a result, they will have an easy time locating their items without bothering other people for help.


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03 Jul 2021

10 Unique Ideas on How to Decorate an Archway In Your Home

If you have been wanting to incorporate some new architecture within your home or just fascinated with interior design, you should consider installing an archway in your house. Archways are essential elements to the structure of a building as it gives it support and also covers gaps. But you have to know how to decorate an archway in your home for the best results.

How to Decorate an Archway in Your Home

An archway can help enhance the beauty of your house both inside and outside. When it comes to interior design, installing an archway goes beyond the paint, wood floors, and even furniture. A decorative archway can help make your home look more sophisticated and also increase its value in the long run. 

Since an archway is a beautiful architectural feature of any home, you can further enhance it in several ways. Any decorating idea that mainly follows the line of the archway will further accentuate it and even draw attention. The following unique ideas can help you learn how to decorate an archway in your home:

an archway and a door

So, let’s get started with how to decorate an archway in your home…

1. Use Inspirational Words

You can decorate the interior archway of your home with some inspirational words. All you need to do is to look for your favorite quote and then use a letter stencil to copy it. You can even try to search for that one word that is very meaningful to you. Some of the words that you can consider include Believe, Achievement, Success, Love, or even Family. The good news is that some stencils contain even an entire sentence. You should curve these letters so that they can be parallel with the arch. Alternatively, hang canvas.

2. Use Beaded Curtains

You can choose to emphasize the exotic notes in your décor with interior arches hang with beautiful beaded curtains, like these, available on Amazon. This is very common in most homes. It is worth noting that translucent colored acrylic beads in a variety of shapes and sizes can make your archway look like a rainbow dazzle of bright butterfly colors. One advantage of having see-through curtains in an archway is that you will get ample fresh air even when you are in the house. Besides, sufficient light will be able to flow through the adjoining room, which creates a sense of separation. You can, therefore, purchase complete curtains or strands of beads at your nearest home design or craft store.

3. Consider Tile Mosaic Design

It is possible to give your indoor archway a Mediterranean flair with a tile mosaic design. Here, you can cover the inside of the arch or even extend the pattern partly around the curve on the wall in one or both adjacent rooms. You can fit the small tiles into the curve. There are many designs that you can choose. These include geometric patterns, an abstract design, or identifiable astronomical figures such as the stars and the sun. Your archway can have black and white tiles and a few primary colors for accents. Working out the patters to fit the curve and setting the tiles in place can be a bit difficult if you are not skilled. However, you can look for a professional to do this for you.

4. Paint It with Trailing Vines and Colorful flowers

You can turn your archway into a magical world when you paint it with trailing vines and colorful flowers. You can even illuminate it using a string of fairy lights. This is more important if the archway leads to your bedroom. It can make it look more romantic. You can also try to jazz up the archway between the kitchen and dining room with painted sunflowers and hibiscus and a red-hot string of chili lights. The color of your flowers should coordinate well with the colors in the room the archway is facing.

5. Use a Stencil to Paint a Design over the Archway

You can readily use a stencil to paint a design over the archway. However, you should do this according to your design style and personal taste. It is essential to keep your overall décor style in mind. One advantage of considering this choice is that the option here is endless. In this case, you can consider flowers, butterflies, birds, medieval, Japanese, Asian, and so on. You can also consider an ivy line that follows the shape of the arch.

6. Use Arched Shutters

If your interior archway usually serves an entrance to another room or as a walkway between the rooms, you should not completely cover it. You should, therefore, try to use arched shutters at the top of the archway to add an accent of color and style. In some cases, the arches usually incorporate small windows along the very top of the arch. This is another spot where shutters or wood blinds can help in decorating the archway. Most homeowners have tried this and have enjoyed the result.

7. Use Draperies

Draperies are an excellent option if you want to decorate your interior archway uniquely. There are many designs that you can choose from. The good news is that draperies usually work well with archways as they can be left drawn without interfering with their purpose. You can hang them in a straight line above the archway or inside the arch. If you have an arching curtain rod, you can trust that you will achieve a unique look. Some people usually choose to use just one panel of drapes on one side of the archway while others prefer to cover both sides. If you combine valances with curtains, you can trust that you will be able to decorate the arch while accentuating its shape and curve.

Archway/how to decorate an archway in your home

Custom draperies can help enhance a room’s entire design in a way that store-bought draperies can’t. Nowadays, there are modern draperies that can be motorized and can be integrated into your home automation system. With draperies, you can be sure that you will be able to control the amount of light getting to your room and even optimize your privacy in the long run. They are a good option when you want to decorate your archway.

8. Include Some Greenery in Your Archway

When you’re wondering how to decorate an archway in your home, sometimes all you need is some greenery. Plants are known to improve the health and well-being of residents. This is the reason why there is a lot of emphasis on including some greenery in our homes. One advantage of adding greenery is that they are suitable for any interior design. A good example is the flowers. They can make you smile and even create a positive environment at home. You can therefore include them in your archway. This is a unique way of making improving the aesthetic appeal of your archway.

You might have seen this in most wedding venues. You can still incorporate this into your home. You can add an array of greenery both on the archways present inside and outside your house. An archway laced with vibrant greenery and showy flowers can help create a beautiful backdrop for you. If you are covering a larger surface area with greenery, you can choose to use more lush foliage like fern or eucalyptus leaves. For a more delicate look, you can choose to use more lightweight greenery such as ivy.

how to decorate an archway in your home

9. Hang Some Lights on Your Archway

You can do this, especially when the festive season is approaching. Most people usually look for Christmas lights to hang on their archways. One advantage of doing this is that your house will be well lit. It can even make your house look bigger than usual. You can trust that your house will look more attractive. If you have an archway outside your house, you can still do the same to it. You can even choose to install fairly lights above the archway. In this case, you can use large and colorful lights as an outdoor holiday ornament or else hang dainty, white lights to create a romantic atmosphere in your home

10. Add Some Panel Shades

You have seen window blinds in the past. They are very common in many homes. If you want to give your archway a new look, you can consider using panel shades. As you purpose to buy the panel shades, you should check the dimensions of your archway. You can then buy the panel shade that you need with the aim of creating a doorway in the archway. Here, you can consider using 3-panel shades and two smaller shades to decorate your archway. Panel shades can also help to partition between two rooms in your house. If there is an archway between two rooms, a panel shade is an excellent option to consider.

how to decorate an archway in your home

That’s How to Decorate an Archway in Your Home

These options can help make your archway look different. Most homeowners have installed archways in their homes and have made their houses look more modern. However, decorating the archway can make your house stand out from the rest. These ideas are beneficial and will make you have a beautiful home. If you have an archway at the entrance of your house, you should decorate it all the time so that you can create a good impression of your home. You will also have some prestige as a homeowner. Besides, this is a good way of increasing the value of your home. Consider these ideas, and you won’t regret it.

