09 Dec 2021
How to paint a metal kitchen

How to Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering how to restore metal kitchen cabinets for a fresh start? These types of accessories normally add aesthetic value to any kitchen. Apart from this, they have aspects of durability as well.

The best thing about such kinds of cabinets is that they can be dismantled with great ease and mounted at the same time. They also have a way for them to be restored without interfering with the designs.

Metal cabinets are a preference for those who love to change and update their cabinets regularly.

Therefore, restoring these cabinets will give them a new lease of life and a fresh new look to your kitchen. Moreover, it is a very simple process that can bring about the desired effects if handled in the right way.

The downside of these cabinets is that if left unattended to can be very prone to rust. Hence, they should be kept clean and tidy, devoid of any negligence at all costs.

Restoration of metal cabinets is the only way to make them last longer and durable. However, it can be a very tedious process, which requires meticulous planning and execution.

What Tools Will I Need to Strip Paint from Metal Kitchen Cabinets?

  • A paint stripping tool (or)
  • Some good quality brushes
  • Cleaning thinners
  • A good quality metal paint prime
  • A good quality finishing paint
  • Metal paint spay laquer

Other Useful Items you May Want to Purchase

  • A heat gun for removing exiting paint
  • A paint spray gun

In the long run, it will save you considerable amounts of money and time, which could have become unattainable if left unattended for longer periods.

Take your time and do a very good job. Do not rush the process so as not to end up with shoddy work, which might end up being expensive as you might be forced to redo the work once again.

How to Restore Metal Kitchen Cabinets

How to strip paint from metal kitchen cabinets

Step 1: How to Strip Paint Off Metal Kitchen Cabinets

The initial stage would be stripping off any paint from the metal cabinets. If you want to embark on this process, there are several ways to about this whole process. For you not to have a very hard time, then elements for stripping paint will work just fine for you.

However, it can sometimes go against what you want to achieve as you will not be able to amicably work out a method to remove the paint.

Paint removers have an annoying tendency of evaporating

The main reason for this is that these paint removers have an annoying tendency of evaporating just before the job is done.

One way of going about such problems is to put the cabinet inside a plastic bag immediately after you apply the stripper.

Afterward, when removing the said cabinet from the plastic paper, then it will be easy to remove the paint. You can use a wire brush to remove the paint.

However, if you want the best outcome, then a steel wire is most ideal for completely removing the layer of paint.

It is prudent for you to put everything to be used in this task on standby. This is to make sure that you do not miss a thing and start running up and down once the job commences.

Ensure that you have the following essentials in place. Sealant, both coarse and fine sandpaper, coating paint, one brush accompanied by a sizeable roller, masking tape, and last but not least, a TSP cleaner if any.

Stage 2: How to Prime your Metal Kitchen Cabinets

This stage involves coating your prepared cabinet in a good quality primer, which might work wonders when it comes to paint removal on metal kitchen cabinets.

Since metal is very vulnerable to rust and subsequent corrosion, and for you to prevent this from happening, then as a sealant, primer works by sealing all the loopholes on the metal cabinets, which might result in rusting.

It will hinder moisture from accumulating into deadly elements of destruction on the metal cabinets. Moreover, suppose you are looking to change the color of your cabinets, primer can work wonders by promoting the preservation of colors.

In case you are using primer on metal cabinets, one of the easiest ways to go about it is by using a primer in a sprayer.

Spray Tool Metal Cabinets

Furthermore, it is cheap, easy to apply, and ideal for those who do not want to go through the cumbersome processes of using brushes for paint removal.

Therefore, when applying primer, ensure that you begin with a thin layer several instead of applying a very thick layer just once. This ensures maximum optimization and outcome in preventing the paint from dripping into unwanted areas on the cabinet.

Use the sprayer on the cabinet by applying a thin layer before letting it settle down for a considerable amount of time before you do anything to your cabinet.

If you have extra time on your hands, then you could let it dry for one day. However, about an hour is just but enough for the sealant to dry well.

Now that the first coat has dried up well, it is now time to apply the second coat on the metal cabinet.

After you have ascertained that the second coat has also dried up, apply another coat. This can be done as many times as possible but just a few is enough for the job.

Immediately after you have applied the last coat, leave it to dry a while longer than before. Before proceeding to the next stage.

Step 3: How to Paint your Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Stage number three is the actual painting itself. And the best way to go about this crucial step is to use spray paint. Therefore, if you want to do a good job, then it is advisable to spray the paint at intervals of thin layers.

