03 Jul 2021
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10 Practical but Beautiful Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

Whether you consider it a decor challenge or custom addition to your home, Curved Wall Decorating Ideas are all you need. Just like with foyer decor, a curved wall needs special consideration in terms of decorating. Decorating a curved wall needs working with the limitation of the curved wall to bring an outstanding look. There are a number of design options that will turn a curved wall into an attractive feature in your home, making it a decor asset.

Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

a written wall decor

Prepare Adequately

Taking time to explore options for the wall helps with designing the desired outcome. Vertical decoration such as a vertical row of unframed posters or a long wall hanging will fill in the blank wall In a space with a high ceiling. Horizontal wall treatment like a row of small pictures encourages the gaze to travel along the curved wall.

Despite large picture frames not hanging correctly on a convex wall, narrow or small or frames will. The color style and scheme of decor near the curved wall can help guide your options. when you desire to pick paint colors or hang wall art to go with existing decor, select samples of nearby colors like upholstery, carpet, wood finish, cushions, and paint chips during your shopping.

Paint Treatment

To decorate a curved wall, a paint treatment might be all that’s needed. Having a saturated color that matches your décor gives the convex area more depth to enhance its architectural interest. A good decorative paint treatment, such as using a paint meant to mimic granite or concrete, could make the bare wall a focal point.

The best method for this involves using textured spray paint. If you want to downplay the curve, then choose to keep it the same color as adjacent walls. Other options also exist including painting it in broad vertical or horizontal stripes or just using it for a mural. It allows you to know in advance how the wall treatment will look.

Photos or Art

Using photos and art in matching mats or unframed photos offer many design possibilities for a curved wall. A large group of images can be tie together using the matching mats, even if they don’t have a common theme. Usually, photos and posters weigh less without glass and frames, hence making it possible to affix them to the curved wall either with double-stick tape or adhesive strips designed for mounting posters. 

Images on a wall in matching mats convert the curved wall into a gallery. It’s also possible to find wall art in curved frames. Putting one large picture centered on the wall and flanked by sconces could give the area a traditional or even more formal effect. An informal wall treatment for a curved wall is created by a casual collage of snapshots. 

Hanging Lights 

You can also choose to hang a large pendant lamp at the center of the wall. Take around one so its light will play off the wall in interesting ways. This is a good idea especially if you have low, modern shapes near the wall, such as a sofa, chairs or table that have a mid-century retro look.

Repurposing Curved Spaces

Although turret rooms may be spectacular, they’re often small by modern standards; therefore its well within reason to change what was originally a tiny room to a great bathroom or even a very useful office. But before you convert a round room, consider what’s there and what you will potentially need.

Apart from floor space, essential criteria include the number and placement of doors, closets, and windows; accessibility to plumbing lines; and the availability of open wall space.

With regards to doors, you must remember that an extra doorway might be converted into additional wall space because one exit is usually sufficient. Wall space can be necessary for bathrooms because bathtubs are traditionally mounted against walls. Many curved rooms lack continuous wall space.

However, there is a very appropriate solution: a claw-foot tub that stands alone in the middle of the room, using a shower curtain ring to keep things dry. Whatever approaches you take on your restoration, your round room will always be.

Curtain Calls

One of the most important aspects of a curved room is the drama of its surprising, focusing shape, hence it’s crucial for draperies to emphasize window curvature. While placing separate curtains on each window can work well, a single window treatment that sweeps over everything could be outstanding. Now that curtain rods usually tend to be straight, this may seem like a tall order. Continental Window Fashions can custom-make curved curtain rods.

various wall decor

Making Tiles Turn

Normally on Turret walls curve; tile doesn’t. Understanding this can avoid many problems. For the starters, the smaller the tiles used the better. 6″ is about the maximum tile width that can work successfully on a curved room.

The walls of a turret with a typical 9′ radius will always leave about a 1/4″ space behind the tile where it doesn’t sit flat on the surface, hence you’ll need more than the normal quantity of mastic to fill the gap. That’s true especially for decorative and accent pieces that require an abundance of sticky stuff in order to stay put.

The major mistake with turret rooms is to try and offset tile or begin each new row half a width over from the one below it. While this approach may be visually attractive in conventional rooms, on a curved wall tile need to march above each other in lockstep, or else parts will protrude and look horribly uneven.