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02 Jul 2021
how to clean high ceilings

How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively: Step by Step Guide

Ceilings are that part of the home which are mostly considered as ‘hard to clean.’ However, with knowledge on How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively, you can turn the whole part from daunting to the easiest and most desirable cleaning job in your house. The nature of high ceilings sometimes make them difficult to clean.

How to Clean High Ceilings

However, whether we like it or not, ceilings get dirty and unpleasing to our sights when they are covered with dust and other stains. Luckily enough, by removing debris and knowing the steps to clean your ceiling, you will be in a better place to clean your ceiling and have it retain the newly pleasant look.

living room

Knowing that cleaning your ceiling will give your home a new look is however not enough. You probably are asking yourself what you need for the process and how to go about it. Well, no need to worry since this guide incorporates all you will need and how to go about the whole process of cleaning your ceiling and giving your home a new look.

The process of cleaning your ceiling is however nor considered complete before you clean the walls too. You are advised to clean the walls last since cleaning the ceiling can lead to dirt falling on the walls. All done, now lets dive into the cleaning process

Remove Debris

Using a vacuum cleaner, clean the surface of the ceiling. The amount of debris removed will absolutely depend on the type of cleaner you are using for the process. Using a duster, clean the entire surface of the ceiling to your satisfaction. You may need to clean or change the duster periodically depending on the amount of dirt that accumulates on it during cleaning. 

Wipe Dirt With a Microfibre Cloth

Some dirt and debris might not respond to a vacuum cleaner or a dry duster. For this sake, use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe the parts. Do not apply too much pressure on the ceiling so as not to rub and stick dust into the ceiling. Once your cloth is dirty or worn out, get a new one. If you cannot reach the ceiling comfortably, use a ladder or chair, or take a broom and fix the piece of cloth on one end and use it to clean. 

how to clean high ceilings

Deep Cleaning – Spraying

After dusting your ceiling, the next step is embarking on deep cleaning. In this stage, you will need water, a detergent, a spray bottle, and a paint roller. Some teaspoons of vinegar are an added advantage although it is not a must. Mix the water with a detergent in proportionable amounts and pour the mixture in a spray bottle.

Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure complete mixing. Take the spray bottle and spray the ceiling. Make sure to cover at least every part since you will get patches if you fail to do so. However, avoid soaking the ceiling due to excessive spraying as this will lead to dropping of water to lower places which may be harmful to other house accessories. 

Roll Over The Ceiling Using a Paint Roller

Dampen your paint roller and roll over the ceiling. You can choose to use a systematic pattern so as to cover the whole surface of the ceiling. You can choose to roll ina dubbing or wiping motion depending on the texture of your ceiling. If you have a textured ceiling, use a dabbing motion to get the most out of the cleaning process. Ensure you remove all the detergent solution you sprayed on the ceiling. 

Dry The Ceiling

After using a roller to roll over the ceiling, take a piece of cloth and gently pat dry the ceiling. The purpose of the drying is to absorb any residual waters and detergent on the ceiling. If you have difficulties reaching the ceiling surface, tie up the piece of cloth on a broom or a long-handled roller. Alternatively, you can use a chair or ladder.

Clean Stains

If you have marks or pencil stains on the surface of the ceiling, use an eraser to remove the marks. Take an eraser and gently rub the marks on your ceiling. An eraser will work well and get rid of pencil or even crayon marks on your ceiling. To remove large stains easily and faster, use a large surface eraser. Some stains may be persisting despite using an eraser severally, use baking soda in such cases.

Simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda and water in a bowl and let it settle for two minutes. Use the paste to wipe off the stains in a circular motion. For soot stains on the ceiling, apply Trisodium Sulphate mixed with water. For use of the trisodium sulphate ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on the TSP container for safety.

how to clean high ceilings

Safety Precautions

The whole process of cleaning your ceiling, just like any other process at home, can lead to accidents. No one likes accidents. Here are some precautions to take to ensure the whole process of cleaning your ceiling is safe and effective.

Be careful when using the detergent to avoid it from getting into your eyes since it may be irritating. Wear safety goggles when spraying the ceiling if need be.

Turn off your ceiling fans prior to your cleaning session to prevent accidents.

If your ceiling is made of asbestos, avoid disturbing the ceiling tiles. If you are unsure of this, consult an environmental testing service to confirm. 

If you are using a ladder, ensure it is firmly placed on the ground before going up to clean your ceiling. Have the ladder leaning on a wall if it is shaky. 

All caught up, you are now all set and know How to Clean High Ceilings Safely and Effectively Go ahead and schedule for your ceiling cleaning session. Ensure you clean your ceiling regularly to ensure it maintains a great impression for you and your visitors altogether. 

08 Sep 2020
Best Freestanding Bathtubs

Best Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is a fantastic addition to your bathroom, giving you the ability to relax and massage your sore muscles, and even bathe your young children. Nowadays, bathtubs are available everywhere; in our current market, you will find different tubs in price, quality, durability, and design.

If you purchase a bathtub, thinking it’s all that you need, and after a short period, it starts cracking and clacking because of its low quality material. What we all need is something that will give us a long service. That is why we have organized a list of best quality freestanding bathtubs for you.

Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Are you yearning for an extended fresh bath? Woodbridge Acrylic freestanding bathtub must be your choice as it is luxurious and comfortable to use. You will choose by yourself the best item that will fit your place. This bathtub has a gently sloping line that goes in line with the user’s body curves for comfort.

The acrylic bathtub is made of gloss white Lucite acrylic, which is durable and top quality material. It is spaciously made to fit two people simultaneously. It can hold enough bathing water because it is powerfully made and can keep the desired bathing water temperature for the required time.


The immense size can accommodate two peoples at the same time.

  • 100% LUCITE acrylic durable material.
  • Comes with different colors
  • It is a double-walled design.
  • Easy installation guide.
  • 60 gallons of water capacity.
  • Its Drainage Allows overflow of water
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can hold a lot of water for soaking.
  • It is made from top quality material.
  • Its design keeps water temperature longer at the desired warmth.
  • Needs a lot of water to fill

Ferdy Freestanding Bathtub

This bathtub is comfortable and very luxurious for soaking. It is stylishly designed to give your bathroom an elegant look.

The freestanding bathtub is spacious for a full body soaking. Don’t worry about water getting cold because It has a double-walled design that keeps water warm for a long time.


  • It has a high capacity, which can hold around 58 gallons of water.
  • Has curves that ensure comfortability while soaking.
  • Easy Installation guide manual.
  • It is made of shiny and durable materials.
  • They are designed with 15 inches deep to allow full-body soaking.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Holds a lot of water
  • Stylish for your bedroom and luxurious.
  • Easy to install.
  • No water jets.

Woodbridge white acrylic

Have you been wondering about the kind of bathroom tub to buy? White acrylic freestanding bathtub ensures you get the most refreshing and relaxing bath you have been yearning for.

The bathtub is stylishly designed with smooth slopes for your body curves. This tub has a drainage system at the center, which makes the overflow of water more accessible. Acrylic material contributes to its durability and shiny nature.


