Good news everyone! The liquor reprice at Lounge has been completed. In the interest of transparency, is what to expect:
Pour changes:
-Shorts and Talls are now the same amount of liquor (talls just have more mixer, previously talls contained slightly more alcohol)
-If you want more booze, order a double (short or tall) and the pour amount will be x2.
This should lead to far more consistency in pours, and meet customer expectations better.
Pricing changes:
-There is no longer an up-charge for short and tall cocktails — you only pay the shot price (single or double — see additional double changes below). This will drop the price of cocktails across the board *dramatically* (Red Bull still has an up-charge as a mixer)
-Doubles have now been priced more consistently. Expect doubles to be roughly shot price x2 – $1. This can vary by .50 here and there. This makes your best value to ALWAYS order doubles.
-Some base liquor prices have gone up or down to position them better for the other pricing changes above.
Overall, you will see a dramatic reduction in liquor pricing at all price tiers below premium. Premium, and Super Premium, pricing works out to be about the same as before. As an example, a Double Tall Rail Vodka has been reduced from $9 to $7 as a result of the pricing changes.
Also, this brings Lounge pricing structure and pours in-line with 42 Ale House. While some individual prices may vary between locations, the way final cocktail prices are calculated and up-charged is now the same.
Thanks for reading!

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