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Malleable Moldings

To install wood moldings in circular spaces is tricky since you either have to make the molding in the round with a router and bandsaw or coax a length of straight molding stock into a curve. Coaxing a length of straight molding stock into a curve is the most common option for short runs in restoration projects, and there are three basic approaches.

Kerfing – With this technique, the back of the molding is crosscut at calculated intervals, so that the saw slots or kerfs allow the wood to bend. Despite kerfing working for making both inside and outside curves, the molding has to be thick enough to carry kerfs, and the kerfs have to be shallow enough not to weaken the molding or show on the finished side.

Segmenting – This method involves dividing the molding into relatively short pieces, or segments of the curve, using angled cuts. After then building the segments up into the curve one by one, lapping the ends to make a smooth transition.

Steaming – With small, thin moldings it’s practical to soften the wood fiber with moisture and heat until it becomes pliable. Sometimes, extended soaking in hot water will fit the bill, but otherwise, the job requires steaming the process boat-builders use to form ribs and other curved components.

Built-In Seats or Storage

You can also choose to make the space welcoming with a built-in bench.  You can add a soft cushion and nice brightly colored pillows and you have additional seating for guests. Create small hidden storage under the bench seat for extra storage; this can be achieved either by making drawers or installing hinges on the seat so it can easily be lifted to reveal a trunk space.

You can paint the wall above the bench with chalkboard paint if this space is in an entry. This can serve as a message center for your family as they remove on or put on their shoes. Or even a corkboard with a funky frame better suits your decor.

You can place a quote above the bench to send everyone out the door inspired. Vinyl decals are simple and easy to apply and remove and would conform easily to a curved wall.

Paint the wall using highlighting and attractive color to show off this interesting architectural detail. Select a color that is the same hue but two or three shades darker or lighter than the other walls. This makes the curved wall and benches the focal point of the room without adding any contrast.

Built-in shelves always make a stylish display of your treasures, books, and collectibles. If the curved wall is in an appropriate section of your house, its unusual shape will also make for decorative built-in storage for wine.

a carved animal, Curved Wall Decorating Ideas

Curved Wall Decorating Ideas; Millwork

Adding millwork to your stairway increases more interest and dimension to the curved walls with the architectural details that cover up the walls without forming. In fact, this is one of the best Curved Wall Decorating Ideas.

These are the best solution for a curved stairway, since they are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They usually add light and character.


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07 Sep 2020
Best Outdoor Pillows

Affordable Outdoor Pillows For Gardens

Comfort and enough sleep are crucial in human life. But sleep-related challenges are a common problem for many people. It is always hard for such people to get sound sleep following different factors like fatigue, stress, depression, among other factors that affect them.

Notably, the lack of enough and comfort while asleep may bring about health-related issues. It would be best if you had the best and high-quality mattress for you to deal away with a long time caused by a lack of sleep. Just like you need such a mattress, so do you need the best pillow.

They also have an essential role to play as far as quality sleep is concerned. With quality pillows, you allow your body to have proper body structure as it aligns your spinal code right and in a recommended manner while supporting your upper part of the body.

Unlike in the past, when pillows used to have basic features, pillows now come with antibacterial material, form fabric, etc. So if you are looking for the best pillows, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the best of them, and now it’s your chance to choose one that fits your pocket.

Farmhouse Pillow Covers

These are two pieces of leather stitching pillow covers to give your room modern and entertaining vicinity. It is a throw pillow cover with a creamy texture and ticking stripe, making your place look charming and exciting.

Farmhouse pillow covers are made of soft leather and cotton materials, which are long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and washable. It’s a top-quality pillow to make outdoor activities and time more enjoyable and comfortable.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a farmhouse or a bohemian. It will perfectly fit any space. With these pillow covers, especially the brown leather, you Can make modern minimalist designs and styles. It can be matched with any color due to the neutral cream base, which is suitable for daily use or the first option for rewards.

With a stitched and serged surface, these pillows can prevent frying and provide a clean and professional look. The striped part in the middle is soft and comfortable with a hidden zipper to help you zip on and off.

