Kitchen Bar Designs for Small Areas

Kitchen Bar Designs for Small Areas

We all need a little extra space to store our kitchen essentials, especially if we have small-sized kitchens. A kitchen bar proves to be a helpful addition in such cases. Incorporating a kitchen island can be an even better idea.

However, it can be challenging to find adequate space to construct these in small areas. Difficult but not impossible! In this article, we shall acquaint you with some innovative kitchen bar designs for small areas. So, let’s get started!

Wooden Cabinet With Glass Doors

A wooden cabinet affixed to one of the walls is an ideal kitchen bar design idea for small areas. You may choose to cover the entire kitchen wall or a small part of it, depending upon your requirement. Wooden cabinets are sturdy.

They enhance the appeal of the kitchen and offer great utility. Opting for a wooden cabinet with glass doors is a good idea if you plan to display your crockery items in it. You will find a wide variety of wooden materials to choose from. You also get several options when it comes to selecting colors.

Stylish Wooden Cabinet With Opaque Doors

You already have a beautifully designed space to display all your crockery items, and other stuff that you feel should be visible? But you always run out of space when it comes to storing groceries?

Well, then it is best to go for a stylish wooden cabinet with opaque doors. Such cabinets are a perfect amalgamation of utility and style. You can store cereals, spices, canned food, jars, and other similar items here in an organized manner.

You can also use the space above the cabinet to place certain items depending upon the height at which you have built it.

Kitchen Island With Integrated Stove Top

So, you have a typical square-shaped kitchen that is not very big area-wise. Space constraint makes it difficult to manage various kitchen tasks? Thus, you are looking for innovative kitchen island bar designs to incorporate to make the most available space?

It is a good idea to go for a standalone countertop that fits the place well. It should neither be so big that it restricts movement nor too small to serve little to no purpose.
You may integrate a stovetop here to make this spot useful. This method will also free up space on your main shelf.

Mini Refrigerator Under Kitchen Island

Our refrigerators are mostly overflowing with supplies — bowls filled with leftover cooked food, soda bottles, milk cartons, canned food, and whatnot. There is just so much to store that we run out of space most of the time.

Often, we find the bottles and cans lining up on the shelf, thereby making the whole place look shabby. Besides, much of this stuff doesn’t stay fresh outside for a long time. Don’t you wish you had a bigger refrigerator or an additional space to store all this stuff?

If you do, then you must consider installing a mini refrigerator under the kitchen island. You can store the bottles and cans in this small fridge. This process will take away the extra load from your main refrigerator and keep your shelf free from unnecessary stuff.

This method can particularly be a great outdoor kitchen and bar design idea. This way, you wouldn’t be required to keep that large refrigerator outdoors.

Waterfall Effect

To achieve this beautiful look, install a concrete standalone countertop. You can opt for refined marble or granite stone for the construction of this slab. Integrate a stylish sink to give it a beautiful waterfall effect.

A sink will add to the beauty of the space and also offer great functionality. You can accomplish tasks such as chopping vegetables, preparing sandwiches and lemonades in this part of the kitchen.

You may even place a beautiful basket filled with fresh fruits on the slab. So, your kids can easily rinse the fruits before having them.

Stylish Bar Stools for Your Kitchen Bar

Bar stools make for a great addition to kitchen bars constructed in small areas. Just get a sturdy yet stylish slab constructed in one corner of your kitchen and place a few stylish bar stools beside it to turn it into a beautiful breakfast bar where your family members can enjoy hot food and beverages.

A breakfast bar is especially a fantastic idea if you are looking for an L-shaped kitchen design with a breakfast bar.

Make It Colourful

As you decide to create additional space in your kitchen to keep your stuff systematically, don’t forget to take this opportunity to add a dash of color to this space.

Covered cabinets affixed to walls are quite commonplace. They are undoubtedly high on utility, but what about vibrancy and style? Don’t you want to give a refreshing new look to your kitchen?

Of course, you do! After all, it is the place you spend most of your time. So, use bright colors to paint that small area you plan to turn into a kitchen bar. Now, go for open shelves to place your stuff.

We are sure you already have covered cabinets where you can keep your groceries. It is best to utilize the open shelves to display your glassware.

Two Cabinets Hung Side by Side

If you are looking for kitchen bar designs that are different from the usual, this should be an excellent choice. Two cabinets hung side by side renders a unique appeal.

You can fill in the space left between with a floating shelf where you can keep a planter. You may even utilize this space by placing stylish wine glasses or keeping a spice tower.

LED Lighting Under the Kitchen Bar Counter

We are sure you are looking for an innovative kitchen bar design to augment the utility of the small space you have. You can construct a lot of shelves and drawers in this corner to store your kitchen essentials properly.

But what about beautifying this spot? Are you so low on space that you cannot even think of placing a small planter to add to the beauty of this space? Well, how about installing LED lighting under the kitchen bar counter?

This addition wouldn’t take up any additional space yet beautify your kitchen. It will illuminate the space and bring in positive vibes.

Kitchen Bar With Plaster Work

If you want a small additional space in your kitchen that can serve as a breakfast table, it is good to get it constructed with plasterwork. You can place stylish chairs or bar stools beside this construction during the morning hours and store them back later if they hinder movement.

This design is among the few kitchen breakfast bar designs that offer good functionality without spending much. You can make this space as beautiful as you want using creative ideas. You may place a stylish spoon holder on the table. Hanging ferns can be a beautiful additional here.

Render a Vintage Look

If you are looking for a vintage kitchen island with a breakfast bar design, get a wooden countertop. A countertop done creatively with different shades of wood is a good choice. It renders a rustic vintage look that is appealing to the eyes. You may place stylish wooden chairs to add to the appeal of the place.

Kitchen Island With Engraved Drawers

A kitchen island with engraved drawers is a good addition for small areas. It does not only look beautiful but also enables you to store various items. There are numerous designs and colors to choose from when it comes to engraved drawers.

Opt for a design that offers maximum storage. Kitchen utensils, as well as grocery items, can be stored systematically in these creatively designed drawers.

A Countertop Serving as a Kitchen Extension

Don’t you want a cozy corner in your kitchen that can serve as a peaceful place to have your morning cup of coffee? Don’t you also seek a spot where your family can enjoy hot meals in each other’s company? What if we tell you that you can create this by utilizing a small space in your kitchen?

All you need is to create a countertop that extends out of your kitchen. You can decorate it tastefully by hanging decorative lampshades over this space. You can place a big plant at one corner to add to the beauty of this space.

Wrap Up

We hope our long list of design ideas comes in handy as you decide to teach a kitchen bar or kitchen island in the small area you have. All these ideas offer excellent functionality and are high on style. You may use these ideas as it is or mixes and match them to create your own unique kitchen island design.

Don’t forget to share which of these ideas you loved the most. We would love to hear from you. And of course, if any of your friends or relatives are looking for a unique kitchen bar or kitchen island design, then do share this article with them.