Professional Vs DIY House Cleaning: Remodelling Guide


What’s the first thing that hits your mind when you hear renovation?

First thing first, it gives an idea of the improved interior or exterior of our home. But it does call for a series of tasks that require planning and smart implementation.

House cleaning comes forth as the first and also the last step in house remodelling. Or precisely, this very step is the whole process around which the remodelling revolves.

We all desire a spacious, organised place to live either alone or with family. So, broadly — it’s all about removing the extra, broken, or unused stuff out of your home and incorporating more practical and comfortable things into it.

However, all your efforts turn into a complete waste when you can’t remove the junk from your place. Sometimes, due to house members’ negligence or busy routine, the whole area turns into a complete mess. Or you may want to renovate your old cottage or grandpa’s house to live in there.

The primary question arises when you have to clean the debris or move the residential junk, constructional junk, or merely heavy e-junk. Yeah, there are certain things which you can do easily by learning some skills to do correctly. And most of the things we have in our genes.

This article tells you all about when and how you can save some extra bucks and do some DIY cleaning to give your house a completely new look. And when it’s the best idea to hire a professional to prevent massive and irreparable loss in the future.

When You Should Seek Professional Services

We often preferred professional services when we have to:

  • reach heights
  • pick up heavy objects
  • deal with delicate or intricate objects
  • if you have more goods than number of people

For instance, in Pennsylvania’s most populated cities, people are often busy with their tiring jobs and look for easy ways out. One-stop solution for all their problems.

Thus, companies of junk removal in Philadelphia remain in-demand all twelve months of the year, especially for remodelling purposes and occasional relocations. Cleaning tasks you think you can’t handle yourself.

Professional cleaners have multiple tools and incredible supplies to manage extensive cleaning projects easily. So, here is the list of tasks you should better leave to professionals:

Cleaning Construction Waste

Removing constructional waste after remodelling is a challenging task to do. There are multiple plumbing and electrical materials along with building material, which can also cause injury if not handled properly.

Moreover, even if you try to clean up yourself, you can’t clean up thoroughly. Or you may deal with delicate or heavy material in such a way that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on mending other things along with them due to careless handlings. So, you should better call professional cleaners and leave this task to them.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are part and parcel of most of the houses out there. However, many house owners are not vigilant enough for their regular cleaning.

So, they get filled with dust and dirt and create a super dirty environment.

Moreover, dirty carpets can pose a severe threat to one having a dust allergy. Aim to get rid of all that dirt, allergens, or unwanted stains completely in house remodelling. It can be quite a hectic task. Call for professional cleaning services for perfect results.

Yeah, it would be best to work diligently with regular vacuuming but leave the thorough and deep cleaning to trained professionals. They will evaluate carpet fibre, use hypo-allergenic detergents according to it, pre-clean, and work on most soiled and stained areas.

Moreover, they also use hot water extraction, which is not possible at home. So, leave this top-notch task to the professionals and invest your efforts in other more straightforward jobs.


Cleaning upholstery is cleaning fabric and furniture. Heavy furniture is difficult to clean and handle. It goes through routine wear and tear, which can make you lose it in a short time. So, you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on getting a new set of sofas, chairs, or other stuff.

Spending a few dollars on hiring professional services to take care of your items, and you are good to go. Professional cleaners will use high-quality chemicals and specific cleaning pieces of equipment designed specifically for your stuff.

Things You Can Do Yourself

Even hiring professional services can do magic most of the time. Still, it can become a burden to your pocket if you hire them too often. Sparing some time in the morning or evening to wipe up all the surface is the best way to maintain cleanliness in the house.

DIY cleaning is economical and the easy and best option to ensure that you don’t need house renovation for a long time.


It includes cleaning the surface and getting rid of those fine dust particles that can create a stubborn layer if left unattended. It’s never a big task to do a room while watching TV, listening to songs, or talking about fun things with family members.

You can take your old stockings or a sock, place it in one hand and rub all over the furniture surfaces. Easy, right. It will help you keep all the allergens away, allowing a hygienic environment and make your house look tidier.

Vacuuming and Cleaning Floors

Many light vacuum cleaners are now available in the market, making the whole process a breeze. In a multi-story house, lightweight vacuum cleaners are the best and most economical tool.

Now you don’t have to carry heavy machinery up and down to clean the surfaces. Specific tools get designed in a way that you can even clean with them when you are not at home.

Otherwise, the persistent scratches and dust accumulations can prove havocs and end up replacing the whole floors. Shoes can be the most significant source of uncleaned areas. Have good entry rugs to avoid foreign junk to enter your house.

You can ask anyone entering the house to leave their shoes there and wear comfortable house slippers or wipe up their shoes before entering.

Cleaning Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house that, if left unattended, can ruin in a way to become useless and nasty. However, it is the least favourite area to clean for most of us, requiring constant and regular attention.

However, if you can gather enough necessary supplies for bathroom cleaning, you can make the whole process a lot easier. For example, take two minutes before showering and clean the toilet bowl. You can use quick-acting cleaners that reduce your work.

Leaving a half cleaned toilet is always better than altogether avoiding it. You can also engage your older children who can help in wiping sinks and countertops with you.


Cleaning is a normal process and most primary one in your house remodelling. A clean house not only radiates a positive vibe but also makes your place happier.

Moreover, it also multiplies your productivity in many folds. When it comes to practically cleaning the house stuff, you come to handle all the things yourself and try to incorporate DIY cleaning in most of the tasks.

However, there are certain times when you preferably hire a professional cleaner to look up the things for you. Consider the times we mentioned above before you decide between DIY cleaning and hiring professional cleaners.

Remember, leave intricate tasks to professionals to avoid spending hundreds of dollars to compensate for future loss.