Modern Masculine Colour Palettes

What colours make a man’s room or home seem masculine? What colour palettes evoke a sense of manliness? These are questions asked by many people as they prepare to remodel, repair or construct their home or rooms in their home.

Sometimes, a masculine look is exactly what a room needs, transforming it from something feminine or even plain to a more masculine environment. The colours that are chosen are just as important as the furniture used and the decorations. The colours that you pick for your project determine the mood of the room and what sense it conveys. Those colours help to engender certain feelings and create an aesthetic for the room.

What kind of mood would you like to create for your room? A den, living room, bedroom or study can be repainted or redecorated with modern masculine colour palettes, giving the room a distinctive look and helping it to feel the way you want it to feel. A lot of guys prefer masculine bedroom colour palettes if they live alone and want the room to fit their personality and make them feel comfortable. Let’s talk about some of the best masculine colour palettes to try for your home.

Navy Blue, Light Brown and Grey

Combining these three is one of our top choices for navy blue colour palettes, masculine or feminine. The navy blue gives it some boldness and colour, while the grey mellows that out. The light brown offers some contrast, and blue and brown work very well together as part of the same colour scheme. So, you get some variety, which creates intrigue, and then you also get a kind of mellow mood overall that has a bit of boldness to it. So, that creates a strong colour palette that is quiet in its strength, as we see it.

There isn’t anything explosive or fantastical about the colour scheme. It is very grounded and serious, but it has enough variety to keep things interesting. The diverse colour scheme lets you do a lot of different things. You can make the mood as dark and somber or as light as you prefer. It’s up to you how you strike that balance between the serious grey, the light brown, and the navy blue. None of these are particularly exciting colours, but because of their range, they can make for an appealing grouping.

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Gold and Pink

Wait, you’re saying, there is no way that gold and pink colour palettes are masculine at all. It all depends on how you use the colours and what you pair them with or how strong one colour is compared to another. The shades you use are important as well.

What works really well with the masculine colour palettes of pink, gold, brown is if the gold is not bright yellow but a subdued gold, like a brownish or bronzed gold. A dark colour works really well in contrast to a lighter one, and making the pink a cream or light pink creates a beautiful contrast. These don’t have to be your only colours, but they can help to make the room feel just a bit feminine and yet not too feminine. You can work them into a kitchen, perhaps, or a den, alongside a navy blue or a strong, dark brown. The gold and pink help to keep the feminine touch there but because of the shades you are using, it doesn’t have a feminine look to it. What makes this one of the fun masculine colour palettes is that it has some variety and colour to it, so the colour scheme is not all heavy handed masculinity.

Red, Green, and Black

This combination works as a Christmas palette too, and you can use some very Christmas-y colours and still pull off a look that doesn’t scream “holidays”. We recommend forest green (a dark hue) along with Christmas red and then another red that’s darker and almost brown tinted. Add that in with some black and you have a strong, masculine colour scheme that looks fun without being playful and fanciful.

We would day to keep the reds to minimum for these kinds of colour palettes masculine rooms require. The red can become quickly overpowering and make the room seem too bold. Most modern masculine colour palettes are not bold and striking so much as subdued yet strong. If you are looking for elegant masculine colour palettes, you always want to err on side of heavier, darker colours rather than bright bold ones. By combining subdued and quiet colours with heavy dark ones, you can create a contrast that is every bit as appealing as a bright, colourful palette, but without the sense of whimsy and femininity those can have.

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Turquoise and Gray

For a muted, quiet colour scheme that is elegant and refined, we like the way grey and turquoise work together. This is one of the better masculine colour palettes for stationery, as it’s not utilising any heavy or dark colours. Everything is subtle but not feminine. It’s strong but silent, you could say.

Grey masculine colour palettes are pretty common, and adding some turquoise into yours will make it stand out a bit. We love how these two colours work together, with the turquoise offering a dash of colour and a bit of fun and brightness into the colour scheme. The grey pulls it all down to earth, though, keeping things grounded and stable. You can use this colour scheme on your stationery or on your room. We recommend this palette for your bedroom, as it makes it seem less somber than most men’s colour schemes are. You want your bedroom to be relaxing, yes, but it should also be cheerful and upbeat, if at all possible. There should be a bit of brightness to it, and the turquoise does a good job of brightening things up in a rather subtle way.

We also like the grey and turquoise as masculine office colour palettes. The grey looks business professional and the turquoise helps to keep the workday feeling light and breezy.

Black, White, and Gold

What if you want to find a colour scheme for your very masculine website? If you are making a site about men’s heath, weightlifting, beard maintenance or some other topic that’s generally masculine, then you want a color scheme that matches the mood you are going for.

Masculine website colour palettes come in all varieties, but one of the standards we like the best is the combination of black, white, and gold. A lot of websites have a white colour scheme, and that’s to make the site look clean and professional. It’s fine to copy that style, but you also want yours to stand out. The gold gives it a sense of refinement and high class, while also injecting the site with some colour. The black makes it strong and masculine. It also looks very professional in partnership with the other two colours.

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This scheme is the epitome of masculine, professional website aesthetics, and we think it could work well for a large variety of men-focused sites. It is not so overbearing that it feel oppressively masculine, and it isn’t boring and bland by trying to just stay mostly white.

Ink, Gold and Brown

We will leave you with one more example of modern masculine colour palettes you can use. Pairing ink black, gold, and brown gives you less of a range than some of the other colour palettes we have looked at, but it is still strong and varied. We would recommend a rather dark gold, set off by a medium brown. Ink black can only be one hue, of course, and that black helps to create some of the focal points. The brown should probably be your main colour with masculine colour palettes of ink, gold, brown. You can use it as background colour and to fill in the extra spaces. The black and gold make for a great contrast, creating points of interest and places where your focus can be drawn to.

With any colour scheme, you have to be aware of how heavy you are making everything. If you go too far with a dark colour, you can make the room feel overly dark and in need of some lighting. It can also feel a bit depressing, and you want to be careful about that.

Using some brighter highlights, like the gold and the light brown, you can pull some of the darkness out of a room. These colours reflect light well and help to keep the mood from becoming too somber. You always want to be aware of how the entire room or design looks as a whole. If you concentrate too much on one or two spots, you won’t see the bigger picture. As you plan your room, give the entire thing a look over to see if you are balancing out your colours and your shades to set the right mood for the area.

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