  • The invisible strong zip on the pillow helps in easy zipping and unzipping
  • It is washable and environmentally friendly
  • Its neutral colors can be matched with any styles and pattern
  • Made of cotton material that is soft and durable
  • It’s a machine washable
  • The pillow is affordable.
  • The color may be inconsistent with photographs

Home Goods Hypoallergenic Pillow Insert

This pillow by IZO home goods is known to offer a firm and fluffy support when filled with polyester that is not allergenic. It’s a stylish bedding accessory that provides an excellent look and unmatchable comfort; whether you use it particularly to an appealing look in your space or for a functional head pillow, it’s the real deal for you.

It’s made of unique antibacterial fabric material and a waterproof coating offering additional protection giants microorganisms causing bacteria and molds in any water contact. Following the antibacterial finishes, one can use it in a wide range of environments, including outdoor and indoor environments, hospitals, and homes.

It’s large enough and fits well in a cover, so you end up with a fully fluffed look for a pillow cover when you insert it. Additionally, these pillows are resilient and rejuvenate a decorative bed pillow or sofa pillow. Their measurements are seam to seam, meaning after filling, it will decrease by about 15% in size.

  • They are antibacterial and water resistance
  • Affordable and economical
  • Last long as they are of good quality
  • They are soft, and firmness hence fills out pillow covers nicely
  • Poofy and comfortable
  • Can get flatten so easily
  • Relatively smaller

Geometric Throw Pillow Covers

Weyon throw pillows are designed to give you a modern looking home since they are the best for you to snuggle up on the patio, Bed, or sofa.

They are made of soft material and are skin-friendly as they bring you ample time as you rest after a busy and a hand workday. Also, come designed with waves, stripes, and some neutral colors to give your outside space a high-level fashion design.

Weyon throw pillows are made of a material that is 65% linen, 30% polyester, 5% cotton making it durable, softer, and more comfortable. It’s due to this material that Weyon throws pillows are the best in moisture-absorbing because the linen fabric used provides a comfortable, cool-touch during spring and warm one during winter. With these pillows, you are guaranteed easy washing time as they are machine washable in cold water below 30 degrees but don’t dry clean.

Besides, the linen material is durable and pets friendly. If you have pets in your room, however much they may scratch it, they will last long even with pets playing on them. For the Weyon pillows to have an elegant look and safe during machine washing, they are made with invisible zippers. These pillows have simple prints on the pillowcases, making it compatible with different home decorations to give your home a stylish and welcoming feeling.

  • they are adorable, affordable, and great for the price
  • they are colorful and fun
  • perfect for decorations since they are simple and stylish
  • best gifts for a friend, family, and yourself as well
  • may come with slight size difference following hard made measurement and sewing
  • Color may vary slightly due to differences in monitors used.

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

These pillows are excellent, well made, and very appealing. They are of good quality, beautiful and can give your room a new look. They are made of high-quality material that is 100% spun polyester, which is waterproof. You can do water washing, and the quality remains. When you buy, the package comes with two pieces of 18 by 18 inches square toss pillow covers, but you will have to purchase the inserts separately.

For a more straightforward pillow cover replacement process, these pillows come with zippers closure, which is soft in opening and closing. However, bear with us and expect a slight decrease of one inch in measurement lost during sewing.

Pacificasual throw pillows are printed on both sides with a wide range of colors for decorative purposes. They are sun resistant, but we recommend using them under the patio, although they don’t fade but may reduce the lifespan used outside in the direct sun.

  • Gives your old furniture a new look
  • Made of heavy fabric, providing value for your money
  • High-quality pillows matching the original pillows
  • Vibrant colors with no outdoor fabric odor
  • Resistance to fade and waterproof for outdoor purposes
  • Comes with a slight deviation of one inch in measurements.

Home Décor Pillow Covers

YCOLL pillow has a neatly covered design to give your home a fresh look by having different pillow covers. These are the kind of pillows that don’t only keep up with the level of tidiness in your home but also comfort and durability as they give you nice home decors and over expected services. Expect to win and receive many compliments from your families and friends if you opt to buy them.

They are made of 100% high-quality cotton linen fabrics that are practically durable and long-lasting. Additionally, the linen-cotton material is breath-free and comfortable and gives you a perfect decor for your coach, Bed, Sofa, living room, etc.

