You are lucky if you have a kitchen breakfast bar in the kitchen. It is one of the best places to spend some quality time with kids with their favorite snacks during summer. When the concern is about selecting a kitchen breakfast bar, you will get many kitchen breakfast bar design ideas to choose from.

There is no compulsion that you can only bring the kitchen breakfast bar in large kitchens. You can use the breakfast bar as a dining table which can be a great space-saving option. We will be discussing some of the best kitchen design ideas with breakfast bars in this article.

#1. What Is the Difference Between Kitchen Breakfast Bar, Kitchen Islands, and Peninsula?

In most cases, the breakfast bars find their correct value in kitchen islands or peninsula layout. Let us understand what these terms mean.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is a free space in the center of a large kitchen. A small breakfast bar is what most people love to have in the kitchen islands. Some people also use this ample space by providing room for a stove, coffee machines, and even additional sinks. You can also have a kitchen island in your kitchen if you have a U-Shaped kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen.


There is not much difference between kitchen islands and the peninsula. For example, India is a peninsula which means it is surrounded by water from all three sides. It means you cannot have a breakfast bar on all four sides in the kitchen as one side would stick to the wall. You can use the other three sides to set up a second sink or the breakfast bar.

Need Of A Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is a perfect social gathering center if you have a large kitchen inside the home. Most house owners love to invest in a free-standing breakfast bar as it is one of the best ways to complement such a large kitchen. The selection of the specific type of breakfast bar also depends on the kitchen you have and the budget you can spend on the kitchen.

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#2. Things to Consider While Setting up a Breakfast Bar in Kitchen

Size of the Kitchen

There is no doubt that a breakfast bar is one of the best attractions you can have in your kitchen. You can opt for a dining breakfast bar if you have enough size to accommodate the dining style.

Having a dining style in less space can look clumsy, and hence a free-standing breakfast bar is one of the widely selected breakfast bars. You have to ensure that you have set the correct type of breakfast bar to make your kitchen look excellent and lavish. Your kitchen size and architecture will ultimately decide whether you should bring in a breakfast bar or not.

Dimensions Play a Vital Role

According to recent research, the average height of a standard kitchen breakfast bar is 42 inches or 107 cm. However, it is recommended to take in vital suggestions from an interior designer who can help you set up the proper kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island with high countertops, you can bring in sleek stools, increasing the beauty of your kitchen. You have to keep in mind that the standard height of the free-standing breakfast bar is 18 inches to ensure that you give enough legroom to all the people sitting on it.

Prioritizing Durability Over Price

A breakfast bar is different from any other interior of the house. You will have to ensure that one of the best and special occasions in your home receives the best materials. Undoubtedly, you will select the best designs which can make your place look gorgeous, but you should not forget the durability of the materials.

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You cannot afford heavy renovation expenses repeatedly; hence you will have to invest once but for the long term. When the concern is about selecting a suitable material for breakfast bars, most people consider quartz because of the reliability it brings to the table.

Finding the Right Position Is Necessary

You can get the best designers and the most expensive material on earth. There are still chances of failure as you can miss out on important aspects like the positioning of the kitchen breakfast bar. The breakfast bar makes your kitchen a combination of the living room and kitchen; hence you need some partitions to make it look elegant.

You have to consider essential factors like whether your kids will be using the bar or your spouse will use it as a working desk. Considering various factors will make things easy and selection sorted.

Lighting Is Essential

As mentioned above, you can use a kitchen breakfast bar in various ways, from the dining table to the working desk. You have to select the proper lighting for your breakfast bar so that you can use it for various applications. If you want to use natural light, then choose the cabinets with designs that offer room for sunlight. You can also use LED strip lights, one of the best options you can select for a kitchen breakfast bar. Select the correct type of light which can provide the necessary illumination in the room.

#3. Best Ways to Design Your Kitchen Breakfast Bar

Try to Keep It Simple

Not always will you have to think big as you can also go with a simple peninsula breakfast bar lined up with two essential stools and minimum cabinets, which will do the job?.

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Unorthodox Styles Can Do Well

When the concern is about breakfast bars, you can use out-of-the-box designing ideas to help you make the place look stylish. You can also go with simple white and gray shades and make the best combination for your instant breakfast bar.

Selecting Corners Is Not a Bad Idea

If you don’t have a larger kitchen, then the best you can do to design your bar is keep it in the corner. It will provide enough room for all the people to walk freely in the kitchen. It is not something new as many people love to use the same option in their kitchen.

Simple But Elegant

If you don’t want your breakfast to rest at corners, you can use a creative solution to bring it to the center. You can also use it as a storage option where you can keep your necessary crockery. You can also add a wine cooler or any other essential item to the breakfast bar to make it multi-purpose.

There Is No Measurement for Creativity

Size doesn’t matter if you have the creative skills which can help you in designing the right breakfast bar for your needs. All you need is composure and execution, making things look attractive, elegant, and lavish.


It is not an easy job to design a breakfast bar on your own as you will need professional help to complete the task with accuracy. All you can do is learn from the techniques mentioned above and ensure that you use the right combinations while designing your breakfast bar. You can also note your favorite designs in the comments.