  • Deep Space that fits 55 gallons of water.
  • They are designed with broad and deep bathing space.
  • Easy to understand installation guide.
  • Accompanied by a stainless steel brushed nickel
  • Adjustable stands to level your bathtub.
  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stylish design for your bedroom.
  • Requires large amount of water a lot of water for it to fill

WOODBRIDGE Modern Bathroom

A modern glossy acrylic bathtub is made to make more leisurely relaxation of the body. The tub is comfortable and smoothly made.

It can fit your room as it is elegantly designed with a modern and amazingly easy to maintain and clean look. The tub can hold one or two persons, although women mostly use it.


  • It can hold around 60 gallons of water.
  • It has a double-walled design to keep water warm.
  • Easy installation guide.
  • Centered drainage location.
  • Complete deep tub for full body soaking.
  • Adjustable hidden stand to level your tub.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can hold two people at a time.
  • Stylish for your room.
  • Water remains warm for a long time.
  • Lightweight.
  • It does not scratch, dull, or fade.
  • Require many gallons of water for it to fill.

WOODBRIDGE 67″ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Woodbridge bathtub is made from quality Lucite acrylic and reinforced with Ashland resin, which is rarely used by small people due to its high cost. It has an ample size, which is economical, allowing it to fit a variety of spaces.

It is easy to maintain because its stain-resistant keeps high gloss, which retains its brightness and can serve you for a long time. Includes an anti-leak design drain pipe that is durable and easy to install.


  • Top-quality drainpipe
  • Easy to understand manual
  • Made from lucite acrylic material
  • Ample size yet economical
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Expensive
  • Heavy to lift

Woodbridge 59” Acrylic freestanding Bathtub.

Woodbridge bathtub is made from strong top material, which is rarely used by a few people because of its price. This bathtub is luxurious and comfortable to use. Its shape is designed to fit a variety of spaces. Gently sloping lines provide exceptional body comfort.

It is easy to clean and maintain. Its scratch resistance retains high gloss and can be used for an extended period and stay bright and clean as new.


  • Holds 55 gallons of water.
  • Double-walled design to keep the water temperature warm.
  • Gentle slopes for body comfortability.
  • Center drainage for water overflow.
  • Adjustable legs for leveling.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Elegant for your bathroom.
  • Durable.
  • Ample size for two persons.
  • uses a lot of water.

Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

Woodbridge Acrylic is best to relax your tired muscles. The tub is very comfortable, relaxing, and made in a way to ensure your body curves rest so well in the tub.

The freestanding tub is amazingly easy to maintain and clean; it is a non-stain stick and has a shiny, smooth nature. It can fit two people at a time. Its space is considerate and can find it in many sizes to fit your space. Gives your bedroom an elegant look due to its stylish design.


  • 55 gallons of water capacity.
  • Made from Lucite acrylic quality material.
  • Stylish design to fit your place.
  • Double-walled to keep the water temperature warm for long.
  • Centered Drainage.
  • Durable
  • Scratch and stain-resistant.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Complete for full-body immersion.
  • Heavy to lift

Woodbridge Acrylic freestanding bathtub.

No one hates a nice refreshing bath after a long day of work. Woodbridge BTA-1513 is here to ensure you get the tub you want. Easy to install, maintain, and clean. The tub has a long life as it is made of a very high-quality acrylic material.


  • 60 gallons of water capacity.
  • Made from high-quality LUCITE Acrylic Material.
  • Double-walled design.
  • Centered Drainage.
  • Easy installation guide.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good design.
  • Warm water for your desired time
  • Space considerate.
  • Durable.
  • Needs a lot of water.
  • Too heavy to lift

What to Look for Before Buying Freestanding Bathtubs


The material you choose will determine your bathtub. Earlier bathtubs were made from copper material but can be made from acrylic or ground stone and steel. Acrylic material is light, affordable, and easy for you to maintain. Choose a high-quality fabric made bathtub.


The size of the bath you choose will depend on your bathroom size. Think of how you need to use the tub. Do you want to use it for deeper soaking? Do you need a long or deep bath since you will be using it with your partner? Please measure the space where the tub is supposed to be installed before you buy it.


It is also suitable for you to check if the freestanding bath needs to be plumbed to be placed comfortably where you need it to be. Maybe you are not prepared to pay additional pipework labor. You should purchase the already drilled or on purchase drill for you to have an easy connection process.


This fantastic list will guide your guts while deciding on the best item to purchase. Remember, it is not suitable for you to use a lot of money and buy a useless thing that has no purpose in your house, and it is also not okay if you use your little resources and purchase something that will serve you for a short period.
It is useful if you consider the quality of the material first. Good quality material will serve you for a long time, and you will never feel like you have wasted your cash. We are confidently advising you to choose the tub of your choice on the list as they are of high quality, price-friendly, durable, and have all the comfort you need to get while soaking.

08 Sep 2020
Best Patio Heaters for Winter

Best Patio Heaters for Winter

Have you ever thought of buying a virtual gift for your family and friends during winter? Purchasing a gift that they enjoy every time they use and stop worrying about the cold and uncomfortable house will go a long way to improve your relationship. It sounds better if you buy them this fantastic gift than using a lot of money relocating to warm areas when winter hits.

Patio heaters will make you and your family enjoy warmth during winter seasons. Cold temperatures bring many diseases that will cost you or your life, no need to worry. We have organized a solution of the best patio heaters for winter. Don’t forget, you’ll also need heating fuel for your patio heater.

Sunjoy Avanti Heater

This heater is the best to warm your pool, patio, and other outdoor activities. It is made from steel and rust-resistant material, which helps it to serve you for a long time.

You can transport it easily to different areas as it is designed using two wheels, making transportation work easier.


  • Have two wheels for easy movement from one point to another
  • Uses propane power source
  • Rust resistance
  • Strong coated steel frame
  • Designed with easy push buttons to operate the heater
  • Easy to move it from one location to another
  • Easy to lift
  • The power source may not be available in all areas

Amazon Basics Commercial Heater 

Amazon basics heater weights 40 pounds and 18×89 inches. It is designed with two wheels, which will enable you to transport it to your preferred area without difficulties. No need to worry if the product will rust after using it for long; it is finished with healthy powder that prevents it from rusting.

The manufacturer cares about you as he has designed it with different colours to choose your preferred one easily. After using it, you are advised to keep the patio heater in a safe place to protect it from any physical damage.


  • Finished with healthy coated powder
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Safety easy shut off button
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used in all seasons
  • Heavy to lift

Outdoor Electric Heater

The patio heater is equipped with three halogen tubes, which makes it warm within seconds. It delivers the heat directly to where you are, making you enjoy the instant heating instead of waiting for cold winter air. It has three different heating modes that you can comfortably and efficiently heat no matter temperature changes.

It is designed with a robust aluminium body, which helps to withstand the nature torture firmly enables you to use it at any place. Unlike other gas heaters, this electric heater does not release any harmful chemicals, making it environment friendly.


