Inexpensive Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

A kitchen is an essential place in our house. Most people give importance to the cabinets or cooking appliances in the kitchen. But the walls of the kitchen are usually neglected while decorating your house. The option is limitless to decorate your kitchen. By investing a few amounts of money, we can create a vibrant atmosphere in the kitchen.

You don’t need to hire an interior designer to decorate the walls of your kitchen. You need some time to think about how to beautify the walls of your kitchen. You can even gather a few existing things at home to add a splendid look to your kitchen. Inexpensive kitchen wall decorating ideas is the best option to give a new look to your kitchen.

Everyone usually notices kitchen walls. So, the kitchen design is not complete without decorating its walls. It will give a refreshing look to your dwelling.

Inexpensive Ideas to Decorate Kitchen

#1 You can make a banquette seating arrangement in the kitchen where you and your family can sit and enjoy breakfast. Even you can add some colorful pillows on the banquette to give a finishing touch. It will provide a cozy feeling. Try to keep some wall-mounted shelves arranged just near the seating arrangement to display some of your collection. For instance, you can place some teacups and coffee mugs.

#2 The latest trend to design your kitchen walls in open shelving. Instead of cabinets on your walls, you can make a floating shelf arrangement in the kitchen. It comes in various styles. They are easy to install in the walls of your kitchen. Try to add one or two floating shelves, and in those shelves, you can keep various items like an indoor plant pot, crockery items, white platters, glass canisters, and various others. You can make some lighting arrangements to highlight the shelving. You can show your skills with this shelf arrangement in your kitchen.

#3 You can decorate your kitchen walls by adding some exciting things to your dwelling. Someone may have five to six vintage clocks, and you can put them all together on the walls of your kitchen.

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#4 If you are good at painting, you can place a collection of your artwork all together on your kitchen walls. Even you can frame them and hang them on the walls. As a homeowner, you can do some artwork themed on baking, cooking, and dining and place it on your kitchen walls. It will readily add value to the kitchen.

#5 Inexpensive wall decorating ideas for the kitchen has another great option. You can place fake oranges, lemons in a white shadow box and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. Those boxes will give an outstanding view from every angle. If you have some vintage clocks, then you can put them near the white box.

#6 You can hang some baskets on the walls of your kitchen. In those baskets, you can keep fruits like oranges, bananas, apples, and various others. These baskets will make the cooking space larger. Even the fruits will be away from any contaminants.

#7 You can place a menu roll holder on the walls of your kitchen. If you plan for dinner or lunch, then the homeowner can stylishly write her plan. Again we usually forget to buy various things for the kitchen. We forget because of our busy schedule. A menu roll paper is the best option to write multiple things like grocery items.

#8 You can use wooden cutting boards to decorate your kitchen wall. Just write some bold phrases and hang them on the walls, giving a nice look to your kitchen.

#9 Curtain rods are also helpful in designing the walls of your kitchen. You can hang various indoor plants on the curtain rods. You can grow coriander, mint, spinach, and different other pants in your kitchen, which will give an aroma to your cooking space.

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If you want to cook for dinner, you can pick the herbs from your kitchen and cook your dishes, giving a nice feeling. Even now, more and more people prefer indoor plants to decorate the walls of their houses. Choosing the indoor plants and hanging them in the kitchen is an excellent option.

You can select some climbers like the money plant to give a more refreshing look to the kitchen, which is true that wall decorating ideas for the kitchen are numerous.

#10 The kitchen wall decorating ideas are endless. You can make use of oversized antique utensils to decorate the walls of your kitchen. One can choose a big antique knife, fork, and spoon and place it on the kitchen wall. Another choice is you can add some letters to the walls of the kitchen. They are usually available in black color, which goes well with blank stainless steel cooking appliances. Whenever your guests arrive at your house, they can notice such things from more considerable distances.

#11 You can place a big round white clock on the walls of your kitchen. You can place a vintage lantern on the side of the clock, which will give a rustic look.

#12 Vintage baskets are another option to decorate the walls of your kitchen. You can choose five to six baskets with different weave patterns and hand them on the wall. It will give your cooking space a new one.

#13 You can mount a black pegboard on the white walls of your kitchen. Just place some hooks where you can hang spatula, pans, graters, and various other things. This inexpensive kitchen wall decorating idea will give your kitchen a modern look. Even you can hang a pendant from the walls of your kitchen. It will provide a fantastic look.

#14 You can decorate the walls of your kitchen with a teak wooden board. You can write some magical alphabets and place them on the walls. For instance, take three wooden boards, and on each board, you write a single alphabet. You can write EAT and put it on the walls. It will be eye-catching.

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#15 You can decorate the walls of your kitchen with an iron hanger. Just mount the iron hanger on the walls and pace some decorative Italian plates on the hanger’s hooks. If the background is made up of terracotta tiles or something different from other walls of your kitchen, then it will bust a bad mood.

#16 You can create a school-like feeling in your kitchen by mounting a small blackboard on the walls of your kitchen. Just write some interesting facts about cooking on the chalk. Even you can write the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the blackboard with white chalk. This wall decorating idea for the kitchen will be funny and attractive. Kids will love to see this mounting.

#17 There are so many kitchen walls decorating ideas. You can decorate your kitchen with the help of a mirror. One needs to hang some mirrors on your kitchen walls and hang some indoor plants using ribbon.

#18 You can create a Christmas theme on the walls of your kitchen. Just mount a metal rack of beige color and hang some items like napkins, mug, apron, and various other things. Try to keep the apron white and red. Write a theme related to Christmas and attach it to the rack. This wall decorating idea for the kitchen will give a Christmas feeling and a lovely look to your kitchen.

Wrap up

The decoration is an art. Everyone usually notices the kitchen walls. We should not spend a lot of money to decorate the walls of our kitchen. Wall decorating ideas for the kitchen are just endless. In this article, 18 ideas are listed to decorate the walls of the kitchen. You can choose any of the above ideas to create an excellent cooking space in your dwelling.

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