Care should be taken to ensure that it does not drip down. After that, leave it out to dry for about one hour or so, depending on how the job has been done.

Do this consecutively for the next coatings sessions as well.

Those paints, which do not have very deep colors will need more coating, whereas, those with very deep colors will only need fewer coating.

After you are done with the job, it is now time to leave your cabinets out to dry completely. It could be overnight or just a day.

After everything has dried out completely and you have ensured that the paint job has been remarkably done, you can take the cabinets back to their original positions.

If you are unsure of the type of paint to use on your cabinets, then it would very prudent that you ask the store attendants.

They will advise you accordingly on what to purchase. Remember that when painting your kitchen cabinets, instead of a painting brush, you can go ahead and use rollers.

Matt Finish Painted Metal Kitchen

They leave a very smooth and even finishing on the cabinets.

Before you even start painting, there are a few essential steps that you must not miss. The first one is cleaning the cabinets until they are sparkling clean.

This will remove any impurities that might hinder the paint to stick well on the surface of the cabinets.

Ensure that all the impurities and dirt have been removed. For the stubborn ones, use removers like (tsp) trisodium phosphate, it works wonders.

A clean surface will make your work very easy and will be devoid of any struggles and difficulties that might hinder you from working properly on your project.

After the cleaning, leave the cabinets to dry for some time before you again wipe off any of the paint that might have loosened out. You can either use a dry piece of cloth or a soft-bristled brush for this segment.

Do not attempt to sand the areas, which have loose paint, even if you suspect it to be having lead.

Gentle cleaning of paint that has loosened out will prevent lead dust from developing, which could be dangerous on your health.

However, before even cleaning and painting your metal cabinets, you should inspect them thoroughly to ascertain how the work will be done and the extent of damages like rust and corrosion if any.

Apart from knowing how the work is going to be undertaken, it will also give you a very clear picture of the types of accessories to have for the job at hand.

After the inspection has been done, and you have taken note of the things to have for the task ahead, you can then go ahead to remove the doors and all the accompanying hardware.

However, since many of the metal cabinets have different designs, some have permanent handles that cannot come out. For such kind of handles, the best thing to do is to paint them with the same paint color that was used on the cabinet doors.

When removing the doors and any removable hardware, ensure that you have protective clothing on you. It will save you from any hazardous materials that might fall off from the cabinets or any other place nearby.

The process of restoring your kitchen cabinets is a very delicate one that requires meticulous planning and must be done with utmost precision if you want a perfect job.


Preparation is the key here and as experts usually say.  Spent 80% of your time on preparation and 20% of your time on the task.

That way you will ensure that this is a job that will stand the test of time and have the appearance of a professional finish.  After all, this isn’t a task you want to be repeating any time soon.  So do it one and do it well.

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04 Jul 2021
kitchen window sill decorating ideas

15 Most Amazing Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

A kitchen is that special room in a house where one prepares and cooks food. A kitchen is made up of many equipment examples including a sink, cabinets, a refrigerator among other things. Coming up with a well-decorated kitchen can be tedious and expensive too.

You might require an interior designer to do some designs for you but on the other hand, you can come up with some beautiful ways to add a bit of life, color, and light in your kitchen. Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas will come in handy.

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

Most of the time is spent on the kitchen countertops, the sink area, the kitchen cupboard and we end up forgetting the kitchen window sill. A kitchen window sill s a space within a window the is often forgotten and left messy and at times dirty. Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your kitchen window sill and make it beautiful and attractive.

Pot Gardening

Pot gardening also is known as container gardening is the process of growing plants specifically in a container or a pot instead of growing them in the ground in your garden. These plants can be flowers or edible plants. In this case, pot gardening is an amazing idea to give your kitchen life and color. Examples of edible plants that can be grown in a pot are mint, basil, green onions, pepper, strawberries among others. The flowers include the French marigold begonia, angelonia, petunia among others.

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

This is what you have to do to set-up a pot garden on your kitchen window. First choose the plant you want to grow in your pot, choose the type of container or pot that you want to be on your kitchen sill, you can go for different sizes of the pots for appearance. After this, put the plant you like in the container mix with the perfect type of soil remember to mulch your plant and water for it to grow healthy, then place the containers or the pot on your kitchen window sill. Remember for this to work, your window should be facing the sunlight.