  • Has three heating modes
  • Has a protective sheath to protect children’s from getting burnt
  • Easy to understand installation guide
  • Built with strong aluminium cover
  • Does not have any chemical pollution
  • Long-lasting
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to lift
  • It cannot be used in case of an electric blackout

Legacy Heating Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater

This heater has a 21 x 21 x 88 inches and 52.8 pounds, designed with a wheel to make transportation work easier. It is designed to fit your house’s door, and you can move it to your preferred place without having any difficulty. It uses a 20lb propane tank, which is not included while purchasing the item.


  • Two Wheels for easy movement
  • Anti-tilt safety devices
  • Uses propane for it to operate
  • Easy to move
  • Heavy to lift
  • Expensive
  • Uses a lot of space in your house

Pamapic Patio Heater

Pamapic heater burner is made from healthy steel powder, which ensures the item lasts longer but keeps it in an excellent place to prevent it from any physical damage. It heats in 18 fit diameters with 46000 BTUs of warmth. The tank chamber is built inside the heater but with doors for you to access it easily.


  • Built-in tank
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Double mantle heating grid
  • Reliable purse ignition
  • Has wheels for easy movement
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to lift
  • It is long-lasting
  • No protective appliances to prevent from burning anyone around it

Pamapic Patio Heater

This heater is designed with a side door that makes work easier while you need to change the propane tank, which is not included while purchasing. It is simple to use ignition options, making it easy to use old or young persons and get enough warmth without much struggle.

Has a protective feature that makes the heater shut off if it is slanted. Pamapic, an 89.4 tall heater, has a glass flame tube feature that is bravely able to liven in any atmosphere. Amazingly long-lasting steel finish will surely catch the attention of guests; it is part of house decoration.


  • Simple to use ignition
  • Includes Protection systems
  • It is Finished with long-lasting stainless steel
  • Has Pyramid cover heater
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • It is long-lasting
  • Acts as a house decorator
  • Heavy to lift
  • Occupies a lot of house space

Patio Heater – Outdoor Heater w/3s-Fast Heating & Remote Control

This heater has adopted advanced technology; it can give you an instant warmth in less than 4 seconds. It is energy-saving, and environment friendly can save more than 50 % of the energy used.

This electric heater can easily detect temperature and keep warmth comfortably. If the weather is high, it will shut off by itself, and when the temperature is lower than your settings, it will work again in a low voice. Put it in the bedroom, and you will enjoy a warm sleep every night during the winter seasons.
With its wall-mounted design, you can easily keep it in the restaurant, offices, and living room. It will convert coldness to warmth no matter where you are. It is easy to set the temperature values. With the remote control, you can be able to know the temperature without using any effort. You can change the temperature, set timers from 1 to 24 hours.


  • Easy to operate a remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Safe to use
  • Does not have noise interruptions
  • It Can be moved easily
  • Energy saving
  • You can run it at a distance even when relaxing at your bed
  • Stays for an extended time
  • High consumption of electric power
  • Can only be used on cold seasons
  • Cannot be used in case of a power blackout

What to Look for When Buying Patio Heaters

Safety Features

Heater with safety features needs to have an easy turn on and off options that anyone can access. If the product generates much heat and bursts with flames, it is not safe for you to use it. The ignition switch option must be easy to handle without hurting your skin.

Heat Capacity

If a heater generates a high amount of heat, the patio will be like an oven, which is uncomfortable to use. This will make it not to serve its purpose. Before buying a patio heater, you need to calculate the heat capacity indicated on the label and a range of 30000 to 60000 BTUs.


The patio heater should be stable and should not fall on its own. It is incredibly significant because the heater might cause a fire when it falls on its own.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling patio heaters with many parts makes the assembling process big, which will confuse mechanically challenged persons. If then it is poorly assembled, it will burst and cause damage in your space.


Well-designed heaters will play a role when decorating your house. It would be best if you chose a perfect made heater that will catch your guests’ eye.


Purchasing one of these superheaters we have listed out is a great decision you have ever made. Winter is notorious for bringing on a bout of depression due to cold temperatures and fever. Plan based on how you expect you will feel when the going gets tough. With any of these patio heaters, you will not worry about your family or relatives and how they will cope up during the winter season. It is a solution by itself.

This heater will fill your home with warmth; you will not even know when the winter season is over because you have got the right appliances. When choosing the right heater to purchase, it is better to look at the consumption that it needs to produce enough warmth and not just look at the size nor design. Choosing the one that you will get what it needs to work efficiently it will be better. You may select electricity heaters, but there is always a power blackout in your area every time, and then it will not help you accordingly. Ensure there is a heating oil delivery service within your area so you can fuel your patio heater.

We have confidently pointed out the best heaters of high quality, user friendly, secured, and price friendly. It is better to keep your home healthy for your family advantage.

08 Sep 2020
Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

No gift surpasses a beautiful coffee table book! It adds ambiance when you put it on a coffee table or in your library. The best table gifts will remain in your home for many years as you grow your horizons. Most people value coffee table books more than ordinary products like candles. Whether you are looking to add your list or you want to buy someone a gift, a unique coffee table book is an ideal choice! Here are eight coffee table books that will add beauty to your home for more years.

1. Chanel: Collections and Creations

The blend of style, originality, and tradition of Chanel has made it the most alluring of brands. The House of Chanel unlocked its private files, uncovering a world of splendid designs created by Coco Chanel since the 1920s. They are currently reinterpreted to become the beauty products, accessories, and brand new garments.

Inspired by the signature fragrance, the book highlights five focal themes: the little black dress, fragrances and make-up, jewelry, the camellia, and the suit. It also trails the past threads showing the rediscovering and rethinking of essential products by style designers who work in their renowned predecessors’ strides. The visual journey is upgraded by Karl Lagerfeld’s former unpublished document photos and unique drawings, and glorious photos from the most remarkable names in the industry.

Timeless design, beautiful models, intricate accessories, and stunning clothes do not leave any doubt with the brand’s lasting fame. The elements embody everything that symbolizes the Chanel magic.

  • A classic copy that complements your decor.
  • A big book that features various products including jewelry, suits, black dresses and perfumes.
  • An ideal topper to complete your nightstand.
  • A beautiful copy with a decent weight and size.
  • Doesn’t have a session for some common products such as handbags.
  • The packaging should be improved to ensure the product arrives in good shape.

2. Architectural Digest at 100 – A Century of Style

This book commemorates the best pages from the global design authority. The copy’s editors have delved into the chronicles to separate long periods of rich material covering a scope of subjects. Plainly highlights both the past and modern features of many private celebs such as David Bowie, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Truman Capote.

Architectural Digest has been among the leading publishers in most stylish homes on the planet since 1920. The book features many house-pleased, tastemakers, and design-savvy stars who have embraced AD into their domains. Every space in the book expresses the “wow factor” and genuinely puts the best ideas into the light.
This table book is written in elevated quality by the Architectural Digest Editors. The copy is the world’s freshest manual for the best and most splendid designs that inspires you for the next big home project.

  • The best architectural photos are compiled in one place.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing when put on your coffee table.
  • The copy has more details on past profiles and new updates.
  • Gorgeous copy that comes in the right size and color.
  • It has scant information and photos may not be of high quality.
  • It has poor binding and packaging.

