When discussing with others on how their home looks vibrant and comforting, you may be surprised to hear them say that the reason was because the last design was totally depressing or providing dullness.

You may also be surprised to learn that it doesn’t take much to implement and provide a brighter look. Simple touches to the room can provide more than a full renovation and you don’t need to employ a specialist in interior design to have a vibrant look.

Design options can be cheap and 100% effective in providing you with a room for relaxation.

Brighter Paint Jobs

White walls or cream variants may be the go-to colour for those stuck for direction, but they can dull a lot quicker than other colours. 

The use of vibrant neutral colours on the walls brings a lot more inner happiness and calm and sets as a perfect backdrop should you choose to employ wall paintings or canvases to give extra personality.

Neutral blues or greens don’t steal away from the room and react well to sunlight, giving a much calmer atmosphere to relax and unwind on weekends or evenings.

Whether you enjoy striking contrast in your home design, or the elegance of minimalism, luxury vinyl flooring offers wood, slate or tile effects to suit every design scheme. Black slate tiles create a luxurious dynamic style in bathrooms or even kitchens, whereas their wood effect planks can create a homely aesthetic which is warm and inviting to residents or guests. 

Every plank and tile is perfectly replicated to represent authentic materials which can keep the flooring interesting, however, if you so choose you can implement patterns or border styles which will help to add detail to larger spaces. 

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Lighter colours are perfect for open plan kitchens or master bathrooms requiring a zen-like feel. Contrasted with metal or monochrome floor tile pattern can produce a Scandinavian styled edge to keep a minimal space intriguing. 

Fashionable Flooring 

The thought of real hardwood flooring provides a greater emphasis on the ability to relax in a natural space, but it can be cumbersome, expensive, and vulnerable to damage. Not to mention if you have a busy household due to children or frequent social gatherings, it’s easy to get bogged down with the amount of cleaning up that has to be done afterwards, due to heavy foot traffic and accidents. 

If you love the look of hardwood in dark or light, you could opt towards luxury wood effect vinyl flooring which is perfectly replicated to resemble many different tones and designs without the risks that real wood possesses.

Of course, there are many benefits to going the route of vinyl flooring, including the low maintenance requirements involved, but for pure style and comfort it provides a great look and feel in any room. 

Much cheaper than real hardwood on your floors, luxury vinyl flooring is fast becoming the top choice for interior designers due to its practicality and assurance. Forget scraping away at mould and soap scum marks and enjoy the pleasure of giving your new vinyl flooring a quick brush and a mop with lukewarm water to bring the gleam back to the PU surface. 

Don’t forget that unlike carpet, luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t require harsh treatments. Just a simple bucket of lukewarm water filled with a non-chemicalised soap solution, and a nice soft mop (micro-fibre works wonders for collecting dust particles too) will do the trick. 

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Shift Around 

Amazingly the cheapest option is still shifting around your room to create a fresh atmosphere. 

Luxury vinyl flooring does not allow indents to be made from furniture so you will have no problem rotating the layout of rooms in your home. Fearing that marks or scuffs have been left on your vinyl flooring from your furniture is a fear of the past. 

You may be bored with where your sofa is facing or have corners that are beginning to clutter with children’s toys or that coffee table that is fast becoming buried under items that should have a different place.

By looking into storage solutions or simply having a declutter on items well past their throw by date, you open areas and avenues for exploration into design and accessibility. 

Having the mindset for brightening up your room via fresh colours, lowest price Amtico flooring and changes in room dynamics provides everything you need to feel more relaxed at home and not feeling claustrophobic.