It is essential to acknowledge that when you buy YCOLL pillow covers, they don’t come with an insert but instead buy them as separate commodities. However, the pillow designer has given you a reason to smile as you change, insert, or clean your pillow covers. It’s made with an invisible zipper for an elegant look, easy insertion, and soft washing. They are machine washable and always look like new.

These pillows also come in standard decorative pillow cover size compatible with 18 by 18 inches pillow inserts.

  • Affordable and economical
  • Soft and perfect for decoration purposes
  • Great and wonderful for outdoors
  • Durable and fade resistance
  • Machine washable and looks new always
  • Multiple purpose use and easy to change
  • Made of top-quality linen fabric
  • The invisible zipper closure to insert is small
  • It comes with the pillow covers only, not with inserts.

Get Yourself the Best Pillows

You pick the best pillows; you make a difference in the quality of sleep. With the best quality pillows, you keep your body off the back, shoulder, and neck pressures by offering them maximum support and comfort.

Healthy practitioners recommend eight good hours of enough sleep for good health, then why should you spend the sleepless hours due to uncomfortable sleep caused by low-quality pillows? Get the best pillows and give yourself a reason to sleep sound and finally improve your health, which will make you productive and active in life.

10 Nov 2019
how long does caulk take to dry

How Long Does Caulk Take to Dry?

Repair is a common thing to want in a household and most of the time, some repairs need immediate attention since the parts to be repaired are frequently used. And this could be a home emergency, but for most of the parts like sinks, caulk, which is a waterproof sealant can do the magic. How Long Does Caulk Take to Dry?

How Long Does Caulk Take to Dry

The only problem is that caulk takes quite a long time to dry (for about 24 hours or more) and you probably need to use that bathroom tub in the morning but the problem is that the caulk is just not yet dry. Well here are some life hacks on how to make caulk dry faster.

Does Adding a Dry Catalyst Make Caulk Dry Faster?

For faster drying of the caulk, adding a drying catalyst to the caulk hardens the silicon in the caulk hence removing water and making it purer and more adhesive and as there is less water the caulk gets to dry faster.

So for better and faster drying results buying a catalyst at your nearest workshop and using about two drops of the catalyst would be recommended for you.

Check the Expiry Date When Buying Caulk 

When buying the caulk of your choice the expiration date should be an important thing to check since if the caulk is expired it tends to take a longer time to dry and you may probably get tired of waiting for the right time to use your bathroom tub, without ruining your caulk and you probably will blame the brand for selling you a product that clearly states that it dries fast, but that is not your experience with it.

Why not just start with fast making sure that it is fresh because the fresher it is the better the quality. So even if you have an old caulk just sitting somewhere around try, you would rather play more smart just buying a new one. 

Open the Windows of the Room Where the Caulk Is Drying 

Increasing the amount of air in the area will give you a result that will be faster than other times. Aeration is the key to this as you increase the air movement by opening the doors and windows you increase the surface area in contact with the caulk hence the caulk dries up ore faster. It is probably the cheapest and the best method for all of those who mind using some extra cash. 

Place a Fan Near the Drying Caulk

This is probably the best action for you to take if the area with the caulk is not near a  window or a door that leads to the outside where wind blows from so if the only option for you is aeration since it is the cheapest then why not try using the fan which could artificially work as wind for you and will take less time for the caulk to dry and you can get to using your repaired sinks in a shorter while than it would have taken it to dry naturally.

Use Low-Temperature Caulk 

In the stores near you could probably get the new improved low-temperature caulk which does not solidify in lower temperatures and can work well in cold places which are better than other caulk which does not work well in such conditions. It makes drying more faster and the better option if you probably do not mind spending some little extra cash to get the quality product, but the better part is that you save your time and you get more things done more quickly than with the normal silicon caulk products.

Do Not Store Caulk in Hot Environments 

Storing caulk in high temperatures as this makes it more thick and corrugated and when it gets all lumpy it tends to take longer time to dry and hence the right temperatures should be about 15 to 26 degrees Celcius and should be stored in a dry cool place for good efficiency.

Increase the Humidity 

Filling the place with humidity you have just caulked is highly recommended as the humidity works in a way as to fasten the process of drying but this is only recommended when using 100% silicon caulk. This can be done by spraying some water and then heating the room.