3. Tom Ford

Tom Ford is among the key icons in the fashion industry. He changed Gucci from a hopeless mark into one of the hottest design brands on the planet. His structures have continued to sell more copies at Gucci and have helped incorporate the Gucci brand with the luxury merchandise conglomerate experienced today.

Ford introduced a hard-edged style that cannot be separated from the 21st-century glamour. The book is a finished inventory of Ford’s work in design for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci from 1994 to 2004. The copy records not just Ford’s accessories and clothing designs for the two houses. Still, it goes ahead to explore his grand vision for the brand’s complete design, together with advertising, store design, and architecture.

Tom Ford features over 200 photos from various photographers, including Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Helmut Newton, and Herb Ritts.

  • It is stylish and beautiful
  • High quality and amazing book for modern coffee tables
  • It is huge and has lovely clear pictures
  • It has little men fashion
  • It has little men fashion

4. Live Beautiful

This book is from Athena Calderone, a celebrated interior designer, and design expert. The copy features how creatives can beautify the spaces in your room. According to Calderone, beautiful designs are not only pleasant in the eyes, but they improve the quality of life. The EyeSwoon creator and the profoundly awaited design copy by Athena Calderone, taps into the global network of tastemakers, fashion designers, and interior decorators, that show the look of caringly built interiors. Calderone also gets a chance to open the doors of her two residential palaces.

Calderone features the underlying flash of motivation for every homeowner that instigated her journey to design. She also offers the details of various rooms, such as customized vignettes, collected pieces, and layered patterns and textures. The book provides different tips on the best way to bring such components into your space. Loaded with gorgeous photos by Nicole Franzen, the book is an exquisite design showpiece and a guide to building a nicely planned home.
The copy is filled with Calderone’s insight, wisdom, and guide to create and curate your space that feels like a home.

  • Beautiful book with gorgeous designs and homes.
  • It has rich content not just for photos but for true admires of interior design.
  • It motivates individualism via thoughtful creators.
  • Entertaining, good content and interesting tips.
  • Lacks huge diversity with some usual apartments and houses.
  • Some pages focus on other designers.

5. The Finer Things – Timeless Furniture, Textiles, & Details

With a Miles Redd foreword, this wealthy decorating asset prepares the eye for quality and durable home goods and their usage for great effects in designs. Like a home foundation built to withstand the test of time, furniture, elements, and objects in our rooms should endure the sense of comfort and beauty.

The products in our rooms should outlive patterns. You should comprehend how to perceive good quality and recognize whether your rooms’ products are up to the standard. Christiane Lemieux responded to this by talking to some of the world’s greatest experts. Weaving the guidance and insights of dozens of interior designers, accessories artisans, textile fabricators, and paint and wallpaper specialists, Lemieux has curated unmatched know-how in recognizing heirloom-quality and hallmarks of timeless pieces.
The copy features several interiors of elegant homes, great modern residences, and iconic past examples.

  • A relaxing look into the aesthetics world
  • Author has provided rich details in terms of history.
  • Gorgeous and plentiful photos and enough text makes you feel to read more.
  • Misleading front cover that is not shiny metallic.
  • The content focuses on old fashioned styles.

6. Louis Vuitton – The Birth of Modern Luxury (Updated Edition)

The book was published in 2004 and became the initial copy to depict the sensational rise of the world’s finest luxury company. The book has full access to firm’s achieves that show Louis Vuitton’s fine design love with modern marketing, product designs, and an amazing archival art array.

The first three pioneers do inspection in the company. There is the originator Louis (who created the cutting edge trunk), his grandson Gaston and son Georges.
The new copy has new information on different subjects, including automobiles, jewelry, shoes, and ready-to-wear clothing. The latest edition incorporates twenty more pages and updated material in the entire book. The copy features the recent history of the brand, including photographs and new texts.
The book puts into light the initial in-depth portrait of the best-recognized luxury brands in the world.

  • Glam themed bookcase styling
  • Beautiful photos, great content and interesting history
  • Inspiring and great book for fashion lovers
  • Not packaged well during shipment
  • Not great when contrasted with other LV publications

7. Vanity Fair 100 Years – From the Jazz Age to Ours

This book exhibits a century of power and personality, commerce and art, culture and crisis, for both low and highbrow. The copy uses imagination, peerless literary narrative, and best imagery from the renowned illustrators, artists, and photographers.

Being a rich book, it takes a decade to look at the world, as in the magazine. The copy stops to describe the Unique Manager, Frank Crowninshield, the initiation of Jazz Age Vanity Fair, the controversial magazine rebirth in 1983, and the historical backdrop of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
With its time-capsule format, visual impact, and complete sweep, it is an ideal copy for everyone.

  • Shares a lot of details that made history and has beautiful imagery
  • A phenomenal book that is perfect for decoration
  • Marvelous publication and beautiful design
  • Less stories for those who love reading
  • Historical book with excessive modern photos

8. Banksy You Are An Acceptable Threat Level

The book is a new extended 248pp 2020 Edition and the best collection of Banksy’s street work photography assembled for print and some vital details.


This new release incorporates Banksy’s self-destruction love in the Bin’ mediation. Sotheby’s terms it as the initial historical artwork to have been established live during an auction.

The copy entails a wide collection of photography that features famous works by the elusive British craftsman. Besides, the copy has eight by ten inches of extensive descriptions to help users comprehend the content behind the previously mentioned intercessions and works.

  • Phenomenal and amazing copy
  • Great photos with detailed background and descriptions
  • Humorous and interesting with great art
  • Not well structured and somehow confusing
  • Duplicate photos and more of unrelated commentary

Bottom Line on the Best Coffee Table Books for Decorating

You can never go wrong with a coffee table book! The decorative books above entail some of the best books in the field – which come in different styles and formats. You need a copy to top up your current list or to gift a person who is special to you.

Perhaps you are paging through an interior design inspiration or a book of travel photography! You need a copy that meets your interests, and that complements the interior of your rooms!

07 Sep 2020
Best Sander for Cabinets

Best Sanders for Cabinets

Cabinet sanders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. There are some that will amaze you with color and design, but the quality of their work will not be as appealing. If you’ve been out in the market for sanders, you know getting the best one is a hard task. That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you reach a decision faster. So which sanders for cabinets are the best?

Random Orbit Sander

This is the sander you are looking for if you need something reliable. It is of excellent quality and the best to smoothen your cabinet surfaces. For efficient and reliable saddening, consider this Black and Decker product.

It is made of plastic hence not heavy. The machine is straightforward to use, easy to hold, maneuver, and lasts longer. The sander has its cleaning power to keep dust and debris out. This extends the tool life.