Create a Storage Space

You can come up with storage space from your kitchen window sill, by adding shelves at the sides of the sill or under it. You can create some extra drawers to put in some recipe books and what-to-do lists. On top of the drawer, you can place a flower vase to add some taste to it.

Add Curtains

The idea of adding curtains and binding on your window will not only add up to our private life but it will also make your window sill appear beautifully decorated. The curtain will allow just enough light into your kitchen. While going for the curtain fabric, go for the one that will complement the design of the kitchen. Pick a fabric that does not hold smell, and that one that withstands the sunshine. You do not want to deal with a curtain that was bought deep orange and after a while, it fades to brownish just because of the sun.

A light sheered curtain can bring in enough sunshine and at the same time color the kitchen. With the curtains, you can place that beautiful, colorless holder with some colored marbles or gems inside at the center of the kitchen sill.

Add the Artistic Taste

If you are not that person who is mesmerized with flowers and herbs, you can also come up with an artistic idea to decorate the kitchen window sill. Think of a word art decor that you love and place it on your kitchen window sill. This word art will bring all the attention to the window sill in a very amazing way.


Painting the sill and the inside part of your kitchen window might come out as one of the best ideas to decorate your kitchen window sill. For example, if the interior of your kitchen is painted all white, paint your window sill a bright yellow color. This color will not only make the sill standout but also the sill will come out attractive and beautiful.

Make Your Kitchen Window Sill Practical

While decorating the kitchen, most of those old, unused items or gifts like a colored bottle and empty vases end up on the window sill. This makes the window sill less attractive and boring. To make your kitchen window sill beautiful and at the same time practical, place items like cleaning products, books on recipe and hand soaps on the kitchen window sill. This will make the place active because these are items that you will find yourself using day in day out. 

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Do Not Over DO the Kitchen Window Sill

Remember as much as you want to make your kitchen window sill as attractive as possible, overdoing it will throw the idea over the bar. Do not put a lot of items on the window sill for this will only make it appear untidy and messy. Leave just enough space for you to easily clean the place. If you find yourself having a lot of items to display you can occasion the rest to display them later.

Turn It into a Breakfast Bar

A kitchen might turn out to be a small room and finding enough space for everything you need in there can be stressful. You can use some wooden frames to come up with a breakfast bar from that kitchen window sill. This idea will turn out to be an attractive simple place to take your breakfast from. To complement the site you can include funky stools.

Hang  Flowers  on the Kitchen Window Sill

You might find the idea of pot gardening very fascinating and great, but when you turn your eye to the kitchen window sill you just cannot see the space to place the pots you need. Well, you can as well bring the idea of hanging jars decorate your kitchen window sill with the flowers of your choice. If the hanging jars do not work for you, you can settle with the hanging shelves where you will be able to plant your herbs and place them on the shelves across the window sill.

Create a Relaxing Corner

To find a relaxing area in your kitchen to sit comfortably going through your recipe book while waiting for that cake to bake is nearly impossible, you might decide to go and wait from the sitting-room and by the time you get back, your cake might have already burnt. But you can get a comfortable relaxing corner made from your window sill. On it, you can add some colorful pillows to match. As a result, you will watch over your food cooking while you relax over the corner.

a kichen/Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas

Style Your Kitchen Window Sill Well

 Styling up your kitchen window sill should not be a difficult task to carry out.you can style up the window sill by adding color, you can achieve this by using colorful containers to plant your herbs and plant your flowers. You can create some extra shelves next to the window sill, and you can also plant flowers mixing them with other different flowers with different colors, in other words, plant different flowers in one pot, so that when they flower, their flowers will be of different colors. Doing this will style up your kitchen sill.

Use It to Display Your Home

On the kitchen window sill is a great place to put some of your favorite family photos. This will make the person you have let in into your kitchen feel welcomed.

Change It into Storage For Books

A kitchen window sill can also be used as storage of books especially the recipe books. You can achieve this by getting yourself a kitchen book holder and place it on the window sill this will give it a better view compared to when it is not there.

Add a Lamp Shade

Putting those old but classy lampshades on the sides of your kitchen window sill might just be a great idea to decorate your window sill, it might bring the vintage touch in your kitchen.

kitchen window sill decorating ideas

Add a Flower Vase with Dried Flowers in It

A fresh flower is beautiful and smells so sweet, but after a day or two they start curling and fall off from their branches. You find that using the fresh flowers to decorate your kitchen window will be more expensive, instead of giving up, go for the dried flowers, decorate your window sill with these flowers by putting them into a beautifully decorated flower vase, you can place two or three of these vases on your kitchen window sill to make them more attractive.  

