Mirror Decoration Ideas

Mirrors are usually considered just household objects. They are used for dressing up in the morning so that you look good before leaving your house.

Although mirrors are used for grooming, we can also use them as decorating objects in our dwellings. If you correctly place the mirror, then they can make the smaller room appear bigger.

They can add a sparkle to the entire room. You can set the mirror in your living room or bedroom. They add beauty to the boring white walls. Mirror decoration ideas add décor to the entire dwelling.

Mirrors are commonly available in square and rectangular shapes. But, you should not limit your options to these two types. There are limitless options. Mirrors are coming in variable designs and style. They are available both offline and online.

Even if you are good at artwork, then at home, you can prepare the mirror’s frame with some existing objects like a spoon and various things. You can design yourself and hang it on the walls of your living room or bedroom. It will add a splendid look and add space to your wall.

22 Ideas to Decorate Wall Mirrors

#1. Sunburst Mirror

A sunflower design mirror is an excellent option to decorate your room. The center and the petal portion are mirrored. It’s a good design. If you are a sunflower lover, you can buy this type of design mirror to decorate your house.

#2. Off-Center Mirror

The off-center mirror means you cannot see your face while working on your laptop or studying. They are usually placed above the study table or couch or any sophisticated piece of furniture. These types of mirrors create an airy environment in the entire room.

#3. Layered Over Wallpaper

In today’s trend, people use wallpaper to decorate the walls of their dwelling. Many colorful wallpapers are available in the market. You can buy any of them. Someone can prefer a natural scenery type wallpaper or forest wallpaper in his living room and can place a round shape mirror on the wallpaper.

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As a result, the mirror will reflect the opposite side wallpaper and can create a seamless look. It will add a sparkle to your room. Layered over wallpaper is one of the best options for mirror wall decoration ideas in the living room.

#4. Mirrored Objects

You can use a half-circle mirror to decorate the walls of your home. You can place it above any shelf or book rack. This type will help to spread the light in the entire room.

#5. Mirrored Door

When you fix the mirror on your door, it saves space and adds a splendid look to your bedroom. It brightens up the entire room. Even ladies prefer full-length mirrors to dress up. So, by fixing it in the door, they can see themselves correctly. The mirrored door usually reflects the light. So, if you have a small bedroom, then it will give an illusion of larger space.

#6. Vintage Collection

When you add a vintage mirror on the plain wall, then it creates a charm in the entire room. You can put two to three vintage mirrors in your room.

#7. Invisible Mirror

Mirror wall decoration ideas are numerous. Invisible mirrors are one of them. You can place those mirrors above the fireplace. So, it reflects the light from the nearby windows and adds beauty to the fireplace.

#8. Layering With Mirrors

These types of mirrors can be kept in your bedroom. You can hang around the shaped mirror above the vintage dresser. Now put flower pot above the vintage dresser, and you can put some bookshelf or any other things opposite it. So these things will be reflected in your mirror and add beauty to your bedroom.

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#9. Black Accent Wall Mirror

Nowadays, most people prefer accent walls, i.e., one color of the wall is different from the rest of the walls. Suppose your dining room is black-themed, i.e., your accent wall is black. You can add there a thin black framed oval or round mirror on it. It will make the room lighted and create a focal point.

#10. Light up Accent Wall

Suppose your accent wall is light in color, i.e., red or maroon color, then also you can place an octagonal shape or pentagon shape mirror on your wall. It will add light to the entire room.

#11. Light up the Gallery Wall

Mirrors can light up your gallery wall. You usually hang some photo frames on your wall. Just place a vintage eye shape mirror or a round mirror near the photo frame. It will light up your gallery wall.

#12. Playing With Shapes

Mirrors are available in different forms. You can place an unconventional shape mirror above the fireplace. It will add beauty to your room. The mirror will reflect the natural light, and the fireplace looks fantastic.

#13. Vintage Entry

The entry to our dwelling needs to be lighted. It creates an awesome vibe. So, you can place a vintage free-size mirror just near the entrance of your room. The wood frame vintage mirror will add a welcoming atmosphere to your dwelling.

#14. Mirrored Staircase

A staircase is a place that is often neglected. We can decorate the plane wall in such a fashion that it will add value to your home. You can place some vintage mirror or modern, stylish mirror on the walls of your staircase.

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#15. Classic Vintage

You can place a traditional vintage mirror on the passage wall. One can place a vintage classic mirror above the white table on the passage of your home. You can put some indoor pants on the white table, which will create a good vibe on the entire dwelling.

#17. Double Vintage

You can double vintage mirrors near your washbasin. Your washbasin space will look great.

#18. Christmas Mirror

You can bring a Christmas feeling by adding a few things to your mirror. One needs to place some garland, string of lights, Christmas tree on your mirror. Adding snowflakes design will enhance the beauty. Christmas mirror decoration ideas are a good alternative. Kids will love it.

#19. Black Decorative Mirror

Black décor mirrors are another option for mirror wall decoration ideas. The thin black framed mirror with a ripped design adds value to the pale wall.

#20 Small Star Bust Decorative Mirrors

The small star-shaped mirror can enhance your dwelling. You can place it on your living room walls, which is another best option for mirror wall decoration ideas living room.

#21. Blue Petalled Mirror

The round mirror with peacock blue petals frame adds beauty to your living room.

#22. Dahlia Flower Shape Mirror

If you are a dahlia flower lover, you can choose this type of mirror. A small round shape mirror expanded in the dahlia shape enhances the beauty of your room.

Wrap Up

Mirrors add value to the entire house. Wall mirror decoration ideas are numerous. You can choose any of the above ideas to decorate your home. It will make the small space larger.

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