  • Has a dust-sealed switch which ensures all dust is kept out
  • Has a loop system that helps in easy sandpaper replacement.
  • It has a compact size that brings the item closer to the surface for easier maneuverability.
  • Has a high-quality speed of 14000 orbits per minute.
  • The item has included components like the sanding sheet and dust bag.
  • Includes a Paddle switch action which helps you while turning the machine on or off.
  • Requires no battery for it to operate
  • It is Light.
  • High speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Able to eliminate dust, which increases its long life.
  • It can only be used for small sanding tasks.
  • It can only be used for small sanding tasks.
  • Cannot work in case of a power blackout as it has no battery installation

Dewalt Palm Sander

Have you ever thought of painting your cabinet after building it? This is the best sander for you. It is easy to move it from one place to another quickly as you are provided with a carrying bag.

The item is designed with a guide, which makes it easy to use and control. You can control its vibration noise in the counter vibration option, thus enabling you to have a quiet working environment.


  • Lightweight design due to its composite body design.
  • Has a Stick on a pad that ensures faster changeover.
  • Touch control triggers to regulate the amount of power you need.
  • High speed of 12000 RPM for quality sanding.
  • Locking dust-port system.
  • Rubber dust boot that protects the switch from dust for long life.
  • The Dewalt comes with a dust bag, paper punch, carrying bag, and sandpapers.
  • It is sealed from dust by the rubber dust boot to ensure it has extended life.
  • Power and speed dial is easily accessed.
  • Has 8-holes hook and loop paper for quick sanding.
  • Not tiresome
  • Has a nice handle.
  • Easy to move it from different locations
  • Uses a lot of power

Classic Mouse Detail Sander

Have you been searching for a sander that could last long, remove paint from metal or plastic corners and hard to reach areas? Tacklife classic mouse detail sander comes with 12 pieces of sandpapers, connected to a 35mm vacuum cleaner tube. With the connected vacuum cleaner tube, the indoor work is correctly done.

Using the product for an extended period can cause friction and vibration, which may cause the dust container to detach. Empty the dust container after using the machine for a while.


  • Tacklife classic sander uses 120 volts which provide perfect work
  • Requires no battery installation
  • The machine works low vibration
  • Has 9.8ft power cord which will help you to work with no restrictions
  • Low noise
  • Has 2kg which is not tiresome to carry
  • Long-lasting
  • You do not need any training for you to operate the machine
  • Requires a lot of power to run

5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

Tacklife sander provides an elegant environment with comfort design. The machine can easily clean tight areas with no physical sander damage. It has six different speeds, which you need to adjust according to the type of work done.

You can’t compare this machine with manual grinding as it can work with 13000 orbits per minute, thus saving time and labor.

Its 12 sandpapers make a sander to last longer while still giving you a perfect service while even removing metal paints, wood, and plastic corners. You can use the machine around your home as it produces low noise and vibration, thus not affecting anyone around you.


  • Has six adjustable speed supports
  • Tacklife has 12 pieces exchangeable sandpapers
  • Can be used for indoor work
  • With 13000 orbits per minute, the machine works faster and saves a lot of time
  • The device can easily get into tight areas
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Ideal for indoor work
  • Uses a lot of power
  • Not perfect for wall sanding

Tacklife Belt Sander

Are you worried about getting your tough sander job done? Tacklife belt sander is here to make your cabinet sanding work easier. It is made of plastic, which makes it easier to use and handle. Tacklife can work on a wide range of surfaces.

It can keep the working area clean as it can collect the dust while working. The sander is accompanied by two clamps to fix the belt to work in the desired function. The machine needs to be handled well, with no pressing to avoid damage. Don’t scratch the board of the sander. It has a high speed of 15000 RPM; hence you’ll get your work done—less vibration due to its low tremor.


  • A 13pcs sanding belt accompanies it. The strap is tightened to avoid belt slipping. The screw at the bottom should be adjusted at a straight line before using the sander. Over adjusting the screw may break the band.
  • 5 Amp motor. Facilitates the speed of sander, enables high-quality finish and efficient sanding.
  • It has a dust box that collects dust and is not attached to the sander which is easy to clean.
  • Two crew clamps come with fixing the belt, two vacuum adapters for dust collection and cleaning, and a guide manual for the user.
  • It is made of plastic hence not too heavy to carry.
  • Soft handle for an excellent grip.
  • Easy to use
  • The dust is very minimal while working hence good for users with dust allergies.
  • Thirteen belts to work with.
  • It is built with plastic parts that may break easily.
  • It must be handled easily due to its lightweight.
  • Uses a lot of power for it to operate efficiently

Dewalt Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt random orbit is the belt sander you need for a finesse smoothening. It is the best sander for your cabinet as it is very efficient and has a high-performance level. You will enjoy its outcome.

The sander has a 5Ah battery that can run up to a whole hour of work. Its battery can make the sander a little bit heavy after using it for some time. Dewalt random is easy to use, maneuver hold, and price considerate for the user.


  • 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding paper, which is lined for sanding.
  • 5Ah battery that runs up to one hour.
  • Adjustable dust box to collect dust and is easy to clean.
  • Conveniently cordless power.
  • Sealed switch to prevent it from dust for its longevity.
  • Has 3.0 Amp motor.
  • It’s switch is sealed to improve the durability.
  • Stable control is given by the 8000 to 1200OPM.
  • The machine can run for long without recharging.
  • Over mold, which gives easy access to speed dial and power.
  • The cordless package which has lots of power.
  • Dust collection extractor connection is not to standard; hence an expensive adapter is needed.
  • 5Ah battery can make the sander feel heavy after working with it for some time.

Conclusion on the Best Sander for Cabinets

We have made your work easier for you while you need to purchase the best sander for your cabinet and other sanding services. Before deciding which machine to buy, we recommend you to look for its costs, design, power consumption, and durability.

It is not good to purchase a product that you thought would last for years and then take less than a month. The sander machines we have indicated last longer, and if you handle it with care, you will stay for an extended period before making any part replacement.

Working with a heavy machine will make your work hard as you will end up being tired, thus making it uncomfortable to use it for a long time. With vibration and sound control options, it makes environmentally friendly as it will not pollute more noise to the people around you.

Traditionally, people used to scrub the furniture using their hands, which took a lot of time, energy, and resources. Sandar has come to save all those problems as labor savings, time savings, and uses only power for it to operate. Consider using this sander for cabinets, and you will experience a big difference in your work.

03 Feb 2020
a woman standing in a room with curtains

How to Hang Heavy Curtains without Getting Damaged: Our Expert Advice

Hanging curtains in a room in another part of practicing interior décor. In most cases, hanging curtains is very cumbersome. Getting the right dimensions to be used on your curtains could be very daunting at times. Simply because you can do it repeatedly and still not do it the right way?

That is why such processes need time and great amounts of patience for it to be successful. Besides, if you want the outcome to go your way, then you must go with the right measurements, which will, in turn, bring you the correct position. There is absolutely no shortcut to having the dimensions right. Lest you get it all wrong, and could even end up with uneven curtains on the windows.

We all have our reasons as to why we hang curtains in our rooms. It could be to cover that extra space inside the room, preventing snoopy neighbors from peeping, or simply just blocking the excess sunlight that usually streams into the room during the day, then you must find that particular curtain, which suits the occasion for which it is meant to serve. In that case, you must choose wisely.