Buy ‘Fast Drying’ Caulk 

If you are running out of time and you want a product that will dry up fast it is recommended for you to check the product you are buying not only for the expiry date but how long the specific product will take to dry up because some caulk are time-specific and will save you the energy by buying products that take less tie to dry up because they are two types of product. Ones that take normal time to dry up and ones that are written quick-drying products. 

Dry the Area Where the Caulk Will Be Applied 

When applying the caulk the area to be applied should be wiped dry using any dry item before the caulk is applied and even after the application of the caulk this is to make sure that the caulk takes minimum time to dry up and no running water should flow to the caulked area.

Remove Any Excess Caulk 

If when applying the caulk it becomes a mess and becomes too adhesive it is advisable to scrape it more to lessen it and to allow air to come in contact with it hence making the caulk dry faster. You could use a butter knife or scrape the excess sticky caulk.

Final thoughts on How Long Does Caulk Take to Dry?

If you are wondering how you long your caulk is going to take to dry, at normal conditions it will take about 24 hours but using all the above methods you can make your caulk dry faster in about an hour with the right storage and the right temperature and checking if it is in the right condition by checking the expiry date and using the above methods.

We hope our guide to how long does caulk take to dry has been helpful!

15 Apr 2019
how to paint a ceiling without roller marks

How to Paint a Ceiling Without Roller Marks

Though it is the last place people look, a ceiling can massively change a room. Ceiling designs and paints is a vital part of designing the house and setting the mood as much as the floor and the walls.

Some designers even term the ceiling as the fifth wall. And homeowners are now adapting to bolder color paints for their ceilings to compliment the floor and the walls. 

Besides a unique ceiling design, your house design can also stand out due to the paint used or even the finishing. Painting on your ceiling is an excellent DIY project that saves you the extra expense. However, a bad final look may destroy the entire look or intended purpose. 

How to Paint a Ceiling Without Roller Marks

To avoid this leaving rolling marks on a ceiling you should ensure that each coat is rolled in the opposite direction and suitable drying time is left between coats.

Read on as we go through a step to step guide on how to paint a ceiling as well as offer top tips to ensure you paint like a pro.

How Do You Prepare your Ceiling for Painting

Every painting project requires preparation, be it in cleaning or setting up a work station, before painting the ceiling observe the condition and shape and size of the ceiling. This analysis will help you find out exactly how much paint is needed as well as time spent on the project. 

Should You Cover or Remove Furniture from the Room

The first and most crucial preparation step before painting your ceiling is securing your furniture by covering the furniture or removing them from the room. Remove fragile and easily breakable items. For the heavier items in the room use an absorbent drop cloth, it is unavoidable to have small splatter no matter how careful one is during the project. 

Additionally, you will also need to cover light switches and plugs by using a painters tape.

1# Cover the Floor

The second important preparation step is covering your floor. You will need a drop cloth or tarp and a painters tape. Secure the fabric with the paint around the edges to prevent leakages or movement of the fabric. 

2# Remove any Light Fixtures on your Ceiling

This may require help from a professional, hiring a professional to remove light fixtures before painting not only ensures your accessories are safe but also ensures you are secure from any electrical malfunctions during the project. 

2# Wash your Ceiling with Sugar Soap

Now that your floor and valuables in the room are covered, the next vital preparation stage is washing your ceiling. Whether you want to revamp the look in your ceiling by changing the ceiling paint color, or maybe your ceiling is in bad condition and urgently requires painting, it is paramount to clean the ceiling. Washing with sugar soap and solution helps remove dirt, oil, and dust, ensuring the new coat adheres to the ceiling, subsequently providing a fine and long-lasting finish. 

Tip: When cleaning the ceiling, squeeze the water from the sponge or mop to avoid drips. Using too much solution may end creating a big mess, destroy or worsen the condition of the ceiling and also take more time, additionally before using the water solution dust off the ceiling and remove cobwebs.

Other alternatives to the sugar soap include a mixture of vinegar and water, diluted dishwashing soap, or organic cleansers. 

4# Sand down Bumps and Lumps on the Ceiling

For a smooth and finer look, you need to sand down bumps on the ceiling, but before sanding buy a lead testing kit, lead-based paints emit dangerous lead dust that is harmful to both children and adults. 

