Red and Grey Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is an essential space in your dwelling. There are so many vital things that need to be considered while designing your bedroom.

You should have a comfortable bed and mattresses, which will give you a sound sleep and the bedroom should have windows which will provide natural light. Even it will allow you to see the realistic outside view from the glass panes.

Besides that, the bedroom should have artificial light, which will enhance the style of designing your bedroom. Lastly, color plays an important role in the design of the bedroom. If you are going to use one color, then it will be dull and boring. You can mix two colors to give a pleasing effect on your bedroom.

It’s good to use red and grey colors in your bedroom. The red color creates an instant focal point. It is a color which will make you energetic. However, many people think that if they are going to use red in their bedroom, it will increase their blood pressure. But it’s just a myth.

Well, you can mix it with another color, i.e., grey color. It is a soothing color, and quite quickly, it will mix with red. Mixing grey and red color will provide a vibrant and energetic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Red and grey bedroom ideas can create an elegant look in your bedroom.

14 Ideas of Red and Grey Color in Bedroom

#1 You can choose a dark red color bedding set with a light gray color on the walls of your bedroom. The bedsheet can be whole plain with no pattern. You can match the curtains of your windows. The curtains will be red with few patterns. The bedsheets with red and white checks can also be another option. But it can be preferred in a children’s bedroom. Kids will love it. Your bedroom will look simple and stylish.

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#2 Mixing red and grey color is not a hard nut to crack. But, you should combine them correctly. Otherwise, it may create a negative impact on your bedroom. Excess use of red color in your bedroom will create a more energetic view and may disturb your sleep.

Again, grey is a dominant color, so you should mix them in equal tones. Another grey and red bedroom idea is you can choose white color bedsheets with red pillows for your bed.

Just paint the walls grey in color and keep a smooth feather-type rug that will be red. It will create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

#3 Another excellent red and grey bedroom idea is to choose grey color walls and bed sheets for your bedroom. You can hang red color painting work on your bedroom or place some light red color pillows on a bed, creating a good effect.

#4 You can prefer grey walls in your bedroom with grey and white color bed sheets. The pillows, rug, lamps, a throw blanket will be red to match the grey color. It will create a warm environment in your bedroom.

#5 Black grey and red bedroom ideas are other outstanding options. Black grey is just excellent to match with red color. You can use black grey color to paint your bedroom walls and prefer grey color bed sheets with one red and another white pillow.

The curtains will be grey and have some patterns which will be white. The windows will allow the natural light to enter your bedroom, and it creates a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom.

#6 You can paint your walls grey. Try to keep an accent wall that will be whiteish red. You can place your bed in front of the accent wall, and the bedsheet and the rug will be grey. The lamps and the pillows will be bright red. You can hang some beautiful pendants from your bedroom walls, which will create a stylish and modern look in your bedroom.

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#7 You can use dark red color on the walls of your bedroom. But remember that it’s a pretty vibrant color. So, to reduce its intensity, you can prefer white pendant color hanging from the ceiling. Again the bedsheets and the rug will be white, and the lamps will be golden in color.

#8 Many people think that grey color is not suitable for their children’s bedroom. But no, if we mix red and grey color properly, then it can create a cheerful and fashionable environment. You can choose grey color bedsheets and white pillows for your bedroom.

On the white pillows, there will be a heart-shaped pattern that will be red. Again the ladder is usually kept in the children’s bedroom. You can keep the ladder red in color. Keep the study table white in color. The white goes well with red and grey. This color combination will look great.

#9 Another great grey and red bedroom idea will give a stunning look to your bedroom. You can add an accent wall to your bedroom, which will be red. The color of the accent wall is different from the rest of the walls. You can paint the grey color on the other walls of your bedroom. Well, now you don’t need much to highlight red color in a bedroom. But, you can keep some pillows or blankets which will have a white and red pattern.

#10 Another different pattern of grey and red bedroom ideas is to create stripes on the wall. You can create a grey stripe on some portion of the walls and, after that red stripe. This pattern is new, and it will give a modern look. You can place a white rug in the bedroom.

The bedsheets and pillows will be grey and white stripes, and it is a pretty easy design from the rest of the ideas.

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#11 You can create an excellent environment in your bedroom with the help of stencils. Stencils are readily available in the market. It is not too costly and usually affordable. You can paint one of the walls of your bedroom red in color, and then you can create some beautiful patterns with the help of stencils.

Keep the pattern white in color and place the bed head near the accent wall. It will give a wonderful feeling. Keep the bedsheets white in color with pillows red and white pattern.

#12 You can paint all the walls of your bedroom light grey and place the furniture like a bed red in color. The bedsheets and pillows will be white, which will give a stunning look to your bedroom.

#13 You can paint the walls of your bedroom white in color and keep the furniture like the bed grey in color. The bedsheet will be white, and the pillows will be white with grey patterns. You can place a red bench or red rug in your bedroom. It will look great.

#14 You can paint your accent wall red in color. The accent wall should be behind the bed so that you cannot see the red color when sleeping. The red color is a vibrant color that may disturb some people while sleeping. Paint your walls light grey with bedsheets, white, and grey. Place two pillows which will be plain white, and another two will be completely grey. You can hang some photo frames with a white background on the accent wall. The rug will be greyish.

Wrap Up

Red and Grey bedroom ideas are endless. You can choose any of the above ideas to give a modern look to your bedroom.

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