Living Room With High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

Living Room With High Ceilings Decorating Ideas

While regular homes have a seven and a half foot ceiling, anything beyond a nine-foot ceiling comes under the category of high ceiling homes.

Ancient luxurious homes usually flaunted high ceilings with a magnificent chandelier perching atop. So the décor industry has included more beautiful interiors. But the royal high ceilings are still the talk of the town.

Also, high ceilings have a high resale value. Finally, if you are an aesthetic lover, then high detailed ceilings interiors are for your home. So here are some alluring ideas for decorating a living room with high ceilings.

Put Up Those Fine Artworks

High ceilings can seem monotonous if they are left without any artwork. Likewise, high roofed homes with no decorative items can seem to be gloomy. To add a touch of vibrance to your living rooms, put up wall decors. The classic wall paintings might be costly but will act as a beguiling extension to your sweet home.

The wall paintings must be according to your taste and the living room’s color scheme. For light-colored rooms, look for pastel-shaded paintings. You can go with a single huge tapestry or several small wall decors.

Decorate the Room With a Chandelier

Crowning your living room with a regal chandelier is the most popular decorating idea. But, of course, there’s no denying the fact that chandeliers with the most intricate and exhaustive details are costly. Still, these chandeliers transcend the beauty of the living room to another realm.

Chandeliers have been used for ages to create a statement. They make your high ceiling living room look more spacious. It is strange, but the type of lighting you use can make a space look spacious or confined. A chandelier must be placed at a focal point to allow equal lighting. If the room is too spacious, then more chandeliers can be used.

Pay Heed to Ceiling Details

If you have plain ceilings that don’t have any architectural details, add some details to the ceilings. For example, high ceiling homes can be redecorated with a tray ceiling which is more like an inverted ceiling. Consider placing modern hidden lights on the boundary of that inverted ceiling to add dimensions to your room.

If you’re blessed with sloping ceilings, adding skylights to the room gives extraordinary natural vibes. But, if you have a small living room with high ceilings decorating ideas, then go with this one. Sunlight is the best form of lighting that elates the whole atmosphere.

If you’re a traditional architecture lover, including wooden ceilings or wooden beams can be an attractive option. The most common ceiling is the crowned ceiling that adds sophistication to the room. Design your house with the coffered ceiling as it somewhat lowers the ceiling height and makes the room look luxurious.

Use Adequate Furniture to Balance the Room.

Gargantuan rooms with small and abruptly placed furniture look too bald. For large rooms, it is essential to pay equal heed to the details of furniture. The furniture should be proportional to the area of the room. Don’t place too small or too bulky sofas. This can make things look out of place.

Hire an interior designer who can suggest the appropriate furniture for your living room. They can tell you what’s suitable for your living room after having an exhaustive study of the place.

Use Rugs in the Room

People are piqued by looking at high ceiling rooms when it has highlights like rugs. The tradition of layering the room with an antique and fine rug is alive till now. People use rugs to add an accent to the floor in correlation with the high ceiling rooms. If your room is painted with light color, then layer the floor with a dark-colored rug to define the intricate details of the room.

On the other hand, if the floor is wooden, choose light-colored rugs as the wooden floor already adds warmth and lofty spirit to the room. Choosing an appropriate size is a matter of deep thought. After gauging the room’s dimensions, select the size that covers most of the room except the pathways for the people to walk by.

Use Plants

Placing plants in the room adds buoyancy to the atmosphere. The living room should be a place with rejuvenating and positive vibes.

Most people don’t go to the bedroom or other areas of the house, and they contemplate your living style by seeing the living room only. Either place large plants like dracaena and umbrella papyrus beside the sofa or decorate bookshelves with the climbers. You can also go for small pot plants and dedicate a corner to them.

Another exciting idea of adding plants to your living room is to go for hanging plants. They don’t need much space and look charming under the sunlight. Some of the low maintenance plants that can be a good option for your living are Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Ferns, Flamingo flower, Warneck Dracaena Areca palm, Aloe Vera, Money Plant, and Green Spider Plant.

Go Oversize

Big rooms are everything about going oversize. Adorn your living room with oversized lamps or shelves. The arch lamps are the best options when you don’t want to put too many things in the corner. If you don’t want things going haywire with so many artificial pieces in the room, decorate your high ceiling living room with high bookshelves. With minimal furniture in the room, you would be able to accentuate the space of the room.

Pull a Bean Bag

Traditionally bean bags used to occupy a corner in the kids’ room. Afterward, they have settled themselves in the living rooms as well. A typical living room consists of a square, matically placed sofa sets. As the idea of abstract interiors is gushing, people are experimenting with their interiors. A bean bag can have versatile uses in a living room. It adds a more casual and fun vibe to the room.

Choose a bean bag that goes with your couch. If you have a non-square room, then decorate the peculiar corner with a bean bag. Oversized and cozy bean bags lessen the bald impact of high ceilings.

Highlight a Wall

Highlighted walls add an accent to the high ceiling living rooms. You can personalize this wall with DIYs. Large black and white personalized photo frames act as a benchmark. You can even go for a stone wall behind the television unit or the fireplace.

Let’s Wrap It Up

High ceiling homes are more of a bane than a boon. Taking out extra hours to discuss and decide the details of the living room can be tiring. But those efforts will get converted to a beautiful and vibrant living room.

If you are looking to put in the effort, we have provided some great ideas to make your high ceiling home look charming and elegant. Do let us know what you think, and share your ideas on adding a bit of sparkle to high ceiling homes.