We get it, you’re excited about seeing Star Wars before anyone else. We are too, believe us. So much so, in fact, that we’re not sure we’ll be able to find anyone to work that day (oh hey, new guy!). And this isn’t exactly just, “going to see a movie on a Thursday night with your friends.” In addition to finally finding out what the hell Luke says after being a recluse for years, you’ll be able to get your photo taken before the movie, and we’ll be doing giveaways before the show. Oh, and you’ll be watching said movie with 288 other nerds who are as dedicated as you are, so the odds that you’ll have some kid crying or kicking your chair in the middle of a really important scene are slim to none.

Q: But when can I get tickets?
A: Oh, right. I suppose we should put those on sale at some point. Ticket sales will happen here, at a time and date that will be announced via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram simultaneously.

Q: Can I bribe you for tickets?
A: No.

Q: Can you give me a hint of when tickets will go on sale?
A: Actually, I haven’t decided when they will yet. That keeps it really interesting, doesn’t it? 😉 That said, it won’t be much longer. Stay tuned.

Q: I’m going to ask this totally leading question here just to give you a chance to hint at that other thing you’re really excited about. Do you have any other major events coming up?
A: Glad you asked! We’ll be making a special announcement about a spellbinding event on October 2nd, and of course, everyone is invited to our two-day Halloween party October 27th and 28th! Stay tuned!


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