Even though heavier curtains will suit you just fine, they also have disadvantages, which must be approached with care if you are to get the best out of these curtains. One disadvantage that you will notice firsthand will come from the amount of effort, which you will put in when hanging them.

On most occasions, it will be best to have adequate preparation for hanging these heavy curtains well. This will also ensure that you do not have a hard time. You must also ensure to get the correct accessories for doing the job thoroughly at your disposal. They include essential tools like rods, which in most instances will be able to withstand the weight, and brackets to be used for installation, including hanging these heavy curtains as well.

In that regard, we have so many techniques on how to hang heavy curtains without much trouble. It will seem very hard from the onset but once you get wind of it, it shall flow easily.

Choosing a Suitable Rod to be Used When Hanging the Curtains

To go for your preferred rod, you will, first of all, get all the weights for your heavy curtains and note them down in the process. The next important step will be about dividing these recorded weights with the size then compare it with the number of rods needed for completion of that particular task. Thereafter, what you will do is to measure the rods per foot, before choosing the right ones.

Moreover, if you want to get the correct size, then it is important for you not to overlook the information on the label. It will give you clarity on what to go for. Moreover, when buying the screws, you should make sure that they are of the correct size. You do want to be going back for more every time you find that something is missing as it will eat into your tight schedule.

What it Entails to Install the Curtains

Before installing the curtains, it is also very important for you to ascertain that all the measurements are the right ones between the floor and up to the bracket. This will make it very easy for finding a way of hanging the heavy curtains. Apart from that, it will guide you on the exact measurements for the rods to be used for this purpose.

The Process of Installing the Brackets

One of the easiest ways of installing these brackets in question is finding an amicable method of screwing your anchors firmly in place. Then what you will do in the next steps that follow, will be to strategically tape these hooks from the back with double-sided tape, before pinning it onto the wall then screwing them in their rightful place.
Other Useful Alternative methods you can use to hang the heavy curtains:

How about Hooks for hanging Coats?

Unknown to very many people, coat hooks can perform very many functions apart from just being used for hanging coats inside their wardrobes. It is a well-calculated and surprising move that will also make the curtains to hang without damaging the surrounding especially your walls. Therefore, if you are using them, then you will, first of all, find an easy way of installing them.

After the successful installation of the hooks, what you do next will be to space them each at an equal distance along with the window in which the heavy curtains will be hanged.

Thereafter, you can now go about looping the holes one after the other until you hang the heavy curtains. Thus, coat hooks can be a very convenient way of hanging your curtains. You do not even have to drill your wall when installing them.

However, with coat hooks, there is a need to have the right measurements as any wrong turn will bring about great difficulties when opening or closing the curtains. Furthermore, they add great value to your interior décor for the room and adjacent windows, especially those that do not need any further readjustments on them.

How About Curtain Rod Brackets?

Most people always find themselves at crossroads when hanging their curtains. This is because they are torn in between having the right sizes for the walls is normally difficult and might end up getting damaged when installing them.

However, there is no cause for worry, as you can have as many options as possible today that will take these types of stress away from you.

One of these very simple alternatives is the curtain rod brackets from Kwik-Hang. They are very easy to install, and there is still more to it. There is also no need for any measurements before installation. Just put them in their rightful positions at the window corners. Gently tap the brackets in with a hammer or mallet made of rubber.

Commandeering Hooks

You can have very many diverse ways that you can use these hooks. Nonetheless, it will depend on your creativity levels. If you are creative enough, this is the best opportunity for using commandeering hooks to hang their heavy curtains. For starters, when using these hooks, what you will do is to take the measurements for your window.

If it is above thirty inches long, then you will need three of these hooks for giving maximum support in the middle of either end. But if it is less than that then you will only be required to use two.

Since they come in a variety of textures and quality, which in most cases include nickel that has been polished and bronze made of oiled rubber, and to get that invigorating and aesthetic value to the interiors of your rooms, you can creatively mix both colors freely. Especially the ones, which go hand in hand with the decorations.

To get a perfect fit for your window, it is normally advisable to choose a rod, whose diameter is thin by design. Anything, which is thicker than that will result in having the curtains fixed in a crookedly.

Next after measuring your curtains is peeling off the protective adhesive tape before pressing the hooks firmly but gently against the wall. Do this for the two sides of the window, then wait for some time before hanging your curtains?

Additionally, you should take note of the maximum weight that can be sustained by these hooks, as they can only manage about 5 pounds. Anything more than this recommended weight will result in the hooks peeling off from the wall. Although they can at times be used on heavier curtains, they will not last that long. Another downside to these hooks is that over time, they normally lose their stickiness. Hence, will not serve you better for longer.

Rod Curtains-Stretch

Simply put, these models can stand immense pressure exerted on them by stretching out. They do this by stretching out internally going towards the external areas and can be installed and used easily without any problems.

Another very effective ways to hang the heavy curtains include:

The Initial Step

It normally involves very complete processes of measuring both your windows’ sizes to get accuracy. Furthermore, these measurements are what will greatly determine the curtain rod, which will be used for hanging the curtains, and its size must be longer than that of the window by about six inches in measurement.

Step Number Two

In this category, it is very important to buy a strong rod that is strong enough to be able to withstand the whole weight for the heavy curtains. Anything less will eventually make the curtains to sag downwards, creating a very ugly picture. Therefore, a rod made of steel is more preferable than aluminum.

The Third Step

This step normally involves the installation of a stud onto the wall where the curtain rod and curtain itself will be hanged. Unlike lighter curtains, heavier ones will require very strong anchorage if they are to last longer.

The main reason as to why a strong anchor is encouraged is because the brackets will be attached directly to the wall with the anchor as an intermediary. If you are not sure about their positions, then before installation, mark the areas using a light pencil or erasable marker.

The Fourth Step

This is all about the location. The position in which to put the brackets is of great importance and will rely very much on the exact location for installing the studs on your wall. They can also be used to spreading your curtains wider.

Step Number Five

You must measure the sizes of your windows, instead of blindly putting in place the brackets. Doing this will enable you to know exactly how to install them. Hence, it is just another way of preventing any problems from arising shortly. Give enough room for your curtains and the underlying floor. While at the same time, making sure that they adequately cover the windows like they were intended for.

Step Number Six

Before gently hammering the accessories for hanging your heavy curtains, then you must get the positions right. Proceed to measure the exact spots for the subsequent installation of the curtain rods. However, all this is highly dependent on studs’ key positions on the windows, including the height for hanging the curtains. Therefore, if you want the best possible angle for hanging the curtains, then you should simply remember to place the studs in the same position.

The Seventh Step

To avoid much trouble, you must install the brackets in the exact position and proceed to mark these places using a very light pencil, which can be erased with ease before you screw these brackets in.

The Eighth Step

The steps get more crucial as we move forward. Here, what you will simply do is to make sizeable holes using a nail. These are the spots where you will finally squeeze in the screws for holding the curtain brackets firmly in place, ensuring that they do not become loose, which may compromise the whole process and you do not want to go through the process again from the start.

