Popular Color Palettes for Summer 2022

Summer Color Palette for 2021

2022 is finally here after what seemed like a very long year, and now we have a whole new set of colour trends to look forward to. The trends for the new year are mostly serene colours that evoke a sense of relaxation and harmony.

These are colours that work well with a wide variety of other colours to create complementary designs. They are also designed to be welcoming and warm, for the most part.

After what was a tumultuous year for many, the colour palettes for summer 2022 are set to be a nice change of pace. They offer a sense of peace, and we love how welcoming they are. If you are looking to do a repaint or remodel for summer 2022, then consider using one of the following colours for your home.

Not only will you be right on trend for the summer season, but you will also be making your home a more comforting place thanks to these serene colour choices.


A lot of fashion trends and home décor trends are leaning hard into gold palettes for this year. Gold is a regal, distinguished colour that brings with it the promise of hope and of exciting new beginnings. Gold is also a warm colour that is as inviting as friendly arms outstretched for a welcoming hug.

We love this soft but brilliant hue that reflect light well, which makes it perfect for summer. For summer colour palettes, you want something that is bright and cheery and that fits with a nature theme. Gold does that by reminding us of sunlight, sunny days, and yellow flowers. This is a great theme colour for your bathroom to make it brighter and more cheerful or for the kitchen to make it look clean and optimistic. Gold makes small spaces seems more spacious and large spaces look enormous, and we love it for that.

Sky Blue

This is one of the most serene colours you can find anywhere. It reminds us of the sky, of course, but also of a calm sea and relaxing time spent by the beach. It works well with nautical themes and beach themes as well as a sky theme, perhaps with some wispy white clouds painted in for an accent wall.

We like this colour for bedrooms, as it is so gently serene that it is great for helping you drift off to sleep at night or nap during the day. The sky blue as a theme makes us think of good weather and a bright sky that doesn’t have a raincloud in it. It’s great for bringing positivity into any room of the house, making it one of the most perfect colour palettes for summer 2021. If you want to feel at ease and feel like there isn’t a care in the world to be concerned about, then sky blue is your colour.

This is another good hue for making a room seem more spacious. Sky blue is able to do that because of its lighter colour, it reflects light well, spreading the light around the room and brightening it, so save this colour for a room that gets plenty of natural sunlight during the day. You will be able to cut down on your lighting needs and on electricity spending because of how well it works with natural light.

Grey and White

The clean, virgin look is one that has been trending in home décor for awhile. Grey and white is one of the more somber summer season colour palettes, but it is a good way to update with a simple look. Many people already have a lot of white in their home, usually in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s fairly simple to add some grey tones to that to give the room a different, updated appearance.

For instance, in your kitchen you may have white cabinets, walls, countertops and floors. You can give that a little bit of colour in time for the summer with one of the top colour palettes for summer 2021. Just add some grey or silver trims on the cabinets and counters. Or you can create an accent wall in grey. You could also add in some grey tiles here and there to create a checkered or scattered look on the floor.

This is another serene look that we love, and it’s not difficult to incorporate it into what is already in place, so it can be a simple DIY project that won’t take very long.

Forest Green, Light Brown, and Eggshell White

This is one of the 3-colour palettes summer 2021 is going to see explode in popularity. It takes a woodsy, earthy theme with the green and brown and adds in some eggshell white for a clean, refined look that you can’t help but love. It’s a bit darker than what a lot of people were using in 2020, and that makes it excellent for rooms with mood lighting. A den or bedroom would be ideal for this theme, as would a low-light bathroom.

As far as colour palettes summer 2021 has to offer, this may be our favourite, because we haven’t seen a whole lot of it so far but are expecting it to be very popular. Once people catch on to the nature theme it offers, as well as how nicely it works in harmony with white rooms in the house, we expect its profile to skyrocket.

This colour palette gives a surprising, interesting contrast to what a lot of people have in their homes currently, so that is part of what makes it so interesting to us. It will really stand out in a modern home and yet fit right in with a clean, subdued look while offering a measure of serenity and quiet in its design. There is nothing bold or bright about it, so it’s good for all year round.

Royal Blue and Lemon Yellow

The playful summer colour palettes give you an opportunity to make your home brighter and livelier. These are expected to be big by summer 2021 because eon how well the pop out and reflect light. You can use this palette in a playroom, a kid’s bedroom or in the living room to create a sense of joy and liveliness. You may be surprised by how much energy these two colours bring to a room as part of a unified theme.

You’ll have to decide which colour you want to lean more heavily into. The yellow reflects light better, helping to spread sunshine around a room and lighten it without as much need for artificial light. The blue is more serene and calming and perfect for helping you to relax. It seems more artificial, though, since it isn’t a colour found in nature as much.

If you are hoping to have more of a nature theme to your house, you may want to use minimal royal blue and add some foliage to the room to even it out a bit.

Both of these colours can become overpowering, so consider adding them to mostly white or grey room to add some healthy colour contrast. Through painting, and the addition of mats, carpet, furniture, and decorations, you can bring a room to life and give it a vibrant energy using this trendy colour scheme this summer.


If you have a child’s birthday to celebrate in the summer, that may be a great time to repaint their bedroom or playroom. Pastels make for an excellent summer birthday colour palettes. Just think of how lovely a playroom would be with stripes of light pink, green, yellow, and blue together.

What a great birthday gift it would be for your child to provide them with a makeover for their room, colouring it with lovely pastels and creating a playful, enjoyable room that they will love to spend their time in. The varied colours will spark their creativity and engender feelings of joy and excitement, so it’s no wonder pastels are some of the top colour palettes summer 2022 has to offer.

We are thrilled with how popular pastels are becoming and expect them to continue to keep their popularity moving into summer of 2021.

Pastels are not just for kids’ rooms. They also make for a great kitchen colour, bringing a sense of fun and whimsy to a place that should be just as creative as any kids’ room. Why not make your kitchen a fun place to be? With a new pastel colour scheme, you can do just that. The kitchen is one of the best rooms in the house to update for the summer season, since you spend so much time there anyway. Why not make your refresh highly visible and something you see often throughout the day?

Armed with these colour palette ideas, you are ready for the summer season when it kicks off. You will already have some ideas of what’s trending so that you can refresh your home with a welcoming, beautiful new look.