Best Blackout Blinds

Best Blackout Blinds for Summer Nights

It’s hard to get quality sleep and privacy in a room full of light. That’s why you might need a blind for your windows. Blackout blinds are the perfect option for this purpose. Getting the best can help prevent sunlight or any other external light from entering the room, allowing you to do your stuff without worry. But the problem is, how do you get the best blackout blinds for those bright summer nights?

In this guide, we have highlighted the best blackout blinds that you can consider purchasing for summer Nights. We have highlighted the top 5 best blackout blinds after a thorough search.

Easy Night Portable Travel Blackout Blind

The easy night portable blackout travel blackout blind can be a great option when you want to keep light away. The product is silvered on one side so that heat and light can be reflected away to ensure your room is dark and cooler. The aesthetic value is an additional value.

For the blackout blinds to work, you need to apply the suction cup around your window fast or use a self-adhesive attachment. After that, hang your blind when the need arises.

You use the blackout material in full or cut it into a size that fits your window. For those with different windows sizes, using it as a whole is advantageous to cover the whole window.

An easy night blackout blind is available in different sizes. Measuring your windows before purchasing the blind is crucial to get the right measurements. These blinds can work for window sizes of up to 1.4 m * 2.3 m, which are extra-large sizes.

  • The blackout blinds are portable.
  • They are easy and quick to attach to the window.
  • The availability of the fabric in different sizes makes it work for most windows.
  • Easy folding of the material
  • The quality and pricing is fair – value for your money
  • You cannot remove the Velcro stops after you have stuck them once.

The GRO Company Stars and Moons Blind

If you want to make bedtime easy in the summer night, Gro anywhere blind is the fabric to go for. The material creates a dark and more refreshing environment for ease of sleep.

The weight of the fabric is light for secure storage and portability. You’ll place the material within minutes on your window using the suction cups.

You can use the Gro anywhere blind in different places. When removing the blind from one window to another needs great care. Use a release tub. If you pull the blind from the window, the probability of it damaging is very high. Be careful about how you remove them from the wall so that the blind can serve you for a long time.

Using the blind in a baby’s room has a lot of benefits because it makes them sleep soundly.

On purchase, the product comes with a storage bag for the blind and a manual to guide you through the installation process.

  • Easy to fold
  • Can fit any window size
  • The cost is pocket friendly
  • It’s is lightweight making it easy for travels
  • User friendly and easy to install
  • It can be challenging to get the suction cups to stick
  • The fabric can scratch with time and allow light to pass through.

Daydreamer – Stick on Temporary Blackout Blinds

Daydreamer is an award-winning product from Made for Mum. You can stick this blind on different surfaces such as glass windows or door frames if you have a genuine Velcro tab.

These are the best brands you can ever have to save time because they come with a strap that allows you to appropriate for them or hang them on the wall without any struggles.

On purchasing the products, you get two Daydreamer blinds, which you can use one at a time or overlap one on another to fit your window.

This type of blind can be hand-washed, making it convenient for every household. Whether you want to use for your baby’s room or your room, the blind will block light well enough to help you get quality sleep. You can comfortably remove and apply this blind on the window.

This model is lightly weighted, which makes it easy to fold and carry around for travels.

  • This product is cost-effectivE
  • It is easy to use which makes you save time
  • It can serve multiple uses
  • The material is quality, and you will be assured of its lifetime service
  • You may require more Velcro tabs

Furnished Blackout Roller Blind

The roller blind comes in different colours, such as black blue white and many others. It also comes in sizes that you can trim to fit your windows because they are standard sizes. If you want a 100% blackout furnished blackout roller blind is the way to go. The blind is made from poly-cotton material that has a thermal lining for perfect results. If you need to trim it, just follow the instructions given on the products.

Thanks to the child safety clips, you won’t need to worry when you install it in your child’s room.

On the mounting aspect, you can fix it in different ways, which landscape is mounting portrait mounting and sideway mounting.

The package includes a durable fittings chain connector, a roller blind child safety clips, and an installation instruction. Following the installation instructions is a good idea to get proper results.

  • You can trim the blinds into desired sizes
  • The blind is easy to use
  • The blind is easy to install.
  • The quality of the fabric makes it durable
  • The plastic chain used to raise and lower the blinds is weak

Dream Art Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

The dream art blackout blind is quick and easy to install. You only need to moisturize the suction cups, then you stick the screens on your windows or wherever you want.

The blind offers between 99% to 100% darkness, allowing you and your family have an excellent sleep. For individuals who sleep in the day, this is the perfect blind for you. You can use this blind spot in the house hotels or even in your office.

The blind can be used for both small and large Windows because you can adjust the size. At the same time, the light-weighted blind makes it easy to fold and travel with wherever the need. The product is also dustproof, which makes it provide a cooler environment in your room – perfect for summer!

When working on the installation part, you can do it in two different ways: the horizontal and vertical placement. This blackout blind is easy to use – remove or apply it anytime you want within a few minutes. There’s no need to get a curtain pole because it comes with suction cups.

This product is a great insulator and can also block hot or cold temperatures to keep you warm and secure from weather elements. To avoid damaging the blind when removing, you must pull it from the release tab correctly. From every sanction cup.

  • The blind is durable for you
  • It is user-friendly and easy to install
  • The blind has a durable suction power to stick
  • The blind is affordable
  • The suction cups may not be enough for a proper arrangement on the wall

Buying Guide for Purchasing Blackout Blinds

Ease of Installation

When purchasing a blackout blind, it is essential that you consider how easy it is to install. An easy-to-install blind will save you a lot of time.

Blackout Fabric

Choosing a blind blackout fabric that is of high quality will offer you the darkness that you want in the room. It is also essential that you consider other factors the blind can contribute. For example, a blind that is dustproof and can offer cooler temperatures during summer. This way, you are able to have enough and quality sleep.


How much are you willing to spend on a blackout blind? Determining how much you’re ready to spend is very important because it will help you shop faster. The highlighted blackouts blinds above are in the category of affordable blinds. Consider placing your budget there.


If you’re considering putting the blackout blinds in your child’s room, you should ensure it is safe to avoid any injuries and damages. You want to go for cordless blinds with child safety clips. This way, you won’t have to worry when you are not around.

Which Blinds Are the Best for Blackouts?

  1. The roller blind is one of the best and popular blinds for blackouts and is readily available in the market.
  2. A Roman blind is another blackout blind type that you can choose because it offers a classy and unique style on your walls.

In conclusion, take your time and read through the guides we have highlighted on the best blackout blinds for summer nights and you will be able to purchase one that will offer quality services.