The Ninth Step

What you will most importantly do in this step is to screw the brackets firmly in their rightful place. Before screwing them in, what you should give priority is ensuring that these brackets have been lined up properly with the holes for the screws to fit perfectly. This will most likely prevent them from becoming loose therefore, not firm as they should be.

Step Number Ten

In this last step, your task is to ensure that everything is in its rightful place. On the same note, you should also make sure the curtains are in the right position as well.

If you follow this step by step guide on how to hang heavy curtains without Getting Damaged, you won’t need to worry about anything. Your curtains will not just remain in good shape, you’ll also be able to adjust them to allow in air and light without compromising on their stability.

03 Dec 2019
how to decorate a piano top

How to Decorate a Piano Top: 10 Beautiful Decor Ideas

The love for music is often apparent in the way you store your instruments. It is for this reason music lovers do not shy away from keeping theirs in the house with them.

Most people prefer keeping their pianos in a place where it is visible to others; this is because it can also be a decorative idea in itself. While some people have unique piano rooms where they keep their instruments.

Therefore, keeping it plain makes your space appear dull.  Your keyboard should stand out. You can decide to keep it simple or put a little more effort into making it beautiful. There are various ways how to decorate a Piano Top.

How to Decorate a Piano Top

Decorating your instrument does not have to be very demanding financially; you can use readily available items to make your piano attractive. ‘Do it yourself,’ a method of modifying things without expert aid, can come in handy when looking for amazing crafts to help decorate your piano.

The good thing about decorative ideas is that you can always adjust them to fit your preference and mood occasionally.

How to Decorate a Piano Top

Custom Wood Designs

Your preference matters when it comes to decorative ideas; it is for this reason that custom made wood designs could come in handy.  These designs could entail beautifully written words, set according to your mood.

You can choose wooden designs that have words engraved in them or beautiful patterns, or you can go for paintings on the piece of wood.

The beauty of these designs is that the words or the art engraved in the wood speak volumes. You can also go for woodblocks that have letters that may sum up to make symbolic expressions. 

You can also make a small set of piano keys using wood. You can make this into a small size, the size of a photo frame. It can have a base to stand on, or you can place it in a way that it leans against a wall.

Light it Up

Lights attract the eyes and can make an otherwise dull space so pleasant. Led lights have, with time, gained popularity as a decorative measure.  Tiny lights in the form of string lights are a perfect idea if you are looking to make your piano glow up.

The light can be battery operated, so they save up on energy because you do not have to link them to your home’s electricity.

You can place the lights on top of the piano near the edge. Some of these led lights in string form can also be coiled into a ball and put on a tray. You can play around with the led lights, don’t make it too ordinary.

Led lights also come in different colors, so if you are comfortable with such, you can also use them.

Candle Lights

Candles are a simple and almost effortless way in which you can decorate your piano. Pillar candles and tea light candles are among the ones you can use to decorate your piano.

Your candles do not have to ignite always your candles, you can do so if need be on certain occasions, maybe the presence of guests.  Simply placing candles on top of your instrument makes it beautiful.

One can also express their creative side by making sheet music candles, in which you wrap sheets of musical notes around the candles. The wraps make the décor relevant to the art of music that the piano represents. You can use candle stands of different sizes to put your candles in and, at the same time, decorate your piano.

Booklover’s Shelf

A piano top is a perfect place for a bookworm to express themselves. You can put a stack of books on top of your piano, or you can also put them as though they are on a shelf, that is, place one after the other in a ‘standing’ position.

These books can also be musical books that can you can use to make music using the piano; this way, one does not have to go looking for them as they are a hand stretch away. Therefore, it is a decorative measure as much as it works to your advantage whenever you need to play the piano. 

 You can incorporate the use of book racks to this idea. You can add a small wooden rack at the top of your instrument with books placed inside of it. This will make your creative décor look orderly and attractive. 

Clothe it

The easiest way to decorate your piano is to throw a cloth on it. Lace, satin, burlap, or cotton, a piece of fabric always makes surfaces look neat.

You can decide to keep it colorful or make it monochromatic. The cloth can be held in place using the candles or books that count as decorative items as well. The piece of fabric will also help to keep the piano clean as it prevents dust from getting into contact with your instrument.

You can go for a cloth that completely covers the top of your instrument or a piece of fabric that acts like a runner for the piano top.  

Picture Perfect

 Your beautiful photo frames can find a perfect surface on top of your musical instruments. The pictures can be photo portraits, or you can decide to be creative and frame beautiful images, maybe music related, and use them as decor for the piano.

The photos compliment your piano, making it pleasant. You do not have to fill the whole surface with many pictures, as this only makes it immoderate. You can use a few photo frames as the photos may not be the only décor you may want on your piano.  You can even use one slightly large photo frame together with other decors.

Trust Mother Nature 

The gift that the earth gives us, plants, flowers, aside from the other benefits, health and all, they can be used well to embellish your piano. For this purpose, go for plants that are not cumbersome. Use the ones that can fit a vase or small tin. They should not be the kind that spread out so much when they grow.

The goal is to make it appealing to the eye, not excessively ornate. An example of a perfect house plant that you can use to decorate your instrument is the cast-iron plant; it is a hardy plant variety; therefore little effort is needed to keep it fresh, and it saves on space too. Use colorful flowers to break the monotony.

Always ensure your plants and flowers do not wilt as this can ruin the general ambiance of your space. 

Paint the Piano

This décor idea can help transform an old piano to make it look brand new. Give your piano pop of color using paint, and you can also be creative and let art give in. You can paint images of musical notes on your piano top or splash it with a monochromatic color of your choice

. A touch of paint and drawings is not only artistic and creative but also makes your piano very attractive. Your choice of color should go well with your house’s theme color and the general mood of your home. Painting your piano will also make the instrument to look tidy.

Lamp Shades

lamp shades go perfectly on your piano top. You choose from a variety of shapes and sizes as long as they are not too big. Have a lamp on each side of your piano, or simply have one either at the center or at one end of your piano. Lampshades give a warm embrace to your piano and to your space in general.

You can also use lights of different colors into your lampshades according to your preference. You may consider different shapes of your lampshade base; there are a variety of designs to choose from; conical, square, drum, and many others.

The good thing about this is that you can be creative and transform your regular lamps into ones that compliment your style. In being creative, you can decide to design your lamp shade base by painting piano keys on it.


Antique items always give a command to the aesthetic nature of any space. Clocks, vases, mirrors are some of the things one can use to decorate the top of a piano. You can place clocks that have bases at the top of your piano; put it at the center position.

If your piano is against a wall, you can place a vintage mirror and lean it on the wall.  Phonograph records are also some antique equipment that you can use to decorate your piano, this way, you stay musically relevant too. You can also decorate your piano top using golden or silver antique items like vases.

One may also find small antique piano models in stores and use them as décor for your piano. You can also use vintage musical notebooks and racks for your decoration.