Kitchen window sills might end up being neglected may be because of its assumed importance. This should not be so, a beautiful kitchen window sill will make your kitchen appear more attractive and interesting. While thinking of decorating your kitchen window sill, go for what makes you happy and settle on what compliments your kitchen well.

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12 Aug 2020

Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget!

Kitchen remodel can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be with any remodel, there are likely going to be notable expenses. Costs are direct and indirect. For example, a direct cost of remodel are materials. An indirect cost is the inability to use your kitchen as you would until the remodeling is complete. Also, with contractors, sometimes a one day job stretches into a month; and so you’ve got a bill percolating until the job is done.

If you don’t use contractors, you’ll likely be courting a DIY approach, and that can certainly save you cash—at the expense of fatigue and time. DIY fixes take longer, and if mistakes are made, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself. Still, the workforce can be 15% to 30% of the total cost, sometimes more. If you can avoid that, you’ve cut out the lion’s share of expenses.

Certainly, it depends on your situation, but there are ways to save substantial amounts of money during remodeling. Also, even if you can’t keep on the front end, you might very well save on the back end. For example, if you’ve got a remodel that costs you $10k, but produces $15k to $20k of property value, then you’ve saved money in the long run.

So though the costs may be direct, and the profit indirect, if you’re able to effect remodel that increases your home’s value, you’re technically within your budget. The question becomes: do you have enough resources to take that sort of financial hit directly for a higher profit later on?

Getting The Most Savings From A Kitchen Remodel

So firstly, if you want to save money on remodelling, do as much of the work yourself as you can. This isn’t feasible for everybody. However, you would be surprised what you’re capable of if you simply give it a shot. Demolition, installation, painting, applying protective coats of polyurethane to a wood floor you’ve just stained—for most homeowners, this is doable.

With that in mind, one of your wisest moves will be focusing specifically on parts of the kitchen that will be more affordable to remodel than others. A great place to start is your kitchen cabinets. Style, functionality, and architecture will play a part in cabinet value. Thankfully, there aren’t a lot of complicated parts with cabinets.

Generally, you can install the majority of cabinetry with a hammer, a screwdriver, and patience. You might need an Allen wrench or something of the sort. However, for the most part, the operation in question isn’t too tricky. If you get cabinets that are already completed, you pull out the old cabinets and install the new.

Getting The Most Value From Associated Cabinetry Options

One of the best options, as regards cabinetry, involves going the “RTA” route. Ready To Assemble cabinetry is generally less expensive than traditional options. Also, you can commission it to order. That means you can specially design cabinetry, so it exactly fits the needs of your kitchen, and then put it together yourself, saving thousands in contractor fees.

The question becomes: where do you find cabinets that can most efficiently fit your kitchen space? There are quite a variety of options out there. You can find some top-tier kitchen cabinets online by following the hyperlink—sites like these have a lot of options and can help you find that which best fits your home and your budget.

You’ll want to do a little research here, and consider how extensive the cabinet remodel should be. It may be that increasing available cabinet space is the best move. It may be that you want to replace older cabinets with larger, better ones, and remove some furniture from the area.

An excellent way to go about this is to have someone give you a little direction. You might have a realtor look at the space and see what they think would increase home value. Friends or family can also be of help. Look at the kitchen from multiple angles, and “imagine” a few different remodel scenarios.

Determining What Fits Your Kitchen Affordably

Sometimes it’s best to have floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Sometimes you want cabinets above the sink, and below the sink, and a space between them. Pantry cabinet space can be worthwhile. You might install an “island” in the center of the kitchen where you have a countertop on top of varying cabinets and seating behind them.

You can get a granite countertop large enough to cover a few cabinets and act as a table for between $100 and $300, depending on the exact sort of countertop you purchase. For under $1,000, you could install a whole new component in your kitchen that manifests $3k or $4k in property value. That’s remodeling on a budget and something you can afford to consider.

So what makes the most sense is determining your budget beforehand, looking at the options you have available, and figuring out which of those you can afford to install yourself. Going the DIY route with RTA cabinets seems to be one of the least expensive options right now, barring the purchase of second-hand furniture, or building your cabinets.

Kitchen remodel can do much to add value to your home, but if you’re not careful, it can get expensive real quick; so whatever you do, design a realistic budget and stick to it. It can be wise to “overshoot”, estimating costs slightly higher than you expect them to be. Get the balance right.