What Safety Measures Should You Adhere By When Painting

Safety is vital when it comes to painting projects; inhaling some paints may be poisonous while using the wrong equipment may cause other physical injuries. To avoid these, here are essential safety measures to consider before embarking on a painting project. 

1# Use a Stable Ladder

We cannot stress the issue of safety enough, but one way to ensure you avoid any falls or accidents is by using an adjustable and stable ladder. There are several types of ladders, but the best ladder when painting the ceiling is the step ladder. This ladder is not only stable but allows you to access the ceiling surface without worry of the ladder slanting. 

After attaining the best ladder for the job, another important safety measure is:

Do not carry any painting equipment’s when climbing the ladder. Carrying painting tools when climbing the ladder may tip the ladder, which may lead to a fall. Prepare your workplace and position your equipment to ensure your tools are easy to reach.

2# Use Protective Gear

Once you have your workplace in order and have set up your ladder, the next safety measure is wearing protective clothing. Have your gloves on, the safety goggles, and the dust mask. Remember, before embarking on the painting process. You need to sand and clean the ceiling. 

You also need a respirator, and this is most useful in poorly ventilated areas. Also, always open the windows and doors, some paints have chemicals that may be harmful when inhaled in large amounts. Once you are through, do not stay in a freshly painted area, allow the paint to dry as it may cause harm to children, adults as well as pets

3# Avoid Smoking When Painting

Smoking while painting is not only a danger to your health but the overall safety of the entire household. 

Store the Paint Away from Any Heat 

Placing your paints near areas such as the fireplace or the water heater may cause a fire hazard, always have a fire extinguisher close by. 

How to Paint a Ceiling without Roller Marks

Now that you are well equipped with a preparation process to ensure your work is not only easier but neater, you also have a guide of essential safety procedures to adhere to. The next and final step is painting your ceiling and ensuring you do not leave any roller marks. 

Below are essential pro tips to ensure you do not leave roller marks after painting your ceiling. 

1# Avoid too Much Paint on the Roller

This is a rule of thumb when it comes to any painting project, having too much paint on the roller will cause a musty and unattractive look. To solve this, always ensure you ensure your roller edges do not have excess paint by patting the excess paint back to the paint container. 

However, you could also use a thin layer of paint on the roller to smoothen out areas with roller paints. 

2# Use a Thick Napped Roller

You read that right, and maybe you are wondering how will I manage to avoid too much paint on the roller if you use a thick nap roller. A simple technique when using the thick napped roller is using the first coat of paint on the roller and re-painting before dipping the roller to the paint container. This way, you can smoothen your look and avoid roller marks. 

3# Avoid a Semi-gloss or Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss and gloss paints have a higher sheen, which makes the marks more visible instead get flat sheen paint. The flat sheen paint hides any imperfections while gloss paints make it easier to see any flaws.

4# Paint the Second Coat in the Opposite Direction

In any painting project always ensure you achieve maximum coverage, and this is achieved in two ways, the first method in achieving maximum paint coverage is using two coats, paint a thin first coat and allow it to completely dry, then paint the second coat. This is most effective when painting walls.  

The second way to achieve maximum paint coverage is by painting the two coats in a different direction. This is particularly effective when it comes to high areas in the house, such as the ceiling.

Let’s say you painted the first coat from right to left, ensure you paint the entire ceiling in this formation. The second coat should be painted in the opposite direction from left to right. 

5# Use an Airless Spray for the Final Touches

The last tip on the list is spraying the ceiling with an airless spray. The spray gives your ceiling a fine and smoother look. Spray your ceiling after completing your two coats and allowing them to dry, and ensures your ceiling retains its texture.

Take Away on How to Paint a Ceiling Without Roller Marks

Let’s take a look at some of the top tips on our list, always paint the second coat in the opposite direction, and use an airless spray for a smoother finish. Painting a ceiling though the time-consuming project is worthwhile and allows you to change up your house depending on your taste without breaking the bank. 

The most important thing to remember when making a purchase is to always invest in quality products. Safety is also crucial, and finally, do not be afraid to get started it. Painting your ceiling for the first time out may not turn out or might not have turned out as you expected. However, with these tips, you are sure to learn and perfect your skill.