Ideas for Decorating Around a Wall Mounted TV

Ideas for Decorating Around a Wall Mounted TV

Are you bored of watching the same wall behind your wall-mounted TV? Do you want to give it a unique and fresh look so that you can enjoy watching TV even more? Decorating around wall-mounted TV will be a new visual addition to your room, and it doesn’t keep the wall boring when the TV is not running.

They add a trendy look to your room and save space. Below we have given some ideas for decorating around a wall mounted tv; you can choose the apt idea for you based on your requirement.

Decorating Around A Wall-Mounted TV

There are many ways with which you can decorate around a wall-mounted TV; some of the primary methods are:

Using Shelves For Decorating Around A Wall-Mounted TV

  • Built-in shelves around the TV are a great option because you can use the TV space and place some classy ceramic ware or books or awards or trophies or antiques on these shelves.
  • Floating shelves add a great advantage to the room; you can either construct them below or above or on the TV’s sides. You can fill these shelves with plant pots, candles, small display objects, and also with creeper plants on the top shelf that fall downwards when they grow.
  • You can fill the shelves with a group of plant pots of different sizes without affecting the TV vision.
  • You can bring a glass vase and fill it with fresh flowers or branch cuts and place them below the TV on the floating shelf corner. This will add a new feeling to the room and keeps you stress-free.

Using Shelves For Decorating Around A Wall-Mounted TV

  • You can also add small lights to these shelves that you can turn on when the TV is not used. These lights add elegance to the wall.
  • You can add some cabinets on both sides of the TV and place books or other accessories in them. This serves as a storage space and appears unique.
  • You can design a unique wall shelf above the wall-mount area. You can fill these shelves with books or other posters of your choice.
  • You can construct a storage unit between the wall and use the unit to mount your wall-mount TV. This will serve as a place to mount the TV, and you can use it as storage space.

Decorating Around Wall-Mount TV Using Wallpaper Or Adding A Unique Wall Or Background

  • Mounting a TV on the accent wall or dark wall paint will make the TV look different. The wall-mount TV will stand out in the room.
  • Adding a single panel contrast design in the middle vertically from top to bottom and mounting a TV onto it will give out a classy look to your room.
  • Adding a classy wallpaper or a wallpaper that suits the room’s furniture will eliminate any mismatches in the room.
  • You can also add contrasting wallpaper to make the wall stand out and serve as a focal point in the room.
  • You can set a wooden background behind the TV and backlit the TV with some lights.
  • You can make a background combination of walls using concrete walls, add a splash of wooden background, and mount a TV on it, giving a dramatic look to the room.
  • You can choose some marble panels as the background panel, mount the TV onto the panel, and backlit the entire TV panel.
  • Marble and wooden finish walls serve as accent walls for the TV when you mount the TV onto them.
  • You can add a vintage theme on the wall and mount your TV on it.
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Making Changes To The Living Room To Decorate Wall-Mounted Living Room TV

You can make some changes to your living room which will highlight or focus on-wall-mounted living room TV.

Adding A Unique Wall on Wall Mounted TV

  • Bringing the contrasting furniture that will look make the TV stand out.
  • The carpet you use in the room can focus or draw attention when you sit in the living room.
  • You can add a curtain to the wall-mount TV to make the room look different when the TV is not in use.
  • You can cover the TV using a cabinet or a mirror that will add a classy look to the living room.
  • You can paint the wall behind along with your family members as part of a fun activity and mount your TV onto it.
  • You can add the latest designs like mandala on the wall and keep your trendy.

Decorating Around Your Wall-Mount TV Using Accessories

  • You can make the wall around the TV as a gallery wall, filling it with different pictures like black and white or some photo frames with thoughts.
  • If you are a book lover, you can mount the wall-mount TV between multiple bookshelves.
  • You can decently arrange the wires without adding an odd look.
  • These days TV comes with USB and HDMI cable ports, so you can design a cabinet behind it to easily pull the TV forward and fit the cables and push the TV back.
  • Adding a fancy switchboard near the wall-mount TV also makes the wall look trendy.
  • You can place variously sized and shaped antique clocks around the TV to add an elegant look to the room.
  • You can keep the decoration minimal by placing wreaths around the TV. This will add a simple look to the room.
  • You can keep long speakers on the sides of the wall mount TV and keep the decoration minimal.
  • You can add a grid of painted frames around the TV and make the wall look classy. This will even help in rewinding your memories.
  • Place lamp scones on both sides of your wall-mount TV and keep it simple. This symmetrical combination of lamps will add beauty to the room.
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Decorating Around A High Wall-Mounted Big Screen TV

  • When you mount a TV on a high wall, you can place some tall plants on the TV panel’s corner to eliminate any odd look to the room.
  • You can put some tall objects or lamps on the folding shelf near the wall-mount TV.
  • You can get some tall plant stands and place plant pots on them near the TV cabinet.
  • Using plant hangers, you can hang plants from the ceiling avoiding visibility disturbances when watching the TV.

Decorating Around A High Wall-Mounted Big Screen TVDecorating Around A Big TV Mounted On The Wall

  • If the TV is big and takes large space on the wall, you can hide it using some cabinet matching your call, giving out a simple and elegant look when you close it.
  • You can also hide the TV using a big art piece which will stand out in such a large area.
  • You can place symmetrical objects on both sides of the TV like similar candlesticks, vases, or lamp scones. The wall will look creative when you do this.
  • One of the easiest and smallest ways to decorate around wall-mount TV using wall decals. Pick the stickers that suit the furniture and other walls in the room. This will add a dramatic look to the room.

Decorating Around A Wall-Mounted TV’ 4k TV

4k TVs give out the best color resolution and best movie experience. They add a trendy look to your room when you mount them on your wall.

  • The TV panel around the wall mount 4k TV should have dim lights to add a classy feel.
  • You can go for marble or wooden panels to add uniqueness to these wall-mount TVs.
  • You can place some high-resolution speakers beside the TV to enhance the movie experience.
  • Placing antique objects around the 4k wall-mount TV is also an option to give a dynamic look to your wall.
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Pinterest Decorating Around Wall Mount TV

Here are some ideas from Pinterest to decorate around wall mount TV.

Decorating Around A Wall-Mounted 4k TV

  • You can surround your wall-mount TV with built-in shelves and fill the shelves with glassware, vases, and books.
  • If you don’t want to make the wall-mount TV a focal point, you can make a fireplace at the center bottom of the wall, which will serve as a focal point.
  • Use a sliding art piece or door or cupboards to cover the wall-mount TV when not in use. With these, you can avoid a plain black screen at the center of your wall.
  • Adding a dark color paint or wallpaper behind the wall-mount TV will let the TV blend into the background colors.
  • Choose a wall-mount TV that looks like an art piece that will easily blend with the wall, and the TV won’t look odd in the center of the wall.
  • Keep your room green and create a healthy environment in the room by placing plants around the wall-mount TV.
  • You can create a grid gallery wall using different types of picture frames or paintings.
  • You can pick a unique apothecary table and place it below the table, and store remotes or other accessories on that table. You can also put some flower vases or small lamps or candles on the table.


Having a change around once-in-a-while is always nice. When you make the change using innovative ideas, this will bring positivity and newness to your life. Decorating around your wall-mount TV will be a beautiful add-on to the wall. Here we have given some ideas to renovate your wall; if you like any of them, use them and give us a review.

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